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The terrorist attack that happened on September 11, 2001 took more than just innocent American lives

it took their safety. It made them feel vulnerable and gave them the question could they be the next to go. Thus the Patriot Act. It was passed very soon after the incident by George Bush. Fight the Present danger..a threat like no other our Nation has ever faced, Upholds and respects the civil liberties guaranteed by our Constitution, To deter and punish terrorists acts in the United States and Around the world, to enhance law enforcement investigatory tools, and for other purposes George W. Bush. These were the main goals of the Patriot Act. Although not long after it was passed there was a lot of controversy about if it was really accomplishing its goal. The Patriot act is an unrealistic law passed by the U.S. congress because of how little it really accomplishes, its extremely intrusive investigation and surveillance technology, and the government is misusing the Patriot Act to suit their own personal goals. The Patriot act has not been effective in its goal of fighting the war against terror and has not used its abilities correctly. They have not been fighting a war against terror instead they have been using the law to help them successfully detain and put charges on everyday criminals. To be clearer there are graphs that show how the government has used Sneak and Peak Warrants irregularly and improperly. On the graphs it shows that only 0.05% of the time they used them was it for terrorism and 73.7% of the time they used for crimes based around drugs(irregular times). They are using these warrants for not the purpose they set out do. Another example of misuse of the act is that the government has been kidnapping and torturing American citizens without having a charge. As seen in this quote the government has no means to change this. The government continues to claim that it has the power to designate anyone, including Americans as "enemy combatants" without charge (ACLU). They are using their power to obtain foreign intelligence secretly as an excuse to break down the wall between criminal and intelligence investigations. Furthermore, while they break down the wall they are interfering with Americans lives. In an effort to break down the wall between criminal and foreign investigations human rights laws have been broken and American citizens are feeling imposed on by the governments investigators intrusive investigation tactics. Sneak and Peak warrants, as mentioned in the last paragraph, is one of the worst. It allows them to come to your house and search through your stuff and not have to tell you beforehand. This is imposing on innocent citizens lives and they arent using them correctly to begin with. Similarly the investigators have the ability to go through all of you files without a warrant as long as there is some tangible evidence connecting you to a crime. Finally there are roving wiretaps. These records your calls, scan your emails and they dont even tell if they have one on you. You may accidently some into contact with someone who has one and just like that you have one on you. For example, you may drop a pencil and a person might pick it up for you and that person has been under surveillance they would then put you under suspicious activity allowing them to put a wiretap on you. There is very little the government tells us about what they are investing there resources.

The government has been misusing the patriot acts new found resources. ACLU stands for the American Civil Liberties Union. It fights for civil rights and stands against the government bad decisions. Their views on the Patriot Act are like most others. From the gagging of our nations librarians under the national security letter statute to the gutting of time-honored surveillance laws, the Patriot Act has been disastrous for Americans rights, said Caroline Fredrickson, Director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office. In the panic following the events of 9/11, our nations lawmakers hastily expanded the governments authority to a dangerous level and opened a Pandoras Box of surveillance. (Comprehensive report on Patriot Act abuses).The government tried to use the Patriot Act to make a lawsuit against ACLU with no grounds or evidence of any crimes. You can interpret this in different ways but they saw them as a threat and attempted to get rid of them. Another example, of misuse of is the case of Ms. Brown. Brown was questioned by the secret service after an anonymous tipster called the agency to denounce an anti-Bush Poster (ACLU). They had no warrants to enter but demanded entry. This is another case of the government using the patriot for their own personal uses. The Patriot Act started out with the right intentions although like most things that gives you great power it comes with great responsibility (Spiderman Movie). The terrorist attack 9/11 was a tragedy and made a big impact on Americans. People started to panic and the government had to come up with something quick. The national security was almost gone and the Patriot Act brought it back. Those willing to give up liberty for security deserve neither and will lose both (Ben Franklin). So if there was a time for this law there isnt anymore. The Patriot Act has become corrupt and it effectiveness is at a minimal, the way it affects American citizens civil rights is wrong, and the government has used it in secret for its own purposes. This affects America more than any other country but who says the government cant authorize this use in other countries in the near future.