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EXPRESSION OF INTEREST- CUM REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Empanelment of Architectural and Engineering Consultants

For preparing Type Designs, Plans, Sections, Elevations and Specifications for materials and finishings and Workmanship as per relevant codes for Hospitals Constructions like Area Hospitals, Community Health Centres, 30-Bedded Hospitals, Primary Health Centres and subcentre buildings in Urban, Rural and Tribal areas following Green building norms and Modern trends in healthcare standards

Tender Notice No. Name of the District Date of Pre bid meeting Name of the Agency and Address

: : : : 20-09-2010 at 3.00 P.M

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Implementing Agency : ANDHRA PRADESH HEALTH & MEDICAL HOUSING & INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (AN ENTERPRISE OF GOVT. OF A.P.) Third Floor, DM&HS Office Campus. Sulthan Bazar, Hyderabad-500 019. Phone 040 24619123 Fax : 040-24619120



REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS For Empanelment of Architectural and Engineering Consultants Dear Sirs,
Sub: APHMHIDC Expression of Interest-cum Request for Proposals for Empanelment of Architectural & Engineering Consultancy Services For preparing Type Designs, Plans, Sections, Elevations and Specifications for materials and finishings and Workmanship as per relevant codes for Hospitals Constructions like Area Hospitals, Community Health Centres, 30-Bedded Hospitals, Primary Health Centres and sub-centre buildings in Urban, Rural and Tribal areas following Green building norms and Modern trends in healthcare standards - Inviting sealed tenders from Architectural and Engineering consultants for Hospitals - Regarding.

BackgroundThe A.P. Health & Medical Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation (APHMHIDC), Hyderabad is into construction of hospitals and health infrastructure buildings in Andhra Pradesh. The APHMHIDC has constructed many hospital buildings through out Andhra Pradesh in a) Urban b) Rural c) Tribal areas. Brief description of the Project The Andhra Pradesh Government under the aegis of APHMHIDC has vision and ambitious plans to move towards sustainable Hospital building practices by incorporating the modern trends in planning and designing of Hospitals. Such an approach would limit ecological harm and minimize adverse impact on environment and brings better patient healing and provides high performance hospital facilities. It involves Holistic and

comprehensive designing and planning aspects as under. Use of state of art, innovative and modern technology in construction and healthcare Facilities. Patient focused emphasis- patient safety, security, cleanliness, comfort and well-being Adopt Green building design approaches. Energy efficiency and conservation and easy maintenance Using locally available and eco-friendly materials Scientific design for infection control in hospitals Comprehensive design focusing all type of patients with



different ailments and diseases. Fullfill the demand functions in future /suitable to

incorporate requirements of tomorrow. Ensure quality medical care and improve Hospital standards to meet the international Healthcare standards like JCAHO (Joint Commissioner NCQA on Accreditation of Health for care





Assurance), IPH (Indian Public Health Standards), NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals) and other well established practices. In this context, it is proposed to develop standard type Designs, Plans, Sections, Elevations and Specifications for materials and finishings and workmanship as per relevant codes for construction of health infrastructure buildings like Area Hospitals, Community health centres, 30-bedded hospitals, Primary Health Centres, sub-centres in urban, rural and tribal areas duly taking into account the following aspects before evolving the basic designs of hospitals. -the natural geographical features -physical regional factors -agro ecological conditions - cultural specificities. Invitation to Architectural & Engineering Consultants for Empanelment 1. APHMHIDC proposes to empanel Architectural &Engineering Firms to assist

them through various projects with professional competence and strong commitment.
2. The Architectural & Engineering Consultants are hereby invited to submit technical and financial proposals for Empanelment of Architectural & Engineering Consultancy services for Development of Type Designs, Plans, Sections, Elevations and Specifications for materials and finishings and workmanship as per relevant codes for various hospital construction -Area Hospitals, Community Health Centres, 30-Bedded Hospitals, Primary Health Centres and sub-centre buildings in rural/urban/tribal areas following green building norms and modern trends in healthcare standards. 3. The empanelment proposal would form the basis for future discussions, negotiations and ultimately a contract between their firm and Chief Engineer, A.P. Health & Medical Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation (APHMHIDC), Hyderabad.



4 4. The selected Architects/Architectural Firms would be considered for Empanelment for our projects for a period of 5 years subject to satisfying relevant selection criteria.
5. Against each work, the empanelled architectural & engineering consultant will be required to submit their technical proposal cum Design concepts and financial proposal. The work will be awarded to the architect whose Design concept is accepted. The financial offer will be considered, only if the Design concept is accepted. Please note that APHMHIDC holds the exclusive power to decide on the award of consultancy services to any of the empanelled firms. 6. SCOPE OF WORK: The purpose of this assignment is to obtain a) Preparation of 3 numbers of Sustainable Type Designs ,plans Sections, Elevations along with specifications and bill of quantities area wiseUrban/ Rural /tribal for each type of hospital buildings like Area Hospitals, Community Health Centres,30-Bedded Hospitals, Primary Health Centres and sub-centre buildings following green building norms and modern trends in healthcare standards.
S. No

Requirements of APHMHIDC Type of Hospital building Serving area

For each serving area


1 2 3 4 5

Area Hospitals Rural / Urban / Tribal 3 Type designs 9 Type Designs Community Hospitals Rural / Urban / Tribal do 9 Type Designs 30 bedded hospitals Rural / Urban / Tribal do 9 Type Designs Primary health centres Rural / Urban / Tribal do 9 Type Designs Sub-centres Rural / Urban / Tribal -do 9 Type Designs Total No of type designs required - 45 Type designs


Preliminary Architectural drawings for new Construction to the captioned subject.


