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Setup 10 minuteS
Verify that you are installing your device after the Installation Date, which is indicated in the AT&T U-verse Order Confirmation emailed to you earlier.

2 Power up

15 minuteS

Your Gateway is now powering up. Wait up to 15 minutes for the indicator lights for DSL and Internet to be solid green and the Ethernet indicator light to be blinking green. Important: During this time, do not unplug the Power Adapter or green Data Cable. Unplugging the Gateway before Power Up is finished can damage the Gateway. if the DSL light does not turn solid green or continues to blink after 20 minutes, repeat the Step 1 Setup process or try another phone jack in your home.


Blinking green


Connect the Dual-Port Phone Filter to your wall jack. note: Phone service is not required to setup your High Speed internet. Connect the green Data Cable from the port labeled DSL/HPNA on the Dual-Port Filter to the Phone Line port on the Gateway. if you have a phone device that will share this jack, plug it into the port labeled PHONE on the Dual-Port Phone Filter.


Solid Green Solid Green

note: During the Power up sequence the Power light may turn red and then the device will reboot itself. this is a normal part of this Power up sequence.

While you are waiting...

While you are waiting for lights to come on, install Single-Port Phone Filters on wall jacks in your home that have phone devices. Phone filters will prevent static on your phone line. Phone filters must also be installed on FAX machines, satellite receivers, modems, and any other devices connected to a phone jack.
Installing Phone Filters

Phone Device

Phone Filter & Cable


Phone Cable
Phone Port

Wall Jack

Phone Device

Data Port

Data Cable


Wall Jack

Dual-Port Phone Filter

3 Activate
ethernet Cable Computer

20 minuteS

4 Go Wireless

10 minuteS


ethernet Ports

turn on your PC and open an internet browser. the At&t Online Registration page will appear automatically. if it does not, enter into your address bar. Continue with online registration.

You will need your network name (SSiD) and Wireless network Key (WeP) to configure a wireless device. this information is on the side of your Gateway.

SN: 210811000079

For Advanced Configuration:


System Password: 1534418033 Mac Address: 00217C3C79F0

Phone Port

Wireless Network Key: 7656950547


To open your browser If you are a PC User: Double click on the internet explorer

example information

Power Port

Power Adapter electrical Outlet

icon to open your web browser. To open your browser If you are a Mac User: Double click on the Safari icon to open your web browser.

Wireless network Setup 1. 2. On your computer, go to your network Settings and refresh the network list. Select the network name (SSiD). the network name (SSiD) starts with 2WiRe followed by the last three digits of your Gateway serial number. You may need to scroll through the list to find your SSID. enter the 10-digit Wireless network Key (WeP). You should now be wirelessly connected to the internet!

Wireless Gateway 2701HGV-B Back Panel


Connect the yellow Ethernet cable from a Ethernet port on the Gateway to the ethernet port on your PC. Connect one end of the Power Adapter to the Power port on the Gateway and plug the other end into an electrical outlet. You should see a blinking, then steady green Power light to indicate a successful power connection.

After registration you will be directed to an online support tool at: for features configuration, such as wireless networking, or continue to Step 4 in this guide to Go Wireless.

3. 4.


Go Online
Go to and log in using the account iD (email address) you were given and the password you created at installation.

Call Us
Call 1-800-ATT-2020 to reach an At&t u-verse customer support expert to get answers or add new features and services.

Rule Your u-verse

Quick Guide

Check out the Quick Guide now that you have successfully installed At&t u-verse, check out the Quick Guide for more information about your internet email and security features.

Go online For further installation assistance go to: to manage your u-verse account go to:

Wireless Gateway for High Speed internet

Having trouble?
many common internet problems can be solved in three simple steps: 1. Check your cables Check all cables and cords to ensure they are connected properly and securely.

2. Power down, power up unplug the black Power Adapter from the back of the Gateway. Leave the Gateway unplugged for 15 seconds and plug it back in.

Self-installation Guide

3. Wait for blinking indicator lights Wait two minutes, then retry what you want to do.

Get Started
Check to make sure your kit has:

Approximate installation time: 1 Hour

Specific issues
every time i try to browse to a Web page, i get a message stating Detecting Proxy Settings. Run the internet Connection Wizard (located in internet explorer under tools > internet Options > Connection Setup). When prompted to enter proxy settings, dont select anything. theres static on the Phone line. make sure there are Phone Filters properly installed on all phone devices, digital video recorders, monitored alarm systems, satellite systems, fax machines, cable systems, and any other devices plugged into a phone jack. i need additional Phone Filters. You can purchase additional filters from the At&t Store at or at most electronics and computer stores. i have a home security system, health alarm, or water meter monitor. You will need special installation assistance. Call 1-877-ATT-2020 immediately to schedule an appointment with a u-verse Service technician.
Quick Guide

Save this for later:

the Local ethernet light on my Gateway is not lighting up.

Terms of Service

ensure you have a working ethernet card installed. if your computer doesnt have an ethernet card, you can get one at, or by calling 1-800-861-2974, or at most computer and electronics stores. the DSL and internet lights on my Gateway are not solid green. Check your connections and make sure that the green Data Cable is connected to the DSL/HPnA port of the Dual-Port Phone Filter. i cant browse the internet despite indications that im connected.
Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Quick Guide

1 ethernet Cable Yellow 1 Dual-Port Phone Line Filter

Quick Guide
Terms of Service

Wireless Gateway 2701HGV-B

Reboot your computer and restart your Gateway device.

Quick Guide

1 Data Cable Green or Grey

Support materials
Internet Quick Guide Terms of Service

my power indicator light turns red during the Power up sequence. Dont worry. this is a normal part of the power up sequence just remember not to unplug the Power Adapter or green Data Cable when the light is still red. At the end of Power up, the DSL and Internet indicator lights will be solid green.

Gateway Stand
(Place your Gateway in the stand to save space)

3 Single-Port Phone Line Filters

1 Power Adapter

Before you begin:

1. Has your Service Activation Date arrived? You can only connect to the internet on or after the date and time provided to you by At&t. You can locate this date in your order confirmation email. 2. Do you have a security system, health alarm, or water meter monitor? Youll need special assistance, so call 1-877-ATT-2020 for a service appointment. 3. Do you have phone service? Phone service is not required for an internet connection. if you do have phone service, check for a dial tone. if you dont have a dial tone, contact your local telephone office for repair.

Need More Help?

Go Online: and log in or call us: 1-800-ATT-2020

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