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Oracle Academy: Java Training

Schedule The Oracle Academy is currently piloting the beta version of its Java curriculum at the following event. Country Colombia Course Java Fundamentals Training Dates Virtual training: July 9 August 17 Live training: September 4 5 Registration Dates May 21 June 22

Process If you would like to participate in the above-noted event, you must do the following: Date Before you register Before June 22 Before June 29 Action Read the Participating In A Beta Training Event and Computer Requirements sections of this document. Follow the instructions below to register. Late registrations will not be accepted. Shortly after you register, you will receive a Welcome to Java Training email that includes: A website link to a document entitled Software Download and Installation for Java Curriculum. Your Oracle iLearning account id.

Review this email and complete the required actions. Beginning July 2 You will receive an email from your Java training instructor, informing you how to join your first virtual training session. Login to Oracle iLearning and review: Beta Welcome and Introduction Series. All activities in Section 0 Instructor Course Resources.

Between July 2 July 9

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Participating In A Beta Training Event The Oracle Academy is piloting the beta version of its Java curriculum. As a beta training participant, you will be one of the first teachers in the world to experience our Java training! Congratulations and thank you for your interest in Java. Your valuable feedback will help us improve our curriculum. Beta courses include beta software and curriculum. As a beta course participant, please report any software and curriculum problems you experience. You will do this by completing and submitting a Curriculum Feedback Form at the end of each course section. We thank you in advance for your feedback and patience as we evolve our Java curriculum.

Computer Requirements Before you register for a Java training event, make sure both your computer and those at your school meet these requirements: Java Fundamentals Processor Operating System Pentium 4 or higher One of the following: Windows XP Windows Vista (32,64-bit) Windows 7 (32, 64-bit) Java Programming Pentium 4 or higher One of the following: Windows XP Windows Vista (32,64-bit) Windows 7 (32, 64-bit)

Browsers Software

Memory Free Disk Space Graphics

Any web browser Adobe Flash Player (latest) Adobe Acrobat Reader (latest) Any audio/video player (e.g., RealPlayer) 1 GB Required, 1.5 GB Recommended, 8 GB Capable of high (16 bit) color and 1024x768 resolution 3D video card recommended Required

Any web browser Adobe Flash Player (latest) Adobe Acrobat Reader (latest) Any audio/video player (e.g., RealPlayer) 1 GB Required, 1.5 GB Recommended, 8 GB N/A

Sound Card


Your school email server must allow incoming emails (sometimes with attachments) from the Oracle.com domain.

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Registration Instructions The instructions below will guide you through the registration process. Not Yet An Oracle Academy Member 1. If you teach at a school that is not yet an Oracle Academy member, identify a School Contact. (A School Contact may be the school principal or someone who has the authority to sign contracts on behalf of your school.) Ask your School Contact to: 2. Click Enroll Here from the Introduction to Computer Science home page. 3. Choose your country, click Select and view the schools listed. If your school is on the list, click your school name and proceed to step 4. If your school is not on the list, send the following information to academy_us@oracle.com. Subject: Enroll My School Please enroll my school as an Oracle Academy member: School name: School district (if applicable): School address: Country: School phone number:

You will receive a reply within 2 business days. When you do, go back to step 2. 4. On the Contact Information page, complete the School Contact and Principal sections and click Continue. (The person enter in the School Contact section will be responsible for registering teachers for Oracle Academy training events.) 5. Review the Technical Infrastructure Requirement page. If your school meets these requirements, select Yes and then click Continue. 6. Review the Oracle Academy Agreement. Once reviewed, enter the required information at the bottom of the page, select the Accept radio button, and then click Continue. After these steps are completed, the Place Order page will appear. 7. Select the check box next to the course for which you would like to register. 8. Enter the number of teachers from your school that will attend this course. Click Continue. 9. When the Shopping Cart page appears, confirm the course and number of teachers is correct. If it is, click Submit Order. Otherwise, click Edit Order. 10. Click Assign Instructors on the Oracle Academy Final Order Summary page. 11. Click OK on the Membership Application Submitted pop-up window. 12. On the My Orders page, click the pencil icon under Assign/Change Instructor. (If you are registering more than one instructor, you must assign them one at a time.) 13. Click the Instructor drop-down list. If the instructor you want to register is listed, select him/her. Otherwise, enter the required information using western characters only (e.g., Clare is correct, lr is incorrect) and click Assign Instructor. 14. Repeat steps 12 and 13 until all of your instructors are registered. 15. When you see all of your instructors names appear on the My Orders page, the registration process is complete. You may now log out.

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