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Thi gian lm bi: 30 pht ( thi gm 3 trang) Lp: .. S bo danh:

H v tn: .. 1.The binary equivalent of (2011)10 is a) (0111 1000 1100)2 c) (1010 1001 1010)2 2. Which is the correct spelling?

b) (0111 1101 1011)2 d) None of the above

a) curcuit b) circuit c) circiut d) curciut 3. The main units of a computer system are usually known as the __________ a) CPU b) peripherals c) storage devices d) configuration 4. Which of the following endings is INCORRECT? A cache _____________________ a) is an amount of ROM space b) stores information that is used repeatedly c) speeds up your work if you have enough internal memory d) is located on your computers motherboard 5. A topology in which each machine is connected to each other is a) Tree topology b) Star topology c) Bus topology d) Mesh topology 6. A hardware register used to store the result of the previous arithmetic or logical operation performed by the ALU is referred to as a) Hardware register b) Accumulator c) General Purpose register d) None of the above 7. The technology used in the 3rd generation computers is that of: a) Very Large Scale Integration b) Integrated Circuits c) Vacuum Tubs d) None of these 8. Which kind of wireless transition can penetrate buildings? a) Radio waves b) Microwaves c) Infrared waves d) Light wave 9. The difference between a floppy disk and a hard disk is in terms of their _______. a) storage capacity b) structure c) access speed d) all the above 10. The fastest and the most expensive systems in the world are ___________. a) Microcomputer b) Minicomputer c) Mainframe d) Supercomputers

11. The mouse is connected to the __________ interface. a) Serial b) parallel c) Both a and b d) None of the above 12. __________ can process thousands of interrupts per second. a) Time sharing system c) Real Time System b) Combination system d) Distributed System

13. ______ operating systems support simultaneous access to a computer system from two or more active terminals a) Multi-user b) Multiprocessor c) Multi-access d) None of the above 14. A set of parallel electrical conducting lines that connect various components on the motherboard is referred to as _________. a) Topology b) Protocol c) Data transfer d) bus 15. This is business software that is made up of columns and rows of numbers a) graphing program b) spreadsheet c) charting program d) table 16. The type of software that can store, update, manipulate, and retrieve data is called ________________ a) desktop publishing b) spreadsheet c) database management d) graphics 17. Who invented a method of linking from to site, creating the World wide Web? a) Marc Andreessen b) Tim Berners-Lee c) Linus Torvalds d) Bill Gates 18. This is the means of communicating by using Web links a) domain name b) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol c) URL d) Applet 19. The sum of money a person or company spends a) capital b) revenue c) expenses d) interests 20. Which of the following is TRUE? a) A record consists of several files b) A field consists of several records c) A file consists of several records d) A field consists of several files 21. What do you need FTP software for? a) for sending and receiving messages over the Internet b) for real-time conversations with your friends or family. c) for transferring programs, images and games from a remote computer onto your PC. d) for dialing up to your ISP. 22. When buying a hard disk, you should consider __________ a)types of drives and products available b) internal drives and products available c)external drives and products available d) removable drives and products available

23. What are the ASCII codes for the W character? a) 85 b) 86 c) 87 d) 88 24. In a modular motherboard, the board has slots for connections. (T/F) 25. Primary storage has the fastest access time. (T/F) 26. Floppy disks are magnetic coated disks used for data storage. (T/F) 27. Data must be transferred to the processor before they can operate upon. (T/F) 28. Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) is a device used to generate images. (T/F) 29. Plotters are used to generate graphical output and for precision drawings. (T/F) 30. Based on their size, a computer network is said to be a LAN or WAN. (T/F)

Answer these questions in English:

31. Internally, the CPU consists of what two units? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 32. What are the two general categories of software? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 33. What is an algorithm? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 34. What is the difference between a high-level language and a low-level language? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 35. What are the three primary activities of a program? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________
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