Preparation of basic designs, documents, Elevations, Sections and specifications for materials and finishings and workmanship as per relevant codes for all the facilities of various hospitals. This will include preparation of documents for civil, plumbing, Air-conditioning, Sanitary, Sewage, drainage, internal water supply facilities, power distribution, substation and Transformer, essential electrical items etc., and complete

internal & external lighting, Fire detection and Fire Alarm system, Accoustic and Public address system, and Services not specially mentioned here-in, but required for the proper and successful completion of the project in accordance with National and international standards. The plans, sections, elevations, specifications and Bill of quantities must



be adequate for the successful completion of the project following green building norms and modern trends in healthcare standards. d) Consultancy to ensure supply of designs and documents at appropriate time as per the time schedule of the programme. These personnel will assist the APHMHIDC in finalizing the schedule and ensuring quality standards as per the designs and specifications. e) Attending various review meetings as required by APHMHIDC / Nodal Officer. f) Bid documents required in the prescribed format for all the aboveproposed civil works including water supply and sanitary and electrical works. g) Submission of drawings /Estimates with data in soft copy and sufficient number of hard copies incorporating all changes wherever necessary. 3. The following documents are enclosed to enable the consultants to submit their proposal. a) b) c) d) Terms of reference (TOR) (Annexure-I), Supplementary information for consultants, including a suggested format of Curriculum vitae (Annexure - II) and Conditions of Contract (Annexure-III) Form of contract for Consultants Services under which the services will be performed (Annexure - IV).

4. In order to obtain first hand information on the assignment and the local conditions, it is considered desirable that a representative of their firm visits the office of the Managing Director, APHMHIDC, 3rd floor, DM & HS Campus Sultan Bazar, Koti, Hyderabad 500 095 before the proposal, is submitted. representative may meet the following officials: 1 Chief Engineer, APHMHIDC, DM&HS Compound, 3rd floor. Sultan Bazaar, Koti, Hyderabad -500 095. Ph: 040-24619123 & Cell : 9603434002 2 Superintending Engineer, APHMHIDC Head Office, Hyderabad, Cell : 9603431007 The prospective consultant will have an opportunity to obtain clarification regarding the scope of work, terms of reference, contract conditions and any other pertinent information during visits to this office. The

5. Pre-qualification criteria
1. The consultants intending to apply should have preferably minimum experience of having provided Architectural and Engineering Consultancy services for at least 3 hospitals (Not less than 100 beds) 2. Intending Consultant firms should have successfully completed at least two



works each costing not less than Rs.50 Crore. (The total cost of the project) with in the last 3 years. 3. Architects/firms should possess adequate organizational structure comprising qualified Architects, engineers, specialists, other technical officers and staff along with computer aided facilities, associates such as reputed/well experienced structural/electrical /water supply/fire and security/HVAC Architects to execute works. The bidders should invariably produce documentary evidence in the form of certificates from the clients as mentioned elsewhere in the document with the date of completion of the project and the cost of project. The agencies that possess the above mentioned minimum qualification will be short listed for empanelment. 5.1 Cost of Tender Document: The tender document for Expression of Interest (EOI) cum Request for proposal (RFP) may be obtained from the office of the Managing Director, APHMHIDC from 07-09-2010 directly (or) by Post on payment of Non refundable fee of Rs.5625/- (Rupees five thousand six hundred and twenty five only) in the shape of Demand Draft drawn in favour of Managing Director, APHMHIDC, Hyderabad. The corporation is not responsible for any postal delay. The tender document downloaded from our website will be accepted on the receipt of the demand draft of Rs5625/-only. 6.0 Submission of proposals: The Consultant is expected to examine the project in detail and carryout such studies as may be required to submit proposals for the concepts, Architectural plans and various services of the project. The proposals shall be submitted in two parts viz., Technical & Financial and should follow the form given in the "Supplementary information for consultants". 6.1.1 The Technical and Financial proposals must be submitted in two separate sealed envelopes (with respective marking in bold letters) following the

formats/Schedules given in the supplementary information for Consultants. The first envelope marked "Technical proposal" should include the description of the firm/organization, the firm general experience in the field of assignment, the qualification and competency of the personnel proposed for the assignment and the proposed work plan methodology and approach in response to suggested terms of reference. The second envelope marked 'Financial Proposal' must also be sealed with sealing wax and should contain the detailed price offer for the Consultancy services. Both the sealed envelopes should again be placed in a sealed cover,



which will be deposited in the office tender box by the consultant in the office of the Managing Director, APHMHIDC, DM&HS compound, 3rd floor, Sultan Bazar, Koti, Hyderabad-500195 up to 3.00 p.m. on 27-09-2010 7. Opening of proposal : The proposals (1st envelope containing technical proposal only) will be opened by the Chief Engineer, APHMHIDC or his authorized representative in this office at 3.30 p.m. on 27-09-2010 in the presence of such Consultants or their authorized representatives who may choose to be present. It may please be noted that the 2nd envelope containing the detailed price offer will not be opened until technical evaluation has been completed and the result approved by the Chief Engineer, APHMHIDC.

