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A: Have you ever had an accident in your car? B: No, I hadn`t. But... exacltly!

Yesterday I began to seen a TV program where people scratch himself during a moto race. A: Yes, I`ve seen that program five years ago, but I stoped of see it because of my mam. Maybe now I can see it again... B: Ok, call me if you can see it. See you later, bye A: Bye
Alfredo: Hello. My name is Alfredo. George: Hello Alfredo, I'm George. George: How can I help you? Alfredo: Can you tell me where Shinra Factory is? George: I'm sorry. I have no idea. You're not from here right? Alfredo: I've just arrived. I'm from Spain. George: I see. What brings you here to London? Alfredo: Business. George: Well, I'm sorry I can't help you with that. Maybe that cop can help you. Alfredo: I'll go ask him. Thank you. George: No problem. If you need any help, I'm here every day. Alfredo: It was nice to meet you. Catch you later George: See you, and good luck.

And now I am going to tell you the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Well... Once upon a time there was a little girl who... NARRADOR

Y ahora les voy a contar la historia de Caperucita Roja. Bien... Haba una vez una pequea nia que... Help! Help! Please, somebody help me! Socorro! Socorro! ... Por favor, alguien que me ayude! But, whats this? Who are you? Pero qu es esto? Quin eres? I am Snow White and my stepmother is after me. She wants to get rid of me. Then I... Soy Blancanieves y mi madrasta me persigue. Quiere deshacerse de m. Entonces yo... Wait, little girl. I am the narrator and I am telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood. I have the impression that you came to the wrong story. Anyway, over there, you will find a little house. Go in there so you can escape from your stepmother. Espera pequea. Yo soy el narrador y estoy contando la historia de Caperucita Roja. Tengo la impresin de que has llegado al cuento equivocado. De todos modos, por all, encontrars una casita. Mtete adentro as puedes escapar de tu madrasta. Oh thank you! Thanks a lot really! (she knocks at the door many times). Oh gracias Muchas gracias en serio! (golpea la puerta muchas veces). Who's outside making all that noise?







Quin est afuera haciendo semejante ruido? Its me, Snow White. Please save me, dwarfs. My stepmother is after me (the door opens). But, you are not dwarfs. Who are you? Soy yo, Blancanieves. Por favor slvenme, enanitos. Mi madrasta me persigue. (la puerta se abre). Pero ustedes no son los enanitos. Quines son? My goodness! We are the Three Little Pigs. We are hiding from the wolf. Come in, hurry up! Don`t worry, we will protect you from your stepmother. (suddenly Little Red Riding Hood appears). Por Dios! Somos los Tres Cerditos. Estamos ocultndonos del lobo feroz. Ven, aprate! No te preocupes, te protegeremos de tu madrasta. (de pronto aparece Caperucita Roja). (singing) Tra-la-la... tra-la-la... I am following the path to my Granny's house... (canturreando) Tra-la-la... tra-la-la... Sigo el sendero a la casa de mi abuelita... Hey wait, wait! Dont you see that its not your time to appear on scene? Go back there and wait for your turn. (Little Red Riding Hood walks to a side of the stage). Mmm, where was I? Oh yes, Little Red Riding Hood was... Eh espera, espera! No te das cuenta de que no es tu turno para aparecer en escena? Regresa all y espera tu turno. (Caperucita Roja se dirige hacia un costado del escenario). Mmm por dnde andaba? Ah s... Caperucita Roja era... (enters stage yelling) I am so STRONG! So POWERFUL! I am INVINCIBLE! (entra al escenario a grito pelado) Soy tan FUERTE! Tan PODEROSO! Soy INVENCIBLE! But... again! Everybody is determined to spoil my day! Who are you? Pero... de nuevo! Todos se han decidido a arruinarme el dia! Quin eres? Don't you know me? I am Spider Man, protector of the weak and unfortunate. I am sure that someone here needs me! No me conoces? Yo soy el Hombre Araa, protector de los dbiles y desamparados. Estoy seguro que alguien me necesita aqu! We don`t need you. Can you please leave? (Spider Man leaves sad, looking for another job). Well, as I was telling you, Little Red Riding Hood was a very nice little girl. She was going to take some bread and honey to her grandmother who lived in the woods, when a wolf appeared...













No te necesitamos. Puedes retirarte, por favor? (Spider Man se retira triste, en busca de otro trabajo). Bien, como les estaba diciendo, Caperucita Roja era una nia muy amable. Estaba llevndole pan y miel a su abuela que viva en el bosque, cuando apareci un lobo... Oh, what a pretty girl! Who are you? Ah, qu nia ms bonita! Quin eres? I am Little Red Riding Hood, but my favorite color es pink. Ha ha ha!! But... what are you doing here? Soy Caperucita Roja pero mi color predilecto es el rosado. Ja ja ja!! Pero... qu est usted haciendo aqu? I am the wolf, but I don`t harm anybody. (They both start a friendly conversation, when suddenly, Prince Charming appears). Soy el lobo pero no le hago dao a nadie. (Ambos comienzan una charla amistosa cuando, de pronto, aparece el Prncipe Encantado). Please, can you both try on this little crystal shoe? Por favor, podran los dos probarse este zapatito de cristal? (together) A crystal shoe?!! (a do) Un zapato de cristal?!! Yes. I am looking for Cinderella. And this shoe belongs to her. As es. Estoy buscando a Cenicienta. Y este zapato le pertenece. (arrives excited) I heard that Prince Charming was coming! (llega alborotada) Escuch que lleg el Prncipe Encantado! (to the wolf) You never know what may happen with "some" characters. (al lobo) Nunca se sabe qu puede pasar con "ciertos" personajes. You are right, , sweet thing. Tienes razn, dulzura. Well, nobody lets me tell the story. So, I am going to finish it anyway. When Prince Charming from "Cinderella" saw Snow White, he threw away the shoe and decided to get married and have a big wedding celebration. They invited Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf, the Three Little Pigs, Spider Man and the Seven Dwarfs. They all were very happy, especially the Wolf, who was a good wolf because he didn`t want to harm anybody,







