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4 0 m m syst e ms

a g 3 6 / ( sa m ) a g 3 6 a 1
t he 40 mm x 46 ag36 a dd - on gren a de l auncher h a s been de signed specif ic a l ly f or use on t he g36/ g36k . t his combin at ion gi v e s t he user a dded ef f ec t i v ene ss ag a ins t un a r moured or l ight ly a r moured a re a a nd p oint ta rge t s at r a ng e s up to 350 m (depending on t he a mmunit ion). t he ag36 f ire s 40 mm x 46 (low v elocit y ) gren a de s of a n y l engt h including he rounds, imp ul se rounds, c s g a s c a r t ridge s, smok e gren a de s a nd ot her t y pe of a mmunit ion. a l l of t he gren a de s f or t he a meric a n m203 a nd mm1 gren a de l auncher s c a n a l so be used.

40 mm x 46

ladder sight

mounting points

With 50 m sight steps. The ladder sight can be mounted on the right or left of the handguard.

For ladder sight, MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails or LLM adapter (laser light module).

safety/fire selector lever


Ambidextrous operation.


g36 locking pin mount

g36k locking pin mount

double action trigger

barrel release lever


Ambidextrous operation.

With barrel cover and grip assembly.

40 mm systems

mil-std 1913 picatinny rail


For the use of additional sighting accessories at the 12 oclock position. The rail is fixed to the buttstock element, which is available as an accessory.

The buttstock is identical to that of the G36, and can be interchanged with it if necessary.

(sa m) ag36 a1


llm adapter

Example of AG36 A1 with buttstock folded.

The AG36 A1 differs from the AG36 in that it has an additional LLM adapter for adapting a laser light module at the 3 oclock position.

a sse mbly of t he sepa r at e bu t t s tock el e ment is v ery simpl e . t he el e ment is p ushed into t he a dd - on gren a de l auncher a nd lock ed in pl ace using g36 lock ing pin mount. t he ag36 c a n t hen be used a s a s ta nd - a lone gren a de l auncher , independent ly of a n y prim a ry w e a p on. t he bu t t s tock el e ment is ava il a bl e a s a n acce ssory.

g l m / ( sa m ) g l m

40 mm x 46


ladder sight

t he gl m 40 mm a dd - on gren a de l auncher (lv ) h a s t he s a me f unc t ion , ch a r ac t eris t ic s a nd h a ndl ing a s t he ag36. de v eloped f or use on t he hk416/hk417, it c a n a l so be mount ed on m4/m16 or c7/c8 t y pe a ss ault rif l e s by me a ns of a speci a l a da p t er . a s a sc a l a bl e s ys t e m , t hrough t he use of op t ion a l acce ssory comp o nent s t he gl m c a n a l so be c a rried a s a s ta nd - a lone w e a p on (s a m gl m) independ ent ly of a n y prim a ry w e a p on.

Retractable, with various locking positions. Available as an accessory. Additional buttstock variants on request.

Range marks in 50 m steps for ranges from 50 - 350 m. The ladder sight can be mounted on the right or left of the receiver.

carrying sling eye


mil-std 1913 picatinny rail

glm adapter

o n e syst e m , t wo u ses .

The Picatinny rail is fixed directly to the receiver of the GLM.

For fixing on an assault rifle. Optional adapters are available, e.g. for the M4/M16.

locking lever

(sa m) glm

Serves as a locking device when a buttstock is used.

double action trigger

safety/fire selector lever


Ambidextrous operation.

Foldable, with integrated finger protector. Available as an accessory.

barrel release lever

Ambidextrous operation.

l lg 4 0

40 mm systems
40 mm x 46


t he 40 mm l e ss - l e t h a l gren a de l auncher h a s been de v eloped e speci a l ly f or a nt i - crime , a nt i t errorism , hos tage re scue , count er- insurrec t ion a nd riot cont rol a ppl ic at ions w here v er reducing t he da nger to t he p ubl ic h a s t he highe s t priorit y. t he m a in p urp ose is t e mp or a ry or l a s t ing inc a pacitat ion of a n a dv er s a ry or crimin a l . t he l lg40 t hus repre sent s a genuine a lt ern at i v e to f ire a r ms, a nd is suita bl e f or bot h mil i ta ry a nd l aw enf orce ment user s.

