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INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Nowadays, there are many kinds of International Schools in Indonesia. It usually can be found in big cities.

International School has not only Indonesian students but also some foreign students who lived in Indonesia. Local school have to compete with International Schools. However, International School not only has advantages but also diadvantages for Indonesian people. Now, some parents really want their children to study in International School. International School has same curriculum with schools in other country. If we study in International School, it feels like studying abroad, because there are also many students in this school. Now, children are demanded to master a foreign language, especially English. In International School , the students will study in English language everyday. So, through International School, the students will be fluent in English. Another advantage of International School in Indonesia is especially aimed for those people who really want to study abroad, but they dont want to be separated from their family. International school is a miniature of a school abroad. Because there are many International Schools in Indonesia, some people can enjoy the international curriculum and at the some time still gather with their family. If we study abroad, well live separately with our family and its difficult to contact our family. Because International School has the same curriculum with schools abroad, some people become more attracted. Its different from Indonesian curriculum. We can choose the lesson we want, without learning all lessons like the local curriculum. International Schools usually have an expensive cost. So, not all people can study in International School. Usually, only rich people can study in International School. Besides, the students also need the basic english. If the students cans understand English, they cant follow the lesson well. However, in International School probably we cant learn Indonesian culture. Because, the International School uses the foreign culture. The moral value that we learn is also different from local school. It makes us forget our country culture. Besides, the language that is used is English. We cant learn Indonesian language as we learn in local school. Another disadvantage is we cant have the same diploma as the other local school. We must join the equivalent exam to have the diploma form the Indonesian government. If we dont have that diploma, its difficult to find a university in Indonesia. This depends on our decision wheter to study in Internasional school or not depends on our needs and our future. Actually both International School and local school are good for education. But, it depends on the students struggle to get the best future in their life. So, make your best choice.