8. Evaluation: - EvaluationofProposal
A three stage procedure will be adopted in evaluating the proposals Viz. 1) Technical Evaluation, 2) Basic plans and 3) Final designs, sections, elevations and documents. The technical evaluation will be completed prior to any financial proposals being opened. The technical proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria. 8.1 The firms general experience in the field of the assignment (duly incorporating the details of the copy of registration of the firm) i.e. depends on several Architectural and consultancy buildings so far handled. The firm who has earlier rendered the services to this Corporation their performance also will be considered for awarding these points. - 15 Points 8.2 8.3 The proposed methodology with time schedule.-10 Points. Experience in building hospitals projects and implementing eco-friendly building practices. Proof to be attached.-20 points 8.4.1 IGBC (Indian Green Building Concept) green home certification / LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environment Design) India ratings in their projects or execution of LEED registered projects 30 Points 8.5 The qualifications & competence of the personnel proposed for the assignment and adequacy for the project based on experience - 10 points. 8.5.1 Curriculum vitae of senior personnel in each discipline for assessing the qualifications and experience of the personnel proposed to be deployed for the studies should be included with the proposal (in the Format of the sample curriculum vitae). General qualifications - (15 Points)



* The points will be awarded as follows:

Sl. No. Description of item Max marks

a) b) c) d) e)

General Qualifications (15)

Team leader (Arch or Engg.) (3 for P.G. Qualifications / 2for G Qualifications) Architects(minimum 2 persons) (3 for P.G. Qualifications / 2 for G Qualifications Civil Engineer with minimum Graduation (minimum 2 persons) Electrical Engineer with minimum Graduation Structural Engineer with M.Tech Qualification 3 3 2 2 5


Adequacy for the project (50 points). Suitability to perform the duties for this assignment, the points for this item will be awarded based on the minimum experience of having provided Architectural Consultancy services of value Rs.50.00 crores turnover in a single project in any one year in the last five years.


Deciding Award of Contract: - Quality and competence of the consulting services will be considered for award and it will be as follows.


Technical proposals scoring not less than 70% of the total points will only be considered for preparation of Type Designs. Consultants who have scored more than 70% marks in evaluation shall be required to submit Type Design and Schematic sketches/Basic plans/Sections including front elevation for the proposed buildings within 30 days from the date of intimation. Before submitting the sketches/Basic plans all the qualified Consultants will have to attend meeting, which will be conducted at APHMHIDC, Hyderabad for general understanding of the proposals. An expert committee will evaluate the sketches/Basic plans. The Consultants should present their proposals along with power point presentation in front of the committee constituted for Empanelment and further finalization of Type Designs.


The Expert Committee / Chief Engineer, APHMHIDC may reject any / all of the proposals received without assigning any reasons. Further, as quality is the

principal selection criterion, the Chief Engineer, APHMHIDC does not bind himself in any way to select the firm offering the lowest price. 11. The consultants are requested to hold their proposal valid for 120 days from the



date of submission without change in the personnel proposed for the assignment and their proposed price. The Corporation will make its best efforts to select a Consultant firm within this period.


The cost of preparing proposals and of negotiating a contract including visits to the office of this Corporation and any other places including site visits, survey etc., for submission of proposals, if any, is not reimbursable as a direct cost of' the assignment.


Assuming that the procedure for awarding contract can be satisfactorily concluded in 15 days, the consultants will be expected to take up/ commence with the assignment in 5 days.


The Corporation reserves the right to select one or more bidders for empanelment in order to evolve type designs for various hospitals and reserves the right to select various type designs from various bidders based on the merits of the designs. In such case the decision of the Managing Director, APHMHIDC / Chief Engineer, APHMHIDC is final and binding.


In case of selection of type designs from various agencies for empanelment, payment will be made for the units selected at the rates agreed by the concerned consultant for each category of hospital buildings- Area Hospital /Community Hospital/30 Bedded Hospital/Primary health centre/ Sub-centres. Finally, 3 type designs will be approved by the corporation area wise for each category of hospital buildings-Teaching Hospital/Area Hospital/District Hospital/Community Hospital/30 Bedded Hospital/Primary health centre/Subcentre.


Proposal Preparation Cost: The consultant shall be responsible for all the costs associated with the preparation of his proposal and his participation in the bidding process. The APHMHIDC will not be responsible for such costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the bidding process.


For technical evaluation for giving the points against adequacy of the project, only main firms experience shall be considered.



