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INTRODUCTION JR403-E The JR403-£ otherwise known as the ELECTROMATIC is curently found in 1988 and up GMC Titmaster Trucks, Isuzu Trucks, Nissan Diesel Trucks, Mazda Trucks and Mitsubishi Trucks. This electronic controlled transmission is similar in design to that of an RE4ROTA found in Nissan Pathfinders, 240SX and 300ZX vehicles, but on a much larger scale. The information contained in this manual was compiled from GMC and ISUZU factory repair manuals. The JR403-E transmission is fully computer contiolled Consisting shift solenoids, a line pressure solenoid, a converter clutch solenoid, a overrun clutch solenoid and a fiuid temperature switch, There is buitt into the vehicle a self diagnostic test to aid in diagnosing electrical Problems which this manual contains. This manual also includes fluid pressure testing and an ‘exhaustive disassembly and reassembly section "Portions of material contained herein have been reprinted with the permission of General Motors Corp., Service Technology Group." The information and part numbers contained in this booklet have been compiled from industry sources known for their reliability, but ATSG does not guarantee its accuracy. ROBERT D. CHERRNAY ‘TECHNICAL DIRECTOR ED KRUSE DALE ENGLAND TECHNICAL CONSULTANT FIELD SERVICE CONSULTANT FRANK MIETUS WAYNE COLONNA TECHNICAL CONSULTANT TECHNICAL SUPERVISOR JIM DIAL PETE LUBAN TECHNICAL CONSULTANT TECHNICAL CONSULTANT AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE GROUP 9200 S. DADELAND BLVD. SUITE 720 MIAMI, FL 33156 (305) 670-4164 INDEX (ON ELECTROMATIC JR403-E ‘SELF DIAGNOSIS AND CODE RETRIEVAL CHECK BALL, ORIFICE AND FILTER LOCATIO! UNIT REASSEMBLY... NO AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE GROUP 9200 S. DADELAND BLVD. STE 720 MIAMI, FLORIDA 33156 (305) 670-4161 ATSG Technical Service Information SELF DIAGNOSIS AND CODE RETRIEVAL 1988 VEHICLES: The instrument panel ECONOMY light functions as a pattern monitor lamp during self diagnosis (See Figure 1). Turn the ignition to the ON" position (The Economy Switch can be in elther the ECONOMY or NORMAL mode). The pattern monitor lamp will begin to blink rapidly indicating that an electrical problem does exist. If there were no problems detected, the light will ona Panera ranie ore Sway Pine Figure 1 Figurez Retrieving Codes: If the pattern monitor lamp (economy indicator light). flashes to indicate that an electrical problem has been detected, follow the self diagnosis steps in Figure 3 to obtain the 1, TURN THE IGNITION OFF. 2. PLACE THE SELECTOR LEVER INTO THE “D* POSITION. 3. PLACE THE ECONOMY DRIVE SWITCH TO THE "NORMAL" POSITION. 4, TURN THE IGNITION SWITCH TO THE "ON" POSITION. 5. PLACE THE SELECTOR INTO THE *2" RANGE. 6. PLACE THE ECONOMY DRIVE SWITCH TO THE *ECONOMY’ POSITION. 7. PLACE THE SELECTOR LEVER INTO THE "1* RANGE. 8, PLACE THE ECONOMY DRIVE SWITCH TO THE "NORMAL" POSITION. 9. DEPRESS THE ACCELERATOR PEDAL TO THE FLOOR AND RELEASE. Figure 3 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE GROUP 3