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Comparison Based on the academic research about skills of effective managers by OConnor and Seymour, it is clear that amount and types of skills in difference time are difference. The table below presents the comparison between skills listed by group 2AM and four lists by Woodcock & francis (1997); Burgoyne & Boydell (2007); Robbins & Hunsaker (2009); and Whetten & Cameron (2011). 2 am Group Communication skill Woodcock & Francis 1997 Pedler, Burgoyne & Boydell 2007 Social skills and abilities Robbins & Hunsaker 2009 Cross-cultural communication Persuading Sending messages Strategic thinking An effective process for objective setting Impressive leadership vision Creative problem solving A structured approach to problem-solving and decisionmaking High creativity Mind management Analytical, problem-solving, decision/judgement skills Creativity Self-knowledge Emotional resilience Mental agility Team working Strong teamdevelopment capability Good organising skills A structured approach to problem-solving and decisionWorking with teams Resolving conflicts Running meetings Analytical, problem-solving, decision/ Ethical decisionmaking Team-building Managing conflict Self-awareness Applying emotional intelligence Self-awareness Managing time and stress Creative problem solving Recognising, defining & solving problems Listening Setting goals Leading Setting goals and articulating a vision Whetten & Cameron 2011 Verbal communication (including listening)

Planning Decision making

Managing individual decisions

making Motivation A dynamic approach to people development

judgement skills Motivating and influencing others


Politicking Negotiating Working with diverse groups of people


Persuasion Competent selfmanagement A positive management style A strong customer focus Sound personal values An active view to self-development

Relevant professional knowledge Balanced learning habits and skills

Managing change Coaching

Command of basic facts Continuing sensitivity to events Proactivity inclination to respond purposefully to events

The list of 2AM group is most similar with Whetten & Cameron 2011. Based on process of skills development of OConnor & Seymour, the list of Whetten & Cameron may be most complete and compendious because it was collected and filtered from other research in the past as Woodcock & francis (1997); Burgoyne & Boydell (2007); Robbins & Hunsaker (2009). It seems that two lists of 2AM group and Whtten & Cameron 2011 are unconscious competence. II. Particularly relevant skills to management roles in Vietnam. In my point of view, managers in Vietnam should develop their communication and team-building skills. Because they will help managers control the business better by sharing works and responsibilities. A team always have much ideas and manpower than individual. The managers also must do clearly communication to help employees understand exactly what they must do and their responsibilities. It will reduce the mistake and save time.