17. The remuneration, which the consultants receive from the contract, will be subject to normal tax liability in India. Kindly contact the concerned tax authorities for further information in this regard if required. 18. We would appreciate if the consultants inform us by Telex /Fax. a).Their acknowledgement of this letter of' invitation; and b).Whether or not the consultants will be submitting a proposal.


Encl: 1. 2. 4. 5. Terms of reference (Annexure-I). Supplementary information of consultants (Annexure-II) Conditions of Contract (Annexure-III) Consultancy Services (Annexure-IV)





TERMS OF REFERENCE 1 BACKGROUND:The Andhra Pradesh Health & Medical Housing &

Infrastructure Development Corporation (APHMHIDC), an A.P. Govt. undertaking, has been entrusted with execution of the Civil works pertaining to all type of medical and health infrastructure. This Corporation intends to engage consultants for rendering Architectural and designing services specialized with green building concept. 2 OBJECTIVES:- Preparation of 3 Nos of Sustainable Type Designs ,plans Elevations, Sections along with specifications and for materials and finishings and workmanship as per relevant codes for each serving areaRural/Urban/Tribal and for each type of hospital buildings like, Area hospitals, Community Health Centres,30-bedded Hospital, Primary Health Centres, subcentres etc following green building norms and modern trends in healthcare standards
S. N o 1 2 3 4 5 Type of Hospital building Requirements of APHMHIDC For each serving Total area Area Hospitals Rural / Urban / Tribal 3 Type designs 9 Type Designs Community Hospitals Rural / Urban / Tribal do 9 Type Designs 30 bedded hospitals Rural / Urban / Tribal do 9 Type Designs Primary health centres Rural / Urban / Tribal do 9 Type Designs Sub-centres Rural / Urban / Tribal -do 9 Type Designs Total No of type designs required - 45 Type designs Serving area

The consultants selected form the empanelled list are required to prepare 3 different Nos of Type designs for each hospital building as mentioned above and for each serving area along with sections, elevations and detailed plans having all civil, electrical, water supply and sanitary arrangements following green building criteria and modern trends in healthcare standards. This includes interior design if necessary in any part of the buildings such as false ceiling, wall cladding, furniture, location of AC units and Internet connectivity points, closed circuit T.V, Building management system wiring in respect of all proposed buildings, infrastructure for all services like water, drainage, power, cabling, roads and mechanical equipment etc., and also to prepare bid documents.



3 TASKS TO BE CARRIED OUT- by the consultants are as under: a) i) Preparation of type designs : For other hospitals buildings like Area hospitals, Community Health Centres,30 bedded Hospitals, Primary Health Centres, sub-centres etc Indian Public Health Standards are to be followed ii) In general, all the type designs invariably have to meet the standards of JCAHO,NCQA, IPH, NABH etc. iii) Preparation of preliminary architectural draft line sketches within the area limitations prescribed and also prepare notes sufficient to explain the Architects general understanding of the requirements furnished to them so as to ensure economical and functional design concept. iv) To discuss the draft sketches with the Chief Engineer, APHMHIDC or his authorized representatives and make modifications as suggested, if any. b) i) Preliminary designs: The plan shall include all necessary data relating to the existing public utility services, streets, pavements and boundaries. The plan also should indicate location of all proposed buildings and the possible future extensions, landscaping areas, water bodies etc following green building criteria. ii) The Scope of the work in preparing ecologically suitable and sustainable type designs for various types of hospital buildings as under. Such a design should include erosion control features, water purification/pollution management features. Features of reuse/recycling and waste reduction facilities and using compostable substances. On site management of sewage and organic biodegradable waste. Using renewable energy like solar water heating or solar street lighting and other energy efficient practices like sloped ceilings, double glazed glass for good natural ventilation and lighting, Reflective coating on roof ,roof gardens for cooling effect, passive solar shading. Maintain environmental quality for pollution reduction for patient safety and air cleaning screens for enhanced air quality. Incorporating environmental priorities in material purchase and deciding facilities, using green materials and resources, like reduction methods& storm water



-Durable long lasting building materials -Recycled content materials-recycled steel /concrete aggregates for concretes/bricks, fly ash cement -FSC-certified woods -Safer, less toxic alternative materials / eco-friendly chemicals. Low VOC paints or adhesives, PVC-free materials -Bio-degradable -Innovative application of locally available natural Materials All the required details should be shown in the plans / Land use drawings. To participate in the discussions for clearing the preliminary designs, and wherever the modifications required, are to be carried out. If necessary, the preliminary drawings shall be presented in the Committee (users group) meeting, consisting of APHMHIDC officials and users DME, DOH, Commissioner of Family Welfare, A.P as the case may be. The Convener of the Committee shall record proceedings/minutes of meeting conducted with Consultants 4) SCHEDULE FOR COMPLETION OF TASKS:Preparation of type designs, Plans ,Elevations, Sections and specifications for materials and finishings and workmanship as per relevant codes - 2 months Failure to adhere to the above stipulated period will be treated as fundamental breach of contract and contract will be terminated as per relevant clauses of PS to APSS. 5) DATA, SERVICES AND FACILITIES TO BE PROVIDED BY THE CLIENT: The information and details will be furnished by this Corporation. If any additional information is needed, the Consultants shall interact with users i.e. Commissioner of APVVP/Directorate of public Health/ Supdt. Of Hospitals/ APHMHIDC / Committee officials. 6) COMPLETION PERIOD: The Consultancy has to submit a tentative schedule showing the completion period for concept, designing. The time schedule shall be finalized mutually based on the above tentative schedule. The entire job as per scope of work entailed above shall be completed within the time schedule as per mutual agreement.



