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Jason Pickles, Leo Houlding, Chris Rabone, Sean Leary (l-r) at the summit of Mount Asgard, 2009

Its not really about getting to the top its about pushing yourself and expanding your limits. Sharing these moments leads to unique friendships
Leo Houlding

Kim Mi Gon on the Manaslu expedition in Nepal, 2011

Completing an extreme climb is tough but Im always looking for new challenges for ways to push myself a little further with every adventure. Thats what makes me feel alive
Kim Mi Gon

Michelle Bladon and Susie Burt (right) in Chamonix, 2012

Outdoors is what I love to do. I still get a rush, whether skiing a new line or finishing a trail running race. Its my release
Susie Burt

The outdoors is a fantastic playground, whether enjoying it close to home or exploring the far flung parts of the world
Sir Chris Bonington

Sir Chris Bonington on Menlungtse in China, 1988

We know the outdoors and we know how exhilarating the outdoors can be weve been there for more than 45 years. The Berghaus story is one of endless innovation and the relentless pursuit of excellence. We believe passionately that our products make a real difference to the people who use them whether theyre running, climbing, skiing, hiking or biking. Our philosophy is simple we inspire people to get out there, to escape the routine, to discover their surroundings. To live in the moment. Berghaus. Live for Adventure.

We are Berghaus.

Mick Fowler at base camp on the first ascent to Mugu Chuli in Nepal, 2011

We are the outdoor brand you can trust to take you anywhere.

Our business is built on adventure. One that began in 1966 and continues everyday.

Consumer driven.
Continuously driving consumer understanding to inspire and engage.

Born in the outdoors.

Its our heritage, our focus, our passion and our future.

Uncompromised performance.
Performance is king. We make products that deliver on promises and everything we do, we do for a reason.

Lead. Dont follow.

Our commitment to innovation and continous product development means we are always pushing the boundaries.

100% belief and passion.

We believe in our brand and our products we all use them.

Did you know? The first product to carry our logo was a very simple, lightweight tent.

This is our story.

England, 1966. Two men with a love of adventure decide to bring high-quality outdoor gear to Britain. They end up revolutionising the industry. Back in the late sixties, outdoor gear as we know it didnt really exist in the UK. Clothing was likely to be made of cotton and wool, and backpacks built with uncomfortable external frames. In the spirit of the decade, two men with a taste for adventure and a passion for the outdoors decided it was time for a change. Frustrated by the lack of quality products, their aim was to provide decent, durable, weatherproof kit for enthusiasts like themselves. Their names were Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison, and LD Mountain Centre the small outlet they established in Newcastle, UK that year earned an immediate reputation for excellence among climbers. The pair went from selling imported products to designing and making their own, under the label Berghaus (German for mountain centre). From the very beginning, the brands innovative, experimental approach placed Berghaus at the cutting edge of product design. Among the first breakthrough pieces of kit were the Cyclops, arguably the worlds first internal frame rucksack, and the iconic Yeti Gaiter. Both these remarkable products continue in updated form to feature in the Berghaus range a testament to the enduring vision of the founding partners. Famed mountaineer Sir Chris Bonington was one of the companys earliest ambassadors, and in 1985 he wore Berghaus officially when he achieved a lifetime ambition, at the age of 50, by climbing Everest. His strong association with the brand continues to this day, and he has been joined by a new generation of advocates in a range of disciplines, from extreme climber Leo Houlding to daredevil snowkiter Julia Pickering. Our athletes advise, test and push the boundaries of whats possible, working closely at all stages of development and design with our product teams. Their input has helped us create a range of equipment that inspires everyone, from adrenaline junkies to weekend walkers. Today, as Berghaus continues its evolution from local start-up to a leading global brand, with a growing number of outlets in Asia and renewed presence in continental Europe, the focus on innovation and performance continues. So too does our insistence on authenticity. Many of our staff are actively involved in a range of outdoor pursuits, ensuring that the kit we produce for consumers is developed to meet our own exacting standards. Like Lockey and Davison, were making great outdoor gear because we love the great outdoors.

Ive been working with the brand for 30 years and theres always been a strong feeling for innovation. And theres an incredible enthusiasm within the brand its clear to me that the people in the company are real outdoor people
Sir Chris Bonington

Sir Chris Bonington with Berghaus founders Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison on a walk in the Lake District, shortly after he joined Berghaus in 1984 as a sponsored climber. Peter and Gordon often went for walks together to talk about business, and sometimes I accompanied them, recalls Sir Chris.


1974 75
Cyclops, the worlds first rucksack with an internal frame, is launched.

Berghaus starts to produce performance gear specifically for women starting with skiwear in the early 1980s one of the first outdoor companies to do so.

