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We need to have a manager who can look after the team on regular basis

He should conduct meeting early morning with the team at meeting room, collect all the information like : Tasks in Sequence Daily: 1. Jabber Daily Activity - Travel Management and make an Xl-sheet for his activity per day. 2. Sales Team Collect all the information, who is meeting which client and what purpose make a record of it in the Xl sheet, that will keep track of visit report for one person each daily, and Enquires received . This sheet is Daily Visit Reports. After the visit each team will make their own report and submit it to the manager after check in office. 3. Sales Team Make a list of emails received from clients yesterday who are following up with which client This sheet is follow up Xl-sheet. This will help them know how many hours they need to spend on the computer and visit the client for enquiry. 4. Support Team After the emails have been collected the support team will mail the client of sales team member and share the task accordingly to reduce the efforts, email conversation sales team would do it, for request of documents support staff has to do it in the absence of the sale team as they would carry the check list with them for each principle and check out the received and make record in CRM and give to sales team as in when required, which would be discussed in the meeting room early morning. 5. Support Team Will give the daily activity tasks that they are performing activity for which principle and client they are in progress, which they can complete and which will be pending so that there is a deadline that can be fixed by the manager to meet the target at cost controlled for the company, ask they need to help team member and bring more business, as we know that the future projects of 2012, 2013, 2014 are in progress and at any time there can be a tender with clients and we will not be in the position to received if we are not registered the manufacture / product of principle - Here we need to make a Xlsheet of each client month wise and see when they have issued the tender for different products, I means we are making the calendar for the client visit and enquiring them on regular basis and come to know clients most demanding product as mentioned by H.E Mr. Salah Shamsi Specialty product / Additive / Regular Add On. 6. CRM Team We have tasks like making CRM Data Entry Lets say you have to data entry 3 Companies Per Day, I.e. 3 X 20 Days = 60 Companies o Consider if you could follow up person is One and Data Entry Person is another then you have 8 Hours for Calls and Email Follow Up and on

8:15 AM 9:00 AM

receive of the documents save store in the folder for the data entry team!

Team size 1 for mail and calls and other for only data entry

Lets say you have to data entry done its time for the follow up with client if there is any documents needed or to be submitted in person One person can take an account / be responsible of this. Were the data entry employees will give a green signal that he can visit the client for finalizing registration!

All the following information collected by the manager is tabulated for the Jabber, Sales & Support Team any activity of Jabber, Sales Visit, Sales Delivery, Customer Office Visits and Sales Visit Unplanned will be informed to manager to get thinks back on track, and arrange necessary. After the Sales Team takes the following information the manager will follow up them with call or email for the Visit report, Daily Report, where with email subject line naming convention need to be in lines with ISO 9000 for all the above activity I have suggested Xlsheet on line basis with Mr. LIBI and have taken his suggestion, and critics which will help Control Stationary Expenditure.

Suggestion: 1. Early Morning Meeting 45 mins 2. Two Client Visits Per Day Pre Planned or Un Planned 3 Hrs X 2 = 6 Hours 3. Reports to be generated from them of the day on the above said steps. 4. Implement Xlsheet as HTML and upload so that H.E can see and they can keep track of the work on mobile. 5. Team Building activities are missing on business lines example you can have a General Knowledge Question Paper be prepared for chose one of the answers in lines with the Clients product, whom to contact, what is the price of the products for each sales team if this activity is given then the informative, information required by the company is clear.

6. Making the Clients Chart when they are buying the products and what they are buying from the last year sales 7. Having an Manager post who is working on MS Project and can handle this tasks 8. The Manager should conduct meeting early morning with the team at meeting room, collect all the information like & report to Chairman of what has happened yesterday Visits, Sales, Enquires, Pending Enquires, Pending Agencies, Interested

Principles, List of Shortlist Principle Meeting at office or Visit them International for Business Deals. 9. Export Division This can be implemented with new employees one the business is streamed lined 10. Suggestion Office Hours 8:00 Am to 5 Pm as I see the energy levels of the team are falling in last two months rating 4.5 of 10 points, as Saturday is working day not Off to regain their energy levels, I see them drowsy and in rush to find out what they are doing and not sharing the good energy levels with the clients visit, were as they have very good potential knowledge approach to bring sales target business. 11. Suggestion Office Hours 8:00 Am to 5 Pm and Saturday OFF OR Suggestion Office Hours 8:00 Am to 7 Pm and Saturday OFF I feel and experienced a person can work efficiently for 3 Hours perfectly and the fourth hour his energy levels are down he has to Re fuel himself to meet the another 3 Hours which is called as LUNCH and can more good efficiently for another 2 hours so a person or employee can more perfect with good energy levels of 8 out of 10 point in first 5 hours and rest is completed laziness & recover health, recover stress, re think the strategy planning for the day and tackling the client (he plays a chess game in his mind to find a solution but will not work which will not result in benefit to the company)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

These THREE HOURS Live Examples : One Hour will be for the reports what he has done daily Emailing the clients Making Task List for the manager Think what client has requested and mail the principle for the information, where he needs to write a mail. Whom to visit the next day if there are no appointment given If the appointments are given what do we take with us for them

Suggestions For these three hours 1. One Hour report we need to have CRM plug-in installed for daily reports application, task management application. (Outlook Calendar or Gmail Calender) so that the manager can input this information collected from them and assign the person / team accordingly. 2. Email - No Comments 3. Suggested in point one

4. We can have a voice recorder for each of the sales team for client visit record and re visit the meeting through the audio files, and prepare exact paper work and forget nothing. 5. Suggested in point one Task application will give him the freedom to check his schedule.