7) TIME GUARANTEE & LIABILITY (LIQUIDATED DAMAGES): 1) If there are any delays attributed to the consultants in the completion of work beyond stipulated completion period, Liquidated Damages shall be deducted at the rate of 0.5% of the fees for every week of delay, subject to a maximum of 10% of fees paid for the work. Levying the maximum amount of liquidated damages will be treated as fundamental breach of contract and the contract will be terminated under relevant clauses of PS to APSS. 2) The APHMHIDC may, without prejudice to any other method of recovery, deduct the amount of such damages from any money due or which may become due to the Consultant. In the event for extension of time being granted by the APHMHIDC to the Consultant, in writing, for completion of work, this penalty clause will be applicable after the expiry of such extension period. 3) All sums payable by way of liquidated damages, shall be considered as reasonable compensation to be applied to the use of the APHMHIDC without reference to the actual loss or damage sustained and whether or not any damage has been sustained. 8) STATUTORY COMPLIANCE: 1) The Consultant will abide by all statutory requirements of Provident Fund, ESI, Workmen Compensation Act, Labour License, Sales Tax, Income Tax, Mining Laws etc. 2) The Consultant shall indemnify and legally protect APHMHIDC and / or its employees from all claims, demands, causes or action or suits arising out of services provided by the consultants under this agreement and the consultant has to submit an indemnity letter in the prescribed format to this effect. The APHMHIDC reserves the right to cancel the above contract and get it done by any other agency, if at any stage it is felt that the work is not done in accordance with the specifications and the progress of schedule is likely to be delayed for reasons solely attributable to the consultant. APHMHIDC will provide the payment for the work

done till that stage to the consultant, and no claim would be entertained on the cancelled work. For the same APHMHIDC will give at least 15 days written notice to the consultant.




Annexure - II
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION FOR CONSULTANTS PROPOSALS 1. Proposals should include the following information a) i) 'TECHNICAL PROPOSAL A brief description of the firm, organization and an outline of experience on assignments/projects of similar nature executed. The details to be furnished are mentioned in form F-2. ii) Any comments or suggestions of the consultant on the terms of Reference (TOR). iii) The composition of the team of personnel which the consultants would propose to provide and the tasks which would be assigned to each team member in F -3. v) Curriculum vitae of the individual key staff members to be assigned to the work and of the team leader who would be responsible for supervision of the team. The curriculum vitae should follow the attached format (form F4) duly signed by the concerned personnel. vi) The consultants comments, if any, on the data, services and facilities to be provided by Chief Engineer, APHMHIDC indicated in the terms of Reference (TOR ).


FINANCIAL PROPOSALS: The financial proposals should include Schedule of' price bid in Form No. F-5 with item wise.


CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS: The aim of the negotiations is to reach an agreement on all points with the consultant and an initial draft contract document at the end of the negotiations. Negotiations commence with a discussion of consultants proposals, the proposed work plan, staffing and any suggestions the consultants may have made to improve the terms of reference. Agreement will then be reached on the final terms of reference, the staffing and the bar chart, which will indicate apportioning of time in the field and office, man-months and reporting schedule. When these matters have been agreed, financial negotiations will take place.




The Chief Engineer, APHMHIDC is the custodian of Government funds and is expected to exercise prudence in the expenditure of these funds. The Chief Engineer, APHMHIDC is, therefore, concerned with the reasonableness of a Consultants financial proposal and, during negotiations, experts to be able to review data, backing up consultants man - months rates. Consultants submitting proposals for contracts should be prepared to support such data and should accept that their proposed rates and other financial matters are subject to possible negotiations.


TERMS OF PAYMENT: One time payment shall be made in consideration of the work performed by the consultants whose proposals are approved by the expert committee. No payment of any sort shall be made to other bidders whose plans are not approved.