1977 1966
Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison set up LD Mountain Centre in Newcastle, England, to sell the best outdoor gear from around the world. The following year they rename it Berghaus German for mountain centre. Inspired by the needs of climbers like themselves, they begin to create and test their own branded clothing and equipment. The first Berghaus-branded product, launched in 1970, is a lightweight tent. Berghaus leads the way by introducing the then relatively unknown waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX fabric into some of its products the first European brand to do so on a commercial level.

1985 1977
Doug Scott and Sir Chris Bonington reach the summit of the Ogre. The descent was fateful on the first rappel from the summit, Scott broke both legs. Later, Bonington broke two ribs and contracted pneumonia. Sir Chris Bonington, a Berghaus sponsored athlete, climbs Everest for the first time.

Berghaus develops the waterproof Yeti Gaiter an instant classic that is still seen as one of the most significant developments in outdoor clothing.

Extrem range is launched.

Berghaus international sales success is recognised with the Queens Award for Export Achievement. The brand is also named Northern Business Awards Exporter of the Year.

Tracing our past.


Berghaus supports The Ogre 2001 expedition, providing technical clothing and rucksacks for Thomas Huber (brother of Alex) and his team as they take on the Ogre in the Karakorum, Pakistan, one of the worlds most difficult mountains. Not content with being the first team to reach the summit since 1977, they also conquer the previously unclimbed west summit of Ogre II.

Shaping our future.

Launch of a bold cinema commercial, aired during showings of the James Bond film Quantum Of Solace. The ad, featuring a heart-stopping base jump by Berghaus athletes Leo Houlding and Anniken Binz, was filmed at one of the worlds top base-jumping venues Kjerag, an 1100-metre mountain in Norway.

Opening of the third UK flagship store at Broadmead, Bristol the first in the South West of England.

Berghaus moves in to the alpine heartlands of Europe, establishing operations in Norway and Germany. A partnership with Norways Bertel O. Steen looks after customer demand in Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark. And the launch of a new central European headquarters Berghaus Germany takes care of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

1994 95
Berghaus launches its first footwear collection.

Royal recognition the Queens Award for innovation in the design and technical development of outdoor products confirms Berghaus status as an iconic UK brand.

2009 2007
Awarded Superbrand status. Berghaus sets up a dedicated sourcing and development team in Hong Kong to support expansion in the Asian market.

Launch of the Live for Adventure campaign. Our first TV and multichannel campaign stars five Berghaussponsored athletes Leo Houlding, Philippe and Anna Gatta, Rob Jarman and Leah Crane and is filmed by Berghaus team member and award-winning adventure filmmaker, Alastair Lee. The campaign features climbing, high altitude ridge running, mountain biking and base-jumping, and encourages consumers to use social media to share their outdoor adventure stories.

Berghaus opens its first flagship store, in the Gateshead MetroCentre, Newcastle, the UKs number one shopping centre at the time. The launch coincides with the companys entry into the Japanese and Korean markets.

The MtnHaus team is unveiled, with a mission to take the brands innovative approach to new heights.

Berghaus athlete Mick Fowler and his climbing partner Dave Turnbull succeed in making the first ascent of Gojung (6310m) also known as Mugu Chuli in the Himalayas.

Leo Houlding takes on his toughest challenge to date the epic ascent of Mount Asgard on Baffin Island with fellow Berghaus athlete Carlos Suarez and filmmaker Alastair Lee. Their adventure is turned into an awardwinning film.

Mountaineering legend Sir Chris Bonington and climbing star Leo Houlding make a dramatic entrance at the new three-floor store in Londons Covent Garden.

Alex Huber, extreme alpine climber and Berghaus athlete, completes the first ever ascent of the North America wall on El Capitan and names it El Nino. Shortly afterwards, the 18-yearold Leo Houlding who would later become a key part of the Berghaus team makes the second ascent.

Berghaus builds its presence in South Korea, with more than 20 new stores. The brand also signs a new deal for retail distribution in China, marking a significant milestone in its Asian growth plans.

The first dedicated retail store in Russia opens in the Mega Mall Belaya Dacha in the south east area of Moscow, helping to meet demand for Berghaus in the rapidly growing Russian outdoor market.

Bonington & Berghaus

A shared story, and a shared vision.

