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SAP CRM Easy Enhancement Work Bench (EEWB)

The Easy Enhancement work bench is used to extend the SAP object. This tool is very helpful for extending a standard SAP Object with out doing each task separately (extending tables and screens by yourself). This tool creates code for screen as well as extends the entire interface that is available for that object. On the win client the changes are available immediately. On the web-ic you need to do some more work to show that field on the screen. In this post I am going to extend a BPobject in CRM. Use the T-Code EEWB Create a new project and specify the name space and development package for the object.

Once the project is created just Right click on the project and create a extension for a the Business Object in the drop down list. Currently SAP supports 25 Business object or Scenario. Once the Business object is selected then select the extension type that you want to do on the object. There are two extension type one is add new fields or add new attribute tables. See the following screen shot that has both business objects and the extension types that are available in the system.

Once you completed the extension a wizard will start and that will ask the field information that you want to create and extend in the BP master. You mention all the characteristic of the data that you want and the screen will look as follows.

As soon as you click completed this tool will start generating the field and the screen that is need for this field. The wizard will ask if this field is relevant for BW. if you say yes then this change will be passed to BW(that is all I know as of now. I dont have a BW attached to the CRM right now I will update this if I come to know about that). If you are having the ECC 6.0 as your back end R/3 system then the same data change will be reflected in that system. We dont have the latest system once the upgrade is completed I will verify that and write about that about the R3 object extension. In the following screen shot see the entire object that is created by this tool. This work bench extends all the associated things attached to this object.

Let me show you the comparison on the BP screen and in the BP table what is the difference before and after we create the new filed. Bp table and BP screen with out the new field. Look at the following screen shot it is out of the box look at the tabs.

Look at the total number of fields in the BP table.

BP table and screen after the new extension that we added with the EEWB.

Now the BP table is having 100 fields and the new field that we mentioned in the wizard is showing up in the table.

Now the BP screen is having a new table called customer data. This tab will show all the extension that we do for this object. you can see the screen with the new field. There is no programming at all.

The EEWB creates every thing except the web-ic part. For making the field available in the web-ic we need to do some more work. I will cover that in other post. Until now we saw how one field can be created. Now let us see what happens if we create an attribute table for this BP object.

Now the wizard started and sees the following the selection is different than for attribute fields.

if you want to select the single instance then each BP can have multiple records with time dependency where you have a option to mention the time with gaps or with out gaps. if this is multiple instance then you have a option of time dependency (gaps, no gaps or time validity) or no time dependency at all. You have to define all the fields that you want to add to the Business object (here bp).see the below screen.

See the summary of the new table extension that EEWB is going to create.

After the process this creates a new table. Look at the following screen shots.

Look at the following table and the screen for the table.

I hope the above information helps. I will write about the Extension of new fields in to web-ic. It is always a good idea to use EEWB to add z-fields to the SAP objects. Following are the SAP Objects that you can Enhance Using EEWB.

EEW Bus. Object or -Scenario Description


ACCOUNT_PLAN Analytical Data Storage Business Partner Business Partner Relationships Business Activity CRM Business Transaction


Category Extension Complaint Counter CRM Case Resource Planning Tool Grantor Project Individual Object Installed Base Lead Marketing Element Opportunity Partner/Product Range Relationship Category Sales Contract Sales Transaction Service Completion Confirmation Service Contract Service Process Solution Database