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2012 5772

Dedications 4
Letters 6
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Seniors 49
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& Activities 101
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Dedications 4 masmid 2012
The Yeshiva College and Syms School of Business
Class of 2012 would like to acknowledge and thank
Mr. David Himber
Dean of Students
for all of his hard work throughout his years here at YU. His
unique approach and desire to under stand and appreciate
each and every student as an individual is captured in the
following sentiment, in which he is a great believer:
All kids are gifted; some just open their
packages earlier than others.
His dedication to enhancing the University and bringing
a special touch to the everyday lives of its students will
truly be missed.
We wish you much success in the future and whatever it
may hold for you. Please keep in touch,
and enjoy the ride! ;)
5 Dedications masmid 2012
Te Sifra on Parashat Be-Hukkotai cites the well-known
idea that kol Yisrael arevim zeh la-zehall of Israel is
responsible for one another. Rashi famously references
a later portion of this Midrash as the Benei Yisrael are
about to receive the Torah at Har Sinai: ke-ish ehad, be-lev
ehadas one person with one heart. Te Israelites who
had lef Egypt had just witnessed and experienced the
great miracles of Hashem and had become a nation. Inter-
estingly, however, the concept of nationhood in the sense
of arevut was only formulated at Har Sinai, the moment
before the Israelites were to receive the Torah, afer they
had been slaves and Hashem had taken them out of Egypt.
What was it, then, that changed at that moment?
Te answer, I think, lies in an additional source in the
Mekhilta on Parashat Va-Yikra, which explains that at that
very moment, right before Mattan Torah, the Israelites
chose to become responsible for one another, to help one
another in fulflling the mitzvot and to keep each other from
going astray. Tey became a true community.
Graduation is ofen referred to as a bittersweet experi-
ence, a milestone that is both joyous and solemn simulta-
neously. It is full of joyous emotion as we throw our caps
up into the air, celebrating our accomplishments with a
grin of satisfaction. Yet, at the same time, it can be over-
whelming, demanding action and thought as we progress
into the next stage of our lives.
When I think about moving on in life, to life afer Yeshiva
University, I cannot help but think about the demands that
the future will hold and how I will have to take charge of
and tackle them. But then I also think of the friends, teach-
ers, administrators, professors, and fellow students with
whom I have established very close relationships. I think
of the shared experiences and the bonds that were created
through those experiences and interactions. I think of the
skills we honed and developed, the knowledge we gained,
the friendships we made. I am relieved. I realize that I am
not in this alone; that we are, rather, all in it together. We
are all arevim zeh la-zeh. We will all help each other in
fulflling our goals and lifelong dreams as we go out into
the world, armed with perhaps the most powerful weapon
of all: each other.
Tis yearbook series, the Masmid, has served genera-
tions of YU graduates, including some of our parents and
even grandparents, as a collection of their memories of
yore from their time in this unique institution. Tat history
alone is testimony to the connections not only amongst
the members of our graduating class, but to those preced-
ing us and those following us, as well. Te pages of our
yearbook contain within them not only our own stories,
but those of our classmates and friends. Flipping through
it, you will be amazed at the number of people who shared
this very same journey with you. You will recognize your
best friends, as well as that guy who held the door open for
you when you were carrying your Gemara, 750-page His-
tory textbook, and Shakespeare anthology. You will realize
that the network of friends and acquaintances who have
helped you and will help you in the futurethe commu-
nity of which we are all a partis something unforgettable.
And that brings me to acknowledgements. Tis proj-
ect and fnished product could not have been carried out
without the help and support of many individuals and
groups. First, I would like to thank the Yeshiva Student
Union, Student Organization of Yeshiva-Jewish Studies
Council, Yeshiva College Student Association, and Syms
School of Business Student Council for all of their fnancial
support, as well as all of the parents, families, and friends
of graduates who purchased advertisements in the back of
this book, thereby allowing us to publish. An additional
acknowledgement goes to the Ofce of Communications
and Public Afairs and the Athletics Ofce for providing us
with many of the photographs of YU staf and faculty, as
well as of our sports teams. I would also like to thank each
and every one of you, my fellow graduates, for your enthu-
siasm and support in making sure this yearbook would
happen, especially the Club Heads and other student lead-
ers who submitted written work and photographs for our
use. Finally, I would like to thank the rest of my yearbook
staf, who devoted themselves and their creative minds
to this fnished product (Raf, you are a genius). I owe a
special thank-you and great deal of gratitude to my fellow
editor, Shaul Seidler-Feller, without whose eforts this
project would never have gotten of the ground. Although
a member of the Class of 2011, Shaul dedicated himself to
ensuring that every detail of this yearbook would be taken
care of from start to fnishthe real fuel behind the scenes.
I hope that you enjoy this yearbook as much as I do and
that you come back to it many times in the future, not only
to look back at your amazing time here during those spe-
cial nostalgic moments, but also to look towards the future
with the rest of your classmates who will accompany you
throughout your lives.
Moshe Peters
Assistant Editor, Masmid 2012
May 2012 / Iyyar 5772
Te Heights Lounge, New York
Letters 6 masmid 2012
7 Letters masmid 2012


May 24, 2012

Dear Friends:

Please accept my sincerest greeting as the class of 2012 celebrates its graduation from
Yeshiva University.

Graduation brings your undergraduate experience to an end, but it is also the beginning of
a new journey for each of you. This very important journey will help shape the rest of your
lives, and during this journey, learning should continue to be the key focus. As students you
were fortunate to receive Yeshiva Universitys gift of the finest contemporary academic
education with the timeless teachings of Torah. As an institution with a strong commitment to
providing a high quality education, YU also takes pride in guiding its students in Jewish faith
and traditions serving as an institution of Torah, Mesorah, and Midos. In an era where our
youth need our guidance more than ever, YU plays a critical role in guiding the next generation
onto the derech yashor. Under the guidance of President Richard Joel, as well as the entire
faculty, this years graduates can be proud of their accomplishments.

As a proud graduate of Yeshiva University, I wish each and every graduate a successful
and blessed future. You are fortunate to have such an outstanding institution that has faithfully
served the Jewish community. Everyone associated with the school should be proud of the
schools record of achievement over the past century.

I am pleased to have this opportunity to congratulate the 2012 graduating class for a job
well done.


Letters 8 masmid 2012
NE W YO R K , NY 1 0 0 0 7
May 2012
Dear Students:
Congratulations on your graduation from Yeshiva University. Together with your
outstanding teachers, family, and friends, I am happy to applaud you on this tremendous
No matter what path your careers take, remember that the harder you work, the luckier
you will be. Take risks, and always keep learning. Most importantly, be sure to give back and
help build a better world. Together, we all have a responsibility to do just that, and I look
forward to all of you getting the most out of your abilities in the years ahead.
On behalf of New York City, congratulations again, and best wishes for continued
success in everything you do.

Michael R. Bloomberg
9 Letters masmid 2012

The President
500 West 185th Street
Belfer Hall 1200
New York, NY 10033
P: 212 960 5300
F: 212 960 0016
May 24, 2012
Dear Students of the Class of 5772/2012,
Congratulations on having completed your undergraduate experience! With the help of our
phenomenal faculty and rabbeim, you have owned your Torah Umadda education, growing
academically and spiritually. You have created incredible experiences and accomplished so much,
both within our institution and in the larger community. It has been our pleasure to work with you,
teach you, and most of all learn from you.
As you complete your last exams and papers, conclude your final courses and shiurim, and thank
your dedicated professors and rabbeim, remember that Commencement does not mean a close to
our relationship with you; rather it is the opening of a new chapter. As the word commencement
suggests, you are now beginning a new stage in your life and a new relationship with YU as a
valued alumnus. We hope you continue to engage with the institution through YUTorah.org, our
Sunday morning learning programs, our frequent Yemei Iyun, and our exceptional alumni
programming. This year saw a renewal of YU Homecoming, a wonderful event that allows us to
keep in touch with you, our proud alumni. You have helped to make Yeshiva University a unique
institution your experience has and will continue to exemplify our slogan of "Nowhere But
Here," and we hope you continue to take advantage of the many exciting opportunities that this
slogan represents.
As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, Intelligence plus character that is the goal of
education. Interacting with you over the years, I am filled with pride to see how ennobled and
enabled you have become to see that you have grasped and fulfilled this definition of an
educated person as one fluent in the discourses of the world and imbued with morals and values.
Wherever your lifes journey takes you, always utilize the tools that you acquired at Yeshiva
University to brighten our future and spread the message of the inspiring Jewish story. Though we
will miss your presence on campus as students, we look forward to further engaging with you as
the next leaders of the Jewish people.
Richard M. Joel
President and Bravman Family University Professor
Letters 10 masmid 2012
11 Letters masmid 2012
Letters 12 masmid 2012
13 Letters masmid 2012
& Staff
Administration, Faculty, & Staff 16 masmid 2012
Upper Administration
Rabbi Zevulun Charlop
Dean Emeritus and Special
Advisor on Yeshiva Afairs
Mr. Richard Joel
Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm
and Rosh HaYeshiva
Rabbi Kenneth Brander
David Mitzner Dean,
Center for the Jewish Future
Dr. Herbert Dobrinsky
Vice President
for University Afairs
Mr. Daniel T. Forman
Vice President
for Institutional Advancement
Mr. J. Michael Gower
Vice President
for Business Afairs
and CFO
Rabbi Josh Joseph
Vice President
and Chief of Staf
Mr. Andrew J. Lauer
Vice President for Legal Afairs,
and General Counsel
Dr. Morton Lowengrub
and Senior Vice President
for Academic Afairs
Mr. Marc Milstein
Vice President
for Information Technology
and CIO
17 Administration, Faculty, & Staff masmid 2012
Mr. Jefrey Rosengarten
Vice President
for Administrative Services
Mr. Michael Scagnoli
Executive Director of Commu-
nications and Public Afairs
Dr. Lawrence H. Schifman
Vice Provost
for Undergraduate Education
Dr. Allen M. Spiegel
Vice President
for Medical Afairs
Not Pictured: Ms. Yvonne Ramirez (Chief Human Resources Ofcer)
Administration, Faculty, & Staff 18 masmid 2012
Judaic Studies Administration
Rabbi Chaim Bronstein
Mr. Chad Hopkovitz
Assistant Director,
Mechinah Program:
James Striar School
Rabbi Daniel Rapp
Associate Dean,
Isaac Breuer College and
Stone Beit Midrash Program
Rabbi Yona Reiss
Rabbi Yosef Kalinsky
Assistant Dean,
Isaac Breuer College and
Stone Beit Midrash Program
Rabbi Yonason Shippel
Mechinah Program:
James Striar School
Rabbi Ezra Schwartz
19 Administration, Faculty, & Staff masmid 2012
Mechinah Program: James Striar School
Rabby Ely Allen

Rabbi Shmuel Goldin

Rabbi Reuven Fink

Rabbi Avidan Elkin

Prof. Tova Lichtman

Rabbi Etan M. Berman

Rabbi Yitzchok Liberman

Rabbi Uri Orlian

Rabbi Netanel Wiederblank

Rabbi Benjamin Yudin Rabbi Zev Reichman

Rabbi Yehuda Willig

Not Pictured: Rabbi Benny Rofeh, Rabbi Dr. Nisson Shulman, Prof. Harvey Sober
Administration, Faculty, & Staff 20 masmid 2012
Rabbi Dr. Meir Fulda

Rabbi Shmuel Goldin

Rabbi Benjamin Blech

Prof. Hanoch Dubitsky

Rabbi Marc Dratch

Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Rabbi Yosef Kalinsky

Rabbi Ari Jacobson

Rabbi Dr. J. Mitchell Orlian Rabbi Zvi Romm

Rabbi Dr.
Bernard Rosensweig

Prof. Tova Lichtman

Rabbi Michael Shmidman

21 Administration, Faculty, & Staff masmid 2012
Rabbi Meir Goldwicht Rabbi Shmuel Marcus
Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash Program
Rabbi Dr. Nisson Shulman

