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Cuna Love Song By: Anonymous I chose this poem because when I first read this poem my first

impression of it was good. I liked the happy mood and old fashion tone it had. It brings me a lot pleasant imagery of flowers and summertime when I read it. To me what makes the poem interesting is the use of simple adjectives to describe the scene of the poem and its counterparts. A lot of older poetry uses harder and more advanced terminology , which gives it an air of complication and dullness. This poem was different as it was very calming and pleasant to read, I quite enjoyed it. The Night has a Thousand Eyes By: Franics William Bourdillon I chose this poem because to me its very cryptic and deep. It has a deeper meaning than what you first read, which I find quiet interesting in this particular poem. My favorite line was Yet the light of a whole life dies when love is done because its justifies a very true point that I believe in strongly. I chose it because I thought it was unique and I thought that I could illustrate it well. Fall, Leaves,Fall By: Emily Bronte I chose this poem because I saw that it was by Emily Bronte, who is one of my favorite authors of all time .In this poem she describes the changing of seasons from spring to fall and from fall to winter. I really liked the way Emily describes the different seasons. I sort of look at it the same way as she does. My favorite line from the poem was Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree. This poem has a distinct rhyming scheme that is AA, BB, CC, DD.I choose it because of its simple old fashioned tone. Love in The Moonlight By: Dillon York I chose this poem because I thought it was very romantic when I first read it. I thought it was really cute how the two lovers were meeting at nighttime by an oak tree. It sounded kind of like forbidden love. This poem created a lot of imagery in my mind of the scene where the lovers were meeting .It didnt rhyme but somehow I think its better if it didnt. It was simple and very great way of expressing love. Indian Tea By: Christine S. Stoddard I chose this poem because I thought it was calming. To me it sounded like a real life experience that the poet had experienced. It has a sad tone in the beginning because her date stood her up, but near the end the tone changes to being more smug and happy. It creates a lot of imagery in your head of the caf, croissants, tea and the cat. Although the poet didnt say

where the scene of the poem was, I imagined the caf to be in a busy city like New York or London. I like the poem because its simple and it tells us a short story.