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The Understanding of Music & Songwriting Seminars

Why do the Seminars?

In Ancient Greece, by the age of 11 every school child played AT LEAST two instruments! Today, what would you guess the figure would beeven for adults? Over the last 1200 years, Six FALSE ideas have kept

How is all this done over a weekend?

By using an exacting system of steps developed and refined over 20 years. The seminar includes an easy-toread reference manual with clear diagrams. We work through the manual in the seminar & then you use it at home in your daily practice sessions.

How do I book a place?

Contact the Australian Organiser (see back page). The seminar is in demand from both new attendees and graduates, so if you want a place, book now.

What is the Seminar fee & what do I receive?

A $200 deposit is required to secure your place. The full weekend for first-time participants costs $795 which includes 100 free lesssons from the seminar creator Duncan Lorien. The fee includes the comprehensive Seminar manual the right to do the Seminar again for only $300 and the option to contact the Understanding of Music Company on ANY aspect of the Seminar information free advice for life! Why free? Because Duncan believes everyone should be able to enjoy music, so hes willing to support you.

How can the Graduation rate be 100%?

People achieve their goals in music only when they fully understand the language of music. If you dont get it, you may blame yourself, when the real fault lies with the complexity of the language. If not addressed, confusions build into a motivational brick wall until you lower your sights or give up entirely! So, in this seminar we proceed only when everyone understands the information. Result? A 100% graduation rate.

people from achieving their musical goals:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Music is complex and difficult to learn. Music is a serious subject. Music takes years to learn. Music education is expensive. Music requires natural ability and talent. Music is not for everyone.

In these two weekend seminars, Duncan Lorien makes music totally accessible. Learn more than many professional musicians learn in a lifetime.

What instruments do we use?

Duncan Lorien says the keyboard is the fastest instrument on which to learn music. (We provide keyboards for your use at the seminar.) He also teaches you guitar and tells you how to apply these learnings to ANY Western instrumentstrings, woodwind, brass, percussion...or any other youre simply dying to play

How does this compare to lessons or study?

The seminar delivers nearly 25 hours of tuition with one of the worlds best music teachers, at just over $30 an hour, with 100 free home practice lessons thrown in. Compared to the thousands of dollars for hundreds of lessons and years of study normally spent trying to understand, read & play music, this seminar is really inexpensive. This weekend Seminar delivers EXACTLY what it promises and only costs the equivalent of 3 to 4 months of weekly lessons but you end up with the music knowledge and understanding of someone whos been studying and taking lessons for years. And the Seminar is backed by a 100% moneyback guarantee. Over 26,000 people at all levels of musical experience have attended worldwide!

What is covered in the MUSIC Seminar? A powerful explanation of the history of Western music

and its agreements (rules) & the basic physics of sound Learning all the note names on the keyboard and guitar from memory and how to work out note names on any other Western musical instrument. How to play EVERY scale, chord & inversion on both keyboard and guitar. Dozens memorized in the seminar. How to read any piece of music for keyboard & guitar in minutes not hours, & increase your sight reading speed. All about rhythm & how to create original rhythms. New breakthrough exercises to teach you to coordinate hands and fingersand design exercises for your needs. An amazing 10 minute daily practice schedule that works. (Yes, how often matters more than how long.) BEGINNERS are able to read & play music, including Bach, hands together, on the keyboard by the end of the Seminar. EXPERIENCED MUSICIANS say music & creativity is opened up for them in ways they never thought possible. PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS & TEACHERS gain new energy, insights, and cant believe how easily music can be learned.

Who should come to the Seminar?

Anyone with a desire to do more in music! Absolute beginners, experienced musicians, music professionals, graduates, teachers and even university music professors testify to the benefits theyve received. So much so, that many graduates come back to the seminar to refresh their learnings and get a boost of inspiration. The oldest graduate was 91 years old an inspiring woman. The minimum recommended age is 15 (though exceptions have been made in special circumstances).

What about the SONGWRITING Seminar?

