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February 2012 Volume 10 Issue 1

2. And where did you grow up? Jamison: I was an Air Force Brat! So I was born in Nebraska, but after that I lived all over: in the South (Texas and South Carolina By Joseph Zeigler mostly). And I lived three years in Germany, The year 2012 sees three new members from age 12 through 15 at an Air Force Base . Rozario: I was born in the Bronx, on the Cambridge Heights Umbrella Board. but I grew up in Sussex County, New Jersey. Last year, both Georgetown Vespa: In Rosario, Argentina. (Neighborhood II) board members resigned 3. And please tell about your high so other people were needed. Other board school. Jamison: As I said, I was in Germembers met with and interviewed Cambridge Heights people, and selected two new board many from age 12 to 15 so my first high members for Georgetown: Cami Jamison and school was there. The students were the Hernan Vespa. (The Cambridge Heights pol- sons and daughters of U.S. Air Force personicy re the board is that in each neighborhood, nel, and the sons/daughters of Germans who one of the two board members can stand for worked at/for the base. And the total student re-election each year; in November of 2011, it population of the high school was 5000! The was Camis turn and she was re-elected base was half an hour from Frankfurt so then.) Also in November, a new board mem- many German high school students left their ber for Sturbridge, Neighborhood I, was homes on the school bus at 4 am! (This was back in the days when there were two Germaelected: Deborah Rozario. For several years, Christina Surretsky nys East and West.) When I came back to has been the only woman board member (in the U.S. (at age 16), high school in Nebraska Williamsburg, Neighborhood III). But with was a lot different: 300 students! Rozario: the recent changes, there are now three women My high school years were great: there wason the board and so Cambridge Heights is nt the pressure on kids then that there is now. I played field hockey, and we all worked hard more representative of the world around it. This article is a portrait of the three studying to get into college. The funniest new board members. I interviewed all three thing I remember.Being in Sussex County on Saturday, January 21st and here are their (farm country), our school bus often had to answers to my questions. (And see, at the end, stop to let the cows cross the road! the home address and home phone number and Vespa: I went to a technical high school: training in fixing electronics and other things. email address of each.)

Cambridge Heights

Three New Umbrella Board Members

1. In what year were you born? Jamison: 1967 Rozario: 1970 Vespa: 1970

4. And college after high school? Jamison: I went to the University of Nebraska. (continued on page 8)

Cambridge Heights Newsletter

Calling All Volunteers

By Christina Surretsky Editor.... Joseph Zeigler Writer...,..Christina Surretsky Nutley Rep.......Lauren McCreesh The Cambridge Heights Umbrella Board is Advertising.....Debbie Quattrocchi seeking volunteers to participate in various Production..Frank Caluri committees. All residents are invited to join. The following is a sampling of committees that ************************************* are seeking volunteers:

Editors Note
I am very pleased to announce that on Page 6, theres a piece written by a Cambridge Heights resident! Bill Streeter, who lives at 340 Winthrop in Neighborhood III, wrote the piece about recycling here and submitted it to me for publication. And Im delighted to have it.

Clubhouse Redecorating committee: C o n t a c t B l a i r e at blaire.rzempoluch@meredith.com Communication committee: Includes Website, Newsletter and Bulletin Board communications, contact Chris Surretsky at csurretsky@gmail.com Fitness Center committee: Contact Thom Gatewood at thomgator@hotmail.com

Christina Surretsky (also Neighborhood III) is a regular and she has two pieces in this issue. So: Its very good, as editor, to wel- Other committees include: come another resident as a writer and if you would like to be one too, please get in Buildings and Grounds Committee touch with me by email (zeiglerco@aol.com) Finance Committee or phone (973 667-5870)! Social Committee Pool Committee New Board Officers At the January 23 Board Meeting, it was announced that the Board has chosen new officers: Rob Case as President, Phil Blancato as Vice-President, Christina Surretsky as Secretary, and Frank Caluri as Treasurer. These four will sit for the next two years, 2012 to 2014.

