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-Asavari Tiku 15 years old English

It was a normal, bright and sunny day in Khushi Jungle. The students had come to school on time and were eager to learn. They were waiting for their favourite teacher Sher Khan to teach them something new.

The students had lots of fun in Mr. Sher Khans class. They had learnt a lot of new things, but now, it was time for their favourite time of the day Break time!

Meanwhile, someone had been doing something very naughty. Someone stole all the words from Khushi Jungle!

The students decided to take a walk on their break. Suddenly, Maya Monkey discovered that someone had stolen the words from the

sign! All the students were horrified. How could someone do this? They ran back to class to find Mr. Sher Khan!

But when the students got back to they class, they found that Mr. Sher Khan was not there! Also, all the words from the blackboard had also been stolen!

So, they looked for him

And looked

And looked! But without the words on the signs, it was impossible! They realized how important words are.

So, the students decided to save the day. They got to work, and started to re-write all the words all around Khushi Jungle, starting with their very own classroom. Not only did the students re-write the words, but the students words were better than the original ones!

Then, just as soon as the students had finished writing down their words all over Khushi Jungle, Mr. Sher Khan appeared!

The students asked him if he knew who had stolen the letters and he said that HE had stolen them.

Mr. Sher Khan explained. He said, I had stolen the words to teach you students the importance of words. And look how well you did! Then, as a reward, Mr. Sher Khan gave the students the rest of the

day off! Now, the students will never forget the importance of words!