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I. Background of the Study Most of us have favorite recipe or we like to cook again and again for our loved ones. It may be inherited to our great grandmother or maybe something we simply developed. They are not only dependable but sometimes, we can rely on whether it is on the spur of the moment or on the preparation for a feast, they are also treasured keepsakes which we take pride in serving. When we cook and serve them, we feel connected without past and expressed our hope for the future. Rice cake is one of the many varieties that can be made through rice. It is known for such a long time. They are designed as a diet food and intended to be very low in calories and fat, rice cakes do not have extensive nutritional value. The number of vitamins in rice cakes is very low and provides you with almost none of your recommended daily vitamin intake. The production of rice cake is based on the explosive characteristic of rice when heat and pressure are applied. They are made through the simple processes that are both time and capital intensive. Rice cake is known as one of the favorite delicacies to prepare whenever there are family gatherings and some important occasions. Another delicacy that Filipinos never forget to prepare during occasions is Leche Flan. It is an open- topped pie similar to a custard tart prepared using the simple ingredients of eggs, milk and sugar. Leche Flan is known to be one of the many legacies of Spanish Colonialism in the Philippines. It is always present to all occassions

like birhdays, fiestas and other occassions because Filipinos love to eat desserts. It is either home- made or preferably available in the market. Combined with the sweet taste of leche flan and the fluffy rice cake comes the new product LECHE ALA PUTO. LECHE ALA PUTO is providing its customers a satisfying taste of rice cake combined with a blend of the flavor Leche Flan. Surely they will love to eat Leche Ala Puto because of the twist of having puto and leche flan in just one bite. Leche Ala Puto seeks to fulfill the following benefits that are important for the customers.

II. Statement of the Problem This study aims to identify the feasibility of the Leche Ala Puto. In this study, seeks to answer the following questions: Marketing Aspect What is the best marketing strategy to apply in the business? Is the affordability of the product affecting the buying preference of the customers in terms of their income? Technical Aspect What are the raw materials needed to produce the product? What is the procedure in making the product?

Management Aspect What are the qualifications of the workers needed to manage the production? What is the form of the organization fitted for the business?

Financial Aspect How much is the capital needed to put up the business? What will be the source of capital?

Socio- economic Aspect What is/are the impact of the product to the community? How will it contribute to the economy?

III. Objective of the Study The objectives of the research is to detertmine the following: To know the viability of the product being offered. To know the quality of the product being produced. To see the effectiveness of the organizational set up. To determine the amount of capital financing available and borrowings needed, including the possible source of money. To know the effect of of the product to the social and economic status in the community.

IV. Significance of the Study The result of the study will serve as a useful tool in giving information to the following people: To the researchers, This study will serve as an additional experience to the researcher in finding and collecting data. To the students, This will serves as their guide and can give additional knowledge to create much better studies. To future business man, This study would be a great help to a future business man since they have a general basis on how to make pastries or rice cakes

V. Scope and Limitation of the Study The scope of the study is to seek for the possible target market of the product in Lipa City, Batangas. The study aims to know the possiblity that a new store for Leche ala Puto can be opened. The limitation of the study varies on the aspects considered in making up the business: marketing, technical, marketing, financial and socio- economic.

VI. Defnition of Terms Financial Aspect. shows the cash flow and income statement. It also includes the capital needed to put up the business. Leche ala puto. is a rich custard dessert with a layer of soft caramel on top which is made of rice cake and has delicious, sweet taste. Leche flan. Is a rich custard dessert with a layer of soft caramel on top which is custard with a hard caramel top. Management Aspect. gives the requirements needed to put up the business. It also includes the different strategies to be able to achieve the companys goal. Marketing Aspect. used by the companies to create customer interest in products or services. It generates the strategy that underlies sales techniques, business communication and business development. Rice cake. Made of individually puffed rice. Socio- economic Aspect. pertains to social and economic factors. Technical Aspect. includes the step by step procedures in making the product. It also helps to determine the capacity of the project. It will provide information in service activity and the raw materials to be used in providing activity this product as well as their resources. It is also determine the utilities and equipment to be acquired in showing the location and layout of the project.

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