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Top-Mag is a fun magazine written for kids aged 9-13, written by kids aged 9-13! us us i) Ja prerreeee as) rts 1 at i leo ty! What's May Day? 1 Say Dey wetted Segre ist i doy ‘of May around 3) srt of the wort. ay DY ry re etmration tat Sess tne etch brent rat ce res fet and sumer, the ROTM cee erin EE ces Moy Day celebrated around the world? peecerte different moys half ferent countries. For im ginpie, inthe UK the May Day I reset dering chosing ® Tay Day queen ond other ay tions including 0 MayEate (@ seit wooden pole built as apart of rol tus European folk festivals. anaes a2 = = aereas in ion ¥' cori west fecal ons eres ses nes or pares nd A gees corative clothes sn Hawai, the festivel is known as 1 Tui Day and isa day te celebrate Fotive Hawelion culture. 1 in America, May Baskets ore often reer these are boskets filed A eg ireats ond flowers and left 0° mrone's doer step. The modern (5A celebrations vory 2 ot Sheoughout the different states ntraland May Dayrosbeen Felon Me gates cele ar ae Mary = DS the feast ar onfires were 2 Treated water ei Se | germany theta throw ports by Ryan Curley & Maye Brenner aes? Dear Readers, Toe 's back with another awesome iss is time we've included loa are me cain meena article about ama; Saabs) ese te ach cots rat or get crafty with this iss 2 pets ae alts tise As well as all this yc a ‘out about the life of a wri ch read al eboutEreland nour latest fact packed culture page. est fee Hope his sew ew you by ith pare holidays when our next Sumr . cil wil be released Heppy Reading thee money angwrteae ne How do buries communicate? A,By uring shelrhones! You'll be amazed at the amount of fruits that you've never tasted or even heard of! Trust me, when you've read this, coconuts will be just ‘about as ‘exotic’ as apples! ackfruit: Ever heard of ackfruit? This amazing plant is from south and southeast Asia and we think that itis native to the rainforests of India, T¥’s the largest ‘tree-born fruit in the world, weighing up 10 36 kg and can grow as wide as 50cm to 90cm long! This sweet Flavoured fruit is used in many dishes from cakes to curries, while the seed is ‘also edible and the bark of the tree is used to make instruments! Talk about recycling! Salak or Snake Fruit: The salak tree is part of the Palm tree family and the fruit grows in clusters at the bottom of the trunk, This unusual plant is native to Indonesia and is nick-named ' Snake Fruit’ because of its ‘brown, scaly skin. t's about the size of a ripe fig. The fruit inside the edible pulp consists of three garlic-looking lobes with an apple-like texture, each with a seed. Its moisture varies and it's taste is both sweet and sour. Isn't that ssssssomething? Peanut butter fruit: For any peanut butter fans out There, this is the perfect fruit for youl Native to the northern countries of South America, the Peanut butter fruit resembles a red-orange jth a sticky, thick pulp. But this is the best part...the smell and w_taste is actualy lke peanut butter, hence it's unusual name. It's used in jellies and preserves, such as jam, or is often eaten fresh ‘cream bean: I scream, you Inga edulis or Tee~ ‘scream we all scream... Ice-cream bean! However, ‘this amazing fruit is no joke, Native to South ‘America, the Inga eduli tree is 30m long ‘and 60 cm wide and produces pods measuring up to 1 metre long, Containing seeds embedded in a thick layer of lush, juicy white flesh that tastes like..vanilla ice-cream! This plant is widely cultivated for shade, food, timber, medicine, and making of an alcchelic drink called Cechiri, especially by ‘tive Amazonians, Sounds yummy! ‘Star Apple: The star apple, native to Central America, has ‘mary names but this is one of the most common. This fruit is round with purple, greenish brown or yellow skin and it’s pulp has a star pattern in it.The skin and ‘texture of the purple fruit is thick, while the brown one's skin is thin and has a runnier pulp: ‘the yellow variety though, is quite rare and difficult to find, These fruits are apparently delicious served fresh and best eaten chilled. The leaves are used as medicine for 2 few illnesses too, Bet ya didn't know that before! ‘So, I guess there's more to fruits than ‘apples and oranges! I hope you enjoyed this art and youll get 10 try some of these tropical treat Cie By Maya Brennan Wes