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Management & Operations

Application Management
Endpoint (Receive & Send Port) Configuration Endpoint State Management Endpoint Isolation Orchestration Isolation Subscription Configuration & Management Orchestration Debugging Artifact Management Artifact Organization Exception Configuration Suspended Message Management

Business Rule Framework

Business Rule Authoring
Policy & Vocabulary Repository .NET, XML, and Database Facts Rule and Policy Definitions Vocabulary Definitions Policy Versioning Policy Testing Design-Time APIs

Business to Business Integration

Trading Partner Management
Comprehensive and scalable model representing trading partners, their businesses and Trading PartnerAgreements (TPA) Intuitive operations for managing business profiles, protocol settings and TPA Support for Import/Export Migration of party data from previous releases Templates for faster TPA creation Integrated user experience through BizTalk Server Management Console B2B operator role

Business Activity Monitoring

Aspect Oriented Tracking Observation Model Design
Business Activity Definition/Import Business Data Business Process Milestones KPI Definitions View Definitions Aggregation Definitions Observation Model Deployment & Management

Industry Accelerators
SWIFT HL7 RosettaNet

Tracking Configuration & Reporting

Message Flow Endpoint & Orchestration Instancing Orchestration Execution Message Content & Context Pipeline Execution Rule Execution

EDI Support Business Rule Engine

Interchange Generation & Processing

AS2 Support
Message Assembly & Disassembly Synchronous & Asynchronous Message Disposition Notification (MDN) MDN Correlation Payload Agnostic (EDI & non-EDI Messages) Partner Agreement Management Inbound & Outbound Trading Partner Resolution Support for Non-repudiation of Receipts (NRR) Message Signing & Signature Verification Message Encryption & Decryption Message Compression & Decompression Activity Reporting through BAM

Host Management
Load Balancing Message Throttling Configuration Caching WMI Events Failover Scale-Out Configuration Security Boundaries BizTalk Server Perf Counters Host Identity Host Clustering SQL Server Perf Counters

Forward-Chaining Inference Engine Fact Handlers Policy Execution Tracking

Policy Caching Dynamic Policy Update Run-Time API Policy Deployment

Interchange Batching & De-batching Functional & Technical Acknowledgement Generation & Correlation Inbound & Outbound Trading Partner Resolution Dynamic Inbound Schema Resolution Partner Agreement Management Activity & KPI Reporting through BAM 8000+ Schemas: X12, HIPAA, EDIFACT, EANCOM

Event Observation Engine

Distributed Data Infrastructure Sync & Async Client APIs Event Interceptors Messaging Endpoints Orchestrations Windows Workflow Foundation Windows Communication Foundation Custom

Application Deployment
Visual Studio Deployment Environment-Specific Bindings MSI Import/Export Wizards Pre- and Post-Processing Scripts Scripted Deployment External Dependencies Deployment of Business Rules

Model-to-Implementation Mapping

Best Practices Analysis

Configuration Practices High-Availability Practices Manageability Practices Performance Practices Security Practices

MOM Monitoring
Availability Monitoring Health Monitoring Utilization/Performance Tracking Enterprise Single Sign-On Monitoring

Scalable Data Management Activity Relationship & Continuations Real-Time Aggregation Scheduled OLAP Cube Aggregation Alert Notifications Dynamic Database Provisioning

Orchestration Service Composition

Flow Control
Decide Parallel Loop Listen Invoke .NET Component Invoke Business Rules Start/Call Orchestration Evaluate Expressions Transform Message Execute Pipeline http://www.codeplex.com/patternwizard

Port Bindings
Early Bounds Ports Dynamic Ports Direct Ports (Message Box Binding) Role Links (Dynamic Role-Based Binding) Web Service Generation

Atomic Transactions Long-Running Transactions Instance Management Compensation Exception Handling

Design Patterns
Asynchronous Response Correlation Aggregator Composed Message Processor Dynamic Router Parallel Convoy Scatter and Gather Sequential Convoy Splitter

Data Management
Disaster Recovery Extensible Backup Framework Database Scale Out (Message Box) Archiving & Purging Database Clustering

Activity Reporting Activity Relationship Navigation KPI Reporting KPI Alerts Definition & Subscription

AppFabric Connect Integration

Line of Business Applications (LOB) activities Search/Browse LOB artifacts Consume LOB operations as Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) activities Mapper Design Experience from WF surface Transformation as a WF activity

Mapper Activity

Service Windows Many-to-One Endpoint Normalization Inbound Party Resolution Large Message Optimization XSLT Message Transformation Transformation Functoids Schema Validation Failed Message Routing Web Service Generation

Durable Messaging
End-to-End Ordered Delivery Pub/Sub Engine Context-Based Routing Content-Based Routing Multipart Messages Failed Message Routing Load Balancing Failover Message Throttling

Service Windows Endpoint Prioritization Configurable Retries Backup Transports One-to-Many Endpoint Distribution Failed Message Routing Dynamic Send Ports XSLT Message Transformation Transformation Functoids

Schema Editor Flat File Schema Wizard Mapper Pipeline Designer Orchestration Designer

RFID Platform
Device Service Provider Interface (DSPI)
Device Abstraction Discovery Configuration Connection Management Tag & Sensor Events Tag Printing Management Events Performance Counters MOM pack

Service Enablement
Web Services based messaging (WS* standards) Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Adapters WCF-BasicHttp WCF-WsHttp WCF-NetTcp WCF-NetMsmq WCF-NetNamedPipe WCF-Custom WCF-CustomIsolated Metadata Browsing & Searching Schema Generation SAP Oracle Database Siebel eBusiness Applications BizTalk Adapter Pack

Enterprise Single Sign-On

Identity Lookup Master Secret Server Password Synchronization Identity Mapping Secret Storage

Message Security
Message Encryption/Decryption Digital Signature Assignment Digital Signature Authentication SMIME Encoding/Decoding Custom Encoding/Decoding

Message Assembly/Disassembly
Parsing/Serialization Framework XML Flat Files Interchange Processing Message De-batching Recoverable Processing

WCF Service Publishing Wizard Administration Console MOM Management Pack Best Practices Analyzer Business Rule Composer Policy Deployment Wizard Orchestration Designer for Business Analysts Observation Model Designer

Device Management

Framework for Device Simulators

Event Processing Framework

Event Processing Infrastructure Filter Aggregate Transform

Pluggable Adapters
Application Adapters SAP PeopleSoft Enterprise JD Edwards OneWorld XE JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Oracle Database Siebel eBusiness Applications TIBCO Rendezvous TIBCO Enterprise Message Service IBM Host Applications IBM DB2 IBM Host Files SQL Server Microsoft Dynamics Commerce Server Protocol Adapters Windows SharePoint Services

Tracking Profile Editor Adapter Framework for Custom Adapters Batch Processing Streaming Metadata Browsing Schema Generation BAM Portal BAM Manager EDI User Friendly Schema Viewer EDI Document Instance Generation/Validation Trading Partner Portal RFID Manager RFID Tray RFID Event Simulator RFID Client Console


Event Handlers for Declarative Rules - through the Business Rule Engine Event Sink end-points Data - through SQL Server Web Services - through Windows Communication Foundation


Logical Devices with Runtime Binding to Physical Devices Extensible APIs Synchronous Client Applications Application Lifecycle Management

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