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Course - 1 | Code: DLP-F-01

For VIII studying students

NTSE Plus DLP - 2012

This course commences from 8th April, 2011 and continues till January, 2012

This course commences from 8th April, 2011 and continues till January, 2012

No. of dispatches 11 dispatches Duration 8th April, 2011 to January, 2012 Assessment Part-wise, Complete Syllabus Tests Study Material Detailed Theory with Series of Exercises for Science & Mathematics Medium of Study Material English only Course Fee ` 4191/(`3800/- + 10.3% service tax `391/-)

Program Objective Program will prepare a student for NTSE, class VIII school exams and competitive exams like IIT-JEE, PMTs etc. by developing strong reasoning & analytical abilities. It is a tailormade program for students, who wish to start their academic career with sweet taste of success, right from class VIII. The NTSE Foundation program is one such stepping stone, which will give the student a start which will make success a habit for his/her rest of academic career. Program Description NTSE Foundation program will offer high quality and easy to understand study material that will help students in understanding the fundamentals of Science (PCB) & Mathematics. Our expert teachers have focused on clarifying the concepts to the finest details, while developing the study material. The entire syllabus of Science (PCB) & Mathematics has been divided into 2 Study Modules. The study material (PCBM) will ensure increase in a students IQ and reasoning ability. These abilities are highly indispensable in developing a strong foundation for success in a students career. The study material includes nicely prepared theory and a series of practice exercises with different kind and types of questions to give the student a complete exposure of the concepts. In addition, there will be Unit-wise and dispatch-wise test papers of part-wise and combined syllabus. There will be a total of 20 tests. Out of 20 tests, 10 tests will be on part-wise syllabus of Science & Mathematics. In addition, there will be two complete syllabus tests, which will be sent towards the end of the course. Apart from tests on module and part-wise syllabus, students will also get 2 tests on NTSE pattern and 4 tests on Olympiad pattern. Special assignment on NTSE will also be given to the students.

actually are two key elements required for success in any competitive exam. Course Highlights course material of Science & Mathematics will be provided v Assignments for practice at home will be supplemented v assignments & material for NTSE towards Mental Special Ability Test (MAT) and Scholastic Ability Test (SAT) will also be sent to students. This will enable them to earn higher rank in NTSE v material on Vedic Mathematics will also be given to Special generate interest in mathematics. v Extra study material on General Knowledge and will also be provided. v Ability book will be supplemental. Mental v content of Science has been divided into Physics, Entire Chemistry and Biology sections, in addition to the Mathematics module. USP / Benefits of Aakashs NTSE Foundation Program level exercises and assignments with complete solutions v NTSE, Olympiad pattern Tests & Assignments. Special v Assignments on IIT-JEE and PMT pattern in the study Special material. Prepares a student for tougher competition level, which the child will face in classes XI & XII. v Exposure to online testing environment v Optimum utilization of time available. Starting early will help in beat the competition, since a student will already be aware of nitti-gritties of Board exams. & entrance exams. v An opportunity to compete with like-minded students, so as to inculcate habit of focused study culture, thereby enhancing knowledge for exams. and getting higher Ranks
v School v Entire

Scholarship Offered Refer Scholarship Policy & Fee on Page No. 14

Online Tests: One online test on complete syllabus of Mathematics on IIT-JEE pattern and one online test on complete syllabus of Science on PMTs pattern will also be conducted.
The Olympiad pattern tests will be on Multiple Choice pattern. This will not only help them improve their examination temperament but also hone their ability to think quickly in a stipulated time, which

Note: If any student fails to join the course from the date of commencement, the Aakash Foundations shall dispatch all the previous dispatches along with the current dispatch. Those students who will provide Roll no. (Photocopy of admit card) of NTSE shall be given test papers on the pattern of NTSE Stage-II.