Prof. Harvey Sober

Rabbi Shmuel Maybruch
Rabbi Netanel Wiederblank

Rabbi Daniel Rapp Rabbi Yaakov Werblowsky Rabbi Yehuda Willig
Not Pictured: Prof. Malka Danishefsky, Rabbi Reuven Fink, Rabbi Meir Goldwicht,
Dr. Zvi Kaplan, Rabbi Allen Schwartz
Not Pictured: Rabbi Avraham Sarfaty
Administration, Faculty, & Staff 22 masmid 2012
Rabbi Elchanan Adler
Rabbi Meir Goldwicht
Rabbi Eliakim Koenigsberg
Rabbi Daniel Z. Feldman
Rabbi Aharon Kahn
Rabbi Michael Rosensweig
Rabbi Yitzchok Cohen
Rabbi Dr. David Horwitz
Rabbi Herschel Reichman
Rabbi Eliyahu Ben-Haim
Rabbi David Hirsch
Rabbi Yaakov Neuberger
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
23 Administration, Faculty, & Staff masmid 2012
Rabbi Yonason Sacks
Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky
Rabbi Baruch Simon
Rabbi Mayer Twersky
Rabbi Gershon Yankelewitz
Rabbi Eliahu B. Shulman
Rabbi Dr. Moshe D.
Rabbi Mordechai Willig
Rabbi Hershel Schachter
Rabbi Daniel Stein
Rabbi Dr. Jeremy Wieder
Administration, Faculty, & Staff 24 masmid 2012
Rabbi Asher Leshem
Rabbi Chaim Packer
Rabbi Gedalyah Berger Rabbi Zvi Harari
Rabbi David Pahmer
Rabbi Shmuel Hain
Rabbi Chaim Yanetz Rabbi Yechiel Weiner
Rabbi Michoel Zylberman Rabbi Mayer Twersky
Rabbi Ari Zahtz Rabbi Yaakov Werblowsky
Masmidim Honors Program
Shoalim Umeshivim
25 Administration, Faculty, & Staff masmid 2012
Yeshiva College Administration
Dr. Barry L. Eichler
Dr. Fredric Sugarman
Associate Dean
of Student Afairs
Dr. Raji Viswanathan
Associate Dean
of Academic Afairs
Administration, Faculty, & Staff 26 masmid 2012
Dr. Daniel Beliavsky Dr. Christopher Buchenholz
Prof. Lin Snider
Prof. Carla Aurich
Dr. Noyes Bartholomew
Dr. Eric Goldman
Prof. Paul Glassman
Art, Music, Theater, and Film
Theater and Film
Not Pictured: Prof. Cris Cristofaro (Art), Prof. Jack McGrath (Art), Prof. Jonathan Schapiro (Music)
27 Administration, Faculty, & Staff masmid 2012
Not Pictured: Dr. Sondra Solomon
Dr. Neer Asherie Dr. Zoran Budimilija
Dr. Alexander Kushner
Dr. Josefa Steinhauer
Dr. Sumanta Goswami
Dr. Carl Feit
Dr. Barry Potvin
Dr. Vincent J. Chiapetta
Dr. Yakov Peter
Rabbi Dr. Moshe D.
Administration, Faculty, & Staff 28 masmid 2012
Not Pictured: Dr. Suzanne Charnick, Dr. Lora Danley, Dr. Teresa Jacques, Prof. Rachel Tundel
Dr. Fabiola
Dr. Kevin Kolack
Dr. Rosalyn Strauss
Dr. Jianfeng Jiang
Mr. Joshua Ishal
Dr. Lance D. Silverman
Dr. James Camara
Dr. Michael Machczynski
Dr. Raji Viswanathan
29 Administration, Faculty, & Staff masmid 2012
Not Pictured: Prof. Karen David, Prof. Irina Kisina, Prof. Yan Qin, Prof. Edward Steinberg
Dr. Omer Acikgoz
Dr. James A. Kahn
Prof. Patrycja Grzelonska
Dr. Mehmet Sencicek Dr. Ran Shao
Dr. Elias Grivoyannis Dr. Alessandro Citanna
Dr. James Otteson
Administration, Faculty, & Staff 30 masmid 2012
Not Pictured: Prof. Johanna Lane, Dr. Elizabeth Stewart
Dr. Lane Anderson
Dr. Joanne Jacobson
Dr. Richard L. Nochimson
Dr. Will Lee Dr. Christopher McGahan
Dr. Lauren Fitzgerald Dr. Paula Geyh
Dr. Adam Z. Newton
Dr. Barbara Blatner
Dr. David Lavinsky
Prof. Liesl Schwabe Dr. Hugh Sheehy
31 Administration, Faculty, & Staff masmid 2012
Dr. Douglas Burgess
Dr. Reeva Simon Dr. Joshua Zimmerman
Dr. Hadassa Kosak
Dr. Gillian Steinberg
Dr. Ellen Schrecker
Dr. Manfred Weidhorn
Dr. Jefrey Freedman
Dr. Norma Silbermintz
Dr. William Stenhouse
Administration, Faculty, & Staff 32 masmid 2012
Rabbi Shalom Carmy
Dr. Jill Citron Katz
Dr. Yaakov Elman Dr. Shalom E. Holtz
Dr. Elazar Hurvitz
Dr. Barry L. Eichler
Dr. Aaron Koller Dr. Ari Mermelstein
The Robert M. Beren
Department of Jewish Studies
Rabbi Hayyim Angel Dr. Shawn Zelig Aster Dr. Moshe J. Bernstein Dr. Joseph Angel
33 Administration, Faculty, & Staff masmid 2012
Not Pictured: Prof. Malka Danishefsky, Prof. Chaya Glaser, Prof. Sarah Kasher-Bendet,
Prof. Hannah Kleinman, Rabbi Dr. J. Mitchell Orlian, Prof. Aliza Schacter
Prof. Hanoch Dubitsky
Rabbi Dr. J. Mitchell
Prof. Tova Lichtman
Prof. Avital Fuss
Rabbi Dr. Jeremy Wieder
Prof. Efrat Grossman
Prof. Rachel Kra-Schaum
Rabbi Ezra Frazer
Rabbi Allen Schwartz
Dr. Samuel Schneider
Administration, Faculty, & Staff 34 masmid 2012
Prof. Yair Shahak Prof. Sigal Shalom Prof. Liora Haibi
Jewish History
Dr. Joseph Angel
Rabbi Dr. David Horwitz
Dr. Moshe J. Bernstein
Dr. Steven Fine
Dr. David Berger
Dr. Debra Kaplan
Not Pictured: Rabbi Shalom Carmy, Dr. Chaviva Levin
35 Administration, Faculty, & Staff masmid 2012
Dr. Ronnie Perelis
Jewish Thought
Rabbi Shalom Carmy Rabbi Dr. David Horwitz
Dr. Jess Olson
Rabbi Dr. Meir
Dr. Jonathan Dauber
Dr. Ari Mermelstein
Rabbi Dr. Bernard
Dr. Joshua Karlip
Rabbi Dr. Jacob J.
Administration, Faculty, & Staff 36 masmid 2012
Dr. Itay Zutra
Dr. Louis Feldman
Dr. Richard White
Prof. Matthew Udkovich
Prof. Marcelo Broitman
Dr. Rachel Mesch
Prof. Graciela
Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Not Pictured: Prof. Angelo Scipioni (Classics)
37 Administration, Faculty, & Staff masmid 2012
The Department of Mathematical Sciences
Dr. Kira Adaricheva
Dr. Antonella Marini
Dr. Amish Khalfan Dr. Arnold Lebow
Dr. Wenxiong Chen Dr. Andreas H. Hamel
Dr. Morton Lowengrub
Dr. Michael Breban
Dr. Van E. Kelly
Dr. Tomas H. Otway
Dr. Yuxi Zheng
Not Pictured: Prof. Suiping Feng, Prof. Sigmund Handelman, Prof. Wailun Lam,
Prof. Baruch Lane, Dr. Marina Langlois, Dr. Kyungwoo Song, Prof. Jesse Wolf
Administration, Faculty, & Staff 38 masmid 2012
Physical Education
Dr. James Otteson
Mr. Joe Bednarsh
Dr. Sol Roth
Mr. l-Ad Eliovson
Rabbi Shalom Carmy Dr. David Johnson
Dr. Daniel Rynhold
Mr. Nicholas Fazio
Dr. Linda Brown
39 Administration, Faculty, & Staff masmid 2012
Dr. Fredy Zypman
Dr. Amish Khalfan
Dr. Marc Bastuscheck
Mr. Dmitry Krupp
Dr. Sergey Buldyrev
Mr. Stanley Watson
Dr. Eli Lansey
Dr. Neer Asherie Dr. Gabriel Cwilich
Dr. Jonathan Halpert
Not Pictured: Mr. Levy Amar, Mr. Freddy Cheng, Mr. Neil Ellman, Mr. Tony Elmore,
Mr. Logan Mauzy, Mr. Jef Menaker, Mr. Solomon Nadaf, Mr. Peter Rosas, Mr. Arnold Ross
Not Pictured: Prof. Evgeny E. Kamenetskiy, Mr. Israel Mandel, Dr. Sheldon Rosenberg
Administration, Faculty, & Staff 40 masmid 2012
Political Science
Dr. Ruth Bevan
Dr. Ben Epstein Dr. Evan Resnick Dr. Bryan Daves
Dr. Norman T. Adler
Dr. Bruno Galantucci
Dr. Gabriel Cwilich
Dr. Edward Hofman
Dr. Regine Galanti
Dr. Jenny Isaacs
Dr. Anna-Lisa Cohen
Dr. Stephen Glicksman
41 Administration, Faculty, & Staff masmid 2012
Dr. Silke Aisenbrey Dr. Yakov Lowinger Dr. Mareleyn Schneider
Dr. Ariel Malka Dr. Ira Saiger Dr. Eliezer Schnall Dr. Andrew Gareth
Not Pictured: Dr. Maria W. Van Ryn
Administration, Faculty, & Staff 42 masmid 2012
Syms School of Business Administration
Dr. Avi Giloni
Associate Dean
Dr. Brian Maruf
Director of the Ira Rennert
Center for Entrepreneurship
Dr. Moses Pava
Dr. Steven M. Nissenfeld
Director of the Center for
Executive and Professional
Prof. Michael Strauss
Associate Dean
Not Pictured: Prof. Margie Martin (Associate Director of the MS in Accounting and Executive MBA
Programs), Prof. Jesse K. Rosen (Director of Undergraduate Student Learning Assessment)
43 Administration, Faculty, & Staff masmid 2012
Not Pictured: Prof. Constance J. Crawford
Not Pictured: Dr. Xiaojun He, Dr. Abraham Ravid
Dr. Joel Hochman Dr. Robert Greenberg Prof. David Kahn
Dr. Murugappa Krishnan
Dr. Joshua Krausz
Area Head
Dr. Joseph Kerstein
Program Director, MS in Accounting
Dr. Martin Leibowitz
Prof. Sidney Mehl
Dr. Aliza Rotenstein Dr. Moses Pava
Area Head
Dr. Kiseok Nam
Administration, Faculty, & Staff 44 masmid 2012
Not Pictured: Prof. Kevin Brabazon, Prof. Jesse Rosen
Information and Decision Sciences
Dr. Shu Han Dr. Avi Giloni
Area Head
Dr. Yasar Levent Kocaga
Prof. Yitzchak Rosenthal
Prof. Galit Ben-Joseph
Dr. Robert Zwick
Dr. Ariel Fishman Prof. Charlie Harary
Prof. Claire Zakheim
Dr. Brian Maruf
45 Administration, Faculty, & Staff masmid 2012
Not Pictured: Dr. Frederick Palumbo (Area Head)
Not Pictured: Dr. Myles I. Bassell, Dr. Frederick Palumbo (Area Head), Prof. Robert Tufs
Dr. Tamar Avnet
Dr. Steven Nissenfeld
Dr. Jesse Itzkowitz
Prof. Stuart Verstandig Prof. Michael Strauss
Dr. Daniel Laufer
Administration, Faculty, & Staff 46 masmid 2012
Office of Student Life
Rabbi Josh Blass
Rabbi Shmuel Maybruch
Rabbi Eric Goldman
Rabbi Uri Orlian
Rabbi Yosef Blau
Senior Mashgiach Ruchani
Rabbi Ely Bacon
Rabbi Yissachar Krakowski
Rabbi Dovid Miller
Mashgiach Ruchani
Sganei Mashgichim
47 Administration, Faculty, & Staff masmid 2012
Office of University Housing
and Residence Life
Mr. Hezzy Jesin
Wilf Campus Co-Director
Ms. Linda Stone
Administrative Manager
Mr. Jonathan I. Mantell
Dr. Victor Schwartz
University Dean of Students
Ms. Sonia Villar
Mr. David Himber
Dean of Students
Mr. Marc Spear
Senior Director
Mr. Sean J. Hirschhorn
Not Pictured: Mr. Tani Cohn (Wilf Campus Co-Director), Ms. Allison Simon (Presidential Fellow)
Seniors 50 masmid 2012
Lawrence (Laizer) Albert
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Economics
Jared Astandig
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Jewish Studies and Psychology
Fencing Team (20102012)
Joshua Abramowitz
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Syms School of Business, Accounting
Business Management Club (Secretary/Treasurer), H2H Peer

51 Seniors masmid 2012
Moise Antabi
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Syms School of Business, Management
Joseph Antabi
Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash Program
Syms School of Business, Finance
Ezra (Eddie) Ashkenazie
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Jewish Studies
Tennis Team (Co-Captain), Student Academic Afairs Committee
What is not started today is never fnished tomorrow.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Seniors 52 masmid 2012
Bezalel Bacon
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Biology and Chemistry
Chemistry Club, USRP, Active Minds at YU (President), Masmid
(Staf Writer)
You cant depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.
Mark Twain
Mosheh Aziz
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Psychology
Sephardic Club (Vice President, 20102012), Sephardic Bet Midrash
Some days there wont be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.
Emory Austin
Moshe Azizollahoff
53 Seniors masmid 2012
Jonathan Belolo
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Yeshiva College, Psychology
Alpha Epsilon Pi (Scribe, President), I.C.E. Undergraduate Research
Contest (1st place), Possibilities Club, Psychology Club
Life moves pretty fast. If you dont stop and look around once in a
while, you could miss it.
Ferris Bueller (Ferris Buellers Day Of)
Yonatan Bardash
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Economics (Pre-Medical)
Alpha Epsilon Delta, Deans List, YU Student Court Justice, YU
Cycling Club (President)
You have enemies? Good. Tat means youve stood up for something,
sometime in your life.
Winston Churchill
Jeremy Bari
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Syms School of Business, Accounting
Seniors 54 masmid 2012
Adam Berns
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Yeshiva College, Biology
Do not pass by the oasis without stopping to drink.
Otto Gross (A Dangerous Method)
David Bernstein
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Biology
Golf Team (Co-Captain), Philosophy Club, YU Hockey Intramurals
(League Commisioner)
In vain have you acquired knowledge if you do not impart knowledge
to others.
Devarim Rabbah 2
K. Daniel Berman
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Economics and History
History Club (President, 20102011)
But in choosing between social arrangements within the context of
which individual decisions are made, we have to bear in mind that a
change in the existing system which will lead to an improvement in
some decisions may well lead to a worsening of others.
Robert Coase
55 Seniors masmid 2012
Gilad Besterman
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Syms School of Business, Accounting
IBC President (20112012)
Life is a gamble.
Gilad Besterman
Jesse Bernstein
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Syms School of Business, Finance
Syms Investment Club (President), Syms Business Law Club
Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and
remove all doubt.
Abraham Lincoln
Samuel Bienenfeld
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Syms School of Business, Finance
Finance Club (President, 20112012), Hatzalah of Washington
Heights (2010-present), Rose Rachel and Lewis Siegel Memorial
Award for Excellence in Talmud (2011), SSB Deans Award for Ser-
vice and Character (2011)
Life is not a search for happiness. Happiness is a by-product of living
the right kind of a life, of doing the right thing.
Seniors 56 masmid 2012
Ariel Caplan
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Biology
Kol Hamevaser (Associate Editor, 20112012; Staf Writer, 2010
2011), Tursday Night Nash (President, 20102012)
Benjamin Blumenthal
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Syms School of Business, Finance
SYMSSC President (20112012), CJF Student Ambassador, YUTeach,
YUPAC, J. Dunner Political Science Society, AIPAC, SYMS Peer
Natan Brownstein

57 Seniors masmid 2012
Michael Cohen
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Syms School of Business, Finance
Hazzanut Club (President)
Brian Cohen
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Syms School of Business, Accounting, Finance, and Mathematics
Yeshiva College Dramatics Society (Treasurer), Investment Club
(Vice President), SYMS Peer Tutoring, Deans List
Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no
path and leave a trail.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Meir Cohen
Mazer Yeshiva Program
Yeshiva College, Psychology
Seniors 58 masmid 2012
Ariel Di Segni
Mazer Yeshiva Program
Yeshiva College, Computer Science
Dan Blaze Elbaze
Mechinah Program: James Striar School
Syms School of Business, Management
Soccer Team (Captain)
Isaac Dayan
Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash Program
Syms School of Business, Accounting
Te Seforim Sale (CFO), SYMS Peer Tutoring, Fencing Team,
SBMP President (Fall 2011), NYSSCPA 2011 Excellence in Account-
ing Scholarship, Deans List

59 Seniors masmid 2012
Adam Elkins
Mazer Yeshiva Program
Yeshiva College, History
Te Seforim Sale (20102012)
We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.
Randy Pausch (Te Last Lecture)
David Elkaim
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Yeshiva College, Economics and Mathematics (Pre-Engineering)
Soccer Team, Yeshiva College Dramatics Society
Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that
can be counted counts.
Albert Einstein
Daniel Elsant
Mazer Yeshiva Program
Yeshiva College, Mathematics
Reb Beard, wheres your Yid?
Te Satmar Rebbe
Seniors 60 masmid 2012
Joshua Geller
Mechinah Program: James Striar School
Syms School of Business, Marketing
Quest Fellow (20102011), AIPAC Friedman Scholar Recipient
(2011), YUPAC (Campus Legislative Coordinator)
In a place where there are no leaders, strive to be a leader.
Avot 2:5
Shimon Farber
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Biology
Medical Ethics Society (Vice President), Chemistry Club, YU Lit-
eracy Program, Debate Society
Dont be afraid to go out on a limb. Tats where the fruit is.
H. Jackson Browne
Marc Friedman
Mazer Yeshiva Program
Syms School of Business, Marketing
Student Life Committee (20102011)
61 Seniors masmid 2012
Simon Goldberg
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, History
Student Holocaust Education Movement (Founder and President,
Not in the fight of thought but in the act alone is there freedom.
Dietrich Bonhoefer
Moshe Genet
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Yeshiva College, History
Soldiers in Exile (Co-President)
It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than
our abilities.
Albus Dumbeldore
Eli Gewirtz
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, History
Tennis Team (20112012)
Seniors 62 masmid 2012
Justin Gordon
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Yeshiva College, Economics
Economics Society, Student Holocaust Education Movement,
Soccer Team (Second Year Varsity Award), Volleyball Team, Flag
Football Club (Vice President), Al Pi Darko (Member)
Jonathan Gorelick
Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash Program
Syms School of Business, Management
Tzvi Goldfeder
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Computer Science and Mathematics
63 Seniors masmid 2012
Yosef Gottesman
Mazer Yeshiva Program
Yeshiva College, Mathematics
Yeshiva Masmidim Honors Program, Deans List, Mendel and Sarah
Gottesman Memorial Award for Scholarship, Ethics, and Character
Josh Gottesman
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Political Science
Dovid Halpern
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies; Yeshiva College, Psychology
NCSY Chapter Advisor for Lower Merion, NCSY Regional Advisor Atlantic Sea-
board (20082010), Bnei Akiva Rosh Shevet Hagevurah, Philly Club (Founder),
Bnei Akiva Merakez Snifm for BANY, Bnei Akiva HG, Bnei Akiva HA, Bnei Akiva
50/50 Board Member (20112012), Model UN (Administrative Assistant, 2008
2009; Assistant Chair, 20092010), CTC Model UN (Chair), College EDge (Student
Ambassador, 20102011), SOY-JSC President (20112012), Deans List (20082012)
Quit, dont quit? Noodles, dont noodles? You are too concerned about what
was and what will be. Tere is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a
mystery, but today is a gif. Tat is why it is called the present.
Oogway (Kung Fu Panda)
Seniors 64 masmid 2012
Raphael Herskovits
Irving Hanon
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Psychology
Halichipedia.com Club (20112012), Hockey Intramurals
Elliot Heisler
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Mathematics
Pi Mu Epsilon, YU Literacy Program, Deans List
Be yourself. Who else is better qualifed?
Frank J. Giblin

