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errorcodes: --------------2616 numeric overflow while calculating huge numbers [Mar 2005 - 3 Posts] 2616: Numeric overflow occurred

during computation. [Apr 2009 - 12 Posts] 2617: NUMERIC OVER FLOW ERROR [Jun 2010 - 3 Posts] 2620 in Stored Procedure using Dynamic SQL [Mar 2009 - One Post] 2631 Transaction ABORTed due to %VSTR [Oct 2011 - One Post] 2631: Transaction ABORTed due to Deadlock - did not retry [Aug 2010 - 3 Posts] 2644, No more room in database DBC [Apr 2006 - 5 Posts] 2644:NO MORE ROOM IN DATA BASE [Nov 2005 - 3 Posts]

Example: ----------SELECT * FROM dbc.Errormsgs where errorcode=2793 DBC.Errormsgs table should help to get error message for the corresponding error code. multiload error: ----------------While running multiload, some records are being rejected and go into the Error-1 table with the error code 2673. The explaination of the error code is as follows: The source parcel length does not match data that was defined. Explanation: This error occurs if the source parcel definition is inconsistent. Generated By: MoveRow. For Whom: End User. Notes: This is probably caused by incorrect definition of the input parcel from the host computer. Remedy: Check the definition of the input parcel. BTEQ Errors: ---------------Return Code Description 00 Job completed with no errors. 02 User alert to log on to the Teradata Database. 04 Warning error. 08 User error. 12 Severe internal error For an Example : If you issue a SQL statement in BTEQ session to create a table which is alrady there, then Teradata database will return an error code of 3803 to the BTEQ session and in turn in BTEQ will send a return code of 04 to the cli ent operating system where you have intiated the BTEQ session.

Return Code = 04 ( BTEQ returns a return code of 04 for the following Teradata e rror codes ) 2580 - Mload not active on table %TVMID. 2667 - Statistics cannot be collected on an empty table.

3534 - Index already exists. 3666 - This view has too many columns to store or retrieve comments. 3737 - Name is longer than 30 characters. 3747- No start-up string defined for this user. 3803 - Table %VSTR already exists. 3804 - View %VSTR already exists. 3805 - Macro %VSTR already exists. Return Code = 08 ( BTEQ returns a return code of 04 for the following Teradata e rror codes ) 2805 Maximum row length exceeded in %TVMID. 2827 Request was aborted by user or due to statement error. 2828 Request was rolled back during system recovery. Return Code = 12 ( BTEQ returns a return code of 04 for the following Teradata e rror codes ) CLI0001 Parameter list invalid or missing. CLI0002 Invalid number of parameters received.