Survival and triumph are Sir Chriss bywords, and his reputation is built on true leadership ability not only in the mountains, but also in the boardroom. He has carved out a successful secondary career by applying his expedition experiences to the world of business, advising some of the worlds biggest companies and lecturing on management and teambuilding. His overriding commitment, however, has always been to Berghaus. It was in the early 1980s that Sir Chris officially wore the brand. He became a sponsored athlete in 1984, and one year later he achieved a lifetime ambition when, at the age of 50, he reached the summit of Everest. He went on to become a non-executive director in 1997. Recalling the early days, and his reasons for joining the company, he says: In 1984, I was approached by Berghaus and another British brand suggesting I become a sponsored climber. I thought long and hard. Id never used Berghaus gear, but I liked what the founders were doing in terms of innovation. It seemed to me the company had a better future. Sir Chris continued to seek out unclimbed peaks and unexplored regions of the world, while working closely with Berghaus staff and athletes. In 1996, he was knighted in recognition of his contribution to mountaineering and exploration. As his legend has grown, he has remained a loyal ambassador for Berghaus, helping to communicate the brands philosophy and mission to new audiences around the world, from the Middle East to Asia. Ive never regretted my decision to join Berghaus theres a fantastic spirit within the company. The people behind the brand really do live for adventure the strapline is absolutely genuine. Like Berghaus, Sir Chris built his life around getting there first leading where others follow. And, at 77, he still lives for adventure and inspires others to do the same.

Sir Chris on what sets Berghaus apart. We remain true to our roots as a performance outdoor brand but we cater for everyone, whatever their activity. If youre a serious mountaineer going to Everest we can provide you with absolutely the ideal stuff, tested by our top athletes. For everyday walkers, our stuff is really well designed and functional you still want that performance and technical fabrics. We work really hard to ensure that every single product is perfect for that particular pursuit and how the consumer is going to use it.

Sir Chris Bonington making a first ascent of Mount Changabang, India, in 1974

The stories of Berghaus and iconic adventurer Sir Chris Bonington are deeply entwined. A giant in the history of mountaineering, he embodies the spirit of what we do. We cant match his personal achievements few could manage that but his drive, determination, and endless curiosity are a constant source of inspiration to us and to people around the world. Here, we look back at some of the key moments in our story and at the shared values that continue to drive our close working relationship. It was in the autumn of 1975 that Sir Chris led the British Everest expedition to success when, with Doug Scott and Dougal Haston, he climbed the mountains previously unconquered south-west face. Two years later, he and Doug made the first ascent of the Ogre in the Karakoram Himalaya, enduring a hellish downward journey when he broke two ribs while Scott broke his legs and had to crawl for six days. When the pair reached base camp, starving and exhausted, they found their companions had given them up for dead and abandoned the site.

Leo on Sir Chris: My hero and inspiration.

Leo Houlding and Sir Chris Bonington pictured on location in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia, during the filming of a documentary in 2004. It was the first time the pair had climbed together, allowing Leo to realise his long-held ambition of working with the man he describes as one of my heroes and my inspiration.

The Berghaus retail experience.

Each and every one of our retail channels, from the UK to Europe to Asia, is a place where we can bring our brand to life by using our assets our people, our products and our displays to create a consistent and compelling Berghaus experience.
Here, we showcase how we are building this real-life engagement around the world in a way that links seamlessly into a multi-channel experience across social, digital and print platforms to ensure that every consumer feels a strong emotional connection to the brand at every point in their journey.

Did you know? Hidden deep within our UK headquarters is a product museum where we collect kit from across the generations including some cherished items donated by our consumers after many years use. Some of the products stored there are nearly 40 years old but still ready for action.

Berghaus Retail around the world.

MtnHaus Design & Development

Innovation is in our blood, and over the years weve created many iconic products that led the way for others to follow. That legacy continues today with MtnHaus, our global design and development team, which strives for technical innovation without limits.
Since Berghaus began more than 45 years ago, weve earned a unique reputation for innovation, and created a long list of truly groundbreaking pieces of outdoor kit. Were well used to pushing the boundaries of testing and design, often working closely with the athletes who rely on our products to survive in the Earths most extreme conditions. But great isnt always good enough for obsessives like us, and were continually looking for ways to improve what we do. Thats why, in 2009, we set up MtnHaus, an advanced design and development team focused on creating the best outdoor clothing and equipment in the world. Their mission is, quite simply, to achieve technical innovation without limits.
Did you know? Because animal welfare is vital to us, all the down we use in jackets, gilets and sleeping bags is a by-product of the food industry, never the result of live plucking.

Philippe Gatta wearing the Mount Asgard Hybrid Jacket, using the same Hydrophobic Down technology as the Ramche Jacket.

Their research, development, and testing programme isnt tied to a seasonal launch schedule. Materials and components are tested virtually to destruction, while the final garments go through a gruelling road test in the lab and up mountains by athletes, mountain guides and professional testers. Life savers produced in the MtnHaus lab to date include the Ramche Jacket, the ultimate water-repellent, cold weather protection; the Mount Asgard jacket, one of the lightest, toughest GORE-TEX shells ever; and the Yeti Gaiter prototype made from a tractor inner tube which seals any boot watertight, and is so tough its worn by the military. Theyre products that inspire the people who use them you, and us to go further, higher, faster than ever before.

Mick Fowler wearing the Yeti Gaiter in 1972.

