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The No-Self Experience

"This was, by far, the MOST PROFOUND experience of my entire life. Ive been walking around in a daze for several days. I dont think my life will ever be the same. What comes next? -Douglas A. "THANK YOU. My life will never be the same. Thank you for clarifying it and distilling it. It's all that was needed to crack open the realization...." -Rich Z.

If you think you may have had the No-Self experience, you havent. You will know when youve had the experience. There will be no doubt. This is not a joke. It is real. This experience does not require you to believe in it for it to be true. IT IS TRUTH. And, once you see the Truth of it, you will have the experience of it. A few people have already experienced this phenomenon and more will follow. Those who have experienced it recognize the term No-Self (even if they dont refer to it by that label). There is a major shift occurring. A new paradigm. Who are you? I am a Messenger. Whats this going to cost (once I read all of this)? I do not ask for anything from you. Why are you doing this? Love for you. You are my Brothers and Sisters (in fact, you are much more than that). You just havent seen what Ive seen.yet.

I know what its like to experience pain and suffering. I know what its like when life drops you to your knees and you cry out for relief. Whats the point of it? There IS a way out of the pain and suffering. Realize though, this experience doesnt immediately vanquish all pain and suffering. However, it opens a Door that sets you upon a pathway (your own unique pathway) that will eventually lead you to: True Joy Unconditional Love True Abundance Peace of Mind Excitement Fulfillment Amazement Elimination of Fear Physical Healing And, your unique reason for being here. You will have no doubt as to what your purpose is on this earth. REMEMBER, though, these things are received somewhere along YOUR OWN tailor-made pathway. The Door is just the BEGINNING. Before going too far, you should know 3 things: 1) This experience will change your life dramatically. Some of the changes will be welcome; some will be tumultuous. There will be struggles. However, once conquered, they wont ever return. 2) Once this Door opens for you, there is no going back. Once you know the Truth, you will not be able to un-know it. 3) You will not be the same person you were before. Consequently, you will have some difficulty relating to those you have relationships with. Note: If youre content with your life right now, then you may want to consider not doing this. You can always decide later if you want such a dramatic change. The No-Self phenomenon will reveal the Truth of who you really are because you will have DIRECT EXPERIENCE of it. You wont be able to say, I dont believe that, what a bunch of bull. (of course, thats after the experience takes hold of you). I use take hold because thats what it sort of feels like. Its not a physical taking hold as much as a mental one. However, everyones experience is completely unique to them.

You dont have to be smart, religious, a good person, spiritual, a certain age, etc. Anyone can have the experience if: HE or SHE HAS AN OPEN-MIND and REALLY WANTS IT. You dont even have to believe in God to have it. However, most will consider this a spiritual experience. Before it "hits" you, youll start to feel strange and perhaps somewhat tingly. I wont elaborate further at this point because, like I said earlier, every persons experience is different and specific to them. Before we begin, I know there are a lot of you who think that this is crazy or a "bad joke. So, to add credibility to what I say, you should know that Jim Carrey (comedian) has had the No-Self experience. Here is a YouTube clip describing his experience: http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=uIaY0l5qV0c&playnext=1&list=PLFBC667DB8EC9FF15 Note: Again, keep in mind, everyones experience will be unique to him/her. Your experience may not be exactly like Jims. Ok, lets begin. (You should be alone and probably allow at least 30 minutes to do this) There will be a series of things that I want you to do, ponder, or read through. If you really want the experience, you need to take your time and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. Remember, you dont have to believe anything, but, you do have to follow what I say (especially when I tell you to ponder something). Also, DON'T SKIP AROUND because the power of the words may be lost. Take your time and read it through to the end. First of all, what were trying to accomplish is to have your ego loosen its grip on you just long enough for the experience to take hold. Therefore, I will begin by having you deeply consider the following question. Question: What is the YOU that you think you are?

As you read through this material, your ego will start to respond : No way, this is nuts. This is a bunch of bull. Im just wasting my time. I just dont believe it. This wont work for me. I dont have time to mess with this. Nothings happening. This is some kind of a trick.

