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Numerology is the occult study of numbers and their esoteric significance in your life. The numbers 1 through 9, and their vibrational energies affect many aspects of your life. The first Personal Esoteric number, the Life Path number, is based on your birthday, and indicates what you were meant to experience during your lifetime. The course of any life goes through 9-year cycles, incorporating the vibrational energies of the numbers 1 through 9. When we finish the ninth cycle, we begin again with 1 and proceed through the nine numbers. We repeat this cycle over and over during the course of our lives. Lets call this your Personal Year Cycle. Not only do we personally experience this cyclical energy, but our partners, friends, family, lovers, bosses and coworkers are also experiencing their own Year Cycles. Knowing where you are in your own cycle when compared with another persons Year Cycle can tell you whether the two of you will be in step or out of step over the course of the years. Each birthday heralds a new Personal Year number for you.

To calculate a personal Year Number, you just need to know their birthday:
Lets look at the birthdays of a couple, Bill and Mary, and calculate their Personal Year numbers for 2013:

Mary was born November 19, 1983

Bill was born July 12, 1981

November 19 2013 1+9

11 10

1+1 1+0 6

2 1

July 12 2013

7 1+2 3 6

2+0+1+3 9

2+0+1+3 16 7



We simply add the digits in the month of birth, until we get a single digit. We then do the same for the day of birth, and the year for which we're performing the calculation. We then add these three resulting numbers together, until we end up with a single digit. Note that we can ignore the year of birth, instead we use the year for which were performing the calculation (2013 in this case).

Lets take a look at what the personal Year Numbers mean in terms of vibrational energies, and how they can affect you.

1 is the beginning, the start of a new cycle. You look at things as if for the first time. If you choose to start something at this time, a project, job, business, or even a relationship (as in the going out and meeting people or the chase phase), the energies are with you -- you are not fighting the Esoteric current. You will not like to be bossed around during this year. You would much rather take charge. You have a lot of creative energy, which could cause you to become restless if you dont find an outlet for it. Keywords: Original, independent, aggressive, individualistic, creative, dominant; the first in a series, the start of any operation or activity, the leader, the pioneer, the boss who likes authority. He who goes forth.

Whatever you started the previous year now requires input or assistance from someone or something else. If you had started a relationship in your 1 year, you will be feeling drawn closer to that person, and your vibrational energies are pushing you to further your intimacy. This is a good year for projects and activities that involve another person; you want to work in a partnership with someone else. You seek peace and harmony now. Decisions that were almost second nature last year are more difficult, and you seek advice from others before making them. Keywords: Adaptable, tactful, understanding, gentle, cautious; a follower rather than a leader.

Under ideal circumstances, you and your partner embark on creative projects for this year. If you are an artist, writer or musician, it seems as if your muse has moved in with you. Ideas flow easily for whatever work you take on now. You may use this creative energy to make a child with your partner, but if that happens too soon in this cycle, you will resent the restrictions that brings 2 years from now. You may dislike routine tasks during this time, preferring to let your creativity take you where it wants without restriction. The best thing for you to do during this year is get the ideas flowing and put them where you wont forget them. Keywords: Expansive, sociable, dramatic, communicative, diversified, creative.

Now its time to get to work. The vibrational energy of the 4 is perfect for putting all the ideas from last year into practice. This is the year to build things. If you had started creative projects in the previous year, the energy continues to help you complete these projects -- moving your ideas off the drawing board and into the real world. This is the year for the 99% perspiration, after your 3 year of inspiration. Roll up those sleeves! Keywords: Form, work, order, practicality, construction, stability, endurance, discipline.

The 5 energy is also fantastic for attracting a partner. You are also at the peak of your social cycle right now, so you are getting invited to parties and other social events. Your powers of communication and persuasiveness are at their greatest, as well, bolstered by the 5 vibrational energies. If you are looking to start a family or a long-term relationship, now may be the time. Enjoy your 5 year while it lasts. 5 is the midpoint in the cycle 1 through 9: it is time for decision-making. You can call the 5 year the pivotal point upon which the rest of this nine-year cycle is decided. You now meet with many opportunities and varieties of experience through which you are given the information you need to make that decision. Keywords: Versatility, resourcefulness, adaptability, change, activity, travel, adventure, promotion, speculation.

The 6 energy is very domestic. You are focused on home and family. This is a year where you may be moving into a new home, or redecorating or renovating the home youre already in. You may desire to get married, or your partner may be pressuring you for marriage. You may also be caring for children for the first time. The 6 vibrational energy helps you in creating a beautiful space for you and your family. It can also assist you in other artistic endeavors. You are more likely now to turn down the latest invitation to go out clubbing with your friends, because youd rather spend the evening with your partner relaxing in front of the TV, or picking out fabric for a new sofa. Keywords: Family and social responsibility, service, love, compassion, counseling, healing, creativity.