REVIEW OF REPORTS A review committee (to be restricted to a maximum of five members) consisting of following officers of the APHMHIDC will review all reports of consultants (Inception, progress, intermediate and draft final) and suggest any modifications / changes considered necessary within 10 days of receipt. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) MANAGING DIRECTOR, APHMHIDC CHIEF ENGINEER, APHMHIDC Concerned Head of Department As per necessity As per necessity




From: ___________________ ___________________, ___________________,

To: The Chief Engineer APHMHIDC 3 rd Floor, DM&HS Campus Sultan Bazar, Koti Hyderabad - 5000195, A.P

Sir, Expression of Interest-cum Request for Proposals for Empanelment of Architectural & Engineering Consultancy Services For preparing Type designs, Plans, Elevation, Sections and Specifications for materials and finishings and workmanship as per relevant codes for Hospitals constructions like Area Hospitals, Community Health Centres, 30-Bedded Hospitals, Primary Health Centres and sub-centre buildings in urban, rural and tribal areas following Green building norms and Modern trends in healthcare standards Reg. *** We, ______________________ Constancy firm/organizations here with enclose technical & financial proposal for selection of my/our firm has consultant for Expression of Interest-cum Request for Proposals from Architectural Consultancy Services for preparing Type designs, Plans and Specifications along with structural drawings and quantities from basement level and above for Hospitals constructions using Green building concepts.

Yours faithfully,

Signature Full Name Address (Authorized representative)





S. No.

Brief Description of the Firm/OrganizationOutline of experiences on assignments of similar nature.

Name of Assignment Name of Project Owner or sponsoring authority Cost of Assignment Date of commencement Date of completion Was assignment satisfactorily completed?

Note :

Please attach certificates from the employer by way of documentary proof, (Issued by the Officer of rank not below the rank of Superintending Engineer or equivalent if the certificate is issued by a Govt. organization. In case of private organizations, rank not below General manager or equivalent).


A short note on the line of approach and methodology outlining various steps for performing the study. Comments or Suggestions on Terms of Reference ".


FORM No. F-3


1. 1. 2. 3. 2.

Technical/Managerial Staff S. No Name


Task Assignment

Supporting Staff S. No 1. 2. 3. Name Position Task Assignment







1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Name ____________________________________________________ Professional/Present Designation : _____________________________ Years with Firm / Organization: _______________ Nationality ________________ Areas of Specialization: Proposed Position in Team: Key qualifications:

(Under this heading, give outline of staff member's experience and training most pertinent to assigned work in proposed team. Describe degree of responsibility held by staff member on relevant previous assignments and give dates and locations. Use up to half-a-page)
Educational Qualifications:

(Under this heading, summarize college/university and other specialized education of names of schools colleges, etc., dates attended and degrees obtained. Use till to a quarter page.)

(Under this heading, list all positions held by staff member since graduation, giving dates, names of' employing organization, title or positions held and location of assignments for experience during last ten years. Also, give types of activities performed and client references, where appropriate. Use upto three quarters of a page.

(Indicate proficiency in speaking, reading and writing of each language by 'excellent', 'good' or poor'.)

Signature of Staff Member





FORM No. F 5


S. N


Type of health infrastructure building

Requirement of APHMHIDC

Price quoted for finalization of each type design in Rs.

Area Hospitals

2 3 4 5

Community Hospitals 30 bedded hospitals Primary Health centres Sub- centres

3 Type designs for each serving area (Rural/Urban/Tribal ) -do-do-do-do-

Signature of Consultant

(Authorized representative)

Note 1) The above quoted fee includes all taxes overheads including service tax and any other taxes imposed on from time to time by the Government.




Annexure - III CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT A. GENERAL Interpretation: In interpreting these Conditions of Contract, singular also means plural, male also means female, and vice-versa. Headings have no significance. Works have their normal meaning under the language of the contract unless specifically defined. The Engineers-in-charge will provide instructions clarifying queries about the conditions of Contract. Chief Engineers Decisions: Except where otherwise specifically stated, the Chief Engineer, APHMHIDC will decide the contractual matters between the Department and the Consultant in the role representing the Department. Delegation: The Chief Engineer may delegate any of his duties and responsibilities to other officers and may cancel any delegation by an official order issued. Communications: Communications between parties, which are referred to in the conditions, are effective only when in writing. A notice shall be effective only when it is delivered (in terms of Indian Contract Act) Other Consultants: The Consultant shall cooperate and share the Site with other Consultants, Public authorities, utilities, and the Department. The Consultant shall also provide facilities and services for them as directed by the Chief Engineer. Personnel: The Consultant shall employ the required Key Personnel named in the Schedule of Key Personnel to carry out the functions stated in the Schedule or other personnel approved by the Chief Engineer. The Chief Engineer will approve any proposed replacement of Key Personnel only if their qualifications, abilities, and relevant experience are substantially equal to or better than those of the personnel listed in the Schedule. B. TIME FOR COMPLETION Programme: The total period for completion of the assignment is two months from the date of entering into the agreement. 8. Delays and extension of time: No claim for compensation on account of delays or hindrances to the assigned work from any cause whatever shall lie, except as hereafter defined. Reasonable extension of time will be allowed by the Chief Engineer or by the office competent to sanction the extension, for unavoidable delays, such as may result from causes, which in the opinion of the Chief Engineer, are undoubtedly beyond the