Please contact Debbie Quattrocchi in the management office (Debbie@taylormgt.com) if youre interested in participating in the Building and Grounds, Finance, Social and/or Pool Committees. If anyone has any ideas for other committees not listed, please feel free to contact Debbie or Dennis in the office. We look forward to hearing from you.

Check our advertisements. We encourage you to patronize them as they help support this newsletter. This newsletter has been printed by Delgen Press Inc. at 250 Delawanna Avenue Clifton, NJ

Cambridge Heights @ Nutley Managers Report

Dennis Caporusso, Property Manager: Here are our latest newsworthy developments at Cambridge Heights:. Cambridge Heights Board of Trustees Elected Officials The board of trustees has appointed new officers for the next 2 year term. Congratulations to our newly elected board officers. Rob M. Case will serve as President along with Phil Blancato, Vice President; Christina Surretsky, Secretary; and Frank Caluri, Treasurer. On behalf of our entire community, I want to first of all congratulate Rob, Phil, Chris, and Frank on their new posts and thank them for their continued support and dedication throughout the coming year. The management office welcomes our newly appointed team and looks forward to accomplishing the goals and objectives of the Board of Trustees.

great new look soon. Our volunteers come from a vast array of expertise in the fashion/interior design industry, and we are very lucky to have them help and guide us through this major project.

Bay Window /Transition Report Rezkom Enterprises has begun a temporary test remediation repair for our Bay Window project. We have been diligently working with our transition engineering firm of Berman & Wright to bring this arduous task to a successful resolution. We are in the final stages of our transition depositions according to our attorney report. I am hopeful that by the late spring or early summer there will be a resolution for a long awaited settlement. Snow As I write this report, we have one had only snow event to date with snow totals less than 4 inches for the month of January. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we have a continuation of a milder winter, as opposed to last years brutal snow barrage.

Clubhouse Renovation Project The transition of the upper level in the clubhouse is underway for the management office to move to the upper level of the clubhouse. As of this report, we are currently on target to move our management office with all the proper coding designations and permits to be Enjoy the remaining winter and lets hope for completed by the end of February. an early spring! The lower level of the clubhouse is under review by our newly appointed fitness/recreation committee of community residents. Anyone who has an idea that would enhance the soon . to be vacated space next to the exercise/ workout room on the lower level of the clubhouse, feel free to contact the management office and we will be happy to direct you to the committee members. The main level of the clubhouse will be undergoing a make-over with a new laminate floor and dcor to accommodate our community. I am confident that with the strong showing of support by our volunteers, we will all be enjoying forward to a

Cambridge Heights Yoga Cambridge Heights Parent Network

The My Grown Up & Me playgroup is meeting again! If you have an infant, toddler or pre-schooler, feel free to join the group for open play-time starting at 11:00 AM on Tuesdays, in the Cambridge Heights clubhouse. To join the Facebook Group, simply search Cambridge Heights Parent Network on Facebook and click like to join or contact csurretsky@gmail.com to become part of our e-mail list. The group was created as a way for parents and caregivers within the community to ask questions, network, and be kept up to date about community events. Whether you have an infant, a toddler or a pre-schooler, or schoolaged child, you are welcome to join. Shouldnt your new year contain something new? Come try Cambridge Heights Yoga. Cambridge Heights Yoga takes place on Wednesdays at 7:30 PM in the clubhouse. The cost is $5/class if you pre-pay for the month, or $10 per class at the door. Please bring your own mat. Contact Christina Surretsky at csurretsky@gmail.com or (973) 667-6851 for more information.

253 Washington Avenue Nutley, NJ 07110 (973) 542 0123 Non-Toxic Solvent Dry Cleaning Shirt Laundering Custom Tailoring Absolutely Clean !! Household Goods All work done on premises

Are You Raising A Fit Kid?