Mick Fowler and his climbing partner, Dave Turnbull, of the BMC, testing prototype versions of the Ramche jacket in the Himalayas.

Testing and developing the new Hydrophobic Down.

RAMCHE JACKET The Ramche Jacket features our latest innovation: Hydrophobic Down. Utilising the natural benefits of Downs superior insulation, outstanding warmth, optimum compressibility, ultra lightweight and high water resistance.

Collaboration with our athletes is key. Without their constant testing and feedback we would not be able to advance the technology
James Hodgson, Innovation Designer

Did you know? In 2001, Thomas Huber dropped his fully laden Berghaus Expedition rucksack thousands of feet from close to the summit of Shivling, never expecting to see it again. On his descent, he found the sack. It was a bit battered, but was still in one piece and he wore it as he trekked out from the mountain.

1. Try and make a proshell smock which is as light as possible.

6. Venting is absolutely key. 7. Two hand-pockets. 8. No thumb loops. 9. Sleeves must be able to be rolled.

Jason Pickles, Leo Houlding, Chris Rabone, Sean Leary (l-r) at the summit of Mount Asgard, 2009

The adventure starts here.

Mount Asgard Smock The Brief Notes from the journal of James Hodgson, MtnHaus innovation designer, following his briefing from Leo Houlding on his requirements for an ultra-light but durable shell.

2. Helmet compatible hood. 3. Close fitting, no excess fabric. 4. Good arm-lift and freedom of movement. 5. Single chest pocket.

Did you know? Berghaus products have been to the top of the 14 mountains in the world that reach above 8,000 metres and the highest peaks on the seven continents. They have also visited the North Pole, the South Pole, deserts, remote rain forests, and pretty much everywhere in between.

James and Leo discuss some of the innovations developed for the smock.

The Mount Asgard Team.

What we do is special were making gear that allows people to do amazing things and to go on great adventures. We might not be with them when they get to the top of the mountain, but we still feel like part of the expedition
Lisa Robson, Global Creative Lead

MOUNT ASGARD SMOCK Designed specifically for the Asgard Project in collaboration with Leo Houlding, this is one of the lightest GORE-TEX pro-shell garments on the market.

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Did you know? The Nitro rucksack, launched in 1998, won a Millennium Product Award from the UK Design Council for its Limpet carrying and compression system.

We make a difference.

Were passionate about inspiring people to enjoy the great outdoors and about helping to preserve and improve our natural environment. Thats why we support community projects that focus on looking after the world around us.

Here are some of the things weve been doing:

In Kind Direct.
We donate new, surplus Berghaus products including fleeces, gloves and jackets, to charity through In Kind Direct, an organisation established by HRH The Prince of Wales. Recent recipients include a London-based organisation that supports children with disabilities, and the Liverpool YMCA. And of course, this also means our surplus stock doesnt end up as landfill.

Durham Wildlife Trust.

As a corporate sponsor, we help the Trust protect wildlife and promote nature conservation in County Durham and the boroughs of Gateshead, South Tyneside and Darlington. One of the most active environmental organisations in North East England, the Trust manages more than 20 nature reserves, a variety of species and habitat recovery projects and four visitor centres.

Global Community Action Nepal (CAN).

Founded by climber Doug Scott, CAN is a mountaineers charity that helps mountain communities improve their standard of living as well as supporting their indigenous culture. Operating mainly in the mid-hill regions of Nepal, CAN supports the people who make it possible for others to enjoy the peaks and passes of these stunning, remote areas.

European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA).

We are members of EOCA, which supports major conservation projects all over the world. Their work to date includes: monitoring wildlife in the remote Seti Khola valley in Nepals Himalayas (home to five out of Nepals six Himalayan pheasant species); saving an ancient forest in Sweden from logging; and replanting mangroves in Sri Lanka.

Did you know? We recycle 75 per cent of our office and warehouse waste. Plus, our flagship stores use 100 per cent recycled bags, and were even reducing the number of swing tickets we use on all products.

The John Muir Trust.

We like a challenge, especially when it involves the outdoors. So when the John Muir Trust, formed to protect and conserve wild places, asked us to help them, we couldnt say no. We provide physical help whenever they need us. Whether clearing footpaths at Herrington Country Park, cutting back trees on a National Trust estate, or helping with woodland regeneration on Scotlands Isle of Skye were never afraid of getting our hands dirty.

Berghaus Athletes.

Berghaus isnt just a performance brand were a meeting place, a community for adventurers, athletes, and like-minded people. Part of that community is a group of phenomenally talented athletes and trail guides, some of the most outstanding male and female adventurists on the planet. They act as ambassadors for Berghaus; theyre not models or faces theyre part of our heart and soul. They drive their gear hard, so we get these guys involved when were coming up with products and testing them wed be fools not to. They love the work; the tougher the terrain, the better. And when they give us their verdict, we listen.

