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Watercolor II - January through July 2012

Instructors: 1. Karla Beatty (email: Karla.beatty@gmail.com) March 22 April 26 2. Constance Sayas (email: sayasdesign@earthlink.net) June 4 July 9 Note: A $5.00 prep and accessory materials fee will be requested at first class.

Drawing Pencils: Leads HB, 2H, and 2B; sharpener; kneaded eraser Tracing Paper Pad: 9" x 12" or similar Water Containers: two Paper Towels: (VIVA brand is good for absorption.) Palette: watercolor palette of choice Watercolor Paper: 140# Hotpress (or 300# Hotpress if you prefer.) You will need several pieces for painting exercises as well as a sheet for your final painting. Paint Brushes: Watercolor brushes "round"; sizes #2 & #4; preferably Kolinsky sable. Here are some good options: 1. Winsor & Newton Series #7 2. Raphael Series #8404 (Order at Italian Art Store listed below. Or, some sizes available locally at *KOZO.) 3. Escoda Series #1212 4. Rosemary & Co #33 In addition, bring a couple of inexpensive brushes for mixing paint. A Color-Shaper rubber tipped tool is also good for mixing. Water Color Paint List: Select ONE of the four following brands of paint. 1. Da Vinci Permanent Artists' Watercolors: Cadmium Red Medium; Red Rose Deep; Cadmium Yellow Medium; Hansa Yellow Light; Ultramarine Blue; Cerulean Blue; Phthalo Blue (rs); Phthalo Green; Burnt Sienna; Yellow Ochre; Titanium White 2. Michael Wilcox Watercolors: (only available at www.schoolofcolor.com) Cadmium Red Light; Quinacridone Violet; Cadmium Yellow Light; Hansa Yellow Light; Ultramarine Blue; Cerulean Blue; Phthalocyanine Blue; Phthalocyanine Green; Burnt Sienna; Yellow Ochre; Titanium White

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3. Winsor & Newton Artists Water Colours (NOT Cotman) : Cadmium Red 094 (OR Scarlet Lake 603); Permanent Rose 502; Cadmium Yellow Pale 118; Winsor Lemon 722; French Ultramarine 263; Cerulean Blue 137; Winsor Blue 709 (rs); Viridian 692; Burnt Sienna 074; Yellow Ochre 744; Titanium White 4. Daniel Smith Extra-Fine Water Color: Pyrrol Scarlet 085 (OR Cadmium Red Medium); Quinacridone Red; Hansa Yellow Medium (OR Cadmium Yellow Medium), Hansa Yellow Light; Ultramarine Blue; Cerulean Blue; Phthalo Blue; Phthalo Green (bs); Burnt Sienna; Yellow Ochre; Titanium White
CLASS SUPPLIES ARE AVAILABLE LOCALLY AT: *KOZOs, Jerrys Artarama, Guirys, Art Hardware, Meiningers, Hobby Lobby ONLINE ART SUPPLIERS: General: Art Supply Warehouse, 1-800-995-6778 www.aswexpress.com/ Cheap Joes Art Stuff 1-800-227-2788 www.cheapjoes.com Daniel Smith 1-800-426-6740 www.danielsmith.com Dick Blick Art Materials 1-800-828-4548 www.dickblick.com/ Italian Art Store 1-800-643-6440 www.italianartstore.com Michael Wilcox www.schoolofcolor.com

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