By Christina Surretsky

In 2011 the Center for Disease Control reported the following statistic regarding childhood obesity: it now affects 17% of all children and adolescents in the United States triple the rate from just one generation ago. If youre a parent, you know this is not just a statistic, but a constant struggle. In an age where television and video games have replaced playing outside; where fast food and sugary snacks have become everyday fare; and where portion sizes of everything from bagels to movie popcorn to burgers have practically doubled over the past twenty years, no wonder we are raising a generation of obese children. Even parThe event also featured the opportunity ents armed with knowledge and the best inten- to sign up for the Nutley Healthy School tions can feel like they are swimming against Lunch Contest, sponsored by Chartwells the tide. Nutley School Districts lunch provider. The contest is designed to give school-aged chilLuckily, Nutley parents dont have to dren the chance to express their creativity go it alone. Theres something we have going while learning hands-on about the principles of for us that many other towns dont, which is healthy eating and good nutrition. Recipe subthe commitment of local government to help missions were due as of January 7, 2012, and promote health for all residents, children in- recipes that meet the nutritional criteria outcluded. Besides the Mayors Wellness Chal- lined in the guidelines will compete in a final lenge, which started as a weight-loss-specific judging event held in the Nutley High School challenge for adults in 2009 and has evolved to Cafeteria on February 11, starting at 9:00 AM. be a more comprehensive wellness program, First, second and third place winners theres now a program designed for children to will be named in the K-3rd grade level and the promote health and well-being: Nutley Fit 4-6th grade level. Contest entrants will bring Kids. their prepared dishes to serve to the judges Partnering with the Nutley Board of during the final event. Recipes will be judged Education, this Healthy Town Initiative is de- based on criteria of nutrition, taste, presentasigned to engage Nutley school-aged children tion and creativity by a panel of experts with and teens, grades K-12, in activities to help backgrounds in various food, nutrition and combat childhood obesity and promote a wellness-related disciplines. The grand prizehealthy mind, body and spirit. The program is winner will be selected from the first-place taking place on an ongoing basis, offering nu- winners in each group and Chartwells will incorporate the winning recipe in the Nutley merous programs for young people. On October 14, 2011 a Nutley Fit Kid kickoff event was held, which included live

music and giveaways; interactive events for the kids, like an obstacle course and a strength challenge; healthy cooking demonstrations and samples; nutritional quizzes; and even boxing lessons. A number of local businesses attended to provide these demonstrations and continue to help support the program by offering exercise classes, clinics, open gym playtimes and fitness opportunities for the entire family. The Nutley Fit Kids Wellness Expo also had a celebrity component, including an appearance by Dallas Maverick Jason Kidd, as well as Kevin Knight and other members of the Independent Wrestling Federation who were on hand to demonstrate wrestling moves, and even bench press a couple of kids!

(continued on page 7)

Recycling Notes
By Bill Streeter Every Wednesday when I walk my sons dog, I pick up the plastic water bottles and aluminum soda cans that have blown out of the blue recycling containers on our Cambridge Heights streets. On windy days its a mess, because those very thin plastic water bottles virtually float out of the containers, and also because the wind can blow the containers off the curve, dumping the contents into the street. Last year we were advised (in an email from the Cambridge Heights management) that the Windy Wednesday problem should be dealt with by putting the co-mingled plastic, glass, aluminum and tin containers in a clear recycle bag. I went to Shop Rite and got the bags, ($6.59 for a package of 40), which is nearly a one-year supply. (Actually I went first to Stop & Shop and then Target and learned that they dont carry the clear recycle bags.) A great solution. But that didnt help very much because I still pick up the bottles and cans that blow out of the neighbors blue recycling containers. In casual discussions with other dog walkers and at the mail box, especially on Wednesdays when the blue containers are lying all over, Ive inspired a few others to use the clear recycle bags. things for recycling. They prefer the plastic bags without the blue containers. Simple, more efficient and faster. Then I checked with the Department of Public Works and was informed that the current contractor specified no plastic bags, but as long as everyone is not using them I should just continue. Im very sure that many Cambridge Heights residents wont read this, and most of those who do read it wont get the clear plastic bags at Shop Rite. Im confident that we users are safe. And the worst case is actually the best case: If the Department of Public Works contacts Cambridge Heights with a complaint about the clear plastic bags, Cambridge Heights Manager Dennis Caparusso will meet with them to explain the simple logic of putting bottles and cans in a clear recycling bag.

