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SPELL LAW — Author/Designers: S. Coleman Charlton, Peter C. Fenlon Jr., Terry K. Amthor Additional Material: Steven E, Moffat Cover Art: Angus McBride Interior Art: James Holloway Additional Art & Graphics: Richard H. Briton, Olivia Johnston, Pete Fenlon Project Specific Contributions: Editor: Coleman Chariton: Layout Eileen Smith, Andrew Christensen, Kevin Williams, Kevin Dalton, "Cover Graphics: Rick Britton; Pagemaking: Coleman Charlton, Jennifer Kleine, Leo LaDell, Editorial Contributions: Kevin "I Tike it the Old way” Barret, Pete “the proof copy isin the mal” Fenlon, Terry "Mentalism is for Monks “Amihor; Proofreading: Steven Bouton, Shad "Ub, thats Chad” Brinkley, Larry Brook. ICE MANAGEMENT — Production Manager: Temy Amthor, Sales & Customer Service Manager: Deane Begebing, Art Director Richard Briton: Ediing & Development Manager: Coleman Charlton: President: Peter Fenlon!” CEO: Bruce Neidinger, Convolfer: Kun Rasmussen, ICE STAFF — Licensing: Kur Fischer; Prin Bayer: Bill Downs Producuon Layout Coordinator: Eileen Smith, Production Software Coordinator Leo Label, Art & Graphics Staff: Haynes Sprint, Eating & Development Stef Tery Amthor, Kevin Barret, Rob Bell, Pee Fenlon, Fessica Ney, John Rucmmler, Chad Brinkley: Production Stff Lamy Brook, Cheryl Kiet, Jeaifer Kleine, Leo ‘LaDel, Paula Peers, Helen Storey, Laur Tuley, Suzanne Young. Kevin Dalton, Kevin Willams, Andrew Christenson, Operations Siafi Mare Rainey. Sales & Customer Service Staf: John Bruna. Heidi Heffoer, Becky Pope, Shipping Saf John "Fat Breckenridge, Robert "Crennie” Crenshaw, Devd "Big Dave” Johnson, Cory Wicks. "ECIAL CONTRIBUTIONS — Sheldon Price, Brian Bouton, Lary ‘ims. Charles Gofonh, Brace Shelley, Heike Kubasch, Dovid Cane, ‘Ward Hagar, Gary Eiserman, Deboie Smith, Brenda Spelman, Tom ‘Willams, David Wagner, Howard Huggins, Don Knight, Leonard ‘Swamp" Cook, Donald Eccles. Copyright 1981, 1984, 1889 © by Iron Crown Enterprises inc I rights reserved. 'No reproduction without author's permission Produced and distnbuted by IRON CROWN ENTERPRISES, Inc, P.O. Box 1605, Charlottesville, VA 22902, Stock # 1200 ‘Second US. Editon, 1989. ISBN 0-915795-01-0 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 Introduction. 2.0 Definitions. 3.0 Realms of Power. 4.0 Spell User Classifications. .. 4.1 PURE SPELL USERS 42 HYBRID SPELL USERS. 43 SEMI SPELL USERS.... 4.4 NON SPELL USERS 5.0 Spell Lists. 5.1 CONCEPT AND DESCRIPTION .... 5.2 CLASSIFICATIONS... 5.3 LEARNING LISTS. “i 5.3.1 Developing Skill Ranks for Spel Lists 5.3.2 The Spell Gain Roll... 5.3.3 Learning a “Portion of a List” 5.4 EXTRA BASE LISTS... 6.0 Casting Spells. 6.1 CASTING CAPABILITIES. 6.1.1 Inherent Capabilities. 6.1.2 Bonus Items... 6.1.3 Hybrid Power Points ... 6.1.4 Miscellaneous ... 6.2 TIME REQUIRED TO CASTA SPELL sernveseeeee 12 6.3 CASTING SPELLS FROM ITEMS 7.0 Tactical Considerations. 7.1 BATTLE ROUND SEQUENCE 7.2 OPPORTUNITY ACTION “= & CANCELING ACTIONS 14 7.3 ARMOR TYPES, 14 7.4 UNUSUAL SEQUENCE MODIFICATIONS... 8.0 Resolving Spell Effect... 8.1 DICE ROLLS .. 8.2 NON-ATTACK SPELLS: 8.3 BASE ATTACK SPELL 8.3.1 Base Attack Rolls .. 7 8.3.2 Resistance Rolls ..........sssssesssessssssssseseesnnee 17 8.4 ELEMENTAL ATTACK SPELLS. 18 8.4.1 Elemental Attack Roll NB 84.2 Critical Strike Tables 20 8.43 Large and Super-Large Creatures........20 8.5 SPELL ATTACKS AGAINST ITEMS 21 8.6 CRITICAL STRIKE RESULTS. 21 2 ‘SPELL LAW 9.0 Magical Research & Item Creation... 9.1 SPELL RESEARCH 9.1.1. Limitations... 9.1.2 Requirements for Spell Research... 9.1.3 Successful Research. 9.2. ITEM CREATION wn orn 9.2.1 Creating the Base Item. 9.2.2 Enchanting an Item 9.2.3 Imbedding Spall. 9.2.4 The Cost of Making Magic 9.2.5 Making "Arifacts 9.3 LORD RESEARCH .. 9.4 SPECIAL RESEARCH 10.0 Optional Rules. 10.1 SPELL ATTACK VARIABILITY 28 10.1.1 Base Attack Spells 10.1.2 Elemental Attack Spells. 10.1.3 Spell Failures... 10.2 SPELL LIST AVAILABILITY. 10.8 CRITICALS FOR NON-ATTACK SITUATIONS ..... 10.4 HEALING....... 10.5 EVIL SPELL LISTS 10.6 ADDITIONAL SPELL ATTACK BONUSES 10.7 FATAL CHANNELING PROJECTIONS. 10.8 LEARNING SPELLS 10.9 EXTRAORDINARY SPELL FAILURE 10.9.1 ESF Limitations .. 10.9.2 ESF Modifications 11.0 The Spell Lists. .. 11.1 SPECIAL NOTES..... ‘Stun Reliat Ane Awakering Spe Heth and Plant Spels, Invisibility ‘Alchemist Base Lists Encumbranee Limits For Movement Spells Death Ard Liteiving Canceling a Spal Combining Spel Etfects ‘Spells Against Mutiple Targets ‘wth the Same Name Conficting Spel fects 11.2 DEFINITIONS OF TERMS... ee 11.3 THE SPELL DESCRIPTION KEY... 35 12.0 Channeling Spell Lists. 12.1 OPEN CHANNELING LISTS Barrier Law Detection Mastery 38-42 Weatier Ways Putfcation Spell Detense Lofty Movements LUght's Way Sound's Way Natuee’s Law Concussion Ways, 12.2 CLOSED CHANNELING LISTS .. Blood Law ‘Nore Law Muscle Law (Organ Law Bone Law Calm Spits Creations Locating Ways Lore ‘Symbolic Ways