65 Seniors masmid 2012
Joshua Joseph
Mazer Yeshiva Program
Syms School of Business, Accounting
Te Commentator (Accounting Executive), Investment Club
(Member), Accounting Club
Elisha Hus
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Economics
Samuel Jacob
Seniors 66 masmid 2012
Moshe Karp
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Jewish Studies
Kol Hamevaser (Staf Writer, 20112012)
Alan Katz
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Biology
Basketball Intramurals (Captain, 2009-present), Student Life
Committee (2010-present), Medical Ethics Society (20092010),
Yismichu (20102011)
Life is what you make of it, so make the most of it.
Alan Katz
Ori Kanefsky
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, English and Jewish Studies
67 Seniors masmid 2012
Yitzi Kempe
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Biology
YU Literacy Program (20112012)
Chaim Jason Katz
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Syms School of Business, Marketing
Students Helping Students (President, 20102011), Sports Manage-
ment Club (President, 20102012), Alpha Epsilon Pi (Founder)
Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others
make it happen.
Michael Jordan
Elan Kirshenbaum
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Yeshiva College, Management
Te Executive (Editor, 20102011)
I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I cant accept not
Michael Jordan

Seniors 68 masmid 2012
Ariel Krakowski
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Computer Science
Te Commentator (Staf Writer, 20112012), Kol Hamevaser (Web-
master/Staf Writer, 20102011), CollegeEdge (Webmaster, 2011
2012), Student Life Committee (20092011), Computer Science
Club (20102012), YUWorld, NYTextbooks (20092012)
Education is what remains afer one has forgotten everything he
learned in school.
Albert Einstein
Siavash Kiumehr
David Knoll
Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash Program
Syms School of Business, Marketing
Te Seforim Sale (Director of Marketing), Marketing Club
Being the richest man in the cemetery doesnt matter to me ... Going
to bed at night saying weve done something wonderful ... thats what
matters to me.
Steve Jobs
69 Seniors masmid 2012
Yaakov Lasson
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Psychology
SHINE (Founder)
Te aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than
what to thinkrather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to
think for ourselves, than to load the memory with the thoughts of
other men.
Bill Beattie
Gregory Kupsin
Mechinah Program: James Striar School
Syms School of Business, Finance
Wrestling Team
Ephraim Leiderman
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Chemistry
Tennis Team (20092012; Captain, 20112012), Deans List
Everything has an appointed season, and there is a time for every
matter under the heaven.
Kohelet 3:1

Seniors 70 masmid 2012
Alexander Lerer
Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash Program
Yeshiva College, Economics
Business Club
Asher Levinson
Avi Libman
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Biology
71 Seniors masmid 2012
Michael Litwack
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Syms School of Business, Finance
Golf Team (Captain)
Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.
John Lennon
Kyle Lonn
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Syms School of Business, Accounting
Fencing Team
Daniel Maghen
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Yeshiva College, Biology
Persian Club (President)
Some of the secret joys of living are not found by rushing from point
A to point B, but by inventing some imaginary letters along the way.
Douglas Pagels
Seniors 72 masmid 2012
Ariel Meiri
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Yeshiva College, Biology
Yeshiva College Dramatics Society (Actor, 20082010, 20112012;
Stage Manager, 2011), Professor Abraham Tauber Memorial Award
for Excellence in Speech and Drama (2011)
You pile up enough tomorrows, and youll fnd youre lef with nothing
but a lot of empty yesterdays.
Harold Hill (Te Music Man)
Ephraim Mandel
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Syms School of Business, Management
Te end of the matter, all having been heard: fear God, and keep His
commandments; for this is the whole man.
Kohelet 12:13
Rafi Miller
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Mathematics and Physics
Masmid 2011 (Graphic Design), Masmid 2012 (Layout Editor and
Graphic Design), Te Commentator (Website), Te Beacon (Web-
site), Kol Hamevaser (Website), Yeshiva College Neuroscience Soci-
ety (Website), Te Lamdan (Website), Te William Lowell Putnam
Mathematical Competition, Deans List
What I cannot create, I do not understand.
Richard P. Feynman
73 Seniors masmid 2012
Jonathan Mond
Ari Mirzoeff
Ron Nahshon
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Mathematics
Today we spell redemption R-O-N.
Wes Mantooth (Anchorman)
Seniors 74 masmid 2012
Simon Naon
Jonathan Pasternak
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Philosophy
Yeshiva Masmidim Honors Program
Tey were really 60s parentsthere was if anything a conscious attempt to
not give overt direction. Although of course you end up becoming yourself.
David Foster Wallace
Zachary Peskin
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Political Science

75 Seniors masmid 2012
Moshe Peters
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, English
Deans List, Professor David Fleisher Award for Best Essay on a Literary Sub-
ject (2011), Department of English Writing Contest: Best Essay for a Litera-
ture Elective (2011), Masmid (Assistant Editor), TLN, Kol Hamevaser (Copy-
editor and Staf Writer), Te Commentator, Intramural Basketball (Captain)
To laugh ofen and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the afection of
children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false
friends; to appreciate beauty; to fnd the best in others; to leave the world a bit better,
whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know
even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. Tis is to have succeeded.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Eric Press
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Yeshiva College, Chemistry
Id like to live forever...but only for a little while.
Clif Spab (S.F.W.)
Alexander Rakhman
Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash Program
Yeshiva College, Sociology

Seniors 76 masmid 2012
Steven Ritholtz
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Biology
Golf Team (20102011), Te Commentator (Staf Writer, 20112012)
Only you can control your future.
Dr. Seuss
Dovid Rapps
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Psychology
Daniel Rosen
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Biology
Honors Student Council (Co-Chairman), Te Heights Initiative
(Treasurer), Roth Fellow (Research in Infectious Diseases)
Te brick walls are there for a reason. Te brick walls are not there to
keep us out; the brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how
badly we want something. Te brick walls are there to stop the people
who dont want it badly enough. Tey are there to stop the other people!
Randy Pausch (Te Last Lecture)

77 Seniors masmid 2012
Chaim Rube
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Biology and Mathematics
Curiosity killed Schrdingers cat.
David Roth
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Economics
Jonah Rubin
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Biology
College EDge (Founder and President), Non-Fiction Book Club (Founder
and President), Departmental Organic Chemistry Tutor (20112012), H2H
Peer Mentor (20102012)
Only those who will risk going too far can possibly fnd out how far
one can go.
T.S. Eliot
Seniors 78 masmid 2012
Yehuda Safier
Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash Program
Yeshiva College, Psychology
Resident Advisor, Cross Country Team (20102012), Yeshiva Col-
lege Dramatics Society (Actor, 20092012), H2H Peer Mentor, Psy-
chology Club, Student Ambassador
It is very rewarding to feel and see progress. I am going to put my head
down and keep plugging away. I believe the best is yet to come.
Shalane Flanagan
David Salomon
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Syms School of Business, Accounting
Te world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all,
the world needs dreamers who do.
Sarah Ban Breathnach
Adam Sabzevari
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Mathematics
Resident Advisor, MYP Shiur Assistant, Math Subject Tutor, Deans
List, Actuarial Club


79 Seniors masmid 2012
Yair Saperstein
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies; Yeshiva College, Chemisty
Project START Science! (Founder and Director, 20102012), Debate Society (Student
Coach, 2011), College EDge, Chemistry Club (President of Outreach), YU Bridgers
(Coach), Non-Fiction Book Club, Medical Ethics Society, Barry M. Goldwater Scholar-
ship, 2011 YU Point of Light Award, 2011 Louis Werfel Memorial Award for the Junior
with the Highest Ranking GPA, 2011 Rose Rachel and Lewis Siegel Memorial Award for
Excellence in Talmud, 2011 iGEM Bronze Medal and Award for Best Human Practices
Advance in the Americas, 2010 YUDebate Society (19 trophies), 2010 ICE Undergradu-
ate Research Contest (2nd place), 2010 UIST International Competition (1st place for
Most Useful sofware design)
Yoni San Solo
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Syms School of Business, Accounting
When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was
the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to
be when I grew up. I wrote down happy. Tey told me I didnt under-
stand the assignment, and I told them they didnt understand life.
John Lennon
Elie Schwartz
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Jewish Studies
History is merely a list of surprises. It can only prepare us to be sur-
prised yet again.
Kurt Vonnegut

Seniors 80 masmid 2012
Nathaniel Shere
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Mathematics
I know in my heart that man is good. Tat what is right will always
eventually triumph. And theres purpose and worth to each and every
Ronald Reagan
Eliezer Seidenfeld
Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash Program
Yeshiva College, Economics
Student Holocaust Education Movement (20102011)
A man begins cutting his wisdom teeth the frst time he bites of more
than he can chew.
Herb Caen
Matthew Sheps
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Yeshiva College, Psychology
Take a shower and shine your shoes
Youve got no time to lose
You are young men you must be living.
Go now you are forgiven.
Dispatch (Te General)
81 Seniors masmid 2012
Eitan Smilchensky
Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash Program
Syms School of Business, Marketing
Sophomore Class President, Junior Class Vice President, Te
Associate (Managing Editor), Food Services Committee (Chairman,
20112012), Resident Advisor, Deans List (20092011)
People search desperately all over the world for happinessnot real-
izing that it can only be found in a state of mind.
Jared Shiff
Mechinah Program: James Striar School
Yeshiva College, Psychology
Deans List, Active Minds at YU (Publicity Chair, 20112012), Yeshiva
College Dramatics Society (Operations Manager, 20102012), Psy-
chology Club (Operations Coordinator, 20102012), Mechinah:JSS
Vice President (20102011)
Kindness is the true virtue of character; it is a refection of oneself. It is the
willingness to be inconvenienced. Be forewarneddo not let the callousness
of people overtake you. Instead, teach them what they dont already know.
Jared Shif
Ron Simchi
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Syms School of Business, Accounting
Wrestling Team (Captain)
Seniors 82 masmid 2012
Daniel Spector
Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash Program
Syms School of Business, Accounting
Finance Club (Vice President, 20112012), Green Innovation (Presi-
dent, 20102011), Israel Club (Vice President, 20102011)
Someones sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree
a long time ago.
Warren Bufett
Judah Stiefel
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Physics
Trust me, Im a physicist.
Gabriel Cwilich
Benny Smith
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies, Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash
Program, Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Syms School of Business, Marketing
Student Academic Afairs Committee (Syms Chair)
Im sure Eugene ONeil had Te Wild Duck in mind when he wrote
Te Iceman Cometh.
Richard L. Nochimson
83 Seniors masmid 2012
David Strauss
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Psychology
Te greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again
afer you fall.
Vince Lombardi
Aryeh Stock
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Biology
YU Literacy Program (President), Project START Science!, Medical
Ethics Society, H2H Peer Mentor
Te eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility. Te fact
that it is comprehensible is a miracle.
Albert Einstein
Avri Szafranski
Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash Program
Yeshiva College, Psychology
Senior Class Vice President (20112012)
When you judge someone else, it doesnt defne who they are, it defnes
who you are.
Seniors 84 masmid 2012
Ethan Wasserman
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Political Science and Psychology
Yeshiva College Dramatics Society (Head of Props, 20102012),
AIPAC (Campus Liaison), YUPAC (President, 20112012), Head
Resident Advisor of Lower Rubin Hall (20112012)
Its not who you are underneathits what you do that defnes you.
Rachel Dawes (Batman Returns)
Elliot Tanzman
Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash Program
Syms School of Business, Management
MacsLive (Vice President of Marketing and Sales)
We dont stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we
stop playing.
George Bernard Shaw
Yoni Teitz
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Computer Science and Economics
Computer Science Club (Vice President)

85 Seniors masmid 2012
Noam Weinberger
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Physics
WYUR (Board Member, 20092010; DJ, 20082010), YC Dramatics
Society (Actor, 20102011), YU Literacy Program (Tutor, 20092010),
Project START Science! (Group Leader, 2011), Club Sandwich (Presi-
dent, 20112012), Deans List (2010), Excellence in Talmud Award (2011)
It matters not how strait the gate, / How charged with punishments
the scroll, / I am the master of my fate: / I am the captain of my soul.
William Ernest Henley (Invictus)
Yoni Weg
Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash Program
Yeshiva College, History
YCSA President (20112012)
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things
you didnt do than by the ones you did. So throw of the bowlines,
sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.
Mark Twain
Eliezer Weinbach
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Psychology
Undergraduate Researcher (Experimental Semiotics Lab), Psi Chi,
Magic: Te Gathering Club (President)
If fear is the only tool you have lef, then youll never control me.
Xantcha (Magic: Te Gathering)
Seniors 86 masmid 2012
Spence Weitzen
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Yeshiva College, Psychology
Baseball Team (20092010)
You see, its not enough to leave school and just desire to succeed in
this cold, cruel world, because then you simply become a part of it;
you must also have the desire to change it.
Mr. Feeny (Boy Meets World)
Jonathan Weitzman
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies, Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash
Syms School of Business, Accounting
YSU Treasurer (20102011), Senior Class President (20112012)
Life moves pretty fast. If you dont stop and look around once in a
while, you could miss it.
Ferris Bueller (Ferris Buellers Day Of)
Daniel Weiss
Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash Program
Yeshiva College, Biology
Presidents Circle Tutoring (Co-President), Chemistry Club (Board
Member), College EDge (Program Director), Juggling Club (Co-
President), YC Peer Tutor
Eighty percent of success is showing up.
Woody Allen
87 Seniors masmid 2012
Avi Wollman
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies, Isaac Breuer College
of Hebraic Studies
Syms School of Business, Management Information Systems
Yeshiva College Dramatics Society (Actor and Operations Manager,
Brian Wiener
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Yeshiva College, Mathematics (Pre-Medical)
Soccer Team (Captain), Engineering Class Representative, Pi Mu
Do the best you can and either youll succeed or know you tried your
Aaron Yevick
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Physics
Physics Club (President)
A symphony must be like the world. It must contain everything.
Gustav Mahler

