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English for Accounting A Z word list


Phonetics [41bql9S] [1bs4lu.tli] [4k1sel4re9t] [4k1sept9d] [1kses] [41kcmp4ni9N] [9n 41k0.d4ns w9D] [41k0.d9N t4] [41k0.d9Nli] [41ka8nt4nt] [41ka8nt9N] [4!ka8nt9N 1pr9ns4plz] [41ka8nts] [4!ka8nts 1pe94bl] [41kru.d] [4!kju.mj4le9t9d 1ge9nz] [4!kju.mj4le9t9d 1lqs9z] [1kj4r4t] [41kwa94] [!kw91z9Sn kqst] [1ktSu4li] [1d9kw4t] [9n 4d1v2.ns] [4d1va9z] [41fekt] [41f0.d] [4!f0.1menS4nd] [41gri.m4nt] [!l41ge9Sn] [1l4ke9t] [!l41ke9Sn] [41la8] [4!m0.ta91ze9Sn] [!nju4l r91p0.t] [41nju.4ti ] [n1t9s9pe9t9d] [41pr4ntli] [41pr48tS] [41ra9z] [41ses] [1sets] [41s9st4ns] [41s48Sie9t] [4!s48Sie9t9d 1kcmp4ni] [41sju.m] [41scmpSn] [41S84r4ns] [41trkt] [10.d9t] [!v4r9d7 1kqst] [!v4r9d7 19ntr4st re9t] [41we4] [1bl4ns Si.t] [!be9s9k 13.n9Nz p4 Se4] [1bi.n ka8nt4] Oxford University Press


to abolish absolutely to accelerate accepted access accompanying accordance, in ~ with according to accordingly accountant accounting accounting principles accounts accounts payable accrued accumulated gains accumulated losses accurate to acquire acquisition cost actually adequate advance, in ~ to advise to affect to afford aforementioned agreement allegation to allocate allocation to allow amortization annual report annuity anticipated apparently approach to arise to assess assets assistance to associate associated company to assume assumption assurance to attract audit average cost average interest rate aware balance sheet basic earnings per share bean counter

Word to benefit board meeting board of accountancy board of directors body book value bookkeeper borrowing breakdown to brief budgeting to burden

Phonetics [1ben9f9t] [1b0.d mi.t9N] [b0.d 4v 41ka8nt4nsi] [!b0.d 4v d41rekt4z] [1bqdi] [1b8k vlju.] [1b8kki.p4] [1bqr489N] [1bre9kda8n] [bri.f] [1bcd79t9N] [1b3.dn] [1klkjule9t] [!klkju1le9Sn] [!kp9tl 9k1spend9tS4] [!kp9tl !g8dz 4n 1s3.v9s9z] [1kp9tl m2.k9t] [!kp9t4la91ze9Sn 4v kqsts] [1kp9t4la9z] [1ke9s stcdi] [1kS ka8] [1kS fl48 ste9tm4nt] [!kS qn d91l9v4ri] [!s3.t9f91ke9Sn] [!s3.t9fa9d !pcbl9k 41ka8nt4nt] [1tSe4p3.sn] [1tS2.d79z] [!tS2.t4d 41ka8nt4nt] [!tSi.f fa9!nnSl k4n1tr48l4] [1klr4fa9] [!kls9f91ke9Sn] [klu.] [k41lps] [k41m3.Sl] [k4!m9t 1fr0.d] [k41m9tm4nt] [!kqm4n 1stqk] [!kqm4n 1stqkh48ld4] [k4m1pla94ns] [!kqmpr91hens9v] [k4n1klu.d] [k4n1d9Sn] [k4n1dckt] [!kqnf9!denSi1l4ti] [k4n1f0.m] [9n k4n1f0.m4ti w9D] [k4n1glqm4r4t] [k4n1s9d4] [k4n1s9d4r4bl] [k4n!s9d41re9Sn] [k4n1s9st 4v] [kqn1sql9de9t9d] [k4n!sql9de9t9d 41f9li4t] [k4n!sql91de9Sn] [k4n1sclt9N] [k4n1sju.m4] [1kqntrkt] [k4n1trktSu4l] [!kqntr91bju.Sn] [k4n1v9ns] Oxford University Press


to calculate calculation capital expenditure capital goods and services capital market capitalization of costs to capitalize case study cash cow cash flow statement cash on delivery certification certified public accountant (CPA) chairperson charges chartered accountant chief financial controller to clarify classification clue, to not have a ~ to collapse commercial to commit fraud commitment common stock common stockholder compliance comprehensive to conclude condition to conduct confidentiality to conform conformity, in ~ with conglomerate to consider considerable consideration to consist of consolidated consolidated affiliate consolidation consulting consumer contract contractual contribution to convince

