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Duration: 60 Hours

QTP Videos

Cost: 300 US Dollars

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60 Days Unlimited Access for Streaming (Watching only, not for gcreddy@gcreddy.com

Contact: ------------------------------------Material, Software Download link, Rough Notes, Assignments, Sample Apps will be sent through Email. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

QTP Fundamentals & Features

I) Introduction II) QTP Test Process III) QTP IDE IV) Recording & Running Tests V) Object Repository, Keyword Driven Methodology VI) Descriptive Programming VII) Test Methods or Operations

VIII) Inserting Checkpoints IX) Inserting Transaction Points, Output values X) Parameterization XI) Synchronization XII) Actions XIII) Environment Variables ---------------------------------------------------------------XIV) Debugging Tests XV) Batch Testing, AOM scripting XVI) Object Identification Configuration XVII) Recovery Scenarios

XVIII) QTP Tool Settings Configuration, virtual Object Configuration ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

VBScript for QTP

I) Introduction II) VBScript Variables, Constants III) VBScript Operators IV) Conditional Statements V) Looping through the Code VI) VB Script Functions VII) User Defined Functions VIII) Coding Conventions IX) File System Operations X) Word, Excel File Operations XI) Database Operations XII) Regular Expressions XIII) Error Handling ----------------------------------------------------------------

QTP Scripting
I) GUI Scripting -1 II) GUI Scripting -2 III) Web Scripting -1 IV) Web Scripting -2

QTP Framework
I) II) III) IV) V) VI) Test Planning Automation Framework Implementation Basic Framework Data Driven Framework Keyword Driven Framework Hybrid Framework -------------------------------------------------QTP Fundamentals & Features- 18 Videos VB Script for QTP- 13 Videos QTP Scripting- 4 Videos QTP Framework- 6 Videos

----------------------------------------Total -41 Videos

QTP Training Videos

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