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Address Alpine Public School Off Kanakapura Main Road, Behind Metro, Opp. Delhi Public School, Bangalore-560 062,

Contact No.

Issue of forms

Contact Person


Admission class

Cut off age

Highlights of interview process

No. of students

Transport facility

Alpine Public School

www.alpinepublicschool.com/ email: info@alpinepublicschool.com

3200 3949, 3200 3937

Avaialble on the website. Starting in October


Pre-nursery 2 years 7 months as upto 4th stad on June 1st

Interaction with parents & the child


Baldwin Boys' High School

Sometime in the 2nd week of 14, Hosur Road, Bangalore - 2221 1981 / Jan. Parents to contact the 560025 2221 2742 school in the first week of Jan

Ms. Sheela

ICSE upto class 10th

Nursery (LKG)

4 years as on June 1st

Details will be available 45 students in a class Available in Jan totally 5 classes

Baldwin Girls' High School

90, Richmond Road, Bangalore 560 025

End October - school releases an As will be 2221 1743 / ad in all leading papers with mentioned in 2221 4125 complete details the Ad

ICSE upto class 10th

Nursery (LKG)

4 years as on June 1st As mentioned in the Ad

45 students in a class Available totally 6 classes

Bethany High School

20th Main, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore 560 095

2553 2189 / 2nd Week of November 2553 1815

Enquiry counter ICSE upto in the school class 12th


3 years as on May 31st for pre-nursery and 4 years for Nursery (LKG)

Details will be available 45 to 50 in a class - 5 during issue of forms sections




26484355 / RAMLINGESWAR CA, 26484934 / Hulimavu, Bannerghatta oad, 26484933 / Started mid-Oct Bangalore - 560 076 9243438672 / 57601596

CBSE - upto class 7th

Bishop Cotton Boys' High School

St. Marks' Road, Bangalore 560 001

As will be 2221 3835 / End November - ad is released in mentioned in 2221 3608 Deccan herald & Times of India the Ad

ICSE upto class 112th

Nursery (LKG)

4 years as on June 1st As mentioned in the Ad 50 - 4 to 5 sections


Bishop Cotton Girls' High School

St. Marks' Road, Bangalore 560 001

Last week of December or 1st 2221 0268 / week of January. Ad is released 2227 9660 / in the papers in December 2221 3183 typically

As will be mentioned in the Ad

ICSE upto class 112th

Nursery (LKG)

4 years as on June 1st As mentioned in the Ad 40 - 4 to 5 sections

Not available for nursery sections. But school has a list of private vehicles and can give those details to the parents. Transport available from Class 1

Delhi Public School


11 K.M., kanakapura Road, Konanakunte Post, Bangalore - 62 karnataka, India

2nd week of November. An ad is 26668581/82/ As will be released in leading newspapers 83, 32973849 mentioned in in the first week of Nov with the the Ad exact date



3 years on June 1

Observing the child first. If the child is cleared in the observation, interview of the child & parents.

40 in a class


Gear Innovative


GEAR Road, Doddakannehalli, Off Sarjapur Road & Outer Ring Road, Bangalore-560035,

28440919 / 17

Issued through the year

Enquiry counter Montessori + Montessori in the school CBSE program

2 years on June 1st.

First come basis. We were infomred that there will be no admissions next academic year for children above 2 years

Greenwood High

http://www.greenwoodshigh.com/ for admissions: ranjini@greenwoodshigh.com

Office: #377, 3rd Block, Koramangla Bangalore - 560 034 Karnataka, INDIA (upto UKG), Later in Vartur Road

25531833 / 30620364 / 36965608

Mid-October is the beginning of the admission process. Date yet Ms. Ranjini to be finalized. Form avaialble on the website is old one

ICSE - this year classes upto 8th but Pre-nursery plan to have upto Class X next year

3 years completed on June 1st of that year

Conducted by the principal. Have to meet 24 in a class the principal to get details



email: innisfree@hotmail.com

9th Cross, 23rd Main, JP Nagar, 2nd Phase, Bangalore - 78

2659 7110 / November 2nd for sibilings and 2659 7417 the 5th for the others

Ms. Chandrakala



3 years completed on June 1st of that year

Admission 1st come1st served basis. The principal meets the 25 in each class. Total child & speaks to them Available = 3 classes in the language that the child is most comfortable in.

National Academy for Learning

3rd Cross, 3rd Block, 3rd Phase, Basaveshvara, Bangalore - 79. For details email id: nafl@blr.vsnl.net.in


Oct 15th - 30



Montessori program of three years. Mainstream school Kindergarten.

3 years for Montessori Prg. 4 years for Family Interview Kindergarten as on June 1st

In montessori program - total of 20 through Only morning pickup; Recently the three years. For started afternoon drop also the Kindergaten prg 25 to 30

National Hill View Public School



080-6558 0067.

Can be downloaded from the website. Admission 1st Oct to 30th Oct.


Prenursery to 3 years on June 1 class XII

Presidency School

80/2, Bilekehalli, Off www.presidencysouth.com/ Bannerghatta Road, 26485648 / email: info@presidencysouth.com / Anugraha Layout, Principal - 49/ 32982086 contactus@presidencysouth.com Mr Rao)

Can be downloaded from the website. Also being issued by the Ms. Preetam school. Not cut-off date specified for closing admissions


Pre KG : 2 years 6 Prenursery to months as on 31st class X May

irst Observation scheduled for October 6th, 2007. Children are given some activities to 18 per batch be and observed on dimensions such as speech development, motor skills, etc. interaction with the child in the presence of parents. Child is askred to identify a whole lot of things (colours, 30 in a class animals). Also asked to recite rhymes and do some physical tasks such as jump, close eyes, clap


PSBB Learning Leadership Academy


No. 75/A, Hulimavu, Bannerghatta main road, Bangalore 560078

26484901 / 26484902

End Nov

Mrs. Geetha Loganathan


2 years as on Nov 30

Available (All nursery classes in old building - 1st standard onwards will shift to the new campus)