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In this issue

Newsletter N2, autumn 2004

Whats new page 1 ABI40 casing inspection module page 2 Matrix page 3 ABI85 for geothermal application page 3 Upgrade & enhancements page 4

Dear Customer Following our commitment to provide clients with high quality equipment services and support, you will find in this newsletter our recent business highlights. We are delivering the first two ABI85 HP/HT systems to Sandia National Laboratories this Autumn. We are finalising the development of Matrix, the next generation of acquisition system. The first system will be shipped end of 2004.

In development
In 2005, we will continue to implement new features in Matrix software. We will develop a higher T and P rated version of ABI40 following clients requirements. The new tool will have a 43 mm OD and will be rated 125c 800 bars. Both ABI43 and ABI85 will include shortly casing thickness capabilities. We will add cementation evaluation capabilities to ABI product line. We are considering enhancing the OBI40 (new lights system, faster logging speed). This development will mainly depend on user feedback and commitment to upgrade.


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N e w s l e t t e r

N 2 ,

a u t u m n

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ABI40 casing inspection

e are gaining experience on the method by both carrying out laboratory measurement and analysing field data provided by our clients. The results indicate that the ABI40 with downhole DSP capabilities is well suited for high resolution casing inspection surveys. The tool can better operate in casing with an inner diameter from 6-inch to 20-inch. A maximum of 72 casing thickness values will be determined per revolution of the acoustic head. The reliability of the casing thickness determination could be confirmed and its precision was found to be less than 10%. In some cases, Inner and outer corrosion can be distinguished. In other cases, the casing thickness measurements is affected by internal defects of the casing.

Laboratory measurements To evaluate the method, casing samples prepared with different defects were logged with the ABI40 , using the appropriate centralizers to maximize signal strength and coherency. The detailed results were presented at Sageep conference 2004 - Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental problems. Proceedings , p242-254. The paper is available upon request Further results will be presented at SEGDenver, October 10-13 and at SEG-J7th Symposium in Sendai.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

53D view

Casing thickness measurements in a 8-inch casing. Display of the real-time calculated casing thickness, photos of the casing defects, description of the defects.

Example 1 Measurements were made in a cased hole, which has a perforated section. As a result of the perforation, the casing has been damaged. The processed data, indicates a crack in the casing and deformation of 3 mm. The crack as well as the perforation holes are not only visible on the Inner Amplitude image but also on the Thickness image and the Score image even if at these casing defects no casing thickness is defined. The grey shaded area between the Inner Radius and Outer Radius curves corresponds to a vertical cross-section of the casing well. Where the casing is deformed a small change in thickness can be observed. Example 3 Results of logging in a 20 welded casing. The welding joints are visible as dipping lines in all images. No casing thickness (white values) could be measured along the welding joints

Example 2

succession of pipes and casing collars. Furthermore, a different section in casing type and thickness could be highlighted. The difference in thickness can be estimated to be 2.4mm by looking at the Inner Radius and Thickness curves. Example 4 A severe casing deformation could be identified in this 12 34 cased well. The shape of the deformation can be well visualized in the 3D view. The degree of deformation can be estimated from the Caliper-max and Caliper-min curves.

N e w s l e t t e r

N 2 ,

a u t u m n

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The well logging tool industry has seen the multiplication of telemetry standards with constantly evolving specifications and performance. The current solution results in the multiplication of hardware modules in surface acquisition systems (ALTLogger adapters) leading to increasing complexity and prices. The consequences have been a constant need for new upgrades and a limited compatibility between systems from different manufacturers. Matrix is a revolutionary system. It consists of a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) directly linked with the wireline through a pair of ultra fast high resolution A/D and D/A converters. Telemetry details are handled by software providing unparalleled flexibility and upgrade possibilities. The system automatically identifies logging tool telemetry protocol without operator intervention.
Digital telemetry ALT, Mount Sopris telemetry except CLP and CPSIII, RG V106, Geovista, Century 9000 series, Sondex MIT.... Pulse tools Mount Sopris, Stratalog, MLS, Comprobe, Sodesep,....

Telemetry configuration panels

Main features High speed USB interface Ruggedised system, heavy duty, fault tolerant Interfaces downhole probes from most manufacturers (specific tool adaptation possible at minimum cost for the end user). Utilizes the latest DSP technology to minimize hardware complexity and maximize flexibility (1Mb/s 16bit DSP) Wireline and winch flexibility

ABI85 High temperature acoustic televiewer

The ABI85 is a new generation of high temperature and high pressure acoustic imaging tool based on the ABI40 televiewer technology. The new electronic architecture uses a A/D converter 14 Bit directly coupled to a super FAST 75 Mops DSP processor. The DSP is performing complex data processing operations in real time on each individual ultrasonic wave train enabling higher dynamic range of signal detection and easy field operation in a wide variety of logging applications. Dewar technology is applied to shield the electronics. Maximum operating time is 12 hours at 300C ambient temperature.

Diameter : 85 mm (33/8) Length : 5.2 m (205) Weight : 150 Kg Max temperature : 275c Max pressure : 800 bar

N e w s l e t t e r

N 2 ,

a u t u m n

2 0 0 4

Upgrade & enhancements

OBI40 mkI upgrade to OBI40 mkII or III

Higher New

resolution CCD camera with real time digital image enhancement color control system with option to quantitatively calibrate color rendering (true color) New ALT telemetry rev 2.0 Upgrading to OBI40 mkIII will include also an APS544 deviation sensor.

FAC40 upgrade to ABI40

A new electronic chassis using a 14Bit A/D convertor and a 75 Mops DSP processor
The dynamic range of the signal detection is improved and a higher signal/noise ratio is

obtained allowing an outstanding image quality.

Multiple echoes are real-time processed, sorted and recorded by the tool Time gate settings are automatic and dynamic to suite variable borehole conditions.(no more

user input) A new APS544 deviation sensor

3 axis magnetometer and accelerometers sensor is factory calibrated and does not require further calibrations Temperature compensated improved accuracy

Telemetry rev 2.0 wireline/communication range

Cable type

Max length at 125.000 kbps 1000 m 2000 m 3000 m 5000 m 6000 m not yet tested

Mono conductor 1/16 1/8 3/16 4 conductors 3/16 7conductors 7/16 Coax

ALT tool telemetry (rev 2.0)

You may have experienced difficulty tuning the potentiometers inside the tool when switching wirelines. The new telemetry is now fully automatic. It may accommodate a wider range of wireline configurations. The tuning is automatically controlled by software and requires no further user input

ALT logger acquisition system

ALTLogger is known for its modularity and versatility. The latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) adapter adds even more flexibility to the system with expansion slots for future development and upgrades. This adapter is a 100% firmware based modem, which makes a specific tool adaptation possible at minimum cost for the end user

Btiment A, Route de Niederpallen, L-8506 Redange-sur-Attert. Grand-Duch de Luxembourg

T:(352) 23 649 289 F:(352) 23 649 364 e-mail: sales@alt.lu www.alt.lu