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Report on Industrial visit to Jyoti CNC Pvt Ltd

The visit to Jyoti CNC Pvt Ltd was the second Industrial visit for us with respect to operations management. The visit took place on 6 th March 2012. The hostilities and students left from the college at 9:15 am and rest of the students were picked up on the way to Jyoti CNC at their respective bus stops.

We reached Jyoti CNC Pvt. Ltd campus at 10 am. We were offered a warm welcome by the PRO of Jyoti CNC Mr. Wilson Dhaber. Mr. Dhaber took us to the foundry which is the starting point for any machine manufacturing at Jyoti CNC. On the way to the foundry, we saw Leonardo da Vinci Research & Development centre to the left, the club house to the right, administrative office to the left side of the path. Finally, we assembled at the foundry and we had small briefing about the foundry work that took place inside and we entered the foundry. Our guide said that Jyoti is the only company in India to use CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines in making their equipment. These machines are used in Airways, Railways, etc. As soon as we entered the foundry we saw a chart on the wall which talks about the 5S concept of Japanese which is followed in whole campus of Jyoti CNC. Mr. Dhaber explained us about the 5S concept. 5S stands for:1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Seiri (Sorting out). Seriton (Systematic Arrangement). Seiso (Spic & Span). Seiketsu (Standardise). Shitsuke (Self-discipline).

In the foundry, we saw how moulds are made using sand & chemical which are used for giving a design to the machine. Iron is boiled at 1400 degrees and then put in to mould to get that design, after that the mould is separated using vibrator machine. The separated machine is sent to the finishing department for finishing touch before it is sent to the paint shop. After the foundry, we moved to the paint shop. The paint shop has 7 tanks filled with different with chemicals and paint where the design is dipped in to the various tanks and after that powder coating is done. Once the powder coating is

done, the design is sent through the oven where the temperature is about 1300 degrees so that the paint is dried up. The next visit was to the unit where the iron sheet metals are cut as per the designs requirement through computer programming. In that unit, we also saw two laser machines imported from Austria worth 3 crores each. Once the sheets are cut they are given the required shapes using machines. In the same unit, we also saw welding department where the sheets are joined as per requirement. We also two robotic machines imported from Japan, they are used when the quantity to be welded is high. Finally, we moved to the assembly line of the manufacturing unit. The assembly line completely air conditioned. This was made air conditioned so that the workers would feel relaxed and the assembly line would be dust free environment. There were 3 basic assembly lines: Vertical machines assembly line, Horizontal machines assembly line and Turning machines assembly line. The machines are aligned before they are assembled. The finished machines are sent through the dispatch department where the local shipment is sent on a wooden plate, out of state shipment in a wooden box and foreign shipments through Vacuum boxes. These packed machines are stored in the warehouse. Jyoti CNC is the only company to use SAP technology to store their packed machines. The material for packing is imported from Germany. Now, we were taken to the club house. We saw a football cum cricket ground, canteen for employees (where free lunch for employees only) on our way to club house. Inside the club house, we saw a swimming pool, gym, skiing ground, admin office, guest house with 3 star facilities and an indoor stadium. We rested for sometime in the indoor stadium. Our guide was explaining about how Jyoti was started by MR. Parakram G. Jadeja in a small room with a capital of Rs 30,000 in 1989. Today, Jyoti CNC has over 1200 employees, one unit at Rajkot, one unit at Gandhinagar and it has acquired a French based company named Hurron and has its operations in abroad as well. The net worth of the company is 1000 crores. He said that Mr. Jadeja believes in taking care of his employees very much. Though he couldnt continue being a professional cricketer, he encourages people who are interested in sports. At last we left the campus at 1 Pm and reached our college at 1:45 pm.