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Some ideas for Gonzo D&D

Sources: Oz, Wonderland, traditional fairy tales, classical scifi movies and the modern folklore of ufos, extraterrestrials and cryptozoology.

Human PC's will typically be children and has stats as Fighters or Thieves. Munchkin, like Halflings but weirder, they live in villages organized in guilds (such as the Lollipop-guild) and tend to be huge fans of folk dancing. Pixies, like the Elf class. HD as Magic-user, can fly. Animal people, Fighter, Halfling or Dwarf depending on what suits the species, speaks Common and specific species-language (cat, fox or lion, etc). Robots, stats as Fighter or possibly Elf (with spells as robot abilities). Yeti, stats as Fighter, racial ability: Wild Thing, never gets lost in the wilderness, always finds food and water if there is any at all to find. ET, stats as Dwarf, can handle all kinds of high tech equipment.

Winged monkeys Magically animated household objects Jabberwocky (Dragon) ET, macro-cephalic dwarfs from outer space, grey or green skin. Tends to abduct people to experiment on them. Yeti, the hairy wild men of the woods. Monster brain, a huge levitating brain with one eye and several tentacles. Charm Person and Magic Missile twice a day. ESP and Telepathy at will.

The Land
The PC's will start among the few small towns and villages, roughly equivalent to European or North American 18th or early 19th century, that are the last outposts of human civilisation in the face of a mysterious and dangerous wilderness populated by goblins, fairy and other strange beings from beyond this world. These uncharted lands are ruled by witches and dragons and are visited by creatures from out of space and time.

Random events and encounters 1. In a small cottage lives a monstrous creature disguised as a sweet old lady. The monster will invite travellers to spend the night in the cottage and eat them when they sleep. Its true form, a huge black toad, is only revealed when seen in a reflecting surface. 2. A Flying Saucer descends from the sky to capture the PC's for experiments. After 1d12 hours the abductees are, 1d4: 1 dead, 2 left without any memory of the incident, 3 left with 1d6 less points in random ability, 4 stronger than before (add 1d6 points to random ability). 3. A mutated Giant Spider is on a rampage in the area, shooting laser from its eyes. 4. A wicked witch lives in an exquisite glass castle with her retinue of robot servitors. She collects beauties (any character with a CHA score above 16) whom she keeps in magical stasis. 5. In a marshy area there is a village of frog people who claim to be humans who have been horribly transfigured by an evil wizard. 6. A bottle containing a trapped genii who will grant anyone who releases it any three wishes. However, the spirit has a twisted and evil sense of humour and will try to interpret all wishes in the worst way possible. 7. A conflict is brewing between an ET colony and a goblin chiefdom over a magical well. 8. Deep in the forest there is a village of antropophagic yeti who worship a vampiric treemonster. 9. In a cave beneath a hill there sleeps an ancient king who, according to old legends, will return when the realm is in grave danger. The hibernating monarch is surrounded by many riches and lies with his +3 magical sword on his chest. The crypt is guarded by traps and robot warriors. 10. In a clearing lives the King of the Forest, a shaggy wild eyed hermit who wears a crown made of stags horns. He will fight any man who enters the clearing to the death, but has great influence over all the spirits and animals of the woods and will help any woman who asks him for a favour. Any man that kills him will become the new King of the Forest and can never leave the clearing. 11. A small band of goblin adventurers have discovered 30 ancient battle droids and the sceptre that grants control over the war machines. They are now seemingly invincible and plundering and spreading chaos in the region. 12. A four meter high rock contains a microscopic megadungeon that can only be explored by someone in the size of an ant.