How to apply & required documents for admission ? The students of class VIII studying in recognized schools are eligible to join this course. He/she should attach to the Admission Form, four recent passport size photographs and self attested photocopy of school marksheet of class VII (If the marksheet is in a language other than English, a certified translation in English should also be attached) along with the Demand Draft of course fee. 5

Enrollment No................................ (To be filled by office only)

To, The Incharge - DLP Division Aakash Foundations Aakash Tower, Plot No. 4, Sector-11, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075

Affix your recent passport size photograph here.

Admission Form

NTSE Plus DLP-2012

For VIII studying students

Nurture 9X DLP-2012
For IX studying students

Nurture X DLP-2012
For X studying students

iNurture X -2012
For X studying students

I want to take admission in Aakash Foundations for the Distance Learning Program / e-Learning Course marked (4 I have read the 'Terms & Conditions' of ) in the box. Aakash Foundations given overleaf and agree to abide by the same. My particulars are given below:
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Terms & Conditions

1. 2. Incomplete form will be rejected. It is compulsory to attach self attested photocopy of marksheet of class VII / VIII / IX. Students once enrolled into DLP courses cannot claim for refund of fee or part of the fee; if he/she becomes disinterested during the course due to any reason whatsoever. It is for the student to see whether he/she is eligible for a certain Examination or not. The Aakash Foundations does not hold itself responsible if a student's admission form cannot be forwarded or is rejected by the examination body on any ground whatsoever. Such a student cannot claim a refund of the whole or any part of the fee he/she has paid to the Institute. It is compulsory for a student to attach a recent passport size photograph on the admission form. Institute reserves the right to use the photograph and name for publicity in case the student secures position / succeeds in NTSE / Olympiad Exams. The student should also staple three extra photographs with the form. The responsibility of getting admission form forwarded to the examining body is that of the student himself / herself or that of the Parents / Guardian. Aakash Foundations reserves the right to make any 9. change in its programs without any prior notice to anybody. 8. If the study material / DVD provided to the student is lost/misplaced, a duplicate set of dispatch can be obtained against the payment of `800/- per dispatch, through Demand Draft in favour of Aakash Foundations payable at New Delhi. Any change of address or phone numbers should be notified to the DLP Division without any delay through a written application. If the dispatch is returned due to change of address or any reason whatsoever, `500/- will be charged for sending the dispatch again. Educational Services Ltd. The proceedings shall be conducted at New Delhi under the provisions of Arbitration & Conciliation Act and the Courts at Delhi only shall have the jurisdiction over the matter and/or for enforcement as the case may be. If an Arbitrator to whom the matter is referred refuses to act or for any reason, does not enter the reference or after entering into the reference proceedings are abandoned or kept in abeyance or not proceeded with, it shall be lawful for the Chairman of M/s Aakash Educational Services Ltd to appoint another person to act as Arbitrator in the manner aforesaid. Such person shall be entitled to proceed with reference from the stage at which was left by his predecessor, if both the parties consent to this effect, failing which the Arbitrator will be entitled to proceed denovo.



10. Fee once paid is not refundable under any circumstances. 11. If at any point of time, the Central Govt. further increases service tax, (existing rate of service tax is 10.3%) the extra amount of service tax will be borne by the students from the date of enforcement of the act by the Govt. 12. In case of any dispute or difference between you and Aakash Foundations regarding the interpretation of these terms and conditions, nonpayment of any claim or any dispute arising out of or in pursuant to these terms and conditions, the same shall be referred to Sole Arbitrator who shall be appointed by Chairman of M/s Aakash


Check List: 1. It is compulsory to attach a Photocopy of Marksheet of the last Examination passed duly self attested by the student. 2. It is compulsory to attach four recent passport size photographs along with the Form. 3. It is compulsory to attach a Demand Draft of Course fee in favour of Aakash Foundations payable at New Delhi.



I have read the Terms & Conditions of the institute and various policies of the institutes mentioned in the prospectus & promise to abide by the same.

(Signature of Parent/Guardian)*

(Signature of the student)*

* Note : it is mandatory for Student & parent to sign at the appropriate places failing which admission form will not be processed and will be rejected.