This seminar is not just for songwriters, but for ANYONE wanting a more masterful understanding of ANY STYLE of Western music. ALL participants will compose songs in 4 minutes during the seminar! It is a real treat for anyone interested in playing. To enrol, you must be a graduate of the Understanding of Music Seminar, regardless of prior experience.

What is the Seminar schedule?

Friday Saturday & Sunday 11.00 am 6.30 pm 9:00 am - 6:30 pm
(Includes 1:00-2:00pm lunch break plus rest breaks)

By the end I knew I could play any instrument I wanted to. Helen Cruse, beginner This course has put a lid on every problem I had in reading, writing or understanding music. Cheers Duncan Joanne, Singer & songwriter From novice to musician in a weekend. Boston Globe Fanfare for the common man. Start spreading the news. Herald Sun Great seminar! I recommend this course to every student. Carlos Campos, Instructor, Berklee College of Music, Boston As a music teacher I have been deeply moved. It empowers every person to play any music they want...and solve their own problems Robin, Piano & Voice Teacher, Victoria I think Ill go home and write a few songs. Erika Christensen, actress Thanks Duncan. Great fun. I am a professional the last 10 years I moved into Jazz without studying it, relying on natural ability This seminar has been an inspiration. I have faith in my abilities now!! So much fun, and so easy!! Christine, Vocalist There is nothing comparable to this data in the field of music. Billy Van Horn Ive been studying and playing music professionally for over 35 years now, and I have never come across a simpler, easier method of learning music. I knew all the theory & chords, but Duncan brought it all together, summing up 20-30 years of info in 2 days! He gets rid of the junk and uncovers all the arbitrary rules. It also inspired me again Greg Goris, Keyboard Manager, Allans Music Store, Bourke Street, Melbourne

Who is Duncan R. Lorien?

A well known composer, recording artist and educator, Duncan spends his life helping others to benefit from his research and discoveries about learning music quickly and easily. Born 1954 in London, England, he studied classical piano from the age of 4 and was Deputy Head chorister at the Royal School of Church Music in London. He studied drama and music in college. At teacher training college he found the approach to music was serious and complex and left to begin his own approach. The 20 years he spent researching music history and education culminated in the Understanding of Music Seminar delivered around the world since 1991 and the Understanding of Songwriting Seminar introduced in 1998. He has worked as a recording artist, songwriter and producer with BMG Publishing, Polygram, EMI Records, PRT Records, Chappell, Intersong, Ocean Disque and ARC Records. His publishing and recording deals culminated in 2 successful albums with Martin Daley; Architects of Time and Dreams of the Yes Men. Both were number one in U.K. charts overtaking artists such as Enya, Yanni, Rick Wakeman, Tangerine Dream and Andy Summers of The Police. The first album Architects of Time was still number 6 in the charts 3 years after release! Dreams of the Yes Men was released in 1992 and went straight to number one. Duncan writes and performs many musical styles including rock, jazz, blues and classical and in March 2003 released a new rock instrumental album "One Life at a time." The Understanding of Music Company was founded in response to the demand for Duncan's technology from hundreds of people all over the world and he currently averages 150,000 miles each year traveling to five continents to make available this simple and powerful system to as many people as possible.

Do you dream of playing music, singing or doing more with your music?
Learn more in 2-3 days than most musicians & singers learn in a lifetime. Guaranteed!
Understanding of Music Seminar BYRON BAY 2-4 September 2011 SYDNEY 9-11 September 2011 MELBOURNE 16-18 September 2011 Understanding Basics of Singing Seminar MELBOURNE 20-21 September 2011 Understanding of Songwriting Seminar MELBOURNE 23-25 September 2011

Please feel free to contact us to register or to discuss how the seminar can help you
Mark Farrelly, Australian Organiser ums @ ne ts pa ce . ne t.a u PHONE : 03 9870 6980/0417 038 741 WEBSITE :

If you love music, youll love what the Seminars can help you to achieve

Backed by a no-nonsense 100% money-back GUARANTEE