Leo Houlding, Leah Crane, Rob Jarman, Philippe and Anna Gatta (l-r), pictured in the Dolomites in 2011.

Athlete Profiles.

Leo Houlding
World famous British climber, alpinist, base jumper and true adventurer, Leo operates at the cutting edge of extreme sport. Hes climbed the Angel of the North, raced Jeremy Clarkson up a cliff face on Top Gear, and in 2010, completed his long-term ambition to make his first ascent of The Prophet, the toughest line of Yosemites monolithic El Capitan. Best known for: In 2009, Leo climbed Mount Asgard, an epic big-wall climb on Baffin Island, which was made into the film The Asgard Project. Wild places, intense experiences, journeys into the unknown, friendships forged in the fires of endeavour; this is adventure; this is what I live for.

Anna Gatta
Swedish-born Anna lives with husband and fellow Berghaus athlete Philippe Gatta in Nice. Shes climbed extensively, particularly in France, and has hiked the Annapurna circuit: 280km in 13 days. Best known for: Winning the 2012 Atacama Race in the 30-39 age group. I spend all my spare time climbing, running and trail running. I dont have to dream of ideal terrain I prefer to sport climb on steep cliffs, and southern France has enough for a lifetime. We live in climbing heaven.

Philippe Gatta
For the past 20 years, Philippe has set himself new rock climbing, mountaineering and running challenges around the globe. From the top of Everest to the Sahara, from French sport routes to the Amazon rainforest, Philippe has done it all, pushing himself to the limit. Best known for: Single-handedly summiting Himalayan peak Ama Dablam (highest peak 6,856m) via the challenging South West ridge, in adverse weather conditions. I love the feeling I get after long hours of effort, when the body is sore but the mind is restful. Sport is also a great way to travel the world and discover new cultures. And its a great excuse to eat lots of good French cuisine to refuel the muscles!

Julia Pickering
Julia is an exploratory snowboard mountaineer and adventurer whos constantly on the lookout for new adventures she recently headed to Greenland to investigate epic, unridden lines in previously unvisited mountain ranges. Passionate about her sport, she relishes the challenge of splitboard ascents and even winter camping. And she also enjoys snowboarding sometimes while being pulled by her two husky dogs. Best known for: The first woman and the second person ever to have climbed and snowboarded the three highest peaks in the Arctic Circle. Im a lover of snow, sunshine, husky dogs and the outdoors And when Im out there, snowboarding at altitude, racing with the dogs or heli-skiing, Im always super-excited and a tiny bit nervous.

Mick Fowler
The man they call the mountaineers mountaineer, the man Chris Bonington calls the most successful innovative mountaineer of the last twenty years. London-born Mick was awarded the Piolet dOr and Golden Piton with Paul Ramsden for their 2002 ascent of Chinas 6250m Siguniang. In 2010 he achieved the first ascent of the north face of Sulamar, China. He is also president of The Alpine Club. Best known for: Too many to number, but apart from the above, the first ascent of Changabang in the Himalayas, involving steep, sustained ice, rock and ice and hard rock climbing. The kind of mountaineering I enjoy takes up a lot of time, and Im forever angst-ridden that I might not have the balance between climbing and family quite right. But my children tell me theyd rather have a dad who climbs and is happy than a non-climbing, grumpy dad!

Sir Chris Bonington

The stories of Berghaus and iconic adventurer Sir Chris Bonington are deeply entwined. A giant in the history of mountaineering, he embodies the spirit of what we do. We cant match his achievements few can do that but his drive and determination, his achievements and endless curiosity inspire like nothing else. And at 77, the man remains unstoppable. Best known for: : Completing 19 expeditions to the Himalayas, including four to Everest. He staged the firstever ascent of Annapurnas daunting south face, and endured a hellish descent of the Ogre with Doug Scott, breaking two ribs while Scott broke his legs and had to crawl for six days. The pair survived and triumphed. Ive been enormously fortunate to be able to spend so much time exploring and climbing around the world and those experiences have hugely enriched my time on this planet.

Kim Mi Gon
An accomplished mountaineer, Korean-born Kim has an impressive list of 8,000m ascents to his name, including the perilous south face of Lhotse, in Nepal, at 8,516m. Kim is director of the Student Alpine Federation of Gwangju. Best known for: Climbing Everest. Completing an extreme climb is tough but Im always looking for new challenges; for ways to push myself a little further with every adventure. Thats what makes me feel alive.