Word corporation cost accounting cost effective count up creative accounting creditors critical criteria to cruise along cumulative effect currency translation adjustment current current assets current costs and expenses current liabilities current receivables currently to cut back cycle

Phonetics [!k0.p41re9Sn] [1kqst 4ka8nt9N] [!kqst 91fekt9v] [!ka8nt 1cp] [kri!e9t9v 41ka8nt9N ] [1kred9t4z] [1kr9t9kl] [kra91t94ri4]n [kru.z 41lqN] [!kju.mj4l4t9v 91fekt] [!kcr4nsi trns!le9Sn 41d7cstm4nt] [1kcr4nt] [!kcr4nt 1sets] [!kcr4nt kqsts 4nd 9k1spens9z] [!kcr4nt !la941b9l4tiz] [!kcr4nt r91si.v4blz] [1kcr4ntli] [!kct 1bk] [1sa9kl] [det] [!det !set 1re9Si48] [!det !ekw4ti 1re9Si48] [d91kle4d] [d9!kla9n9N 1bl4ns] [d91fend] [d91f3.d] [d9!f3.d 19nkcm tks9z] [d91nqm9ne9t4] [d91pend4nt qn] [d91pri.Sie9t] [d9!pri.Si1e9Sn] [d91t3.m9n] [!di.vi1e9Sn] [1d9f4] [da9!lu.t9d 13.n9Nz p4 Se4] [!d9s41p09nt9N] [d9s1kl48z] [d9s1kl4874] [d9s!ka8nt9d 1kS fl48] [!d9sp41z9Sn] [d91str9bju.t] [!d9str91bju.Sn tSnl] [!d9v9dendz 1pe94bl] [d41mest9k] [drqp] [dju. 1d9l9d74ns] [bi 1dju. t4] [13.n9Nz p4 Se4] [91fekt] [91fekt9vli] [91f9Snsi] [91f9Snt] [9m1pl09] [9m1pl09i.] [91ne9bl] [91nkt] [9n1kcr9d7] [1ent4pra9z] [1ekw4ti] Oxford University Press


debt debt/asset ratio debt/equity ratio declared declining balance to defend deferred deferred income tax(es) denominator dependent on to depreciate depreciation to determine deviation to differ diluted earnings per share disappointing to disclose disclosure discounted cash flow disposition to distribute distribution channel dividends payable domestic drop due diligence due, to be ~ to earnings per share effect effectively efficiency efficient to employ employee to enable to enact to encourage enterprise equity

Word equivalent to establish estimate estimated scrap value to evaluate evaluation event, in the ~ of ever-increasing to exclude to expand expectation expenditure to expense expense expertise to express extensively external accounts external auditor extremely

Phonetics [91kw9v4l4nt] [91stbl9S] [1est9m4t] [!est9me9t9d 1skrp vlju.] [91vljue9t] [9!vlju1e9Sn] [9n Di 91vent 4v] [!ev4r 9n1kri.s9N] [9k1sklu.d] [9k1spnd] [!ekspek1te9Sn] [9k1spend9tS4] [9k1spens] [9k1spens] [!eksp3.1ti.z] [9k1spres] [9k1stens9vli] [9k!st3.nl 41ka8nts] [9k!st3.nl 10.d9t4] [9k1stri.mli] [fe9s] [1fe9lj4] [fe4 1vlju.] [fi.] [!f9l 19n qn] [!fa9nns d41rekt4] [1fa9nns] [1fa9nns] [fa9!nnSl d41rekt4] [fa9!nnSl 19nstr4m4nt] [fa9!nnSl 1ste9tm4nt] [fa9!nns9N k1t9v4tiz] [!fa9nns9N r91si.v4blz] [!f3.st 19n !f3.st 1a8t] [f9kst 1sets] [!flcktS81e9Sn] [get 4 1f8th48ld] [1f0.k2.st] [fcnd] [1fcnd9N] [fcs] [ge9n] [!gD4r 1ev9d4ns] [1g94r9N] [!g8d1w9l] [1gcvn] [1grd7u4l] [!gr48s (prqf9t) 1m2.d79n] [gr48T] [!gr4n1ti.] [1g9lti] [!hN 1qn] [!ha9 1fla94] [!hqsp91tl4ti] [1hqv4]


to face failure fair value fee to fill sb in on finance director finance to finance financial director financial instrument financial statement financing activities financing receivables first in first out fixed assets fluctuation to get a foothold forecast fund funding fuss gain to gather evidence gearing goodwill to govern gradual gross (profit) margin growth to guarantee guilty, to be ~ of sth hang on high flyer hospitality to hover

