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The Tao of Learning Languages &

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The Tao of Language Learning:

The Tao of Language Learning

Welcome to the Tao of Language Learning. This site is my way of "gettin' the word out" to all my
ESL/EFL students in a way that can only be done on the Internet. Here, you'll find documentaries,
interviews, & commercials in English as well as links & tips on making THIS language more of a
part of your daily life... an extention of yourself, so to speak. This approach is very ORGANIC! The
Tao of Language Learning is a work in progress, so ENJOY AND PLEASE CONTRIBUTE YOUR

The Tao of Language Learning - A Musical Metaphor

When I was first learning how to read music, I was advised to sight-read through as many songs as
possible and not worry about whether I was playing them perfectly or not. The point was, simply, to
develop confidence in my ability to read music. Language learners who are not accustomed to
watching documentaries & films in English have the same challenge. My advice is: watch a
documentary or a commercial or a film, then move on to the next one. Don't worry if you don't
understand everything. That's not the point!

Friday, December 26, 2008

True Life | Full Episode | 'I'm Getting Married 2' | Two couples plan
international weddings
"Sarah struggles to plan a wedding in Mexico from California and Jason tries to figure out if he can
afford to throw a surprise dream wedding for his fiancé."

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Anthony de Mello - Wake Up

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's A Wonderful Life
Saturday, December 27, 2008
Interesting tips on language learning from Perry Barnes
Here's some great tips on language learning from Perry Barnes. Thanks Perry!!!

More Great Sections on this Blog Include:

The Best Way To Learn English!

Well, the blog " The Best Way To Learn English" was created to help people who are interested
about English!
It's simple, easy and REALLY fun!
I'll try to teach the way I use to learn English, an easy and wonderful way to learn and get
better in it!
Things I've learned from people who lived in other countries, people who I have contact by
Messenger, Skype and other places!
Well, I love English, and I'm always searching for ways to get better, and improve it!!!
I'm gonna tell all my story, the reason I love English, why I'm so happy to learn a new
You you see on the next posts!
I hope you like this blog, learn and pass for all your friends, all the
people you know, that learning a new language can be easy and fun!
Have a nice day!!!!!
See you on the next posts...

I started to learn English about 3 years ago. It was a challenge for me, cause I didn't want to learn
English, but my parents told me that it was really important for me to learn it. At my first class I
loved the English language, everyday I was trying to search for ways to improve it!

You have to make this new language part of your life, talk as much as you can, read, to listen, and to
write as much as you can and more, plus keep contact with native people (people who live in an
English country), I'll put some tips that I found in a wonderful site, these tips will make you get
better in English, take a look at this wonderful site:
Now take a look in this place:
Wonderful Tips!

(Read and try to understand the words without search on the dictionary, try to guess the meaning if
you don't know the word, if you really need to look on the dictionary, you can take a look on the
definition in English, and try to understand what the word means)

(Listen everyday musics in English, north American TV programs, news, watch movies, and try to
listen English all the time, listening is one of the most important skills, you cannot learn another
language if you don't get used to listen the things in this new language)

(Start to make a diary in English, and write everyday all the things you've done. Copy texts to get
used, if you don't know how to write something, create the word, what you really want is try to
think in English)

(Speak as much as you can, you cannot be shy, you have to show for the people what you know, and
learn what you don't know, don't care about the mistakes, cause a mistake show for you that you are
learning, each mistake means that you are going to learn the right way of something, so don't be
afraid to make a mistake)

The Technology today is one of the best ways to help you improve your English.
If you have a Pen Drive (USA= Flash Drive), you can carry all your English files in your pocket,
and the computer helps too much too.
E.g: you can make presentations on PowerPoint, you can write texts in English, you can have
programs to help you get better in it, you can listen many things in this language all the time with an
MP3, Cell Phone oa an Ipod and many other things.
And I'm always looking for websites.
I'm gonna put here some sites that I use, take a look:
(An amazing site to take videos, and study with Native people, and to find music videos too, you
will love)
(The best place for who wants to get better in this new language)
(Wonderful place to listen radio, to get tips, for teachers and students)
(You can put all your doubts here, you will find all the answers)
(Here you can find English files, and you can share too)

You will find many other sites on English Experts.

I'll post some more later.

Have a nice day! See you next time, or post...

Well, What's up everybody?

Hello again people!
Well, in this post I'll talk about the importance of the slangs and expressions in English!
Have you ever used some slang before??
Oh, I think so!
We use slangs everyday in our language, and expressions too!
To be a fluent speaker, you have to know the formal English and the informal English, for sure that
some words you have just to know, but you cannot use them, I mean, it's better don't use them, these
kind of words are called " bad words".
(Later I'll explain more about the "bad words")

I'm gonna post some slangs and expressions:

My bad (foi mal)

Hit on (dar em cima)
Cool (legal)
What's up? (como vai?, e ai?)
Take care (se cuida)
Take it easy (pega leve)
I Think so (acho que sim)
See ya (te vejo)
See y'all(vejo vocês)...

There are many other slangs and expressions that I'll talk about on the next posts!

Now some abbreviations you can use on the messenger:

JK= Just Kidding

IDK= I Don't Know
W/O= Withouth
LOL= Laugh So Loud

I'm learning many slangs, and new words that are common in USA with my friend Jessica Braz, she
lived in USA for a long time, and she's teaching me many things in English, and I'll share with you
Thanks Jessica for all your help!
I'll never forget you my wonderful sister!

I hope you like it!

See y'all!

Hello Again!

Well people, as you know I got some friends who live in other countries!
Australia, USA, United Kingdon, German and some other places!

I got a friend from UK , and he is an English Teacher, he has wonderful books of

Please take a look on his books!

Here is the Links:

Do you know Black Eyed Peas??

I think so!
The Image beside as you can see is an exclamation point!!
This point brings the question " Where is the love?" that is one of
the songs of this group!
The song " Where is the love?" it's really interesting and pretty
good for English students, cause in this song we can see many
examples of slang, and it's a critical song, the meaning is
wonderful, you are gonna learn not just more words, but you will
think about what is happening nowadays in our world!
I put this image in the blog to protest!!And make people think
about our society!!

" Ask yourself, where is the love?"

How much do you already have...

Now, If you wanna see the lyric of this song , please access:

If you don't have this song, please download here:

I hope you like!

See y'all!
The Best English Sites
• A Wonderful Site-CNN News
• Barnes-English Methods
• BBC Learning English
• British Council- English For Kids
• English 4 Kids
• English Doubts
• English Experts
• Interchange Arcade
• Shared Talk
• Spelling City

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ich war ein knappes viertel Jahr beruflich in London (Rechtsabteilung einer Baufirma). Die Zeit
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adäquate Möglichkeit hierfür zu finden. Ich habe mir diverse Angebote
angeschaut und leider fast vier Wochen verloren, ehe ich das Passende gefunden habe. Ein Problem
war, dass es nicht so viel Angebote für Leute gibt, die den ganzen Tag im Büro sind und erst nach
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Zeit verloren, um zum Kursort zu kommen. Ich habe
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What changes the life of all my past students is the

massive action they take to apply what I teach them. Those who
use the strategies that I share are the ones who
create exceptional success beyond their wildest imaginations.
Adam Khoo

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