Etc. The more objections you hear, the more your ego is trying to maintain control of the situation. The ego puts up a fight, but it only has power to control you with fear. So, you respond to your ego by saying: If this is truly bull, what am I (ego) so afraid of? Once again, lets ask the question: What is the YOU that you think you are? 1) Well, clearly, I consist of my personality traits, my body, my Soul, my mind, etc. Mirror Exercise Imagine that youre looking into one of your mirrors at home. However, youve just taken an invisibility pill and youre completely invisible. Take a look at the mirror and observe the details of the mirror and the wall that the mirror is hanging on. Furthermore, notice the back of the room as it appears in the reflection of the mirror. Again, because youre completely invisible, you can see the back of the room through the mirror. Now imagine that your vocal chords have been severed and you cant speak. So now, youre completely invisible and you cant speak. What happened to your personality traits? Are YOU still out-going, boring, guarded, shy, self-confident, modest, secretive, friendly, vain, immature, courteous, rebellious, generous, lazy, cheap, aloof, etc.? What happened to YOU? Youre the same YOU; only invisible and cant talk. Your personality is simply a mental construct. It is a phantom. It is an illusion. YOU (and parents, society, etc.) have constructed it to define who you think YOU are. Its composed of mere beliefs and judgments about who YOU are. Furthermore, consider the case of multiple personality disorder. Do two YOUs exist in a person with two personalities? You may say, Maybe they only have one real personality and one fake personality. Ok, so which one is the real one? The truth is that they have constructed both. The difference between you and them is that theyve constructed two personalities and youve only constructed one. Consider the following hypothetical situation: Little Susie (5 years old) is in the process of constructing her personality

(ego). Her mom tells her that she is a "good" girl. Her dad tells her that she is a "bad" girl. Since her dad is the more powerful influence on her, she takes herself to be a "bad" girl. Susie's mom tells her that she is smart. Her dad tells her that she's just plain stupid. Again, she is more influenced by her dad because he is more forceful, etc. Thus, she begins to see herself as stupid. At school, all the other kids think that Susie is extremely funny. All the kids laugh with her. Her dad doesn't think she is funny at all, in fact, he thinks she's dull. She again takes this to be the truth about her. SO, IS THIS TRUE ABOUT HER? Is Susie bad, stupid, and dull? Over time SHE thinks so. Her DAD also thinks so. BUT, IS IT TRUE? NO, it is simply a mental construct created through conditioning and repetitive programming. They are simply opinions (beliefs). They are illusory. They are not real. Would it matter if Susie thought she was good, smart, and funny? No, it's still a creation of her mind. It doesn't make it true! YOU are not your personality. What is the YOU that you think you are? 2) Ok, fine, Im my body, my Soul, my mind. Yes, YOU have a body. Theres no denying that. However, your body is autonomous. It can function on its own. It doesnt need a YOU to breathe, supply oxygen to the brain, etc. Besides, is the YOU that were trying to locate just a body? Clearly, no. 3) Ok, fine, Im my Soul and my mind. Lets focus on Soul (or Spirit) first. So, let's say that God (or Universe, the Source, the Almighty, Consciousness, etc.) created your Soul. But, why would God create both your Soul and a separate "YOU"? Looking at it logically, YOU cant be both your Soul and "YOU". Really ponder this. Just see the logic and lookLook. We'll come back to the Soul in just a minute.

4) Ok, Im a bit confused, but its still easy to see that I am my mind (consciousness). So, if your mind is YOU, we should be able to define it. So, what is it and where is it? You might say that your mind is a combination of both your thoughts (the what) and your brain (the where). Obviously, your brain is part of your body, so well leave that one alone for now. In any case, most people dont feel like the YOU that were looking for is merely a brain. Now, lets examine thoughts. Here are some questions for you to consider. So, the YOU that were looking for is just a collection of thoughts? So, YOU are a collection of evil thoughts and good thoughts? What about when "YOU" are not thinking any thoughts? Do YOU momentarily cease to exist? What if your thoughts tell you to do something bad to someone or even kill them? If its really YOU, why dont listen to YOU? Where do all those crazy thoughts even come from? Are they the YOU that you think you are? YOU are not your thoughts. What is the YOU that you think you are? There is no "YOU". TAKE 15 MINUTES and PONDER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS

If your Spirit IS YOU, why did it create a separate Spirit called YOU?

If YOUR SOUL inhabits your body, why did it have to create YOU to inhabit it also?

If your Consciousness IS YOU, why did it create another YOU to be Consciousness also?