Then last August we received the Township of Nutley, Department of Public Works recycling instructions and schedule, which states: No items in plastic bags are accepted. So I checked with the guys who collect the

(Fit Kid continued from page 5)

The following is from the Cambridge Heights Bylaws:

Residents may park in visitors

parking between 7:00 pm Sunday and 5:00 pm Friday. Any vehicles that are found to be parked in Guest parking or Visitors parking spots shall be subject fines, penalties and towing from the premises without notice, at the owners expense, Overflow parking is available on Cambridge Drive and in the clubhouse parking lot.

School Lunch Menu for the 2012-2013 school year. The other first-place winning recipe and the two second-place recipes will be featured for a limited time on the menus of select local restaurants. All qualifying participants will be featured in and receive a copy of the Nutley School Lunch Recipe Contest Cookbook. The Nutley Fit Kids program has an impressive list of local and neighboring sponsors who are playing a huge part in making this initiative possible for the community by offering free and discounted services and classes. Sponsors to date include: Roche, The Newark Museum, Philmore Associates, Mountainside Hospital, Clara Maas Medical Center, Uptown Dance, Signature Fitness, Starlight Dance Studio, Zen with an Edge, Muscle Maker Grill, Sportscare of Nutley, Jerry Jones Martial Arts, Nutley Public Library, Nutley Board of Education, Department of Parks and Recreation, Montclair State Universitys Campus Recreation, Absolute Rehab, Temp! Music Therapy, Marsha Rosa Dietitian, Dr. Leat Kuzniar Naturopathic Doctor, CORE and many more. It doesnt matter who you are or what stage you are in life single, parent, grandparent, or child. None of us should take our health for granted. As Nutley residents, were lucky to live in a town that believes getting and staying fit is an important part of overall health. Now its up to us to take advantage of the opportunities they provide us to get and stay there. For more information on Nutley Fit Kids or the 2012 Wellness Challenge, visit nutleynj.org.

SO stay out of the Visitor/guest parking from 5:00 pm Friday till 7:00 pm Sunday!

(New members continued from page 1 ) Rozario: I went to Trenton State College, which now has a new name: College of New Jersey. And I majored in Political Science but I never did anything with that degree! Vespa: I went to Circulo de la Prensa College in Argentina, where I got a degree in Journalism. 5. Anything more after college? Jamison: I did some pre-med study, but didnt get any advanced degree. Rozario: I attended New York Law School, got my JD, and was admitted to the New York Bar. Vespa: No, nothing after college. 6. And please tell me about your work. Jamison: I work in pharmaceutical research, in New Jersey: for the last 10 years, and currently at Forest Research in Jersey City. I do clinical trials: testing drugs so they can be approved by the Federal Drug Administration. For a while in this work, I was at Hoffman La Roche so thats how I learned about Cambridge Heights in the same town! Rozario: My first job after college was at Merrill Lynch. But now I work for HSBC as an Anti-Money-Laundering Compliance Officer. In this capacity I work with the business and advise them on the applicable laws and regulations. Along the way, I worked as a Compliance Officer for a Broker/Dealer, did an internship with the NY office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and also worked in India for two years! That was a once in a lifetime experience as I happened to meet my husband while there. I was also able to travel throughout Asia - China, Thailand, Malaysia. I traveled throughout India as well, visiting many wonderful cities, including Agra (where the Taj Mahal is), Goa, Chennai, Vizag, and Kolkata. Vespa: I came to America, to Manhattan, in 2000, when my wife Gabis company offered her a transfer from their office in Rosario to New York. When we first arrived, I spent a couple years studying English; but when our son Luca was born, Gabi continued to work and I became stay-at8