Seniors 88 masmid 2012
Joshua Zimmerman
Isaac Breuer College of Hebraic Studies
Yeshiva College, Psychology
Student Academic Afairs Committee (President, 20112012; Board
Member, 20102011), Eimatai Advisor (20092010), Quest Fellow
(20092010), Israel Club (Board Member, 20092010), Senior Class
Gif Committee
Rachel: Say it!
Phoebe: Say we are unagi!
Ross: Its not something you are, its something you have!
Marc Zeffren
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Mathematics
Canvassing Committee (Chair)
Daniel Zelkowitz
Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash Program
Syms School of Business, Marketing
Bernice and Dr. William Schwartz Award for Excellence in Market-
ing, Debate Team
Te journey is part of the experiencean expression of the serious-
ness of ones intent. One doesnt take the A train to Mecca.
Anthony Bourdain
89 Seniors masmid 2012
Jonathan Ziring
Mazer School of Talmudic Studies
Yeshiva College, Jewish Studies and Philosophy
Kol Hamevaser (Assistant Editor, 20102011; Staf Writer, 2009
2010), Resident Advisor (20102011), Beis Yitzchak (Editor-in-Chief/
Editor, 20102012), Best Paper in Jewish History, Best Article on
Modern Orthodoxy, Torah Umadda Award, Night Seder Chabura
It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than
our abilities.
Albus Dumbledore
Reflections 92 masmid 2012
I remember walking onto the roof
of the Wilf Campus Schottenstein
building one evening, taking a
break from sketching an old shirt
hung up on display. Te smell of
fast food wafed up against the
backdrop of the artifcially-lit
Washington Heights night sky as
the muted sounds of rapid Span-
ish conversations accompanied
the evening mist. Te brittle
winter wind broke against my
coat, and as I peered out over
the roofop, I reminisced about
running with my Physics pro-
fessor over the George Wash-
ington Bridge. As the Latin
music from the bar down the
street drifed up to my ears, I
thought of the classical music
concerts, chamber ensembles,
YCDS plays, and voices of har-
mony emanating from the Belz
School of Music. YU is a micro-
cosm within the macrocosm of
the greater Washington Heights
community, and together, these
worlds truly fll the senses.
As I refect on my time at YU, I
think of the interactions that I have
My Reflections
on YU
Yair Sapirstein
93 Reflections masmid 2012
had with all of the students and
faculty here, the interweaving
of minds and souls. Tis is what
sates my senses. I refect on the
friendly Spanish conversations
that I have had with the security
guards, the hours that my Honors
thesis advisor and I spent dis-
cussing my topic, both in person
and over Skype, and the numer-
ous trips I made to New York City
museumssometimes for class,
other times for general interest,
but always with friends. I remem-
ber Marcos call for love and his
wishes of well being, as well as
the dedication of the professors,
administrators, and custodial
But it is primarily the students
that make YU special. It is their
willingness and eagerness to help
others that makes YU gleam with
an aura of friendliness and conge-
niality. Friends that I made in the
tranquil (but sometimes frigid)
pool, or at a random table in the
Cafeteria; friends with whom I
played basketball, or with whom
I learned in the Beit Midrash;
friends who helped me in prepar-
ing and teaching a START Sci-
ence! module, and friends with
whom I debated; friends who
joined me at College EDge, or
who competed against me in the
I.C.E. Undergraduate Research
Symposiumthese friends of
mine, the student body of YU,
are the ones who made YU and
all of the experiences within it so
memorable and lasting for me.
Te Hebrew word com-
pletionbegins and ends with
round, circular letters. Although
we are moving on, graduating
from college and continuing on
the journey of life, we still refect
back on our time at YU, for these
memories and feelings carry us
into the future.
Reflections 94 masmid 2012 Reflections
Through the Years
Nov 4
Barack Obama
elected 44th President of
the United States of America
Dec 11
Bernie Madof Ponzi scheme
uncovered, free stuf from YU
becomes less common
Dec 27
Operation Cast Lead begins in
Israel, Hamas rockets reach
Aug 27
First day of classesyour
undergraduate career begins!
Sept 10
Proton beam circles for the
frst time in the Large Hadron
by Bezalel Bacon
95 Reflections masmid 2012
Sept 1
Glueck Center Opens, Heights
Lounge becomes frst YU site not
named after a donor
Mar 31
President Joel announces Zero
Tolerance policy for cheating,
no one cheats ever again
Jun 11
Swine Flu, the Y2K of the new
Apr 12
Somalian pirates killed by
Navy Seals, Internet piracy
temporarily declines
Jul 24
Dean David Srolovitz leaves for
Singapore, Dr. Barry Eichler
becomes acting dean
Jun 13
Protests of Ahmadinejads
re-election, people notice
Twitter for the frst and last time
Nov 17
Sy Syms passes away at 83, bad
news for SYMS clothing store
and Business School
Reflections 96 masmid 2012
Nov 21
The Quipster founded, average
time spent in the bathroom
increases by 0.4 seconds
Apr 20
BP oil spill, YU Environmental
Club hosts Maccabeats concert
in protest
Mar 27
YU Chag HaSemikhah held, 200
rabbinical students ordained
Oct 13
Chilean miners escape from
massive cave-in, CJF mission to
Chile cancelled
Jun 13
WikiLeaks leaks to the public
over 90,000 internal reports
about United States-led
involvement in the war in
Afghanistan from 2004 to 2010,
but dont worryyour personal
information on Facebook is
probably still private
Nov 26
Maccabeats Candlelight
video released, Macca-mocking
sweeps YU
Dec 28
Shoe thrown at President Bush,
which he artfully dodges; turns out
those ninja classes were worth the
taxpayer dollars after all
97 Reflections masmid 2012
May 17
Maccabeats perform at the
White House, Maccabeats
ofcially become too expensive
for YU events
May 3
Derrick Rose of the
Chicago Bulls named youngest
ever NBA MVP
Nov 30
YU students break world
record for most dreidels spun
simultaneously at Dreidel
Palooza, YU mentioned on
Saturday Night Live
Mar 11
Tsunami hits Japan with nuclear
Mar 8
Trip to Miami video released
on YouTube: Schvimkleid sales
skyrocket, become standard
shidduch resume question
Dec 22
The Beacon becomes second
non-print YU publication; later
to become a non-YU publication
May 1
Osama bin Laden declared dead
by President Obama, Fox News
declares Obama dead
Jul 21
SS Atlantis marks the end of the
NASA shuttles being launched
into space, your childhood
dreams of space exploration are
now crushed
Reflections 98 masmid 2012
Dec 5
The Beacon publishes
anonymous story about hotel
tryst, YU makes headlines for the
frst time since Dreidel Palooza
Sept 17
Hundreds of people occupying
Wall Street spell the demise of
burgeoning Milk Street Caf
Nov 2
Sy Syms School of Business now
Syms School of Business
Nov 17
The Associate, Syms student
paper, is born from the ashes of
The Executive amid anonymous
student leader scandal
Oct 21
Gilad Shalit freed after years of
Sept 21
Speed of light allegedly broken
at CERN, childhood dreams of
space exploration rekindled
Nov 27
Elevators installed in Heights
Loungeno you cant play with
Dec 7
The Beacon cuts ties with
YU, never publishes anything
controversial ever again
(cough, cough)
Nov 22
Eight Republican candidates for
president hold their eleventh
debate before the primary season
99 Reflections masmid 2012
Feb 5
Ahmad Bradshaw of the
New York Giants falls backwards
into the end zone to win
Super Bowl XLV
May 24
Commencement Exercises at the
IZOD Center!!!
Apr 5
Yeshiva College cuts Foreign
Languages, Physical Education,
and Speech and Drama programs
for coming year, just as RIETS
axes its Sganei Mashgichim and
Shoalim UMeshivim stafs;
whos next on the chopping
Apr 27
SS Enterprise fies by YU,
New York City on its way to
Intrepid Museum.
Keep dreaming...
Jan 16
Internet blackout in protest of
SOPA and PIPA, no one knows
anything for 24 hours
& Activities
Clubs & Activities 102 masmid 2012
Kol Hamevaser is the monthly Jewish thought magazine
of the Yeshiva University student body. Our primary con-
tributors are undergraduates, although we include input
from RIETS Rashei Yeshivah, YU professors, and outside
scholars. In addition to our print magazine, we sponsor
special events that include speakers, discussion groups,
conferences, and Shabbatonim.
Kol Hamevaser was established in 20072008 by Mattan
Erder, Gilah Kletenik, and David Lasher. It hearkens back to
Hamevaser, a newspaper established in the 1960s by the Student
Organization of Yeshiva (SOY) to compete with The Commentator.
It later became a Jewish thought magazine, publishing its issues about
twice a year until it was discontinued in 2002.
Today, Kol Hamevaser is dedicated to sparking discussion of Jewish issues on
the Yeshiva University campus and beyond. The magazine hopes to facilitate the religious and intellectual
growth of its readership. It provides opportunities for young scholars to develop in their intellectual pur-
suits and mature into confdent Jewish leaders.
(l to r): Ariel Caplan (Associate Editor, Wilf Campus), Chesky Kopel (Editor-in-Chief, Wilf Campus), Chana Zuckier (Editor-in-
Chief, Beren Campus), Gabrielle Hiller (Associate Editor, Beren Campus)
The Masmid, now in its second consecutive year (after a long period
of hibernation), aims to record student memories and expe-
riences in book format so that graduates can carry with
them a piece of their time here at Yeshiva and use it to
appreciate all that they accomplished, reconnect
with old friends, and reminisce for years to come.
Under the leadership of Moshe Peters and, for
reasons still not totally clear, returned editor
Shaul Seidler-Feller (YC 11), the Masmid
staf ran a successful ad campaign to gener-
ate student interest, raised the funds neces-
sary to support the project, and put together a
fun and meaningful tribute to the senior class
and to the institution as a whole. May future
generations of graduating seniors continue to
carry the torch of the Masmid for many years
to come!
(l to r): Sam Ulrich (Photographer Extraordinaire), Moshe Peters (Assistant Editor/Ystuder), Shaul Seidler-Feller (Editor-
in-Chief/What Is He Even Doing Here?), Bezalel Bacon (Staf Writer/Engaged/MIA), Raf Miller (Layout Editor/Graphic
Designer/Everything Else)
Not Pictured: Tzvi Feifel (Most Amazing Business Manager Ever)
103 Clubs & Activities masmid 2012
20112012 was a banner year for The Commen-
tator, the ofcial student newspaper of Yeshiva
College, Syms School of Business, and Yeshiva
University. Amid a furry of radical changes and
controversies taking place at YU this year, The
Commentator covered University news and
events with professionalism and style, setting the
standard for investigative journalism and edito-
rial content on campus.
Under the leadership of its fearless editor-in-
chief, Benjamin Abramowitz, The Commentator
staf continued to cover major stories around
YeshivaTown Hall Meetings, revamped cur-
ricula, Internet censorship, budget cuts, depart-
mental changes, and editorial indiscretion
while fnding new ways to excite and expand its
readership. Alex Porcelain introduced the
wildly popular Science & Technology
section, reviewing and critiquing all
the latest gadgets and social media
outlets, and Daniel Winchester
established the exciting Point-
Counterpoint section, where
writers go head-to-head on
various topics of political and
social import. Raquel Kampf
and Ezra Seligsohn spiced up
the newspapers image with
a new layout, and the Arts &
Culture editors kept us up
to date with a monthly Cul-
tural Calendar.
In addition, the editorial
staf wrote editorials for every
issue, commenting on topics
such as administrative and fnancial transparency,
improving the Yeshiva morning programs, and
cherishing ones college experience; the Features
staf continued its entertaining 7 UP/7 Down
series, praising and panning the latest pop culture
phenomena; and the Opinions staf weighed in on
issues such as Israels Diaspora smear campaign,
the struggles of the modern female writer, and the
saga of Joe Paterno.
All in all, this year, The Commentator success-
fully reestablished itself as the premier student
voice of Yeshiva University.
Back row (l to r): Dov Honick (Assistant History Editor), Sruly Heller (Arts & Culture Editor), Evan Schwarzbaum (Associate
Editor), Raf Miller (Website)
Front row (l to r): Gavi Brown (Associate Editor), Yedidya Gorsetman (Features Editor), Benjamin Abramowitz (Editor-in-
Chief), Gabi Weinberg (News Editor), Daniel Winchester (Associate Editor)
Not Pictured: Avital Chizhik (Arts & Culture Editor), Jina Davidovich (Opinions Editor), Josh Fink (Business Manager), Jo
Jo Freundel (Distribution Executive), Noah Jacobson (Opinions Editor), Nathaniel Jaret (Arts & Culture Editor), Raquel
Kampf (Design Editor), Talia Kaufman (The Scene Editor), Josh Krisch (News Editor), Alex Porcelain (Science & Technology
Editor), Yael Roberts (Assistant Arts & Culture Editor), Ezra Seligsohn (Design Editor), Michael Silverstein (News Editor),
Adam Zimilover (History Editor)
Clubs & Activities 104 masmid 2012
A bit of competition has never hurt anyone. For the frst time in Yeshivas history, the Syms School of Busi-
ness has successfully run its own student publication, sending the other newspapers on campus scrambling
to keep up with its constantly improving layout schemes and illuminating commentaries. As one would
expect from Syms, The Associate is the only newspaper on campus to successfully showcase ad promotions,
complete with removable coupons and entrepreneurial initiatives. In
addition, The Associates beautiful design and professional char-
acter have become the talk of the campus. Dubbed the most
appealing paper on campus by students and faculty
alike, The Associate gives Syms students the ability
to express their ideas and opinions on an array of
pertinent (business) issues facing them and the
world at large. Thank you to the hardworking and
dedicated Associate staf who did a phenomenal
job this year!
(l to r): Philip Cohen (Section Editor), Rachel Scheinberg
(Features Section Editor), Devorah Deutsch (Editor-in-
Chief), Yoni Jon Harris (Senior Writer)
105 Clubs & Activities masmid 2012
The year 5772 was a big one for the Student Organization of Yeshiva-Jewish Studies Council (SOY-JSC).
Though rather short on funds, SOY-JSC managed to maintain support for continued programming this year,
organizing a variety of shiurim, shiur pizza lunches, Thursday night mishmar kumzitzim (with cholent),
and the continuing Thursday Night Nash (TNN) program for those late-Thursday-night mishmar learners.
Additionally, SOY-JSC expanded our purview of activities this year to include some new clubs, such as the
Sephardi Selichot Club, Al Pi Darko Society
for Future Jewish Educators, Bnei Akiva
Club, and our newest Torah publication,
The Lamdan. For Chanukah, we ran a
series called the Shmonah Meshuganeh
Leilos, during which there was a shiur,
chagigah, or otherwise important Cha-
nukah event every night of the eight
nights. Purim this year was also a tre-
mendous hit, with a full showing by
Neshoma Orchestra and an amazing
shpil, not to mention Carlos and Gabbys
for more than 600 people that lasted the
entire night and amazing decorations cov-
ering the gym from all sides! In fact, the two
largest events of the year were the Chanukah
and Purim chagigos, where the Men of Yeshiva,
as the ystuds and rtstuds have come to call them,
came out in droves to party and be bsimchah.
SOY-JSC worked especially hard this year to increase communication between the various morning pro-
grams and the other student governments, both uptown and downtown. Impressively, this year marked the
frst time ever that all of the student governments uptownSYMSSC, YSU, YCSA, Mechinah, IBC, BMP,
and SOY-JSCworked together to run the Purim chagigah in stupendous fashion. We hope that this spirit
of cooperation will continue to allow for more inter-program activities and increased Torah, Avodah, and
Gemilus Chasadim for future SOY-JSC boards!
The Yeshiva Student Union (YSU) is the presiding
body of student government, representing each and
every student at Yeshiva Universitys Wilf Campus.
The YSU Board plans and implements school-wide
events and promotes and enables club activities. In
a university with a diverse student body, the YSU
Board aims to serve all groups fairly. This year, YSU
has helped sponsor and plan a wide range of school-
wide events, both on and of campus. These include the
larger annual events, like the YU Chanukah Concert and
Yom Haatzmaut festivities, as well as the smaller club events
taking place on a regular basis.
(l to r): Gilad Besterman (IBCSC President), Dovid Halpern (SOY-
JSC President), Gabi Weinberg (SOY-JSC Vice President), Ariel
Youssefzadeh (JSSSC President), Isaac Strulowitz (SBMPSC
President), Moshe Soloveichik (SOY-JSC Secretary/Treasurer)
(l to r): Elliot Teichman (Treasurer), Aryeh
Younger (Secretary), Adam Tepler (President),
Adam Neuman (Vice President)
Clubs & Activities 106 masmid 2012
107 Clubs & Activities masmid 2012
The Yeshiva College Student Association (YCSA) is the
representative council for the students of Yeshiva Col-
lege. It aims to maximize the potential of each student
by venhancing his experience at Yeshiva College and
in the wider Yeshiva University community. This year,
YCSA coordinated and sponsored close to 90 events
for the 30+ clubs under its jurisdiction and thereby
ensured that there was a steady flow of pizza, sushi,
snacks, and beverages in the YU students diet each
week. Additionally, the Association cosponsored such
University-wide events as the Maaleh Film Festival,
Maccalympics, Macs Madness, and Skate Your Face
Off, and also oversaw the revival of Chronos, a journal
of the Yeshiva University History Department, pub-
lished for the first time since 2007. Finally, this year
saw the first appearance of the re-imagined YCSA logo,
providing improved visibility to the Association and the
clubs under its umbrella.
(l to r): Yosef Hofman (Vice President), Yoni Weg (President), Moshe
Dulitz (Secretary/Treasurer)
With a fresh start this year for the newly-redesigned Syms School of Business, the Syms School of Busi-
