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BCC IEP Staff Newsletter

Semester 1, Week 2
Events for Week 2 Prathom 1 will continue introduction week Prathom 2- Mattyom 6 will begin Unit 1.

May 21 - 25, 2012

Newsletter Submissions All IEP staff are invited to contribute to the weekly staff newsletter. You might come across some interesting information about teaching or have something you want to sell or even a good joke to add. If, at any time, you would like to contribute then speak with J.P. Remember to Decorate Your Classroom We realize that teachers have been very busy in the first week and have not had enough time to get their classrooms to the standard that they would like! Try your best to get marked student work up on your walls. Students will take great pride in looking at their work. Please speak with your coordinator if you need some ideas about classroom decoration. Contacting Teachers All teachers are required to be in the office between 7.30 and 7.40 each morning. This is because we may need to contact you about something and also you need to check the replacement class list every morning. Can You Pass The IEP Quiz? Q: Where should you put your IEP class folders at the end of each school day? (a) Throw them in the bin! (b) Take them home for some bedtime reading! (c) Hand them out to random students! (d) Place them in the correct filing cabinet in the I.E.P. office Quote Of The Week The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. William Arthur Ward

Montiras Messages This Week Ajarn Montira wants you to remember 7 rules to be happy at work. If you can remember these 7 rules it can help you and the rest of the staff to stay focused and cheerful: Keep your area clean. Make your workspace yours. Make Friends. Go outside for 5 minutes for a short break. 5. Get it done. 6. Leave it at the job. 7. Take your vacations. 1. 2. 3. 4. For more on these 7 rules and some other techniques you can check out the ebook: How to be Happy at Work by stjohnswood

Teaching Tip Building Rapport

By Karen Boyes- Spectrum Education (2002)

A survey of 124,000 students in 315 schools, conducted by Robert Bills, showed that the 'first and most critical recommendation was that the quality of relationships at school must be improved'. Building rapport with your students should be your primary focus. When the teacher-student relationship is strong, content is easier to teach and learn. Think about some of your best teachers when you were at school. Isn't it true that they built strong relationships and had excellent rapport? Below is a list of ways to build strong teacherstudent relationships. 1. Respect Yourself: When you care and respect yourself, students sense this and it helps to build strong foundations. This means being clear on your values and living them. It also means making sure your actions and words are congruent. That is, when you say you'll do something - you do it. When you show this kind of respect for yourself, it automatically rubs off on to others. 2. Learn About Your Students: Show a genuine interest in their lives, their hobbies, sport, family, likes and dislikes. Find out what's important to them and respect it. 3. Appreciate Your Students: Take time to understand the challenges and pressures your students face. Understand what makes them tick, why they do what they do. Be aware of peer, academic and home pressure. 4. Acknowledge Your Students: Take time to positively affirm each student every day. Thank them for coming to class. Thank them for the little and big things they do. Let them know they are special. Give verbal praise, write notes, give smiles and warm gestures. 5. Make Small Concessions: Do small things that make your students feel special - play their favourite music while doing an activity, let them go from class one minute early, or give no homework over a holiday weekend. 6. Include and Empower Your Students: Ask them what they think and value their input. Allow students to help in decision making and give them choice about what they can participate in and how to complete tasks.

7. Respect Your Students: Always honour their decisions and never use put downs or sarcasm. Enforce rules and give appropriate responsibilities. 8. Be Open With Students: Let your students know who you are. Share your thoughts, ideas, challenges and past experiences with them. Let them know you are real. Tell them if you are happy, sad, frustrated, anxious or excited. Building strong teacher-student relationships isn't something that just happens at the beginning of the year - it is an ongoing practice. Make every interaction with your students count towards getting to know and understand them better. 'Your success as an educator is more dependent on positive, caring, trustworthy relationships than on any skill, idea, tip or tool on effective teaching strategies Eric Jenson Jokes Of The Week Fred: I have the toughest teacher in the whole school. Harry: How do you know that? Fred: Last year he failed himself. Teacher: Everybody hand in your homework, please. Pupil: Teacher, it's the first day of school. We didn't have any homework. Teacher: That's right, and that's the last excuse for not doing your homework that I'll accept for the rest of the year. Teacher: I'll be your teacher this year. Does anybody here know my name? Pupil: How do you like that? It's only the first day of school and already we're having a quiz. Teacher: I'll be teaching you English this year and there are two words that I will not permit on any of your writing assignments. One is "cool" and the other is "lousy " Pupil: Okay, what are the words?