With the buttstock folded, the LLG40 is extremely compact and comfortable to carry on the person.

rear sight

front sight

Permanently integrated.

Permanently integrated.


The LLG40 uses the same buttstock as the G36.


safety/fire selector lever

Can be folded down.

Ambidextrous operation.

double action trigger

mil-std 1913 picatinny rail

colour marking

Long Picatinny rail integrated with the receiver at the 12 oclock position allows the adaptation of a large number of optional sighting accessories.

The example shows a customer request: The coloured (yellow) delineation of individual assemblies serve to identify it as a less-lethal grenade launcher. In the standard version, these assemblies remain black.


40 mm systems
40 mm x 46


gl m

gl m

e x p lo i t i n g sy n e r g i es .

g36 hk416 10

m4 *

m16 *

g36k hk416 14.5

hk416 16.5 c7 *



heck l er & koch of f er s a broa d produc t r a nge of 40 mm a dd - on gren a de l auncher s f or a w ide va rie t y of a ss ault rif l e s. t he a da p tat ion op t ions f or t he hk a dd - on w e a p ons a re show n in t he a dj acent ov erv ie w.
hk417 12 hk416 20

hk417 16

Can only be used in connection with the respective genuine HK adapter kit.

hk417 20

technical data
dimensions Calibre Feed mechanism Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual Modes of fire Sight1 Buttstock

weight Barrel length (mm approx.) 280 280 280 280 215 215 280 Sight radius (mm approx.) 148 148 148 148 148 148 209 Weapon3 (g approx.) 1500 2600 1500 2600 1270 1270 1800 Buttstock/ Ladder sight (g approx.) /130 1100/130 /130 1100/130 /130 800/130 300/ Single loader with breech-loading, left side break-action barrel Operating principle

Length min./max. (mm approx.) 354/ 395/640 354/ 395/640 285/ 434/518 395/640

Width (mm approx.) 78 78 120 120 99 99 62

Height3 (mm approx.) 211 222 211 222 210 210 186

ag36 (sam) ag36 ag36 a1 (sam) ag36 a1 glm (sam) glm llg40 **
1 *

40 mm x 46 40 mm x 46 40 mm x 46 40 mm x 46 40 mm x 46 40 mm x 46 40 mm x 46

0-1 0-1 0-1 0-1 0-1 0-1 0-1


FO * FO * R FO *

Various sights can be mounted, LS = Ladder sight, M = Mechanical sight / 2 FO = Foldable buttstock, R = Retractable buttstock / 3 Including ladder sight All G36 buttstock types attachable / ** Series production in preparation

dimensions Calibre Feed mechanism Modes of fire Rate of fire (per min. approx.) Max. effective range (m approx.) 1500 Sight

Length min./max. (mm approx.) 1175/1505

Width min.2/max.3 (mm approx.) 252/797

Height min.2/max.3 (mm approx.) 215/469

Height with tripod min./max. (mm approx.) 700/1600

Barrel length4 (mm approx.)

Sight radius (mm approx.)

Operating principle Recoil-operated, Inertia bolt, fires from the open bolt

gmg e

40 mm x 53

Belt feed from left or right side






weight Weapon (kg approx.) Upper mount (kg approx.) Ammunition box holder (kg approx.) 4.3 Ammunition box5 (kg approx.) Tripod (kg approx.) Precision aiming device (kg approx.) 2.5
1 3

gmg e





Various sights can be mounted, LS = Ladder sight, R = Reflex sight / 2 Without upper mount and ammunition box holder With upper mount and ammunition box holder / 4 With flash hider / 5 Fully charged (32 rounds)

subject to modification