ness Student Council (SYMSSC) wasted no time getting to work. The year got of to a great start with the
annual Wall Street Connections series held at Shulte, Roth & Zabels Mid-
town Ofces, as well as a roundtable discussion with EL-AL Air-
lines, and from there on out the SYMSSC regularly sponsored
close to three programs weekly. New ideassuch as the
Friday SYMSSC Site Visit Series to destinations like
Ernst & Young, AREA Property Partners, the NY
Stock Exchange, and the NY Federal Reserve Bank,
as well as the SYMSSC Spotlight Entrepreneur
Series highlighting the Taxi Billionaire of New York
City and the Israeli Venture Capitalist also drew
much interest from students. Moreover, the speak-
ers, panels, and programs organized by the SYMSSC
Club Heads were especially noteworthy. Along with
the preponderance of programming and reinvigo-
rated student spirit, the year was capped of with
the beautiful annual SYMSSC Gala Awards Dinner
overlooking the New York Harbor at the Museum of
Jewish Heritage on May 3.
(l to r): Gabe Siegal (Secretary/Treasurer), Ben Blumenthal
(President), Zach Mammon (Vice President)
Clubs & Activities 108 masmid 2012
Club Sandwich
This year featured the inauguration of a new culinary sensation on
campus, Club Sandwich. Due to overwhelming student demand for
more sandwiches, YSU took decisive action and funded an initiative
that would simultaneously satiate the cravings of both the stomach
and the mind. That initiative was Club Sandwich, a cultural experience
that plays many roles, serving as lunch, an exploration of other countries
through their cuisine, an international voyage enjoyed without leaving our
own cafeteria, and a chance to get free food. Though the Club had several loyal
diners, many students came across it accidentally, pausing briefy between bites
to ask what the Club was all about. Whether their mouths had just traveled to Eng-
land, Italy, or South Africa, every student left Club Sandwich satisfed and more knowledgeable about life,
food, and culture in another country. Or maybe they just left satisfed, but thats good enough.
Noam Weinberger (President and Founder)
College EDge
College EDge is a YU student-run organization aimed at assisting underrepresented New York City high
school students with college admissions by sharing YU resources with the community. Funded by YU stu-
dent governments and grants from the New York City Council, College EDge was recognized by the New
York City Department of Education, which now helps it to streamline its events in order to reach those stu-
dents most in need.
Each year, College EDge runs a full-day fagship event, consisting of professional workshops (Financial
Aid, SAT prep, Time Management, etc.), campus tours, guest speakers, and a college fair. The frst annual
event in April 2011 attracted 77 students and 25 colleges. By the second annual event in March 2012, it
hosted over 200 students and over 30 colleges.
Throughout the year, College EDge also runs smaller-scale events for individual schools. In December
2011, Design Your Future attracted 42 Washington Heights students who attended a day of workshops and
group sessions with College EDge mentors to help them decide how to begin on their career paths.
Moreover, College EDge organizes two mentorship programs. The frst matches interested high school
students with a College EDge mentor (a YU undergraduate) who answers the students questions about col-
lege, provides information, and shares his/her experiences. The second program matches students prepar-
ing their college applications with College EDge Writing mentors (Wilf and Beren Campus Writing Center
Tutors), who help students edit and develop their essays.
College EDge began in December 2010, and already
ranks among the largest and most active clubs on
campus, running across both campuses in conjunc-
tion with over 20 YU ofces, over 35 mentors, and a
volunteer base of over 150 students. It was founded by
graduating senior Jonah Rubin.
(l to r): Chaim Szachtel (College EDge Vice President), Lauren
Sherman (College EDge Vice President), Jonah Rubin (College
EDge Founder & President), Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, Mr.
Jefrey Rosengarten (YU Vice President for Administrative Services),
Ms. Lolita Wood-Hill (YC Director of Pre-Health Advisement)
109 Clubs & Activities masmid 2012
Environmental Society
The Environmental Society has run a number of suc-
cessful events this year. For our Fall Hike, we walked
across the George Washington Bridge and then along a
gorgeous trail near the Hudson. Rabbi Jeremy Wieder
was our fearless hike leader, and we are looking forward
to him leading our Spring Hike, too. At YU Homecoming,
we had visitors plant seeds and collected old cell phones
for recycling. This is our second year running a successful
cell phone recycling drive. The Environmental Society also got
together for a movie night to watch Carbon Nation, a documentary about
innovative solutions to global warming. Our latest event was Dr. Cofee,
which consisted of a lecture on the history and environmental impacts of
cofee from a geographer/cofee maven, freshly brewed cofee tasting, and
the distribution of reusable (and awesome) travel mugs. The Environmental Society looks forward to con-
tinuing to bring a green mindset to the Yeshiva University campus in the future.
Flag Football
Every Friday morning, a collection of war-tested veterans gather
on the frozen tundra at 193rd St. and Amsterdam Ave. to do
battle. Each side dons its own armor, blue and yellow Velcro
fags. Neither rain, nor snow, nor gloom of the Heights deters
these warriors from the swift devastation of their new ene-
mies. They pass. They catch. They run. They tackle. They are
the Flag Football Club.
The quarterbacks, Avi Loterstein, Chaim Jason Katz, and
Noah Pottash, earned special recognition for their Manning-
like feld vision and inspiring leadership both on and of the grid-
iron. Justin Gordon, Moshe Genet, and Avi Pomper, thanks to their
uncanny ball-seeking-hands and lightning speed, led the league in
receptions, yards, and touchdowns. A true tight-end, Moshe Pasarals
formidable frame, as well as his ability to block and run the seam-route, cre-
ated match-up problems that wreaked havoc on defenses. And thanks to all the other participants, current
students, and alumni, who made the league competitive and extremely enjoyable.
Hazzanut Club
The Hazzanut Club brings students together several times throughout the semester to sing Sephardic
pizmonim and baqqashot. Our goal is for students to learn and
be inspired by some of the many diferent songs and musi-
cal scales (maqamat) used by Sephardic hazzanim through-
out the world. We accomplish this by having people who are
knowledgeable in this feld attend all of our events and by
occasionally inviting guest musicians to teach and sing along
with us.
(clockwise from l): Justin Shemesh, Michael Cohen (Co-Founder), Josh
Behar (Co-Founder), Ariel Baruch, Ben McIntosh, Avigdor Lalezardeh,
Ben Lugassy, Rabbi Chaim Yanetz, Siavash Kohengadol, Nisan
Shayestefrouz, Josh Elyahuzade, Moshe Nassimi
The Environmental Societys Fall
Hike with Rabbi Jeremy Wieder
Clubs & Activities 110 masmid 2012
International Student
The International Student Committee was founded in Fall 2011 with
the goal of helping international students acclimate to life in the
United States as well as to YU. We organize recreational activities,
such a soccer tournament, to help foster a sense of community among
the international students. We also act as the international students
liaison to the deans and administration. Our mission is to ensure that international students feel that they
are part of all aspects of YU life.
(l to r): Daniel Simkin (Board Member), Arman Davitan (Board Member), David Gedallovich (President), Adam Levine (Vice
Medical Ethics Society
The Yeshiva University Student Medical Ethics Society (MES) is a student-run organization whose goal
it is to promote education and awareness of medical ethics at YU. While increasing sensitivity to ethical
issues in medicine that are relevant to the global community, MES is especially focused on issues of medical
ethics relating to Halachah and Torah values. MES started of the 20112012 academic year with its sixth
annual full-day conference: In The Public Eye: Jewish Perspectives on Public Health. In addition, this
year, for the frst time, MES led a discussion pertaining to Jewish Medical Ethics in Woodmere, NY, expand-
ing our infuence to reach the larger Jewish community. Finally, MES ran its annual BAM! (Bone-marrow
Awareness Month) drives, genetic screenings (on both undergraduate campuses), Shabbatonim, and sev-
eral lectures throughout the year.
Back row (l to r): Ari Rosenberg (Facilities Coordinator), Mordechai
Smith (Advertising Coordinator), Chanokh Berenson (Volunteers
Coordinator), Yitzchok Pinkesz (A/V & Web Advisor), Avi Fink
(Treasurer), Menachem Spira (Facilities Coordinator)
Middle row (l to r): Avital Meiri (Secretary), Dina Golfeiz (Volunteers
Coordinator), Sarah Lazaros (Advertising Coordinator), Rebecca
Tabaroki (Events Coordinator)
Front row (l to r): Jillian Login (Vice President), Rachel Blinick (President),
Daniel Elefant (President), Shimon Farber (Vice President)
Non-Fiction Book Club
The Non-Fiction Book Club has rapidly grown to one of the most popular clubs on campus. With over 40
members, the NFBC acts as a medium for lively discussion and social interaction. This year, we read a book
about the early years of Google and a book about, well, a murderer. The connection between the two books
has yet to be determined, but the general consensus of most of the participants who analyzed the nuanced
intricacies of these books during our meetings was that they were both very interesting.
Persian Club
The Persian Club serves as a platform for students of Iranian descent to come together and cel-
ebrate their heritage together through various events. The Club consists both of students who have
recently moved to America from Iran and of students born in America to Iranian immigrants. This
year, the Persian Club at Yeshiva partnered with the Persian Club at Stern College to host their
inaugural event at the Persian food restaurant Colbeh in Manhattan, bringing together students
from YU and from colleges all over New York City. The Club remains committed to serving the needs of,
and organizing events to bring together, the Persian community at Yeshiva.
111 Clubs & Activities masmid 2012
Photography Club
The Photography Club is in its frst year at YU. Headed by Ilan Regenbaum and Michael Litwack, this year
the Club taught classes in photography and PhotoShop. Although it is one of the newest clubs at YU, it
already has one of the biggest active memberships, attracting almost 40 students to its the classes. We hope
to eventually rebuild YUs darkroom, but at the moment our classes revolve around digital photography and
picture editing.
Ping Pong Club
The Ping Pong Club was founded just a year ago, but it has already made a big
impact on campus. The Club organizes university-wide tournaments that
over 150 students have participated in. In addition to the tournaments,
a small number of Club members represent Yeshiva in a competitive,
intercollegiate league run by the National Collegiate Table Tennis
Association. Coached by Mathematics Prof. Wenxiong Chen, the team
fnished in 4th place in the 20112012 season, competing against
schools such as Columbia, NYU, and FIT, among others. Under the
leadership of Evan Gorsky, who founded the Club last year, the Ping
Pong Club has grown to be a tremendous success.
(l to r): Zvi Berger, Itay Bavly (Vice President), Efraim Wakschlag, Evan Gorsky
Not Pictured: Nachi Engelhardt, Ely Gemara, Ben Pomper
Public Health Club
The Public Health Club raises money and actively takes part in improving the overall
health of the student body and of the greater Jewish community. From organizing breast
cancer fundraisers, to charity runs, to CPR courses for students, the Club has accomplished much on both
the Wilf and Beren campuses.
Sci-Fi Club
The Sci-Fi Club was founded in Fall 2010 as a networking endeavor on behalf of students who had certain
interests in common, such as Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comic Books, and anything else in those categories
from A to (Dragon Ball) Z. It was created for those who simply want to have some fun and at the same time
meet fellow students who fnd Science Fiction and similar genres of entertainment just as compelling as
they do. Since its founding, the Sci-Fi Club has accomplished a lot of its goals.
This year, we hosted two movie screenings, showing The
Empire Strikes Back along with Star Trek, expanded
our operations to include a cosponsored event with
WYUR (Yeshiva University Radio), and devel-
oped a Stern branch of the Club. Years from now,
when YU alumni reminisce about their college
years and all the fun clubs that were around, its
likely that they will remember the Sci-Fi Club as
the weird and nerdy club. However, they will also
remember the Sci-Fi Clubs greatly popular events and
those really annoying, yet clever, ystuds.
Front row (l to r, starting one man in): David Rabbani (Co-President), Rotem Elias
(Co-President), Baruch Karp (Vice President)
Clubs & Activities 112 masmid 2012
Soldiers in Exile
The Soldiers in Exile Club burst onto the YU scene
three years ago under the leadership of veteran Michael
Horowitz (Tanks) and since then has blossomed into
one of YUs most exciting and sought-after clubs. This
year, Co-Presidents Moshe Genet (Nachal) and Daniel
Green (Mem Pey in Kfr) took charge and had the oppor-
tunity to meet with the Chief Rabbi of the IDF as well
as Rav Ariel of Ramat Gan. While the Club is known to
most for its famous barbecues, having this Club on campus also gives Yeshiva students a unique opportunity
to interact with students who have had frst-hand experience in the Israeli Army and can provide intimate
perspectives on the problems Israel faces today. The Club has representatives from almost all infantry units
of the IDF (Golani, Tzanchanim, Givati, Nachal, etc.) and helps students who have just fnished their army
service acclimate back into YU and civilian life.
(l to r): Michael Lunzer, Benzi Stepansky, John Adler, Moshe Genet (Co-President), Jack Sztrigler, Aryeh Genet, Jordan Botvinik,
Daniel Landesman, Ariel Koschinsky, Michael Horowitz (Founder, seated)
Not Pictured: Daniel Green (Co-President)
YU Bridgers
The YU Bridgers is a social action club under the heading of the Heights Initiative which mixes health edu-
cation with community service. We focus on exercise by running around the Washington Heights commu-
nity, while cleaning up garbage and beautifying the area. Our events each semester always gather individ-
uals from diferent parts of the diverse YU student
body and bring people together to positively help the
broader community.
(l to r): Yair Saperstein (Director), Avi Feder (Vice President),
Ike Levine (President)
YU Political Awareness Club
The Yeshiva University Political Awareness Club (YUPAC) is com-
mitted to enhancing the US-Israel relationship through the Ameri-
can political process. The Club helps students to get involved in elec-
toral advocacy, political campaigns, and lobbying members of Congress in New York and in Washington, DC.
This year, we ran a lobby mission to the capital that allowed 220 students to lobby over 30 congressman and
Back row (l to r): Ethan Wasserman (AIPAC Campus Liaison
and YUPAC President), Joshua Geller (Campus Legislative
Coordinator), Benjamin Scheiner (Campus Engagement
Coordinator), Peter Feher (Campus Relations Coordinator),
Oren Hizkiya (Campus Electoral Coordinator)
Front row (l to r): Malky Weil (Campus Curriculum Coordi-
nator and YUPAC President), Leora Stroh (Campus Relations
Coordinator), Adina Minkowitz (Campus Digital Director),
Tamar Schwarzbard (Campus Engagement Coordinator), Judith
Frankiel (Campus Legislative Coordinator), Dina Muskin (AIPAC Cam-
pus Liaison and YUPAC Vice President), Sarit Rothschild (Campus Electoral
Coordinator), Mimi Lieberman
113 Clubs & Activities masmid 2012
Active Minds at YU
Active Minds at Yeshiva University is a branch of Active Minds,
Inc., a student-run mental health awareness, education, and
advocacy organization on over eighty college campuses nation-
wide. It is the only peer-to-peer organization dedicated to mental
health awareness among college students. This year, together with
the YU Counseling Center, we ran various events on mental health
issues that afect almost every student, either directly or indirectly.
We hosted the critically-acclaimed Gospel According to Josh, a one-man
play which depicts a young mans journey through depression in light of his
fathers suicide. A student from Queens College addressed our student body
later in the year on the dangers of eating disorders, especially in the Modern Orthodox Jewish world. And
fnally, we organized the annual Active Minds panel of students from our own school who spoke about their
experiences with mental illness and what each of us can do to help de-stigmatize mental illness and ensure
that people feel comfortable seeking help.
Back row (l to r): Jared Schif (Publicity Chair), Yitzi Diskind (Vice President), Bezalel Bacon (President)
Front row (l to r): Huvie Yagod (Publicity Chair), Elana Diskind (Advisory Board), Daniela Goldstein (Advisory Board)
Not Pictured: Orly Benaderet (Secretary), Arielle Blum (Research Liaison), Simi Lampert (Vice President), Sash Marvin (Advisory Board),
Avrumi Ravitz (Media Consultant), Tova Schif (Advisory Board), Rebecca Tessler (Treasurer), Jojo Weinberger (Advisory Board)
Book Club
The Book Club caters to those students looking to enjoy a relaxing literary experience outside of the class-
room. A genre of books to be read is voted on at the beginning of the year and each individual book is subse-
quently voted on by the Club. This year, the Club chose the category of Lesser-Known Titles by Prize-Winning
Authors, and, as such, we read and discussed Ernest Hemingways For Whom the Bell Tolls, Tobias Wolfs Old