Oxford University Press


Phonetics [19mpkt] [9m1pe4] [!9mpl91ke9Sn] [9m1p48z] [9m1pres9v] [9m1prqp4] [9m1pru.v] [19nkcm] [19nkcm ste9tm4nt] [19nkcm tks] [!9nd91ke9Sn] [9n1S84r4ns !la941b9l4tiz] [9n1S84r4ns lqs] [9n1S84r4ns r91si.v4blz] [9n!tnd74bl 1sets] [9n1tnd74blz] [19ntr4st] [19nt4r9m] [9n!t3.nl 10.d9t4] [9n!t3.nl 1rev4nju. s3.v9s] [9n1t3.pr9t] [19nv4ntri] [!9nv4ntri 1t3.n48v4] [9n1vestm4nt] [9n!vestm4nt d41rekt4] [9n!vestm4nt s91kj84r4ti] [9n1vest4] [1a9t4m] [1d7cst9fa9] [k9d] [1nql9d7] [!l2.st 19n !f3.st 1a8t] [l0.ntS] [1le9m4n] [1li.s9N] [1led79sle9t] [!led79s1le9Sn] [l91d79t9m4t] [1li.v4r9d7] [!la941b9l4tiz] [!la941b9l4ti] [1la94bl] [l48n] [!l48kl 0.1Tqr4ti] [bi let 1lu.s] [me9n1te9n] [1me9nt4n4ns] [1mn9d7m4nt 4ka8nt] [1mn9d7m4nt 4ka8nt9N] [1mnd4t4ri] [!mnju1fktS4r9N kqsts] [!m2.k9t !kp9t4la91ze9Sn] [1m2.k9t pra9s] [!m2.k9t 1vlju.] [!m2.kcp 1m2.d79n] [m41t94ri4l] [m41tS84r4ti] Oxford University Press


impact to impair implication to impose impressive improper to improve income income statement income tax indication insurance liabilities insurance loss insurance receivables intangible assets intangibles interest interim internal auditor Internal Revenue Service (AE) to interpret inventory inventory turnover investment investment director investment security investor item to justify to kid knowledge last in first out to launch layman leasing to legislate legislation legitimate leverage liabilities liability liable loan local authority loose, to be let ~ to maintain maintenance management account management accounting mandatory manufacturing costs market capitalization market price market value mark-up margin material maturity


Word mechanics mechanism to mention merger minority interest to mislead misleading misstatement to move on

Phonetics [m91kn9ks] [1mek4n9z4m] [1menSn] [1m3.d74] [ma9!nqr4ti 19ntr4st] [!m9s1li.d] [!m9s1li.d9N] [!m9s1ste9tm4n [!mu.v 1qn] [n9!g48Si1e9Sn] [net] [!net 1sets] [!net 13.n9Nz] [!nqn 9g1z9st4nt] [!nqt f4 1prqf9t] [1nju.m4re9t4] [4b1d7ekt9v] [!qbl91ge9Sn] [4b1te9n] [!qf 1bl4ns Si.t 41ka8nt9N] [1qfset] [!qp4re9t9N k1t9v4tiz] [1qp4re9t9N prqf9t] [!qp41re9Snz] [!qp41tju.n4ti] [!0.dnri 1Se4 kp9tl] [1a8tl8k] [!a8tsa9d 1p2.tiz] [!48v4hed 9k1spens9z] [!48v41si.z] [!48v41ste9t] [!pe4r4nt 1kcmp4ni] [1pe9 kct] [!pe9 1qf] [1pe9m4nt] [1pe9r48l tks] [p94] [p41f0.m4ns] [!p94ri1qd9k] [!p3.s41nel] [!pes91m9st9kli] [!peti 1kS] [pl2.nt] [1pql4sih48ld4] [p41sp48n] [pr91d9kt] [pr91d9kSn] [pr9!l9m9n4ri r91p0.t] [!pra9s !3.n9Nz 1re9Si48] [1pra9s9N pql4si] [1pr9ns4pl] [!prqf9t 4n 1lqs 4ka8nt] [!prqf9t41b9l4ti] [1prqf9t4bl] [pr41m48t] [1prqp4ti] [pr41p0.Sn] [pr41p48zl] Oxford University Press


negotiation net net assets net earnings non-existent not-for-profit numerator objective obligation to obtain off-balance-sheet accounting offset operating activities operating profit operations opportunity ordinary share capital outlook outside parties overhead expenses overseas to overstate parent company pay cut to pay off payment payroll tax peer performance periodic personnel pessimistically petty cash plant policyholder to postpone to predict prediction preliminary report price/earnings ratio pricing policy principal profit and loss account profitability profitable to promote property proportion proposal