The 7 vibrational energy ushers into the cycle a physical completion without apparent effort. Goals that have been long sought are now magically attained. You become curious about metaphysical or philosophical subjects, or about learning in general. This is a very auspicious time to start a course of study leading to a degree. You also become more introspective and thoughtful. This is a year for quiet contemplation; a year to recharge your batteries. Keywords: Quiet, introspective, intuitive, analytical, inspirational, reclusive, philosophical, mystical.

Under 8, karma is king, and you reap what you have sown. You have the potential to go to the very top with the ideas and plans that have been formulated gradually during the last seven cycles. You have the drive to overcome all obstacles and succeed through your abilities and perseverance. Be sure to maintain high ethical standards, and the money wont be far behind. Keywords: Power, responsibility, financial rewards, good judgement, recognition.

9 is the closing cycle, where total understanding and tolerance of others views and prejudices are achieved. You are now ready to share the skills and knowledge acquired during the previous 8 years with the rest of the world. It is time to give back to the universe some measure of what it has bestowed through the eight previous steps of the cycle. When this is done willingly, the completion experienced under 9 brings only joy at the gift of life and the freedom to enter the next cycle unencumbered. Keywords: Love, compassion, patience, universality, tolerance, selfless service, endings.


11 is the first Master Number, a higher vibration of 2. Its keywords are altruism and community. It is one of the most difficult vibrations because the demand for high standards is constant. The year will bring opportunities to you disguised as challenges. You may find yourself much busier than you anticipated. Your relationships with others may also experience some strain. The two ones of the 11 are at odds with the harmony that is 2. The trick is to find the balance point. Keywords: Spiritual revelation, idealism, emotionalism, future vision.


22 is the second Master number, a higher vibration of 4. You may see the 22 year as a blessing or a curse. You may have extraordinary successes, but it will come after extraordinary amounts of effort. Luckily, the vibrational energies will help you organize as many people as you may need to accomplish your goals. You may find yourself in meetings with the movers and shakers in this world. Its time to take your ideas and put them to practical use. And please try to get some sleep, sometimes, too. Keywords: Master extrovert, power on both planes, financial stability, complete control.


33 is the third Master number, a higher vibration of 6. The need to serve and protect others is very strong. This is the vibrational energy for doing significant work to the benefit of the planet, and the people who live there. You may find yourself at the head of a million-man march, or protecting the rain forests, or serving in a soup kitchen. The service you perform for the world may not make the front pages, but you will be making some ripples on the pond this year. Keywords: Responsibility, self-sacrifice, courage, Master Teacher, worldly success, skill and fame, perfect relationships.


44 is the fourth and final Master number, a higher vibration of 8 You are being offered an opportunity to re-evaluate your present circumstances. You have time to contemplate the value of the rewards you are now receiving. If past efforts have been productive, you will see an increase in status and finances. Others will bestow kindness upon you; friends and family gather and increase. However, past efforts may only bring unwanted and restricting burdens. You may want to give up, sit back and do nothing. If you feel discontented and closed in, you need to establish new priorities and set worthwhile goals. Keywords: Karma, re-evaluation, opportunity.

Going back to Bill (5 year) and Mary (7 year), you can see that Bill is quite the social butterfly, and is looking for someone to have fun with, while Mary would rather be at home reading, or taking classes in a subject of interest to her. She is certainly attracted to Bill, and may accompany him to plenty of parties, but she wont be enjoying herself as much as she might be during other times in her life. After November, when her personal Year Number goes to 8, she may resent Bills happygo-lucky attitude while she buckles down to work. If theyve managed to stay together until Bills next birthday, things will settle down as Bill does, as he enters his 6 year. The variations in desires inherent in the nine-year cycle can indicate times that may be problematical for relationships, and times where relationships are made stronger. The 2, 4, 6, and 1 1 energies are particularly suited for growing closer to someone else, and also for setting up housekeeping, while the 3 and 5 energies are much more directed outwards to a wider social circle. The 1 and 7 energies are focused more on the self, whereas the 9, and particularly the 33 energies are focused on those outside ourselves. So the 9 and the 1 can be compatible, if the person with the 9 energy focuses on the person with the 1 energy, for example, and similarly with the 1 and 2 energies. A couple who find themselves with 5 and 6 energies may find themselves at odds - one desiring to go out, and the other desiring to stay home. This does not indicate a breakup, but certainly add tensions to a relationship as a couple works to compromise and achieve harmony. These cycles also affect friendships and working relationships. But remember that these are cycles. Even though the cycles may draw friends apart, through distance or work, the cycles also present opportunities for reunions in the future.