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Preterite Verb Review

For REGULAR preterite verbs, their conjugations are the following: -AR VERBS yo - nosotros/as -amos yo t -aste t Ud/l/ella - Uds./ellos/as -aron Ud/l/ella - -iste -i -ER/-IR VERBS nosotros/as -imos

Uds./ellos/as -ieron

Unfortunately, there are a ridiculous amount of irregular preterite verbs in Spanish. -car/-gar/-zar verbs o for these ar verbs, there is a change made in the yo form only due to the soft vowel sound of e. -car qu / yo busqu (buscar) -gar gu / yo pagu (pagar) -zar c / yo empec (empezar) the reasoning behind the zar is that the letter z does not exist in front of e in Spanish, since c makes the same sound as z, we change it to c -y/-yeron verbs o for these verbs, we replace the i sound with a written y le lemos cre cremos o omos destru destruimos leste creste oste destruiste ley leyeron crey creyeron oy oyeron destruy destruyeron o note that the nosotros & t forms of destruir do not carry an accent o similar verbs: caer, poseer, construir, concluir, incluir, huir, contribuir (the uir verbs do not carry an accent in the t & nosotros form, as seen in destruir above) sandal verbs o ir stem changing verbs also stem change in the preterite tense, however it is a little different o note: -ar/-er stem changing verbs in the present DO NOT change in the preterite o the verbs only change in the l/ella/Ud. and the ellos/as/Uds. form, hence the name sandal verb o the stem change is different though in the preterite oue changes to o u eie changes to e i ei stays the same o ejemplos: dormir preferir yo dorm nosotros/as dormimos yo prefer nosotros/as preferimos t dormste t preferiste l/ella/Ud. durmi ellos/as/Uds. durmieron l/ella/Ud. prefiri ellos/as/Uds. prefirieron ser/ir identical twins o ser and ir conjugate the same in the preterite, note there are no accents fui fuimos fuiste fue fueron dar/ver fraternal twins o dar and ver are similarly conjugated, note there are no accents di diste dio dimos dieron vi viste vio vimos vieron

Preterite Verb Review

irregular stem changers o some preterite verbs change their stems completely in the preterite tense o these verbs do not carry an accent in any of their forms infinitive andar estar poder poner querer saber tener venir The endings for all of the verbs are the same -e -iste -o o ejemplos raz irregular anduvestuvpudpusquissuptuvvin-

-imos -ieron

anduve anduvimos pude pudimos vine vinimos anduviste pudiste viniste anduvo anduvieron pudo pudieron vino vinieron irregular irregular stem changers o as if it couldnt get any crazier, there are some exceptions to the execption o decir, traer, producir, conducer, traducir these are also stem changers decir dij traer traj producir produj conducir conduj traducir traduj however, in the ellos/as/Uds. form, these verbs drop the i, and use eron as their ending dije dijiste dijo o dijimos dijeron traje trajiste trajo trajimos trajeron

hacer hacer hic the excpetion is in the l/ella/Ud. form: hizhice hiciste hizo hicimos hicieron