Word to prove provided provision provisional publicly listed publicly traded to punch numbers purchase price

Phonetics [pru.v] [pr41va9d9d] [pr41v97n] [pr41v974nl] [1pcbl9kli !l9st9d] [!pcbl9kli 1tre9d9d] [pcntS 1ncmb4z] [1p3.tS4s pra9s] [1kwql9fa9] [1kwqnt9t4t9v] [kw48t] [re9z 1kp9tl] [1re9Si48] [!re9Si48 41nl4s9s] [1r94la9z] [1ri.zn4bl] [r91si.v4blz] [1rek4gna9z] [1rek4nsa9l] [!rek4n!s9li1e9Sn t4] [r91k0.d] [1red79st4] [1regjule9t] [!regju1le9Sn] [1regj4l4t4ri 0.1Tqr4ti] [r91la9 qn] [r91ma9nd] [r91pe9] [r91kwa94m4nt] [r91z3.v] [r9!spqns41b9l4ti] [r91spqns4bl] [r9!te9nd 13.n9Nz] [r9!t3.n qn 1sets] [r9!t3.n qn 1ekw4ti] [!ri.1vlju.] [1rev4nju.z] [1r9sk w3.Di] [1rcb9S] [ru.l]


qualify quantitative to quote to raise capital ratio ratio analysis to realize reasonable receivables to recognize to reconcile reconciliation to to record to register to regulate regulation regulatory authority to rely on to remind to repay requirement reserve responsibility responsible retained earnings re t u rn on assets return on equity to re-value revenues risk-worthy rubbish rule

sales figures [1se9lz f9g4z] sales tax [1se9lz tks] salvage value [1slv9d7 vlju.] scope [sk48p] self-generated [!self1d7en4re9t9d] self-regulation [!self!regju1le9Sn] share [Se4] share owner [1Se4 48n4] shareholder [1Se4h48ld4] shareholders equity [!Se4h48ld4z 1ekw4ti] short term assets [!S0.t t3.m 1sets] significant(ly) [s9g1n9f9k4nt(li)] sizeable [1sa9z4bl] to soften [1sqfn] solid [1sql9d]g source and application of funds [!s0.s 4nd !pl91ke9Sn 4v fcndz] source of supply [s0.s 4v s41pla9]

Oxford University Press

Word statement of cash flows statement of earnings statement of financial position stock exchange stringent submission subsidiary successive sufficient to sum up sum-of-the-years digit supplemental disclosure

Phonetics [!ste9tm4nt 4v 1kS fl48z] [!ste9tm4nt 4v 13.n9Nz] [!ste9tm4nt 4v fa9!nnSl p41z9Sn] [1stqk 9kstSe9nd7] [1str9nd74nt] [s4b1m9Sn] [s4b1s9di4ri] [s4k1ses9v] [s41f9Snt] [!scm 1cp] [!scm 4v D4 !j94z 1d9d79t] [scpl9!mentl d9s1kl4874] [!te9k 9ntu 41ka8nt] [1te9k48v4] [1tks 4ka8nt9N] [tks 1set] [!tks 0.1Tqr4ti] [1tks 4v09d4ns] [1tks brk9t] [1tks bre9k] [1tks d91dckt4bl] [1tks 9ve97n] [!tks 9g1zempt] [1tks eksa9l] [tks !la941b9l4ti] [1tks r9t3.n] [1tks4bl] [tk1se9Sn] [tk!se9Sn 9k1spens] [9n D4 1lqN t3.m] [9n D4 1m9dl t3.m] [9n 1T94ri] [1tre9d m2.k] [1tre9d4] [1trvl 9kspens9z] [1tri.tm4nt] [tju.n] [!cnd91str9bju.t9d] [cn1r94la9zd] [cn1setl] [1cpkcm9N] [!cp1gre9d] [1cpgre9d] [1cpw4dz] [13.d74nt] [!ju.t4la91ze9Sn] [1ju.t4la9z] [1vlju.] [1vlju.] [1ve4ri] [1va94bl] [welT] [!we4r 4n 1te4] [!w3.k9N 1kp9tl] [!ra9t 1qf]


to take into account takeover tax accounting tax asset tax authority tax avoidance tax bracket tax break tax deductible tax evasion tax exempt tax exile tax liability tax return taxable taxation taxation expense term, in the long ~ term, in the middle ~ theory, in ~ trademark trader travel expenses treatment tune, to the ~ of undistributed unrealized to unsettle upcoming to upgrade upgrade upwards urgent utilization to utilize value to value to vary viable wealth wear and tear working capital to write off

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