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Cultural Studies Curricula Outline

The Main Themes are in red Articles in Blue Questions in Bold Italics Main Points in points

I) Culture and Globalization Definitions of Culture [Culture in Crisis] Aesthetic, semiotic ... etc High vs. popularist culture (identity politics and the arts) Postmodern Culture NATO colonial view of culture ii. Cultural Wars 1st war: high vs. Popularist culture 2nd: criticising Jameson's NATO culture Culture and the Nation-state (culture and politics) iii. Negative Globalisation [Liquid Modern Life] Mixophobia vs. Mixophilia II) The Role of the Intellectual & Resistance (Writing Back) i. Fanon Colonial cultural hegemony (the self and the other) 3 stages of native intellectual when encountering a foreign culture The role of literature and native culture ii. Said [Resistance and Opposition] Othering the other (misrepresenting and stereotyping) Writing back (with examples Tayeb Salih and Ngugi) iii. Resistance Literature Writing in exile vs. 1st hand experience Illiterate as a tool of subjugation Importance of written material iv. Jameson [3rd World Literature] Totalising third world literature as national allegories without privacy Aijaz Ahmed writes back v. Geographies of Postcolonialism i.

Spivak's critique of "epistemic violence" and misrepresenting third world by the West Spivak's positive vs. Fanon negative view of hybridity Representation as a myth

III) Ideology and National Culture i. Homi Bhabha [Nation and Narration] Narratives create nations (Is that correct?) The performative (reality on ground) vs. The pedagogical (narrative) ii. Althusser The negative role of the intellectual (Are there any other points? iii. Bakhtin Circle ?? (I couldn't gather the main idea of the article)

Marx and Cramsci's ideologies are quite confusing and unclear for me. Could you please state the main points I need to include? Did I miss any (other) articles? What about the extra reading of: "Imagined Communities" by Benedict, and Said's "Integrity of Empire"? Where do they fit? If we are to write in an essay form in the exam, could we write on each of the themes instead of articles? Because I think the main ideas of each article alone wouldn't stand up as a satisfactory article. May I exclude/include points I choose when covering the theme, or do we have to cover all the main points of each article? Any other kind suggestions?

A Million Thanks