Rob Jarman
Robs here to prove just how crazy you can be on two wheels. Hes spent years as a professional mountain biker on the national and World Cup Downhill biking scene, and has ridden and coached for Team GB at the European and World Championships. But added to that, hes made a massive impact with his insane, hairraising stunts. Best known for: Riding a bike down the frozen Lillehammer bob sleigh circuit (completed in 62 seconds, top speed 90kph); setting the British land speed record on a mountain bike by going at a stupendous 153kph. On snow. As a free rider, I have always been looking for new challenges involving mountain bikes. I love helping people achieve things, boosting their confidence and talking them into doing something like a bridge swing or a big bike jump that they otherwise would never attempt. They get to experience something new and get an understanding of why I like to push myself.

Karen Darke
Inspirational is a word used time and again when people talk about Karen. Paralysed in a climbing accident at 21, she proves that happiness and success in life come down to your attitude. Previously a keen runner and climber, shes found new methods of exploration, pushing the limits of the possible. Karen has sea kayaked 1,200 miles of the Canadian coast, spent five days kayaking in treacherous Patagonian waters for the BBC and crossed central Asias Tien Shan and Karakoram mountains on a hand bike. Much of her work is sponsored for charity. She has been selected for the London 2012 Para-cycling team. Best known for: Undertaking a groundbreaking 600km sit-ski traverse of the Greenland ice cap, one of the last great wildernesses, where winds reach 200mph and temperatures fall to -40C. Being outside with the rain lashing on my face or the sun warming my back, experiencing a special moment a sunrise, a view, a moment of comfort after a challenge these are the things that fuel me.

Alastair Lee
Alastairs passion for adventure means hes spent most of his life travelling the world in search of the next mountain challenge, and capturing it with superb photography and edgy film technique. His brand of action, sharp editing and trademark humour have made his work a huge hit at festivals, earning him over 30 international film awards. Alastair captured every second of Leo Houldings expedition to make the first free ascent of Mount Asgards awe-inspiring north face; he turned the footage into the multi-award winning film the Asgard Project. Best known for: Stunning movie The Asgard Project, and its follow-up, The Prophet, featuring Leos epic climb of a new line at El Capitan. I couldnt believe I won best climbing film and the grand prize for The Prophet at the Kendal Mountain Festival. It was smaller scale than the Asgard film and people always do their best work when theres no expectation and its coming straight from the heart. Plus of course, Leos route is absolutely mind bending!

Sean Stanley Leary

An unsung hero of modern Yosemite speed climbing, Stanley (as he likes to be known) was an invaluable team member of Leo Houldings Asgard assault. Leo has huge respect for his achievements and has climbed extensively with Stanley near his home in Yosemite, California. A holder of five speed records, Stanley has climbed light and fast in Patagonia, big wall style in Baffin and alpine in Alaska. Best known for: First ascent of the east face of La Espada, Torres del Paine, Patagonia (2,500m). I grew up playing in the Sierra Nevada range in California, which led to really fun times learning to climb, ski, paddle and fly. Now I love racing up gigantic walls and trying to free climb them. Im also part of the new era of wingsuit base skydiving. Its an amazing adventure to seek out and fly new exits around the globe!

Jason Pickles
Based in Manchester, UK, Jason is a big wall climber and rigger with more than 20 years experience and since he builds climbing walls by trade, his life revolves around climbing. He was chief rigger on the Asgard Project; having tackled a wall a mile high, exposed to fierce Arctic weather, he then joined Leo Houldings later expedition, the first ascent of Yosemites El Capitan. He has completed expeditions to Canada, High Sierra and the Himalayas. Best known for: In 2008, he gained the ultimate macho accolade and was named Britains Manliest Man in a competition held by burger company Rustlers! Funny how the mind works. When we climbed Asgard, I couldnt feel my toes. The numbness was replaced by pain later, as the soles of my feet defrosted; three months later, the pins and needles finally disappeared. Yet I remember it as not that bad. So am I going to turn down a sub-zero climb again? Absolutely no way its the unknown that attracts me to these places. As I said, funny how the mind works.

Athlete Camp.
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James Hodgson, Berghaus Mtnhaus Senior Designer Christian Mcgill, Berghaus Design Manager Nick Parks, Mountain Tracks Guide Chris Lines, Press Ahead Director Julie Gretton, Berghaus Category Manager David Heath, Berghaus VP of Global Product & Brand Marketing Joanne Scott, Berghaus Global Brand Manager Leo Houlding, Berghaus Athlete Alex Bayerl, Mountain Tracks Guide Sam Bradburn, Berghaus Global Marketing Team Sir Chris Bonington, Berghaus Non-Executive Director/Mountaineer Rob Jarman, Berghaus Athlete Juile Pickering, Berghaus Athlete Mick Fowler, Berghaus Athlete

Action. Adventure. Fun.