School, Jonathan Safran Foers Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and Yann Martels Beatrice and Virgil.
Chemistry Club
The objects of the Chemistry Club (a student chapter of the American Chemical Society) are to aford stu-
dents the opportunity to obtain experience in preparing and presenting technical material before audi-
ences with backgrounds in chemistry, to foster a professional spirit among its members, to instill within
them professional pride in the chemical sciences, and to educate them about
the responsibilities and challenges of the modern chemist. To these ends,
we expanded our involvement in the local public schools of Wash-
ington Heights through Project START (Students, Teachers, And
Researchers Teach) Science!, presenting interactive modules to
public school students in an attempt to promote interest in the
hard sciences. These modules were organized and facilitated
by Yeshiva University students interested in conveying their
knowledge to the next generation of scientists.
Back row (l to r): Eli Grunblatt, Ari Cuperfain, Josh Fluss, Ari Stock, Yair
Saperstein, Brian Sanders
Front row (l to r): Emily Levine, Gilad Barach, Menachem Spira, Ike Levine,
Ariel Peleg, Tsipora Huisman, Talya Laufer
Clubs & Activities 114 masmid 2012
Classical Music Society
In its inaugural year, the Classical Music Society hosted a number of successful events which helped stu-
dents to better understand and appreciate classical music and brought the joys of live music to those low
of spirit. In November, eleven of YUs most talented male and female musicians played in the Fall Classical
Recital, chaired by Co-President Elia Rackovsky, a standing-room-only event that featured classical and
modern pieces for solo piano, unaccompanied guitar, and songs for piano and voice.
Later in the year, Co-President Mark Weingarten chaired the Holiday Hospital Mission, sponsored in
conjunction with the Chai Lifeline Club, in which YU students lifted the spirits of patients
hospitalized during the holidays through song and dance.
The Spring semester was also a busy season for
YUCMS, with the presentation of the critically-
acclaimed annual Arts Festival Concert. Finally, a
master class given in late March by Blair McMillen,
an accomplished concert pianist, marked one of the
high points of the year and provided an opportunity
for YUs men and women to gather and learn about
the process of making classical music and about the
professional classical music world.
(Performers of the Fall Classical Recital, l to r): Daniel Smith,
Yair Saperstein, Mark Weingarten (Co-President), Yitzi
Radner, Moshe Shulman, Adam Rosenberg, Elia Rackovsky
(Co-President), Benji Richter, Zelda Salfati (seated)
Computer Science Club
The Computer Science Club is dedicated to pro-
moting the study of computer science at Yeshiva
University. We hold lectures and events for YU
students interested in the feld, and we give them
the opportunity to engage with computer science
outside of the classroom.
This year, we held a lecture about cryptography,
went to a regional programming competition, and
created a weekly code slam, a workshop where
programmers can meet with each other in a laid-
back social setting and work on programming
projects. We also hosted a lecture about natural
language processing by a member of the team that
worked on Watson, the Jeopardy computer, and
we ran an event to promote Judaism.StackEx-
change, a forum for people to discuss Jewish and
Torah-related topics. Through these events and others
like them, the Computer Science Club engages the student body in
various aspects of the wonderful feld that is computer science.
(l to r): Yitzchok Pinkesz, Adrian Medina, Toviah Moldwin (Wilf President), Steven Goldfeder, Yoni Teitz (Wilf Vice President),
Dr. Scott Aaronson (MIT), Reuven Rand
Not Pictured: Sarit Bassal (Beren President), Zach Bienenfeld, Elana Diskind, Ariel Krakowski, Alex Porcelain, Tehila Ratner,
Avital Tzubeli (Beren Vice President)
115 Clubs & Activities masmid 2012
(l to r): Dani Steinberg (Vice President),
Adam Zimilover (President), Tzachi
Miodownik, Yehuda Cohn (Vice President),
Brian Sanders
(l to r): Ariel Koschitzky, Evan Rogol, Sam
Cohen (Vice President), Adam Sabzevari,
Uri Carl (President), Michael Heino
(Vice President), Jeremy Sykes
Historical Society
The Historical Society aims to organize stimulating and thought-pro-
voking events that appeal both to History majors and to the broader stu-
dent body. This year, we ran a number of successful events, including a
lecture that examined the discrepancies between the Jewish and secular
calendars and a highly popular evening with Dr. James Hayes-Bohanan
that delved into the historical and culinary complexities of cofee. Addi-
tionally, the Historical Society ran a trip to Ellis Island as part of our goal
to explore the history that surrounds us right here in New York City.
Jacob Hecht Pre-Law Society
This year, the Jacob Hecht Pre-Law Society organized several major events for the undergraduate student body
under the guidance of our Pre-Law adviser, the three Co-Presidents, and the full Pre-Law Board. One of our bigger
programs was the reception we hosted for the American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists (AAJLJ).
That event featured New York Times bestselling author Edwin Black discussing the distasteful role played by
IBM in the Second World War. In attendance were top lawyers and professors, such as Nat Lewin (YC 57), Alyza
Lewin, and Elliot Whales. Additionally, the Society also facilitated a three-panel series where YU undergraduates
were able to speak to and network with students currently in law school, young professionals, and accomplished
lawyers who are established in the legal world. As one of the most active and professional groups on campus, the
Pre-Law Society is an essential component to the undergraduate experience here at Yeshiva.
Mathematics Club
This year was another great year for the Mathematics Club. We held various
events that showed how the theory of mathematics can be applied in real-
life circumstances. One exciting event was our Math and Juggling evening
in which our very own Prof. Andreas Hamel linked the theory of combina-
torics to the diferent patterns of juggling. We were able to hear about how
one can map out an assortment of juggling combinations and permutations,
with the added treat of a live juggling show at the end! Through events like
this one, the Club, occasionally in conjunction with its female counterpart
at Stern, is able to display the beauty of mathematics and its applications in
everyday life, making the subject fun and accessible to all.
Psychology Club
The 20112012 academic year has been wonderful for the Psychology Club. We started our programming of
strong, as always, with Prof. Ariel Malka speaking on the subject of Ph.D. programs in Psychology. We then
hosted an ice cream social to show of our stuf, allow students to meet Psychology professors, and get more
students involved in the Psychology Club. This was followed by our feature event of the year, during which
Dr. David Pelcovitz presented his take on homosexuality in the Jewish community, bringing
in a large crowd and captivating every member of the audience. Finally,
we heard from our peers at a session titled Graduate School in Psy-
chology: A Students Perspective, where past YU students spoke on
the diferent educational paths they chose upon graduating.
(l to r): Isaac Gelbfsh (Event Coordinator), Cheski Rapps (Publicist), Elliot
Shavalian (President), Dov Adelson (Vice President), Jared Shif (Publicist)
Not Pictured: Nathan Agi (Marketing), Jonathan Belolo (Co-Head of
Advertisement), Aharon Cherniak (Secretary/Treasurer), Avi Loterstein (Co-
Head of Advertisement)
Clubs & Activities 116 masmid 2012
Student Academic
Afairs Committee
The Student Academic Afairs Committee (SAAC)
is a student-run group dedicated to improving
Yeshiva Universitys academics by serving as repre-
sentatives of the student body in expressing sugges-
tions and concerns to the administration and faculty
of YU. SAAC collects student suggestions, forwards
them to the appropriate recipients, and works closely
with faculty members to implement the suggested
improvements. This year, SAAC continued its eforts in
fnalizing the SAAC Course Evaluation Website which
displays the student evaluations of YC professors online.
Additionally, SAAC worked towards publishing fnal exam
locations and held a Deans Forum where students were invited to ask their questions about YU to senior
Back row (l to r): Ari Gartenberg (Registrar Chair), Yoni Teitz (Webmaster), Daniel Altaras (Academic Advising Chair), Daniel
First (Math and Science Chair), Adam Ariel (Honors Chair), Yitzy Frankel (Syms Chair), Dovi Hochbaum (Secretary of Student
Outreach and Public Relations), Jared Anstandig (Social Sciences Chair)
Front row (l to r): Hillel Landman (Vice President), Josh Zimmerman (President), Benny Smith (Syms Chair)
Student Holocaust
Education Movement
The Student Holocaust Education Movement
(SHEM) is a student-run organization whose mis-
sion it is to provide young people with the tools and
awareness they need to become active defenders
of Holocaust memory. SHEM launched its inau-
gural event of the semester in November, hosting
renowned writer and educator Mr. Ron Jones
for a screening of his recently released documen-
tary Lesson Plan, which chronicles his groundbreaking
Third Wave experiment. Conducted in 1968, this penetrating
examination of human nature served as a crucial illumination of the psy-
chology of power and totalitarianism and has become a linchpin of Holocaust education. Then, in December,
SHEM led 25 students on the Universitys third annual mission to the United States Holocaust Memorial
Museum in Washington, DC.
In the Spring semester, SHEM collaborated with the YU Mock Trial Team and organized a reenactment
of selected portions of the transcendent Eichmann Trial. The event was aimed at illuminating the trans-
formation of the perspective of other Jews towards Holocaust survivors that was prompted by testimony
collected at the trial and included an address from Rabbi Jason Miller. The year culminated with a Yom
HaShoah commemoration ceremony with the theme Remember the Future, honoring the courage and self-
sacrifce of rescuers during the Holocaust. For the second consecutive year, the event was held in Lamport
Auditorium on the Wilf Campus, and it attracted over 700 attendees.
(l to r): Benjy Bloch (Writer), Israel Katz (Vice President), Sam Ulrich (Vice President), Sara Malka Berger (President), Rachel
Renz (Speaker Coordinator)
117 Clubs & Activities masmid 2012
(l to r): Menachem Spira (President), Gilad
Barach (Vice President), Eli Grunblatt (Vice
President), Josh Fluss (Vice President)
Prof. Newman presenting on the infuence of
English on contemporary Hasidic Yiddish
Undergraduate Student
Research Presentations
Undergraduate Student Research Presentations (USRP)
is a student organization dedicated to encouraging under-
graduate students to pursue scientifc research. We hold
numerous events throughout the year for students and fac-
ulty, but our signature programs are biweekly presentations
by students or faculty who share the research they have con-
ducted over the summer or during the academic year. To help
students begin their searches for a research position, USRP
provides abundant resources, including tips for contacting sci-
ence professors, lists of funded summer research opportunities, and information about where students
have previously landed research jobs. We also invite science faculty to all events and encourage students to
approach faculty members and ask to join their labs. The 20112012 academic year was a phenomenal one
for USRP with numerous faculty and student presentations running the gamut of the sciences, from evalu-
ating thermoimaging as a means to see through walls to nanoparticle-based treatment of fungal infections.
We look forward to another productive and fascinating year of research next year.
Yiddish Club
The goal of the Yiddish Club is to promote student aware-
ness of and appreciation for the Yiddish language. This year,
under the guidance of Prof. Itay Zutra, the Club organized a
Yiddish leyenkrayz (reading group), which met monthly to
read selections from Sholem Aleichems comedic epistolary
novel, Menakhem Mendel. In addition, the Club hosted a
special guest lecture series which brought in professors and
professionals from the New York metropolitan area to speak
on topics related to Yiddish language, literature, and culture,
including Ms. Shulamith Z. Berger, Prof. Jeremy Dauber, Prof.
Matt Miller, Prof. Zelda Kahan Newman, Prof. David Roskies,
and Ms. Rukhl Schaechter. The Club hopes to expand its cultural
and linguistic activities in the coming year in order to continue
bringing the treasures of the Mame-loshn to the YU student body.
YU Literacy Program
The Yeshiva University Literacy Program coordinates the tutoring jobs of more than ninety YU tutors at
three local public schools. Our goal is to foster literacy in our local
community and provide tangible assistance that will make a
lasting impact. We believe in the power of education and hope
to instill that value in our students. This has been the most
successful year for our program since its founding and we
hope that the Literacy Program continues to remain a key
component of the Universitys commitment to community
service and social action.
(l to r): Avi Fink (Presidents Circle), Dani Weiss (Presidents Circle),
Ari Stock (The Literacy Program)
Not Pictured: Eitan Novogrodsky (The Literacy Program)
Clubs & Activities 118 masmid 2012
Business Law Club
The Business Law Club was founded this year by Jesse Bernstein, Noam Edell, and Malia Weiss. We were
very fortunate that the student body showed a strong interest in the Club and participated in the Clubs
activities. The Club educates students about the numerous career paths available that combine business and
law. We had the distinct privilege to meet with three partnersRebecca Katz, Seth Ottensoser, and Stanley
Bernsteinat the nationally recognized law frm Bernstein Liebhard, who described to the students what
they do on a daily basis and how they succeeded in becoming accomplished lawyers. We also cosponsored
a legal panel with the Pre-Law Club that featured four experienced lawyers who shared their experiences
and gave advice to students seeking a career in law. The Club looks
forward to its second year at YU and will continue to grow and
succeed under the strong leadership of Malia Weiss.
Business Leadership Club
At the Business Leadership Club, we try to provide students
with opportunities to learn skills outside of the classroom
setting. From networking to climbing the corporate ladder,
we organize exciting and engaging events for students to
better prepare themselves to be leaders and have the most
success they can in the professional world.
Back row (l to r): Esti Loboda, Ariela Geller, and Sarit Zukowsky
Front row (l to r): Efraim Figdor, Danny Goldberg (President)
Business Management Club
In honor of the 25th Anniversary of the Syms School of Business, the Business Management Club provided
Syms and YC students alike with a plethora of exciting events. Through a joint efort from Club members
and co-founders Sasan Peimani (President) and Reuven Fischer (Vice President, Wilf ), the Club sought to
cultivate an enjoyable environment where valuable learning extended beyond the classroom. The Club had
opportunities to hear about the management strategies being implemented in a variety of industries. Mem-
orable speakers included Mark Stevens (CEO, MSCO), Eytan Weiner (COO, Quantum Networks), Rabbi
Steven Weil (Executive Vice President, Orthodox Union), and Charlie Harary (CEO, H3 Capital LLC; Asso-
ciate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship, SSB). A special thanks to our Club Board for making
our inaugural year a truly member one.
Investment Club
The Investment Club began another successful year under the leadership of Jesse Bernstein and Yossi
Ciment. The Club provides students with opportunities to learn the intricacies of investing and the fnancial
industry. We successfully ran our semi-annual stock competition, in which over ffty students participated
and Co-President Yossi Ciment ultimately won. Students also had the unique opportunity to tour the New
York Federal Reserve and learn how monetary policy is implemented in the United States. Additionally, the
Club was privleaged to speak with Mr. Leon Figa, an associate at the Finanical Information Exchange, about
the economies of Latin America. Yossi Ciment will continue to help grow and improve the Investment Club
in the upcoming year.
119 Clubs & Activities masmid 2012
The Y-Studs, YUs newest all-male a cappella group, has been taking crowds by storm for the past two years.
Founded in 2010, theyve made a big splash at YU, singing innovative arrangements of contemporary secular
and Jewish songs, as well as new interpretations of traditional classics. With a debut album under their collec-
tive belt, this group has made a name for itselfwhos to know what else its got up its sleeves? (Devilish smile)
(l to r): David Marks (Tenor 2), Jesse Shore (Bass), Michael Ribalt (Vocal Percussion), Asher Lindenbaum (Tenor 2), Mordy
Weinstein (Founder, Musical Director, Tenor 1), Adam Rosenberg (Baritone), Hillel Landman (Baritone), Ely Shestack (Bass),
Ari Gartenberg (Tenor 1)
Marketing Club
The Marketing Club aims to bridge the classroom knowledge
we attain in school with the skill sets needed to achieve success
in a professional environment. Our programs and events enable
students to experience the marketing world and network with
some of the top marketing professionals in the country.
(l to r): Stephanie Danof (Beren President), David Knoll (Wilf President),
Nathan Chapman (Wilf Vice President)
Not Pictured: Ariella Perl (Beren Vice President)
Mildred Shlessberg Accounting Society
The Mildred Shlessberg Accounting Society organizes informational and networking opportunities for stu-
