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ALTERED STATES ‘The dark world of Cyberpunk Is not one that many people Ike to think about, especially those who live Ia the hear of It They ny to forget about itn any way possible, and one popular way Is through escdpism, particularly using drugs. With technology permiting the design of drugs to order, there ore thousands of designs available, with each thelt own highs and tows. Wih new ones constantly entering the ‘maker, the government has a hard time stopping them, let alone being able fo warn the pubiicof thelrside effects; even the designers of some of the newer drugs do not know what the side effects of thelr creations are. Though the majotty of citzensuse the less powerful drugs, with known side effects, those who once used those drugs have moved onto newer, more dangerous ones. In fac, drugs have become trendy, doing the lotest drug is akin to belng “stylish”, Because ofall of his, the drug scene of the Chromed 20'sis Quite different. Cocaine andthe “standard” drugs arerarties, 190 longer does one find a dope dealer on the street comer ‘oF crack houses In the neighborhood. Instead, drugs have ‘gone “designer’ — chemically engineered narcotics. While the govemments attempted blonket lows to cover these ‘new drugs, the police were simply unable to cope with the massive Influx of domestically-produced drugs. Draconian measures were taken, with violent ciack-downs occuring around the werd In an attempt to stem the ide of drug-se that was sweeping the world. ‘When this falled, they resorted to legalizing the non-addic- tive drugs, and those without “harmful side effects. This was subJectto futhertestctions on when and where they con be used. While ot woik or operating @ vehicle, any use Is Lnlewful, but In drug bers, and In the privacy of your own home, i'sentirely legol. Though thelow stated thoteddicive ‘ondharnfu rugs could notbe legalized, the precedents set by legolized alcohol ond tobocco for centures allowed many drugsthar wouldhave been otherwise bonned through. Hord drugs ore sil legal, but they are stil readlly available through street dealers, and often from the legal "drug bors” ‘Who sell them on the side. Therefore, drug use Is quite prevalentin2020, withall ofthe side effects ofa drug culture. Its 0 culture composed of "drug bars", “drug stands” and rampant drug use as the norm. Curfously enough, alcohol and tobacco use has dropped. In preference for the novel new drugs being designed. The other benefit is that @ new drug Is legel uni hannful permanent side effects ore detected, which could take ‘months o locate. Therefore, evenhash drugs can be found ct drug bars, though more cautious users avoid them. It Is ‘now up fo the Individual to decide whether they will use STIMULANT: The character feels more awake, and it raises attention levels. ‘Ada strength to Awareness checks. 74