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Best Enemies by Jane Heller

A Cross Between Best Friends And Bitter Enemys

New York Times bestselling author Jane Heller focuses her sly wit on female bonding in this hilarious story that proves there are two sides to every friendship. . . .

Jane Heller is: Wildly inventive! ---People Fresh . . . Spirited! ---Publishers Weekly

Amy Sherman is doing just fine---she has a nice apartment in Manhattan, a good job as publicity director at a publishing company, and a decent social life---until she runs into Tara Messer, the beautiful blond prom queen who was once her best friend. Its been four years since Tara stole Amys fianc--four years since Amy swore shed stop playing second fiddle to spotlighthog Tara. Amy thought she had finally made peace with herself, but when Tara asks whether shes dating anyone, Amy cant bear to admit there s no man in her life. Instead, she claims shes getting married in six months, figuring shell never see Tara again, so the lie wont come back to haunt her.

Wrong. The next day, Amy learns that her publishing house has just acquired a lifestyle book called Simply Beautiful by none other than Tara--and that Amys job will be to make it a bestseller. Now shell not only have to promote her nemesis to the media, shell also have to dig up a temporary Mr. Right. When she enlists a commitment-phobic mystery writer as the pawn in her game of payback, she stumbles on the surprising truth about

Taras lifestyle---and her own fears about falling in love. What follows is a laugh-out-loud story of betrayal, reconciliation, romance, and the unbreakable bonds of friendshi p. Told from both Amys and Taras points of view, Best Enemies is a thoroughly entertaining tale about trying to keep up appearances, even with the person who knows you best.

Amy and Tara used to be best friends when they were younger. That changed when Amy found Tera sleeping with Amy's fience before the wedding. They had not seen each other for several years, until they run into each other on the street. Amy is in publishing and Tara just wrote a book, so the two are forced to get along with each other for the sake of the book. Amy had told Tara that she was engaged (even though she really wasn't) so when Tera invites Amy to her house to discuss the book Amy invites Tony Stiles, another author she has published (and whom she can't stand) to pretend that he is her fience. Amy, Tony, Tara, and Tara's husband Stuart (Amy's former fience) get together over the next several months, with both Amy and Tara grining and bareing it. That is until Stuart disapears. At that point Amy and Tera with the help of Tony u nlock the mystery of Stuarts disapearents as well as what he had been up to in the past. While doing this Amy and Tara come to terms and become friendsTara ultimitly being Maide of Honor when Amy and Tony get married

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