dent on campus. One of the highlights of the year was an exciting and informative site visit to Ernst & Young,
one of the so-called big four international accounting frms. In visiting such a prestigious frm, the stu-
dents had a unique opportunity to experience what life may eventually be like outside of the classroom walls.
More importantly, the trip allowed students to meet with and gain pearls of wisdom from a select group of
the best accounting minds in the world. The common message between the speakers was clear: one short
conversation with the right person can open many doors to a successful future career.
Clubs & Activities 120 masmid 2012
First row (l to r):
Ariel Meiri (John
Adams), Doni Mandel
(Stephen Hopkins), David
Khabinsky (Richard Henry Lee/Caesar Rodney), Moshe Rube
(Edward Rutledge)
Second row (l to r): Tani Isaac (Benjamin Franklin), Eitan
Miller (James Wilson), Eli Shavalian (John Dickinson)
Third row (l to r): Isaac Klapper (Hewes), Moshe Wigder (A
Courier), Josh Reynolds (Lewis Morris), Ben Houben (Roger
Sherman), Yechiel Husarsky (Josiah Bartlett), Isaac Krupp
(Samuel Chase)
Fourth row (l to r): Sammy Steiner (Thomas Jeferson), Raf
Skier (Charles Thomson), David Elkaim (George Reed), David
Mikofsky (Thomas McKean), Daniel Rosenberg (Lyman Hall)
As one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs in YU, the Yeshiva College Dramatics Society (YCDS) per-
fectly epitomizes the idea that a group of diverse people can be united to achieve a common goal. Indeed,
the versatile members of YCDS represent an eclectic potpourri of Judaic Studies programs, majors, and
even native languages, and it is this diversity that foments the dynamic work environment which allows the
club to produce one successful show after another. These individuals carry out a variety of jobs, including
marketing the show, selling tickets, designing programs, organizing receptions, constructing the set, acquir-
ing properties and costumes, operating the lighting and sound systems, providing musical accompaniment,
researching the historical aspects of the play, directing, and, of course, acting. Under the expert tutelage of
Prof. Lin Snider, YCDSs Director Extraordinaire, all of these various components come
together to produce one of the most anticipated highlights of the semester.
In perhaps its most daring enterprise to date, YCDS valiantly tackled the challenge of producing its frst full-
fedged musical since Newsies (Fall 2008). With a cast of 19 actors and a supporting technical crew of almost 40
individuals, YCDS expertly adapted Peter Stones and Sherman Edwards 1776 to the Schottenstein stage, gar-
nering widespread praise from students, faculty, and
administrators who admired the shows sincerity and
ability to make history come to life (The Commenta-
tor, Volume LXXVI: Issue 6, pg. 15: Vote for Indepen-
dence!) in a hilarious yet insightful way (YU News,
Behind the Curtains, Nov. 23, 2011).
As its title suggests, 1776 recounts the circum-
stances surrounding the events leading up to the writ-
ing of the Declaration of Independence and the Second
Continental Congresss eventual vote to secede from Great Britain. At the center of these developments sits
the plays main protagonist, John Adams, who, with the help of such notable fgures as the childish yet wise
Benjamin Franklin and the shy but eloquent Thomas Jeferson, eventually succeeds in galvanizing the Con-
gress into action, though not before undergoing a painful process of self-discovery, learning not only who he is,
but also what hes willing to sacrifce in order to achieve his goals.
With its brilliant musical score, masterfully-written script, and wholly-devoted cast and crew, YCDSs Fall
2011 production of 1776 was, to quote Adams description of Jefersons Declaration, a complete triumph.
121 Clubs & Activities masmid 2012
The YCDS Spring 2012 production of The Foreigner
perfectly demonstrates the level of esteem to which
the YU community holds the Dramatics Society.
Written by the comic genius Larry Shue, the play
recounts the story of Charlie Baker, a timid man from England, and his three-day sojourn in Klan-dominated
Georgia. Under the pretense of not understanding English, and with the help of an ensemble cast of quirky
characters, Charlie overcomes his shy demeanor while helping to uncover a sinister plot.
Though most YCDS shows are well received by the public, The Foreigner achieved an almost unprece-
dented level of box ofce success, packing the house every night with appreciative audience members who
provided a continuous stream of laughter and applause. Additionally, the show received rave reviews from
the media which lauded the shows authentic set, the actors creativity and chemistry, and the directors
wonderful vision. Indeed, The Foreigner undeniably rounded of the end of an exhilarating academic year
and left audience members and YCDS members alike anxiously awaiting the next YCDS production.
The Foreigner
Front row (l to r): Aaron Langert (Bobby), Evan Schwarzbaum (Ellard), Ariel Meiri
(Meeks), Baruch Karp (David), Doni Mandel (Owen), Ben Scheiner (Froggy), Arye
Fohrman (Charlie, across everyones laps)
Back row (l to r): Moshe Wigder (Jim-Bob), Moshe Rube (Clem), David Mikofsky
(Silas), Raf Laury (Pete), Brian Cohen (Rye)
Athletics 124 masmid 2012
In their win against Maritime, the
20112012 YU Baseball Team sent
pitcher Joel Feigenbaum out to the
mound and got their ofensive pro-
duction from veterans Adam Volk
and Moshe Berger. Unfortunately,
at the end of the season, Head
Coach Logan Mauzy announced
his plans to step down next year.
But, with thirteen frst-year play-
ers, the Macs are resetting the
foundation for the program. The
Team turns towards its six return-
ing veterans, as well as those thir-
teen frst-year players and next
years incoming class, in order to
make YU Baseball history and aim
for a playof berth.
125 Athletics masmid 2012
Back row (l to r): Assistant Coach Henly, Head Coach Logan
Mauzy, Zevi Weisinger, Josh Cymbalista, Tyler Davis, Elie
Baratz, Adam Volk (Captain), Zach Baratz, Joel Feigenbaum
(Captain), Jake Frankel, Yaniv Lautman (Captain), Assistant
Coach Nick Canzano, Pitching Coach Albert Baez
Front row (l to r): Simon Lindenblatt, Moshe Berger, Shya
Weinstein, Elie Langbaum (Captain), Dani Secemski
(Captain), Eithan Rubin, Jared Rechnitz
Not Pictured: Gavi Bloom, Yoseph Ciment, Benjmain
Gleitman, Jason Katz
Overall record:1-25
Category Leaders
Bases stolen:Elie Baratz, 6
Batting average:Adam Volk, .311
Runs batted in:Jake Frankel, 9
Runs scored:Joel Feigenbaum, 10
Athletics 126 masmid 2012
Back row (l to r): Head Coach Jonathan Halpert, Chen Biron (Captain), Gil Bash, Netanel Weinstein, Ohad Babo,
Arman Davtian, Shlomo Weissberg, Dovie Hofman, Yoni Eckmann, Benny Silver
Front row (l to r): Assistant Coach Roni Rozenblat, Jacky Beda, Omer Haim (Captain), Raphy Abergel, Adam Levine,
Noah Botwinick, David Schmelzer, Jonathan Furer, Benjamin Ritholtz, Niv Zinder
Not Pictured: Eitan Selevan
127 Athletics masmid 2012
Though many thought that the
20112012 YU Mens Basketball
season would be a winning one due
to the strong talent on the Team, the
Macs fnished with a disappointing
record of 5-20, missing the confer-
ence playofs for the second year
in row. Its worth noting, however,
that 5 of these games were lost by
5 points or less. Also noteworthy
is the performance of third-year
forward Dovie Hofman, who was
named Skyline Conference Player
of the Week and was included in
the Skyline All-Second team. The
Team as a whole was awarded
the Conferences Sportsmanship
Award. This year, the Macs bid a
fond farewell to graduating seniors
Captain Omer Haim, Captain Chen
Biron, Ohad Babo, and Niv Zinder.
Overall record:5-20
Category Leaders
Assists per game:Omer Haim 6.2
Points per game:Dovie Hofman 14.7
Rbds. per game:Dovie Hofman 7.1
Steals per game:Omer Haim 1.0
Athletics 128 masmid 2012
Cross Country
Observers of the 20112012 YU
Mens Cross Country Team had
very high expectations for the
Macs, and the runners were under
a lot of pressure to live up to them.
In order to improve upon the suc-
cess of last years Team, the Macs
had to train all summer and reach
training camp already in great
Early on in the Fall, it became
clear that this years Macs would
be the fastest in school history. In
the frst race of the season, the
men fnished 2nd out of a feld of 12
teams at the Baruch College Invita-
tional. As expected, the Macs dom-
inated the HVMAC Championship
race held at SUNY Purchase. For
the second year straight, YU took
the victory by a large margin, scor-
ing 30 points compared to second
place Albany College of Pharmacy,
which scored only 59. This was
the frst time in Yeshiva history
that any sports team won back-to-
back conference championships.
Co-Captain Sam Cohen took the
individual championship, fol-
lowed by Oliver Sax in 2nd place,
Co-Captain David Sweet in 5th
place, Gabe Siegal in 11th place,
and Natan Koloski in 13th place.
Yoni Mond ran his best race of the
season, earning All-Conference
honors in 14th place. Fifty-one
runners from 9 teams competed in
the championship. The fnal race
of the season was the Macs biggest
challenge, but in the end, the Team
came through with a great race,
taking 3rd place even without one
of their top runners, Gabe Siegal.
This years Team was arguably
the best sports team in Yeshiva
history, but more importantly, the
Cross Country Minyan developed
an unbreakable friendship with
one another, working harder than
they ever had before. Prospects are
very good for an excellent 2012
2013 season for the Macs, but
the 20112012 Team will remain
etched in the memories of all of the
runners throughout their lives.
129 Athletics masmid 2012
Top row (l to r): Head Coach Stan Watson, Sam Cohen (Captain), David Sweet (Captain),
Stephen Ronay, Yoni Mond, Assistant Coach Jake Benesch
Bottom row (l to r): Yehuda Safer, Natan Koloski, Oliver Sax, Eli Fuld, Gabe Seigal
Not Pictured: Assistant Coach Ben Joslin, Adam Weiss
Athletics 130 masmid 2012
Back row (l to r): Zachary Fink, Eden Weinstein, Kyle Lonn, Daniel Levine
Middle row (l to r): Isaac Dayan, Yitzchak Honick, Kevin Geller, Brian Goodman, Jacob Chevlen,
Todd Robinson, Jed Segura, Jared Anstandig, Alan Leidner
Front row (l to r): Ariel Baruch, Assistant Coach John Wilhelm, Head Coach Peter Rosas,
Yitzchok Frankel (Captain), Assistant Coach Dmitry Krupp, Hillel Kaye
Not Pictured: Kevin Schechter
131 Athletics masmid 2012
The 20112012 season was an
exciting one for YUs Mens Fenc-
ing Team. It began with the Temple
Open at Temple University. Cap-
tain Yitzchok Frankel (Sabre) led
the Team, taking 36th place in his
weapon category; Jared Anstandig
(pe) took 43rd for his weapon;
and Ariel Baruch (Foil) took 47th
in his category.
In February, the Macs were
invited back to NYU to participate
in the United States Collegiate
Squad Championship, competing
against some of the best collegiate
fencers in the country. pe, Sabre,
and Foil each took 15th, 16th, and
18th place, respectively. The Team
also had two home meets against
rivals Hunter College and Stony
Brook University. YU both won
matches: a whopping 22-5 against
Hunter, and 16-11 against Stony
YU fnished the season strong
by sending 5 fencers to the 2012
NCAA Regional Fencing Champi-
onships. For pe, Hillel Kaye took
19th place overall, Akiva Leidner
came in at 36th, and Jared Anstan-
dig placed 38th; for Sabre, Yitzchok
Frankel took 34th and Kevin Geller
placed 37th.
Peter Rosas (Sabre/Head Coach),
Dmitry Krupp (pe Coach), and
John Wilhelm (Foil Coach), no
doubt proud of their fencers this
year, look forward to another suc-
cessful season next year.
Athletics 132 masmid 2012
The YU Mens Soccer Team began
its training this year in pre-season,
a time when players practice close
to ten hours a day to get in shape for
the season and spend time bond-
ing with close friends whom they
havent seen all summer long. After
a week of intense traininginclud-
ing countless hours of pilates, soc-
cerobics, drills, scrimmage, and ft-
ness testing, as well as breaks to go
swimmingthe athletes returned
to New York ready to compete
in the Skyline Conference of the
The 20112012 season marked
the start of a new generation of
soccer players at YU, after 16
seniors had graduated last year.
Although the Team was young
and had not yet developed a fuid
chemistry by the time the season
started, under the capable lead-
ership of Captain Brian Wiener,
they competed valiantly in the
Conference and defeated mul-
tiple Hudson Valley teams. In their
best game of the season, the Macs
beat St. Josephs College (Brook-
lyn) 7-1. Midway through the
season, the young and promising
Team member Jack Sztrigler was
appointed as a second captain to
lead the group after Brian Wieners
departure at the end of the year.
All in all, the 20112012 Soccer
season was characterized by cour-
age, dedication, and, most impor-
tantly, camaraderie.
133 Athletics masmid 2012
Back row (l to r): Head Coach Tony Elmore, Aron Zohar, Jack Sztrigler (Captain), Doron David, Nate Japhet, Simon Goldstein,
Mikey Holder, Benjamin Guigui, Daniel Benchimol, Max Burton, Assistant Coach Shua Pransky
Front row (l to r): Joseph Blechner, Aryeh Rosenbaum, David Roumani, Harvey Pava,
Brian Wiener (Captain), Josh Cohen, Adrian Gucovschi
Not Pictured: Adam Barel, Shai Barel, Teddy Edery, Zecharia Hirsch, Assistant Coach Phil Ishmael, Ilan Regenbaum
Overall record:3-12-0
Category Leaders
Assists:Daniel Benchimol
Goals:David Roumani
Points:Daniel Benchimol
Shot pct.:Max Burton
Athletics 134 masmid 2012
Back row (l to r): Eitan Gettenberg, Ezra (Eddie) Ashkenazie (Captain), Zachary Charles,
Ephraim Leiderman (Captain), Head Coach Jef Menaker
Front row (l to r): Jeremy Seftel, Robert Rubin, Ely Gemara, Eli Gewirtz
Not Pictured: Benjie Rosenberg
135 Athletics masmid 2012
The 2012 YU Mens Tennis Team
underwent a change this year
with the addition of a Fall com-
ponent to the season. Designed to
acclimate players to outdoor play-
ing conditions while introducing
new Team members to collegiate
athletics, this pre-season period
also enabled the athletes to play
matches long before the Skyline
Conference season began in the
This years Team, composed
mostly of seniors, began their
Spring season with high hopes.
Senior Zachary Charles anchored
the number one spot, while other
seniors flled key spots down the
singles and doubles rosters. Under
the guidance of Head Coach Jef
Menaker, who emphasized con-
ditioning, practice, and team-
work, the Team was energized for
an exciting season. Additionally,
Captains Ezra (Eddie) Ashkenazie
and Ephraim Leiderman fostered
a sense of camaraderie among the
players. However, after a number
of close matches which the Macs
ultimately lost, the Team did not
advance into the playofs.
Among the graduating Team
members, number one singles
player Zachary Charles fnished
his collegiate athletic career with
an overall singles record of 21-12
and a 16-15 doubles record. He
was voted Skyline Rookie of the
Week twice, Skyline Player of the
Week twice, and was First Team
All Conference every season.
Number four singles player
Ephraim Leiderman ended of his
career going 23-7 in singles and
9-4 in doubles. Additionally, he
was voted Player of the Week in his
sophomore season. Number fve
singles player Eli Gewirtz fnished
his time on the Team with a 7-3
record in singles and a 7-3 record
in doubles. Doubles specialist
Ezra (Eddie) Ashkenazie fnished
of with an overall singles record
of 5-5 and a 19-15 doubles record.
Overall record:3-12-0
Athletics 136 masmid 2012
The 20112012 YU Mens Volley-
ball team had its ups and downs
this season. Holding a perfect
8-0 record in the regular season,
including a 5-set win against rival
Cooper Union, the Macs fell short
in a thrilling HVMAC Champi-
onship game against that very
team. Leading the Macs this year
were HVMAC All-Stars Raphael
Herskovitz, Naftali Rosenthal, and
Jack Voystock, all seniors. At the
end of the season, Head Coach
Arnold Ross was named HVMAC
Coach of the Year.
Overall record:13-18
Team Statistics
Aces per game:1.7
Assists per game:6.7
Blocks per game:1.4
Digs per game:11.8
Kills per game:7.6
137 Athletics masmid 2012
Back row (l to r): Kevin Katz, Adam Rhodes, Jack Voystock (Captain), Raphael Herskovitz (Captain), Naftali Rosenthal,
Menachem Goldstein, Daniel Lapson, Head Coach Arnold Ross
Front row (l to r): David Wagner, Jonah Wilkof, Jared Rechnitz, William Kessler, Elchanan Margolis
Not Pictured: Assistant Coach Roxanne Prendergast
Athletics 138 masmid 2012
Back row (l to r): Assistant Coach Victor Kupchynsky, Head Coach Neil Ellman, Ron Simchi (Captain),
Aryeh Genet, Eli Fuld, Jacob Novikov, Isaac Genshaft, Assistant Coach Carlos Dolmo
Front row (l to r): Shmuel Lamm, Gedalia Romanof, Amichai Levy (Captain), Michael Lunzer
Not Pictured: Michael Alpert, Gregory Kupsin, Boris Shulkin, Boris Tuman, Michael Yousefzadeh
139 Athletics masmid 2012
Led by the winning record of Co-
Captain Ron Simchi, this year
marked one of the strongest sea-
sons for the YU Wrestling Team in
recent history. Michael Alpert, the
freshman phenom from Oviedo
High School, Florida, put on a
strong showing in his frst season
of wrestling for YU with a number
of wins. Co-Captian Amichai Levy
had his breakout season this year
and accumulated some wins as
well. Michael Lunzer and Aryeh
Genet, two newcomers to the sport,
had a major impact on the Team by
modeling dedication and raising
the level of intensity during prac-
tices and matches. With its young
talent and emerging leaders, the
YU Wrestling Team will be fun to
watch for years to come.
Advertisements 142 masmid 2012
Mazal Tov
Yoni Weg
You have maintained outstanding achievements during your
years at YU. Your excellence in academics, participation in
school service and the Center for the Jewish Future, midot and
derech eretz make you an exceptional young man of whom we
are very proud.
We love you and are very proud of you!!!
Mommy & Daddy,
Melanie, Shlomo, Moshe,
Aliza & Danny, Debbie & Yosef
143 Advertisements masmid 2012
The Yeshiva University
Ofce of Student Afairs
would like to extend a hearty mazal tov to