In 2011, we held the first Berghaus Athlete Camp. We brought together 11 of our elite team for four incredible days in Garmisch, Germany. Joining them were scientists from our MtnHaus innovation department, as well as Berghaus product designers and marketers all there to work with the athletes in their own environment, so we could see exactly what they need from their gear. For part of the camp, the group talked about what makes the best outdoor kit really work. And then everyone

got outside and let rip, hitting the mountains for some serious skiing, snowboarding and ice climbing, the athletes soon leaving the rest far behind. Their aim? To put the latest prototypes through their paces, to push what we made to the limit. And to inspire themselves and us to climb higher, ski faster, see whats over the next horizon. But above all, to have an unbelievably good time, as the images on the following page show...

8 2

10 11

13 14

5 7


Relaxing at the chalet.

Resting up.

Testing the kit.

Sir Chris enjoying the sun.

Juilia on the march.

Mick showing his skills.

Rob getting some air.

Approaching the mountain.

The team heads out.

Preparing to set off.

Catching a break.

Our products. Our consumers.

Performance outdoor gear for every kind of adventurer.



Mid Low Intensity


High Intensity



Berghaus consumers are defined not by who they are, but by what they do from recreational walkers to mountaineers, theyre driven by a desire to explore the outdoors. And at every level, theyre looking for authentic, high-quality outdoor gear from a brand with a distinctive heritage and style. Thats what Berghaus gives them the right equipment for just about any activity, in any conditions. The following pages offer a brief introduction to our clothing and equipment ranges, and to the people that use them.

Outdoors isnt always extreme or high intensity. Sometimes you just want to be warm and dry and look good, whatever youre doing, wherever daily life takes you.
Our Everyday range is designed and crafted with the same attention to detail that runs through every Berghaus product, with a flattering cut and a relaxed styling thats at home anywhere from the high street to the hills. Featuring trusted technologies and top quality fabrics, youll have a versatile garment you can wear forever, no matter what the weather come rain or shine youll breeze through any adventure in our Everyday Outdoors range.

Who wears it
Name: Amy Spencer Age: 30 Day job: Equipment designer, Berghaus. Outdoor pursuits: Hill walking, jogging, family walks in local parks, countryside and beaches. Favourite place: Ambleside, Lake District. Best outdoor experience: Jesmond Dene, Newcastle a big outdoor landscape featuring fields, walkways, playground and petting farm, right in the middle of the city. Favourite kit: Akka Long Down Jacket, which she wears everywhere through the winter out walking with the family in the low hills, as well as with jeans when shopping or meeting friends in town. What Amy looks for in outdoor gear: Washable, versatile clothes that cross the boundary between outdoor and urban fit and styling are especially important as jackets and coats have to work as everyday essentials, often worn casually with jeans. In her own words: My husband and I used to go on tougher treks but now we have a young son who we take with us everywhere so our focus has changed. It tends to be low-level, shorter walks and smaller parks rather than always heading up a hill. But theres still a sense of adventure and exploration for us as a family the outdoors is still our playground. In terms of kit, we still need really good quality, reliable stuff that allows you to forget about the cold and wet so we can just go out there and have fun, whatever the weather is doing. Its also got to look great, so I can wear it when Im in town, shopping or meeting with friends, as well as when Im out walking.


Mid Low Intensity.

Trail takes you away from the world into mountains, hills and fells where youre biking a brand new route, running your favourite trail, or striding out to the next summit. Every peak, every hilltop is worth it for the crystalline view, and for the emotional high that comes with doing what you love.
Whatever your activity, you need protection from the elements. We use everything from GORE-TEX to our own AQ coatings so youll always be dry. The best insulation technologies in the world come together to keep you warm, so when others may freeze, youll be fired up for the next section of trail.

Who wears it
Name: Jonathan Knapp Age: 38 Day job: Aerospace engineer, Derbyshire, UK. Outdoor pursuits: Hiking in the Peak District, mountain biking, road cycling, walking with friends. Favourite place: Fairbourne, Wales. Best outdoor experience: Too many adventures to choose from in the last 20 years! (But if I was forced to choose Id say one of the long-distance mountain bike rides Ive been on with my dad, especially in winter when were racing to get back to the car before it gets dark!) Favourite kit: Bowscale GORE-TEX Shell: For hiking in wet weather it never overheats. Fortrose Fleece: For cold conditions, like when Im hiking in Canada. What Jonathan looks for in outdoor gear: Stuff that keeps him warm and dry, breathable for fast-paced activities like biking, and that looks good enough to be worn with relaxed clothes when on holiday, exploring towns and villages. In his own words: I like to keep fit all the time a lot of my fitness work is done through road cycling, while mountain biking is for enjoyment, because it tends to be more fast and furious. Walking with friends is pure relaxation! Doing so many different things means that the main thing I look for in outdoor clothing is versatility. I like products that can do it all lots of features but with a streamlined, snug fit so they dont flap about on the bike.