If God created YOUR SOUL and put it in your body, why did God create another YOU to inhabit your body also?

If your Mind (Consciousness) IS "YOU", why did it create a separate Mind (Consciousness) called "YOU"?

What is the YOU that you think you are? There is no "YOU". TAKE ANOTHER 10 MINUTES and again PONDER the 5 QUESTIONS above

There is no YOU. Sit with it. Ponder it. No need to meditate on it. Dont force it. Just see it for what it is. Let it settle. Let it simmer. Let it take hold. Surrender to it. There is no YOU. See it. Look at it. Focus. Just look.THERE IS NO YOU.......... LookSee itLOOK..........

SINCE THIS IS TRUTH, THIS CAN BE SHOWN MATHEMATICALLY Look at it like a mathematical equation. Youre saying in essence that there's my Soul and there's "me" (and they both combine to make "me"). So, the Equation looks like this:

YOU Your Soul = YOU. In mathematics, you CANCEL OUT TWO IDENTICAL TERMS on opposite sides of the equation. Therefore, the Equation: YOU Your Soul = YOU CAN BE REDUCED DOWN by canceling out like terms (both the YOUs). YOU Your Soul = YOU The Equation now becomes simply: Your Soul THERE IS NO YOU! The YOU that you thought was "YOU" is an illusion. YOU are a mental construct. "YOU" are a figment of your imagination. "YOU" are a fictional EGO-self (the illusory self). "YOU" simply don't exist. There is no YOU in the equation. Ponder this. Take your time. Really work it out in your mind. Its TRUTH. It is right there in front of you. ITS SIMPLE MATHEMATICS. EQUATION #1 YOU Spirit = YOU CAN BE REDUCED DOWN by canceling out like terms (both the YOUs). The Equation now becomes simply: Spirit EQUATION #2 YOU Consciousness = YOU" CAN BE REDUCED DOWN by canceling out like terms (both the YOUs).

The Equation now becomes simply: Consciousness EQUATION #3 YOU Spirit Body = YOU CAN BE REDUCED DOWN by canceling out like terms (both the YOUs). The Equation now becomes simply: Spirit and Body

EQUATION #4 YOU Feelings = YOU CAN BE REDUCED DOWN by canceling out like terms (both the YOUs). The Equation now becomes simply: Feelings EQUATION #5 YOU Thoughts = YOU CAN BE REDUCED DOWN by canceling out like terms (both the YOUs). The Equation now becomes simply: Thoughts A "YOU" is not required in these equations in order to be true. A 'YOU" is not required for ANY equation that you can come up with. This is a mathematical certainty. What is the YOU that you think you are? THERE IS NO "YOU". ***Take your time and PONDER the above for several minutes***

If the experience still hasnt taken hold, you may be asking yourself: I am aware that I am at my computer right now thinking about all this. If there is no me, then who is aware of me sitting here and thinking? I am able to observe everything that is going on around me. If there is no me, then who is able to observe everything? "I am conscious of looking at this webpage right now and feeling confused. If there is no "me", then who is conscious of looking at this and feeling confused?" I am aware.. "I" am able to observe.. "I" am conscious...... What is the "I" that is being referred to? Awareness exists. Observation exists. Consciousness exists. However, they are not "yours". They just are. Awareness, observation, consciousness, etc. don't require an "I" to exist. They can exist without the mental construction "I". The mind tries to connect awareness, observation, consciousness, etc. to "something" tangible. So, it creates a separate "I" to make sense of things. If you really LOOK, you will not be able to find an "I" that is behind "your" awareness, "your" observation, and "your" consciousness. The thing you think of as "I" does not exist. There is no "I".

Seek it out for your selftry to find it.do the searching. You wont be able to find an I because there is nothing to find. TEST THIS FOR YOURSELF.
What is the YOU that you think you are? THERE IS NO "YOU". "And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free." -Jesus Do not be afraid of this This is a wonderful Truth. You will see more and feel more later on. If the experience hasn't "hit" yet, just let it go for now. Dont worry. Come back to it later and do more pondering over it. Really think about it.

After that, if it still isnt taking hold, contact me at info@no-self.com . Anyone can have this experience if he or she really wants it. Let me know when you've had the experience. Love to you. In Grateful Service to the I AM, -moretocome
"The Truth is always simple; it is the lie that is complex."

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