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1 Nature of business activity

Key Terminology (SL/HL) Business inputs Business outputs Business processes Business activity Goods Services Economic structure Primary sector Secondary sector Tertiary sectors Marketing department Production/operations department Finance department Human resources department

Flow Chart 1 - Business activity (SL/HL) Business Inputs 1) Capital 2) Enterprise 3) Land Business processes 1 Designing/ Creation of the product 2 Production and manufacturing of the product 3 Advertising the product Business outputs 1 The complete product finished 2 Waste created in the production of the product 3 economic wealth to the employees

Flow Chart 2 - Economic structure (SL/HL) Primary sector 1 Mining 2 Farming 3 Planting Secondary sector 1 Car production 2 Distilling 3 Shipbuilding Tertiary sector 1 Government 2 Banking 3 Insurance

Flow Chart 3 Four Functional Departments (SL/HL) Marketing department Production/operations department 1 Product management 2 Product Production 3 Designing/Planning product Finance department Human resources department 1 Motivating workers 1 Managing Profit and lost 2 Financing 3 Book keeping 2 recruitment of employees 3 Management of workers

1 Advertisement 2 Market research 3 Product Development

Flow Chart 4 Changes in Economic Structure (HL ONLY) Economic Structure Primary sector Secondary sector Tertiary sectors Change in Economic Structure Impact on Business Activity

TOPIC 1.1 Nature of business activity

Case Study: Dennys Super Slam Breakfasts Denny's is a full-service coffee shop/family restaurant chain in the United States. It operates over 1,500 restaurants in the United States (including Puerto Rico), Canada, Curaao, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, and New Zealand. Denny's is known for always being open, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert around the clock. Many of their restaurants are located in proximity to freeway exits and in service areas. Unlike many other restaurant chains, Denny's does not close on holidays or nights, except where required by law. Dennys is famous for customers building their own Super Slam breakfasts. Here customers pick any FOUR items and make it your own from : Bacon Strips (Two), Buttermilk Biscuit, Chicken Sausage Patty (One), Egg Whites (Two), Eggs (Two), English Muffin, Grits, Hash Browns, Hearty Wheat Pancakes (Two), Oatmeal, Pancakes (Two), Sausage Links (Two), Slices of Toast (Two). Questions: (SL/HL) Identify the inputs, outputs and processes of a Dennys Super Slam Some inputs of a business include capital and land to start up the business. Outputs: Produced food Processes: Workers cook the pancakes (3 Marks)

(SL/HL) Describe how Dennys combines human, physical and financial resources to create a Super Slam. Physical resources include cooking equipment like the pan used to cook the pancake. Human resources include Workers, Managers, Waiter, Cook. Financial resources include Money, Capital. (6 Marks) (SL/HL) Explain the nature of Dennys business activity in each sector in the United States of America. Primary No activity Secondary Workers make the pancakes, eggs, and other foods Tertiary Service is provided and food is served. (4 Marks)

(HL) Analyze the impact on Dennys business activity when changes in USAs economic structure occur. (6 Marks)

Source Information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denny%27s http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/mbauer/detail?blogid=26&entry_id=17985 http://www.dennys.com/en/menu.aspx?menuid=56&parentid=40