En fin, nadie deja que cuente el cuento. Entonces voy a terminarlo como sea. Cuando el Prncipe Encantado de "Cenicienta" vio a Blancanieves, tir el zapato y decidi casarse y tener una gran fiesta de casamiento. Invitaron a Caperucita Roja, al Lobo, a los Tres Cerditos, al Hombre Araa y a los Siete Enanitos. Todos ellos fueron muy felices, especialmente el Lobo que era un lobo bueno porque no queria hacerle dao a nadie.

Waitress: Good morning. Are you ready to order? Persona 1: Yes, we are. I'll take scrambled eggs with country ham. Persona 2: And I'll have a piece of chocolate cake, please. Waitress: Would you like anything to drink? Persona 1: I'll have a orange juice, please. Persona 2: I'll have some iced tea. Waitress: Anything else? Persona 1: Yes, an chocolate cake please. Persona 2: I'll have an apple pie. Waitress: Is that to go?. Persona 1: Yes. Waitress: It will be 35.6$. Persona 2: Ok, thank you. Waitress: Your order will be here soon. Persona 1: Thanks. In a restaurant - Ordering breakfast Waitress: Good morning. Are you ready to order? Bill Nichols: Yes, I am, thank you. Ill have three scrambled eggs with country ham, toast and jam, please. Waitress: Would you like anything to drink? Bill Nichols: Ill have a tomato juice and some iced tea. Waitress: Anything else? Bill Nichols: Could I have a slice of pumpkin pie? Waitress: Sure. Coming right up. Ordering lunch or dinner Waiter: Are you ready to order, sir? Mr Ryefield: Yes. Ill have the beef stew for starters and my wife would like tomato soup. Waiter: One beef stew and one tomato soup. What would you like for the main course? Mr Ryefield: Ill have the Cayenne Pepper Steak and my wife would like the Fried Trout with mashed potatoes. Waiter: Im afraid the trout is off. Mrs Ryefield: Oh dear. Err... What else do you recommend? Waiter: The sole is very good. Mrs Ryefield: OK. Ill have that. Do you have any coleslaw? Waiter: No, Im sorry, we dont. Mrs Ryefield: Just give me a small mixed salad then. Mr Ryefield: Same for me. Waiter: Certainly. (...) Would you like something to drink? Mr Ryefield: Yes, please. May I see the wine list? Waiter: Certainly. Here you are. (...) Mr Ryefield: A bottle of Chablis 99, please. Waiter: Excellent choice!

Sofia: I know you arrived late I fell asleep in the end but Id been waiting till 2am Jack: Whoops Sofia: So what did you eat at the seafood restaurant? Jack: Loads of stuff: prawns, mussels, oysters different types of fish it was basically a bloody feast.

Sofia: But why did you choose seafood in the first place? Jack: Well, we decided wed been going to too many steak houses recently and were sick of meat and chips. We didnt fancy anything too heavy, either, so we went for seafood. Sofia: Prawns and mussels and oysters that doesnt sound so light. Jack: Well, I wont argue with that. And what did you do last night? Sofia: We went to that Indian restaurant on Gran Via similar story to yours, but we decided wed been eating too much pasta the previous week. Jack: And what did you have chicken curry, spicy potatoes? I heard they make a fantastic lamb dish. Sofia: No a pork dish with rice, and Angela had a vegetarian dish with mushrooms, peas and courgettes. Jack: YukI know which one Id be choosing. Anyway, yeah, when I came back you were asleep. I thought youd been eating something unusual now I know it was pork curry; all I could smell last night, though, was garlic and onions. Sofia: Now thats definitely not sexy. Jack: No, it wasnt and I knew youd been drinking Plaza Espaa?
_________Dilogo en un restaurante 1

there was an odor of wine.

Sofia: So, why did you go to the seafood place in Mare and not the one we usually go to in

Waiter: Good evening (buenas tardes)(Recuerda que camarero en ingls es waiter) Client: A table for four please (una mesa para cuatro, por favor) Waiter: Very good l te llevar a tu mesa y normalmente en pases anglos sajones, te preguntan si quieres una bebida inmediatamente. Waiter: Would you like a drink while you look at the menu? ( Te gustara tomar algo mientras lees el men?) Client: Yes, Ill have a beer please. (No hace falta utilizar la manera ms formal I would like porque ests pidiendo algo en un restaurante.) Luego, l te dejar mirar el men; volver y te preguntar Waiter: Can I take your order..? (Puedo tomar nota?) Client: Yes, for a starter Ill have tomato soup, and main course steak and chips. (como entrante sopa de tomate y como plato principal un filete) Cuando hayas terminado el waiter volver y dir Waiter: Would you like dessert? Quieres postre (y despus si quieres caf: Do you want coffee?) Cuando quieras irte pides la cuenta Client: Can I have the bill please? La cuenta por favor. Y cuanto propina deberias dejar en los estados unidos o inglaterra? si el servicio ha sido bueno se deja una propina a tip. Yo dira una libra o dlar por cada persona que ha comido en tu grupo.