1. 1.1

2. 2.1

3. 3.1

4. 4.1

5. 5.1


7. 7.1



control of the Consultant. The Chief Engineer shall assess the period of delay or hindrance caused by any written instructions issued by him, at twenty five per cent in excess or the actual working period so lost. In the event of the Chief Engineer failing to issue necessary instructions and thereby causing delay and hindrance to the Consultant, the latter shall have the right to claim an assessment of such delay by the Managing Director whose decision will be final and binding. The Consultant shall lodge in writing with the Managing Director, a statement of claim for any delay or hindrance referred to above, within 7 days from its commencement, otherwise no extension of time will be allowed. Whenever authorized alterations or additions made during the progress of the assigned work are of such a nature in the opinion of the Chief Engineer as to justify an extension of time in consequence thereof, such extension will be granted in writing by the Chief Engineer or other competent authority when ordering such alterations or additions. 9. 9.1 Suspension of works by the Consultant: If the Consultant shall suspend the works, or sublet the work without sanction of the Chief Engineer, or in the opinion of the Chief Engineer shall neglect or fail to proceed with due diligence in the performance of his part of the Contract as laid down in the Schedule rate of progress, or if he shall continue to default or repeat such default, the Chief Engineer shall take action in accordance with relevant Clauses of PS to APSS. 9.2 If the Consultant stops work for (14) days and the stoppage has not been authorized by the Chief Engineer, the Contract will be terminated as per the relevant clauses of PS to APSS. 9.3 If the Consultant has delayed the completion of works, the Contract will be terminated as per relevant Clauses of PS to APSS. 10. 10.1 Extension of the Intended Completion Date: The Chief Engineer shall extend, in accordance with the delegation of powers in force, the Intended Completion Date if a Variation is issued,which makes it impossible for Completion to be achieved by the Intended Completion Date. 10.2 The Chief Engineer shall decide whether and by how much to extend the Intended Completion Date within (7) days of the Consultant asking the Engineer for a decision upon the effect of a Variation and submitting full supporting information. If the Consultant has failed to give early warning of a delay or has



failed to cooperate in dealing with a delay, the delay by this failure shall not be considered in assessing the new Intended Completion Date. 11. 11.1 Delays Ordered by the Chief Engineer: The Chief Engineer may instruct the Consultant to delay the start or progress of any activity within the assigned work. 12. 12.1 Early Warning: The Consultant is to warn the Chief Engineer at the earliest opportunity of specific likely future events or circumstances that may adversely affect the Execution of Works. 12.2 The Consultant shall co-operate with the Chief Engineer in making and considering proposals for how the effect of such an event or circumstance can be avoided or reduced by anyone involved in the work and in carrying out any written instruction of the Chief Engineer. 13. 13.1 Management Meetings: The Chief Engineer may require the Consultant to attend a management meeting. The business of a management meeting shall be to review the programme for remaining work and to deal with matters raised in accordance with the early warning procedure.

C. FINISHING THE CONTRACT D. 14. 14.1 Termination: The Corporation may terminate the Contract if the Consultant causes a fundamental breach of the Contract. 14.2 Fundamental breaches of Contract include, but shall not be limited to the following. a) The Consultant stops work for (14) days when no stoppage of work is shown on the current program and the stoppage has not been authorized by the Chief Engineer. b) The Consultant is made bankrupt or goes into liquidation other than for a reconstruction or amalgamation. c) The Chief Engineer gives Notice that failure to correct a particular Defect is a fundamental breach of Contract and the Consultant fails to correct it within a reasonable period of time determined by the Chief Engineer. d) The Consultant has delayed the completion of works by the number of days for which the maximum amount of liquidated damages can be paid as defined.



e) If the Consultant, in the judgment of the Department has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for or in executing the contract. f) The Consultant has contravened Sub-Clause (6) of Conditions of Contract and sub-let the work. g) The Consultant does not adhere to the agreed construction program (Clause (6) of Conditions of Contract) and also fails to take satisfactory remedial action as per agreements reached in the management meetings (Clause 13) for period of (7) days. h) The Consultant fails to carry out the instructions of Chief Engineer within a reasonable time determined by the Chief Engineer. For the purpose of this paragraph: corrupt practice means the offering, giving, receiving or soliciting of any thing of value to influence the action of a public official in the procurement process or in contract execution. Fraudulent practice means a misrepresentation of facts in order to influence a procurement process or the execution of a contract to the detriment to the Government and includes collusive practice among the consultants (prior to or after Tender submission) designed to establish Tender prices at artificial non-competitive levels and to deprive the Government of the benefits of free and open competition. 15. 15.1 Payment upon Termination: If the Contract is terminated because of a fundamental breach of Contract by the Consultant, the Chief Engineer shall issue a certificate for the value of the work done less advance payments received upon the date of the issue of the certificate, less other recoveries due in terms of the Contract, less taxes due to be deducted at source as per applicable law and the percentage to apply to the value of the work not completed representing additional cost for completing the works at the rate of (20) percent of balance work. Additional Liquidated Damages shall not apply. If the total amount due to the Department exceeds any payment due to the Consultant, the difference shall be a debt payable to the Corporation deductible from other works. 16. Property: All plans, original drawings, specifications, reports and other documents or software submitted by the Consultants in performance of the services, shall become and remain the property of the Chief Engineer, APHMHIDC if the Contract is terminated because of Consultants default.