High Intensity. For people who love to experience the outdoors at a heart-thumping pace: twisting turns, uneven terrain, and a surprise around every bend in the trail.
Pushing yourself against the elements, you need gear thats fast and light, but totally sure-footed. Stuff that wears hard, keeps off the worst of the cold and the rain, but wont slow you down. Thats why, together with our athletes, our elite development team at MtnHaus has created a range of performance clothing thats up to the toughest challenges speed is everything when youre racing to win.

Who wears it
Name: Stephen Birkinshaw Age: 43 Day job: Environmental scientist, Newcastle University, UK. Outdoor pursuits: Fell running seven-time winner of the Original Mountain Marathon. Favourite place: Blencathra, also known as Saddleback, a mountain in the Lake District. Best outdoor experience: The first time winning the Original Mountain Marathon. Its the mountain marathon everyone wants to win so to have gone on to do it seven times is amazing. Favourite kit: Berghaus Baselayers. The fit is snug which helps breathability, and the material is very high quality it feels great against the skin. Comfort is so important on a long run. What Stephen looks for in outdoor gear: Lightweight, hardwearing, fit and forget comfort that does the job with the minimum of fuss. In his own words: Its a pleasure to get out and run. Thats what I enjoy doing the most. Running at the top level can be hard at times, especially in the worst of the English winter but its still a joy. I just love being out on the hills, and as long as I stay injury-free, Ill do it for as long as I can.

Youre ski touring in the Dolomites, or aiming to summit the Gran Paradiso could be youre even heliskiing in the mind-blowing majesty of the Canadian Bugaboos. Whatever your dream, our Mountain range has the gear you need.
We develop every product with input from users, like the Mountain Tracks guides who spend their days living the adventures that inspire our designs, and that maybe youre about to try. High-performance fabrics. Proven technologies. Good-looking design. It adds up to light and durable gear that keeps you protected, giving you the flexibility to do exactly what you want to do on those exhilarating peaks.

Who wears it
Name: Susie Burt Age: 35 Day job: Mountain Tracks office manager, Chamonix, France. Outdoor pursuits: Skiing and ski mountaineering, paragliding, mountain biking, climbing, trail running. Favourite place: The top of Aiguille du Midi, a mountain in the Mont Blanc massif in the French Alps. Best outdoor experience: Paragliding off Mont Blanc. Favourite kit: The Velum Jacket, for year-round wear: Great for skiing and trail running, and flying, too its so light and versatile, I can use it for most of the sports I enjoy. And its good at keeping out the rain on wet walks. What Susie looks for in outdoor gear: High-performance, technical, lifesaving equipment with a good fit and attractive styling. In her own words: Outdoors is where my primary enjoyment comes from I still get a rush, whether skiing a new line, finishing a trail running race, or flying a paraglider. Its the release, its what I love to do my lifestyle revolves around being outside, trying to pursue a goal and become good at it. I like pushing myself to achieve different things to run further, fly higher, ski better.

Launched in 1986, Extrem was born to take climbers into the most challenging conditions.
Developed with insight from world-class athletes and mountain guides, this is the ultimate mountaineering gear minimum weight, maximum performance, giving you the power to perform and the protection to take on the toughest, most exhilarating challenge.

Who wears it
Name: Olly Allen Age: 39 Day job: IFMGA mountain guide qualified to work anywhere in Europe also the managing director of Mountain Tracks in Chamonix, France. Outdoor pursuits: Rock climbing, ice climbing, randonne skiing, mountain biking, road biking, trail running. Favourite place: A day bouldering at the sea cliffs of Gogarth, north Wales. (As long as the sun is shining!) Best outdoor experience: Climbing the Walker Spur on the Grandes Jorasses on his 30th birthday. Favourite kit: Mount Asgard Hybrid Jacket: I love the fact that when youre climbing, the down stays dry. Amazing stuff. What Olly looks for in outdoor gear: Anything thats functional and fits well. Low weight is also a priority even if it comes at the expense of longterm durability. In his own words: Outdoors is my life. When Im not in the mountains with clients, Im out there alone or with friends. Its work for 150 days of the year, and doing it for myself the rest of the time so Im out there pretty much every single day, which means my kit gets an absolute hammering. I get to travel the world and see amazing mountains, take in breathtaking views, but its the challenge of climbing and mountaineering thats biggest for me. I find it incredibly absorbing on a long climb, I can be totally focused on the moment. Im not thinking about work or whats going on back at home, only about how Ill get myself and my clients to the top safely.

Leo Houlding, Autana, Venezuelan Jungle, 2012

Wild places, intense experiences, journeys into the unknown, friendships forged in the fires of endeavour; this is adventure; this is what I live for. For half of my life, on countless adventures Berghaus has been my trusted partner
Leo Houlding

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