Yeshiva College

Syms School of Business
and wishes them every success as they go
out into the world and become valuable
members of the Jewish community and
of society at large
Advertisements 144 masmid 2012
145 Advertisements masmid 2012
To our dear son
Samuel Bienenfeld
Mazal Tov on the occasion
of your graduation; we are so
proud of you.
May your future continue to
be bright always and may you
enjoy all good things in life.
We love you very much.
Mom and Dad
Amanda, Diana and JJ
Advertisements 146 masmid 2012

The Office of Alumni Affairs congratulates
the members of the Class of 2012 on your graduation
and welcomes you to the YU alumni community!

We look forward to staying in touch with you through the
years. To ensure you always have the latest alumni
information, visit www.yu.edu/alumnidirectory to update your
email address and contact information.

You can also find us online (and as an app on your Smartphone!):





Mazel tov and stay in touch!

Office of Alumni Affairs
Yeshiva University
500 West 185
Street, Furst Hall 530
New York, NY 10033
147 Advertisements masmid 2012
Mazal Tov
To our ben habchor and big brother
Ariel Caplan
You always knew YU was the only place for you.
You were right.
Youve been a Masmid, a Mevaser, and a Marrow donor,
but most of all, a Mensch.
May you be successful in your pursuit
of a career path that combines
Torah uMadah, and a life that includes
a backyard on Israeli soil.
We cant wait to see what you do next
(so long as it doesnt involve rolling
around on Amsterdam Ave.).
All our love,
Mom, Dad, Rachel, Dani and Yair
Advertisements 148 masmid 2012
Dear Ari,

We were honored last year when you joined
our family. You made our daughter and us very
happy. You are a fne young man with excellent
midos. We wish you much luck and success in
the future. We hope you bring much nachas to
your family and ours.
Robert and Esther Lowinger
and Family
149 Advertisements masmid 2012
In Honor Of
Avi Wollman
Congratulations! We are so proud of your growth as a Ben Torah, in the
broadest sense, over your time in Yeshiva University. You have nurtured and
demonstrated your plethora of passions, both in and out of the classroom,
and have constantly sought opportunities to share those skills and interests
with others. You have traveled to Paris and Karkov, from Boston to Bufalo,
always engaging new vistas for learning and giving. You have furthered your
venerated expertise in computers and tried your hand at the theater. You
then made your school your creative playground, honing your abilities by
flling key roles in events like the Drama Societys Of Mice and Men perfor-
mance and the SOY Seforim Sale.
Despite all your ventures, however, you consistently maintained, above all,
your serious commitment to Torah and Mitzvot, signifcantly enhanced by the
environment of the YU Beit Midrash and its Talmidim. You made daily Talmud
Torah a top priority, and developed deep, positive friendships with other excep-
tional young men, many of whom we anticipate you will retain and cherish
as friends for life.
You continued that unique sense of responsibility for others which you
emphasized so admirably already in high school, participating in countless
venuesboth formal and informalas a guide and role model for those
around you. You always looked to provide care and advice to those who
were disadvantaged, whether physically or spiritually, forming within you a
heightened maturity and patience which will serve you well.
We are excited about your future and wish you happiness and success in
whatever comes your way.
With love and pride,
Mom, Dad, Yael, Eli, Miriam, Shira, and Charlie
Advertisements 150 masmid 2012
We are unbelievably proud of
you and we look forward to
watching you transition into
the next stage of your life.
You did it!
Ema and Abba
Hillel, Sara, Penina
151 Advertisements masmid 2012
Following in the footsteps of
your grandfather,
Rabbi Benjamin Joseph Elsant, AH (YC, RIETS)
your parents,
Martin (YC) and Gail (Epstein, SCW) Elsant
your brother and sister-in-law,
Rabbi Michael (YC, RIETS) and Yehudit (Lerner, SCW, Azrieli) Elsant
your sister and brother-in-law,
Sharon (Elsant, SCW, GPATS, Revel, Azrieli student)
and Rabbi Jay (YC, RIETS) Weinstein
your brother and sister-in-law,
Joshua (YC, RIETS student) and Erica (Davis, SCW) Elsant
and your numerous Epstein aunts, uncles, and cousins.......
You are the youngest member of the third generation of YU graduates
in our family.
We are so proud of your accomplishments in Torah learning and
Mathematics. You are a product of and tribute to YUs ideal of Torah
uMadda and are a shining example of scholarship and menschlechkeit.
With our best wishes for your good health, happiness, and success,
and our continued nachas!
Mommy and Abba
Advertisements 152 masmid 2012
Dear Elie,
Mazel Tov upon your graduation from Yeshiva
University and acceptance into the Rabbi
Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary Semikha
Program at YU.
You have brought us all great nachas ... and we
are so very proud of you and all of your hard
work and accomplishments.
May you continue to achieve success in all that
you do, and may Hashem continue to guide you
and bless you in everything you do.
From The Hebrew Academy of Cleveland ... to
Skokie Yeshiva ... to KBY, always remember your
roots and from where you have come.
We love you,
Mommy and Abba,
Shira, Yael & Dovi, and Ari
153 Advertisements masmid 2012
Advertisements 154 masmid 2012
Congratulations to
Elli Heisler!
Not only do we respect what
youve accomplished, we respect
the way youve accomplished it
with a fantastic attitude.
Mom, Dad, Avery, and Zach
155 Advertisements masmid 2012
Dear Jared,
. ?
Who is wise?
One who learns from everyone.
Mazel Tov on your accomplishments at
Yeshiva University.
We wish you continued success in all that you do.
We are always so inspired to learn
with and from you.
With Much Love,
Mom, Chuck, Deborah,
Bubbie, and Zadie
Advertisements 156 masmid 2012

In honor of our

The most important thing is not to
stop questioning.
Albert Einstein

Mazal tov! Mabrook!
Ezra and Shifra Hanon
Sam and Dubbin
The Levys, Dwecks, Sassons, Bergers,
Guttmans, Samras, and Mishans
n | n x n y i ' (.n n\a)
157 Advertisements masmid 2012
Advertisements 158 masmid 2012
Dear Jared,
We are so proud of all your wide range of accomplishments during the
past four years and are delighted to watch as you perfect your talents
and continue on the path you have created for success. Your intelligent
creativity is an inspiration, and your altruistic qualities make it easy to
see why you are loved by all. Jared, your spirit and humor is infectious.
You are the most selfess person we know and we feel blessed to have
you in our lives. May all your incredible attributes and midos shine,
throughout your career and life. Mazal Tov!
We love you,
Mom, Grandma, Aunt Lisa, Jennifer (Cardozo 04),
Stacey, Lauren (Stern 05), and Gabrielle
Dear Jared,
We have all watched with delight as you have developed and matured
over the past four years. Your curiosity into human behavior has
helped shape your academic career. Your kindness and sincerity have
kindled many friendships. Your love and dedication to family have
brought meaning to all of our lives. We congratulate you for all your
achievements in life and we are confdent in your ability to succeed in
your future endeavors.
Lots of love always from all of us,
Dad, Lorraine, Grandma, Aunt Donna, Uncle Matt,
Marissa, and Melanie
159 Advertisements masmid 2012

Around Iere...we don`L Iook buckwurds Ior very Iong. We keep movIng
Iorwurd, openIng up new doors und doIng new LIIngs.und curIosILy keeps IeudIng us
down new puLIs. Wult isney

We Iuve seen you go Irom your IIrsL duy oI scIooI LIrougI your IusL - und wIuL un umuzIng
journey IL Ius been!
We uII wIsI you IuLzIucIu und sImcIu us you sLurL LIIs nexL pIuse oI your IIIe.
mom nnd nd
rnndmn Ii4mnn
rnndmn nnd rnndn 84e
Rnc4e nnd Adnm
84irn, 8coll nnd Ayeel
Dear Matthew,
Advertisements 160 masmid 2012
Dear Moshe,
Now you have the tools. We are confident that with them
you will accomplish great things!!!
Mazal tov!!
Imma, Abba, Yehuda, and Ilana
(The Peters Family)

n n n n" y 1 n n i in + "\ . n" 'a , . a
161 Advertisements masmid 2012
Wishing you success, growth, happiness, health, and
many blessings from Hashem.
We are so proud of all of your accomplishments and
of all of the Torah and knowledge you have amassed.

Moshe Gavriel, all that you have learned should bring
you to do great things.
May your graduation be the beginning of a wealth of
opportunities and exciting adventures.
All our love,
Ilana, Laynie, Tzachi, Avi, and Polo
Advertisements 162 masmid 2012
Dear Michael,
Our hearts are bursting with so much pride on this graduation day.
Throughout the years weve stood by and watched you grow from a
young boy into a pure and true who is honest and dedicated
to and .
Your refined character, won-
derful and exceptional
shape the man that
you are today. You have an
even keel disposition and an
easygoing personality. All of
these traits make you loved by
all, especially your family.
Michael, you have reached yet another milestone in your life. G-d
willing, this will be another stepping stone on the road to a successful
and meaningful life, flled with love, happiness and prosperity. We
hope and pray that should bless you to achieve all of your goals
and may all of your dreams come true!
Congratulations to you and the Class of 2012!
Best of luck always!! We love you!
Mom, Dad, Esther & Ezra, Raymond,
Ikey, Jefrey and Jacob
163 Advertisements masmid 2012
Dear Ori,
Mazel tov! We delight in how thoughtful and sophisticated
a person you have become, admire your love of Torah and
passion for scholarship, and are proud beyond words over the
nobility of your character and the tenderness of your heart.
Kol hakavod to you and to our beloved Rena.
We love you!
Abba and Imma, Adin, and Yakir
Advertisements 164 masmid 2012
Our bechor, youve done it again
Excelling at YU, a gem among men
Youve studied hard both Physics and Math
As for a career, we know youll choose the right path
You take time to help others and do what is right
Leyning, tutoring, creating websites
Youve written about global warming and the head of our nation
Youve contributed to many a YU publication
For your roommates and friends you go the extra mile
Flying in from Israel for a wedding and doing chesed with a smile
Your love of Israel is evident to all
Aliyah is a mitzvah, you explain on your Wall
Haaretz is where youre headed after you graduate,
Its a new beginning so lets celebrate!
Raf, we are so proud of you!
Mazal Tov!
Mom & Dad
Sarina & Ronit
165 Advertisements masmid 2012
In Honor of
Yehuda Stiefel
We could not be prouder of your hard work
and extraordinary accomplishments.
Mom & Dad
Elana, Noam & Kayla
Avi & Miriam
Advertisements 166 masmid 2012

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..r| |..r|e-- -r~.:~ ~:J cr..~r.c:.
|~q qcu ~|.~q- e -ucce--lu| .: ~|| cl qcu e:Je~.c-.
ou wanted
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f so
ite it
Adr. Av. Yr. Y rd Y

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7- C.- 1---.c ^-. _....- _....- _....- _....-.

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J- ..t -. t-tct. ,.-t e ..-.. . tt ctc -. e-.

J.ct tt -.- t-.-.
,-~ _ 1e
Advertisements 168 masmid 2012
Congratulations, Seniors!
We wish you all the best as you start
the next chapter of your lives!
Mazel tov to
Ari Stock

on your graduation. Were so proud of all you have
accomplished. Best wishes to you and Melissa on
the next chapter of your lives.
Mom and Dad
Yosef and Dina
169 Advertisements masmid 2012
Dear Ariel,
Mazel tov to you and your fellow classmates
on your graduation from college.
We are proud of your multiple achievements throughout your time
at school. We cant wait to see what you will accomplish once you
step out into the world!
Love, and much !
Abba, Ima, Yissachar and Molly,
Aron and Suri, David, Eliyahu, Devora,
Margalit, Shaina, and Elisha
Saba and Savta
Congratulations on all your accomplishments in Torah and Madda.
We are very proud of you and know that you will continue to grow
and go mechayil el chayil, especially with your eishet chayil by your
side. May your lives be flled with the blessings of Hashem, ad bli dai.
Ema and Abba
Tamar & Ilya, and Shmuel Yitzchak, Akiva
Avigaille & Dov and Rachel Bina, Leib Yakov and Esther Baila
Michal & Binyamin
Advertisements 170 masmid 2012
Dear Avi,
We love you and wish you all the very
best of success for a wonderful future.
Mazal tov!
From all of us,
Mom and Dad
Chana, Nachum, Menachem, Yitzchak, and Michal
Devorah, Michael, and Hadassa Leah
Nana, Miriam, and the rest of the family
Mazel Tov
to our wonderful grandson
Dani Weiss
upon your graduation from Yeshiva University.
We are very proud of your past achievements and we know you will
always be a source of much nachas to us in the years to come.
May Hashem grant you continued hatzlachah in all your future pursuits.
From your very proud grandparents,
Adelaide and Oscar Heller
Margaret Weiss
171 Advertisements masmid 2012
Dear Elie,
Mazel Tov on your graduation from YU. I am very proud of you and grateful to Hashem to
be here to share this special accomplishment with you.
May you continue to be a light upon our family and Klal Yisrael.
I love you dearly, as did Grandpa (zl).
Mazel Tov to our dear nephew and cousin, Elie Schwartz.
We are so proud of you upon your graduation from YU.
With love and pride,
Doda Katia & Uncle Fred,
Leora & Reuven & family, Ariel & Rachel & family
We make a living by what we get.
We make a life by what we give.
your giving nature is an inspiration to us all.
All our love,
Mom & Dad,
Frances & Hymie & the boys,
Sammy, Lenora and Danielle
Advertisements 172 masmid 2012
Icv v..ic v..ic v..ic v..ic,
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o .onc : ^v:c Io.:
+n.c ^v[ vnv /vn 1v



Ha, ,on continne to sere as a Nachas to ,onr special famil, and to
all of Klal Yisroel.
nau: |a: n:on :5 n napn :no x: n
n:yn n:yn n:na n:y: n5no
,au :5 :n n5:aa
p:o ,+:a ,n:a: nnoon
173 Advertisements masmid 2012
Mazel Tov to our son
Adam Elkins
Yasher Koach for all the
hard work you have done.
You are an incredibly
wonderful young man,
and we cant wait until you
come back to Chicago!
Love, Mom and Dad
Dear Ari,
Mazal tov on your graduation. I am so proud of
you and of everything you have accomplished. You
have been successful throughout your time at YU,
focusing both on your academics and giving back
to the community. Your diligence, patience, and
eagerness to help others are inspirational to all who
know you. I feel so blessed to have found you and
made you a part of my life. I love you so much and
look forward to seeing all the amazing things I know
you will accomplish.
You should continue to aspire to success as you
begi n medi cal school , and shoul d remai n as
motivated and enthusiastic as you always have been.
As you reach this important milestone in your life, I
wish you all the best, and may you always bring joy to
the lives of those you touch, both in the present and
in the future.
Love, Melissa
The Student Boards of YSU, SOY/JSC,
YCSA, and SYMSSC wish the
Graduating Class of 2012
success and fulfllment in all their future
endeavors, and hope they will carry with
them the mantle and legacy of Yeshiva
University into the world, wherever their
paths may lead them.
Advertisements 174 masmid 2012
We are all so incredibly proud of you.
Wishing you hatzlachah rabah and much
happiness as you continue moving forward
in your life.
Love from the entire Roth family
Shkoyach Gadol to


a true masmidon publishing yet
another masterpiece.
Youre the best,
Tzvi & Metuka Feifel
Dear Yussie,
We have always admired your
sensitivity, warmth, friendliness, charm
and independence. You know how to
"go with the flow" and always keep
your focus and goals in the forefront.
You challenge yourself with extreme
determination to achieve, and your
success thus far as a scholar and a
mentch is commendable. We have
en]oyed many vacations together as a
family, and we look forward to
celebrating your college graduation and
all the success and happiness this
brings to you personally and

With all our love,
Aunt 8herri, Uncle 8ammy, cousins
Joshua and Matthew

To My Dearest Brother Yussie Abramowitz,
The day has come where you could finally
celebrate all the hard work you had to
Staying up late, learning, studying, writing
papers and much more.
You have already secured an internship to
work in your future degree,
This just shows that whichever kind of
accountant you put your mind to, you
could be.
You have earned all the good grades
youve received and so a Mazel Tov is in
order for you,
I love you and wish you much hatzlacha in
everything that you do.
Love your sister,
The Staf of the
YU Masmid
would like to congratu late all
of the seniors of the Class
of 2012 upon completing
their careers at YU, and
hope they will cherish this
keepsake of their time here
throughout their long and
productive lives.
Mazzal tov!
Stay in Touch