17. Release from Performance: If the Contract is frustrated by the outbreak of war or by any other event entirely outside the control of either the Corporation or the Consultant, the Chief Engineer shall certify that the contract has been frustrated.


Consultant : Subject: A.P.H.M.H.I.D.C Expression of Interest-cum Request for Proposals for Empanelment of Architectural & Engineering Consultancy Services For preparing Type designs, Plans, Elevations, Sections and Specifications for materials and finishings and workmanship as per relevant codes for Hospitals constructions like Area Hospitals, Community Health Centres, 30-Bedded Hospitals, Primary Health Centres and sub-centre buildings in Urban, Rural and Tribal areas following Green building norms and Modern trends in healthcare standards ** 1) Set out below are the ** terms ** and have conditions agreed to under carry which out for


APHMHIDC the above mentioned assignment specified in the attached Terms of reference. 2) For administrative purposes (The Chief Engineer, APHMHIDC) has been assigned to administer the assignment and to provide the Consultant with all relevant information needed to carry out the assignment. 3) In course of time, the Chief Engineer, APHMHIDC may find it necessary to postpone or cancel the assignment and / or shorten or extend its duration. However, every effort shall be made to give the consultants, as early as possible; notice of any such changes in the event of termination, the Consultants shall be paid for the services rendered for carrying out the assignment to the date of termination. The firm, based on the terms of payment and the firm/Consultants will provide the Chief Engineer, APHMHIDC with any reports or parts there of, or any other information and documentation gathered under this agreement prior to the date of termination. 4) This agreement, its meaning and interpretation and the relation between the parties shall be governed by the laws of Union of India and Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.



5) The financial proposal shall include the cost of preparation of preliminary drawings, initial site visits discussions with user group, preparation of detail finalized Architectural, structural, interiors, water supply and sanitary arrangement (internal) drawings 6) FEES Payments for the services will be Rs.______ as per the scope of work

which will be including building services, interiors etc, which ever services are rendered including all taxes applicable from time to time. The fees is inclusive of all the taxes and duties (including Income Tax etc.,) Provident fund, ESI, Insurance and all other statutory charges applicable as per prevailing State and Central Government rules. 7) PAYMENT TERMS Payment will be made by cheque payable at ___________________ after deducting i) ii) Amount of appropriate tax deduction at source under IT Act, 1961. Any other tax payable by the consultants, for services rendered to the owner, to any of Central Government or State Government Agencies. Any other recoveries as per Contract.


The Chief Engineer, APHMHIDC will pay remuneration of Amount payable to Consultants with in (30) days of receipt of invoices as stipulated vide page No 14. 8) The Consultants will be responsible for appropriate insurance coverage. In this regard the Consultants shall maintain workers compensation, employment liability insurance, for their staff on the assignment. 9) The Consultants indemnify and hold harmless to the Chief Engineer, APHMHIDC against all claims, demands and judgments of any nature brought against the Chief Engineer, APHMHIDC arising out of the services by Consultants under this agreement. The obligation under this paragraph shall survive till the termination of this agreement. 10) The consultants agree that any manufacturing or construction with which they might be associated with will not be eligible to participate in bidding for any goods or works resulting or associated with the project of which this consulting agreement forms a part. 11) All plans, designs, specifications, sections, elevations, reports and other documents or software submitted by the Consultants in performance of the services, shall become and remain the property of the Chief Engineer, APHMHIDC. The consultants may retain a copy of such documents but shall not use them for purposes unrelated to this contract without the prior written approval



of the Chief Engineer, APHMHIDC (i.e All original tracing shall be furnished to the corporation after the work is completed). 12) The consultant shall undertake to carry out the assignment in accordance with the highest standard of professional and ethical competence and integrity having due regard to the nature and purpose of the assignment, and to ensure that the staff assigned to perform the services under this agreement, will conduct themselves in a manner consistent herewith. 13) The Consultants shall pay the taxes, duties fee, levies and other impositions levied under the applicable law and the client shall perform such duties in this regard to the deduction of such tax as may be lawfully imposed. 14) Consultants also agree that all knowledge and information not within the public domain which may be acquired during the carrying out of the agreement, shall be ,for all time and for all purpose regard as strictly confidential and held in confidence, and shall not be disclosed directly or indirectly to any person whatsoever, except with the written permission of Chief Engineer, APHMHIDC. 15) All questions or disputes arising out of or in respect of this agreement except as to any matters the decision of which are expressly provided for, shall be decided by the Managing Director of the corporation which will be final and binding upon both the parties. 16) All disputes that may arise between the parties shall be resolved only by courts situated in Hyderabad and no other courts shall have jurisdiction to entertain any petition, application or suit to resolve such disputes. 17) ADJUDICATOR: In the event of any dispute, it is proposed to appoint Sri V. Raghavan as adjudicator under the contract at daily fee of Rs.1000/- + Reimbursable expenditure. The expenditure incurred on adjudication shall be shared equally by both the parties. Place : Date :

(Signature of Authorized Representative on behalf of consultant)

(Signature & Name of the Clients Representative) CONSULTANCY CHIEF ENGINEER