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Mr. Popper’s Penguins F-ATW Richard Atwater Mr. Popper has to find ways to keep twelve pet penguins fed, warm and happy.

Jenny and the Cat Club* F-Ave Esther Averill Jenny Linsky, an ice skating cat with a red scarf, has an adventure with the neighborhood cats who belong to the Cat Club.

The World According to Humphrey F-BIR Betty Birney Humphrey, the pet hamster at Longfellow School, learns that he has an important role to play in helping his classmates and teacher.

No Flying in the House F-BRO Betty Brock A tiny talking dog arrives at the home of the rich Mrs. Vancourt and asks for shelter for herself and her companion, a little girl.

Ramona the Pest F-CLE Beverly Cleary Ramona Quimby’s entry into kindergarten includes fun, laughs and trouble.

Legend of the worst boy in the world F-COL Eoin Colfer Every Saturday, 9 year old Will helps his grandfather at the lighthouse he tends while they swap tales. Granddad always has the best tale, until Dad reminds Will of a long forgotten escapade.

How to Cheat a Dragon’s Curse F-COW Cressida Cowell Reluctant hero Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III must rescue his best friend, Fishlegs, from the deadly disease Vorpentitis. The only cure is rare and almost impossible to find… a potato. But where will Hiccup find such a thing?

That Crazy Eddie and the Science Project of Doom. F-COX Judy Cox Best friends Matt and Eddie have a falling out that threatens to ruin their science fair project. Includes instructions for making a model of an erupting volcano.

Mr. Chickee’s Funny Money * F-CUR Christopher Paul Curtis Flint Future Detective Club members Steven, his friend Russell, and Russell’s dog solve the mystery of a quadrillion dollar bill with the image of James Brown on it.

The Courage of Sarah Noble F-DAL Alice Dalgliesh Eight year old Sarah travels with her father to settle their new frontier home, and has to survive on her own when he leaves.

Amber Brown is Not a Crayon * F-DAN Paula Danziger Amber is not happy her name sounds like a crayon and her best friend is moving.

The Lemonade War F-DAV Jacqueline Davies Evan and his younger sister, Jesse, react very differently to the news that they will be in the same class for fourth grade. As the end of summer approaches, they battle it out through competing lemonade stands. Includes tips for running a successful lemonade stand.

The Field Guide* F-Dit Tony DiTerlizzi Three kids move into an old mansion and discover that their neighbors include fairies, boggarts, and other musical creatures.

The Hundred Dresses F-EST Eleanor Estes Wanda wears the same faded dress to school every day, but she claims to have one humdred different dresses at home. Her classmates learn the truth and a lesson.

My Father’s Dragon * F-GAN Ruth Gannett Elmer Elevator wants to rescue an imprisoned baby dragon from the dangerous residents of Wild Island.

Stone Fox F-GAR John Reynolds Gardiner The only way Willie can save his grandpa’s farm is by entering a sled dog race with a $500 first prize.

The Thing about Georgie a Novel F-GRA Lisa Graff Georigie’s dwarfism causes problems but he could always rely on his parents and his best friend until a new boy in school, and a class project shake things up.

Sophie Hartley, on Strike F-GRE Stephanie Green After their mother sets up a new list of household chores for them to do, Sophie and her siblings argue about it and finally go on strike.

Rosy Cole’s Memoir Explosion F-GRE Sheila Greenwald When Rosy writes a memior about herself and her friends for a school assignment, she is surprised when they are upset with the result.

Lucy Rose: Big on Plans * F-KEL Katy Kelly Lucky Rose recordes in her diary her special summer plans—to make a keychain for her mother, to help decorate the living room, to prevent her parent’s divorce, and to enjoy a ninth birthday adventure with her father.

Horrible Harry and the Purple People * F-KLI Suzy Kline Are there really purple people in classroom 2B? Harry claims there are, but he’s the only one who can see them.

The Dragonling F-KOL Jackie Koller Although everyone else thinks dragons are horrible, Darek rescues a baby one and tries to return it to its home in The Valley of the Dragons.

Lily’s Pesky Plant * F- LAR Kirsten Larsen Lily, a garden-talent fairy, finds an unusual seed in the forest, plants it in her garden, and hopes that she will not be forced to uproot the plant it produces.

Catwings* F-LEG Urusla K. Le Guin Four young cats born with wings fly away from the dangerous city to find a safer home in the countryside.

Ruby Lu, Empress of Everything F-LOO Lenore Look Ruby Lu finds life challenging after her deaf cousin and family come from China to live with her immediate family. She faces various adventure and challenges in summer school.

Lulu Atlantis and the Quest for True Blue Love F-MAR Patricia Martin Lulu Atlantis turns to her imaginary friend, Harry the daddy long legs spider, for comfort, companionship, help and advice to get used to the addition of a new baby to the family.

3 rd Grade


, companionship, help and advice to get used to the addition of a new baby to