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LESSON 1.4 : Analysing solution and solubility Subject Class Date Time No.

of students Learning Area Learning Objective : Science : Form 2 Alpha : 27 February 2012 : 9.20 am 10.40 am (80 minutes) : 28 students : Water and solution : Analysing solution and solubility

Learning Outcomes: A student is able to: 1. explain what solute, solvent and solution are 2. contrast and compare between dilute solution, concentrated and saturated solution. 3. explain what suspension is 4. explain what solubility is, 5. explain the factors affecting the solubility of solutes in water. 6. explain the importance of water as a universal solvent in life, 7. give examples on the uses of organic solvents in our everyday life. Scientific concept Definition of solubility, solvent, solution. Factor affecting the solubility of solutes in water Materials, equipments and resource materials: Projector Computer White paper Marker

Consideration of Safety Precautions: No Prior Knowledge: Students have already know about solubility in their daily life.



Teaching and Learning Activities Teacher Activities Student Make connection to students prior Activities Students


Introduction/ Eliciting Ideas (10 minutes)

Define what is solubility, solute, solvent

Resources: video

watching the simulations Strategy/Techniq to ue: Whole class Q&A

knowledge by showing video. the related simulations. Students respond teachers questions

Structuring/ Restructuring of Ideas (40 minutes)

Discuss the similarities and differences between dilute solution, concentrated solution and saturated solution.

Ask a central guiding Students questions: What differences are make the observation between and conclusion on

Resources: Power an point slide

these solutions? different conditions of solutions

Show a picture of the solutions.

Application of Ideas (20 minutes)

Carry out activities to illustrate the differences between a solution and a suspension.



an Students solve problems

Strategy/Techniq ues in Group discussion Resources: Power slides worksheet. point and

problem-solving article to each group. to discuss among them and present in front of class. Teacher modeling shows on a salt

Teacher ask students groups

Reflection/ Closure (10 minutes)

Determine factors affecting the rate of dissolving: temperature, rate of stirring, size of

solution. Review LOs Students groups. solute Assigns exercise worksheets. homework by giving the quiz.

Resources: Power point slides and

Make a quiz between participate in worksheet.


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