home dad. 7. And tell me, please, about your family. Jamison: My husband Matthew and I have been married for 5 years; were both Nebraskans, but we didnt meet there, we met in Manhattan! Matthew worked as an RFP writer in the financial world, writing financial bids; but he happened to be laid off in March 2010 so now hes working at Target across the street and frankly hes enjoying that! Our daughter Annaliese, who was 4 years old just before Christmas, is in a preschool: class in the morning, and care in the afternoon, 5 days a week. Rozario: My husband Doric, whom I met in India, is a stay-athome dad, February to August each year. But from September through January, he works nights and week-ends at the MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands. Our daughter, four-anda-half years old, is in pre-K. Vespa: I mentioned my wife Gabriella just now. Our son Luca is now 9 years old, and hes in school here in Nutley. 8. When did you move to Cambridge Heights? And from where? Jamison: In November, 2009, from Manhattan. Rozario: In May of 2008, from West New York, New Jersey. Vespa: In 2008, from East Rutherford. And we moved here for the quality of Nutley Schools, for Luca.

Hernan & Gabi

9. Are you enjoying Cambridge Heights? And why, or why not? Jamison; Yes, we are enjoying this place. (continued on page 9)

(New members continued from page 8 ) Mathew and I both loved Manhattanwe lived on West 57th Street, very near Central Park in a two-bedroom apartment; but we felt crowded there, and my reverse commute was starting to get to be too much. Now, at Cambridge Heights, Im very near my work in Jersey City; and were loving the friendliness of people that we find here Rozario: Were happy here. We decided to move here because Doric was new to the United States, and we had a young daughter: we figured that they both could meet new people here and find friends easily and thats what has happened. People are very nice and very friendly and the activities (like the pool, the gym, and movies outside) are lots of fun. Vespa: I like it: I dont like the winter months (January and February), and having to shovel! Good that there are others who do that and also take care of our lawn! Plus the activities (pool, gym, movies, parties these are good for us and our son. Plus the schools in Nutley are good. I have no complaints!

10. What are you expecting your board service to be like? Jamison: This is the first time that Ive served on a board, so I dont come with any pre-conceptions. But Im hoping to have both a positive experience and a good influAnd here, with their names, are the ence. Rozario: I too am new to boards: Ive new members addresses, phones, and emails: never served in this capacity. But Im going in with no pre-conceived ideas; I hope the experience will be positive, and that all of us can work to- Cami Jamison, at 224 Barringer Dr. gether to make Cambridge Heights a community 798 8756 cami2653@gmail.com that we and others will want to live in. Vespa: I hope that when I come to meetings, other people will have some ideas too. So far in the open meet- Deborah Rozario, at 109 Stratford Dr Deborah_chiri ings, I havent heard any ideas, only complaints! 284-0048 And I think that we all need to work together to @hotmail.com solve what may be bothering the total community,

people. Also, I like the diversity of people who are here, and want to preserve that. Rozario: My first closed Board meeting was on January 23rd but I did attend the last Open meeting. Among the issues I see are: 1) Construction - specifically the issue concerning the windows; Communication - getting information to our residents so they know m o re about whats going on in the community; and 3) Getting residents to be come more involved in the issues and events within our community. Cami, Annaliese & Matthew We have here a very beautiful and successful place and we all need to work hard to keep it that way! Vespa: Transition: suing the developer, and winning that! Windows: thats a key issue that needs more and better attention paid. Landscaping: its been good so far, but that needs to be kept up. And the Swimming Pool: that too may need some revisions/changes.

11. What are the issues now facing Hernan Vespa 210 Cheshire Court Cambridge Heights? Jamison: hvespa@hotmail.com Transition: our lawsuit against the developer 667-3031 (we should see settlement later this year); the recent draining of our reserves, and so their replacement by the transition settlement; Making Sure that Cambridge Heights is a good/ strong community, and so can continue to attract

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