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I would first like to point out how important money is for our world.

Our entire economy, society, and world revolves around the concept of money. Not only is it important, but it "makes the whole world keep turning". Without money, we would descend into anarchy. P1: Capitalism and Communism Money is by far one of the biggest motivators in the world. According to James Houran, President of 20 20 Skills Employee Assessment, "monetary incentives improved task performance by 23%, social recognition improved task performance by 17% and feedback elicited a 10% improvement. Simultaneously combining all three types of reinforcements improved performance by 45%."(1) Money motivation is what makes Capitalism the most successful economic system in the history of the world.It gives people an incentive to try harder because of their greed. As a result of this greed, performance is increased by a whopping 45%. Quoting a famous character who is a personal favorite of mine: "Greed is right. Greed works." -Gordon Gekko (1987) Now lets look at this opposite end of spectrum. Motivation is the problem with communism. Everybody has and will have the same amount of money. I can not gather any concrete evidence on work performance in a communistic society. Although there is lack of physical evidence, behavior patterns would conclude that since there is no motivation, there is no incentive for the person to work. Therefore, a communist worker can produce 2 toys and have the same pay as the capitalist worker who produced 20 toys. Since there is no greed in a communist society, it fails. While the greedy society keeps on producing and gaining. P2: Technological advances because of greed

Greed motivates people to produce unique things because they have a potential to earn more money because of them. Nearly all technological advances were caused because people wanted money. What's the point of creating the light bulb, if you aren't going to make any money of it? As with productivity, money motivates people to produce new and innovative goods. If money was not a motivation factor, many great inventions may have perhaps never have happened. Perhaps we would still get around using horses and carriages. There would be no reason for Henry Ford to invent the Model T if he wouldn't have made any money. Greed caused him to become one of the richest industrialists of all time. Conclusion: In conclusion, greed is the greatest motivating factor in the world. It creates new technologies, increases productivity, and creates better societies. A perfect society with no greed would never

exist because man is not perfect. Unlike common conception, greed is not a "force of the devil" or an evil force. It enlightens and empowers us to greater achievements.