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Epson Perfection

Scanner Perfect Scanning

Made Easy
• Zero Warm-up Time and Customisable Functions
Epson – ReadyScan LED Technology
– Customisable One-touch Operation


• High Quality Image Scanning

– 4800 dpi and Matrix CCD
– 48 bits colour and embedded ICC Profile

• Image and Document Enhancement Functions

– Epson Scan ver 3.5
Epson Instant Scan, Superb Quality
Image and User-friendly
Perfection TM

Image Enhancement Functions

V30 Quality scanning has never been easier with the
features-packed Epson PerfectionTM V30

Zero Warm-up Time, Eco-friendly Image Enhancement Functions

The Epson PerfectionTM V30 comes with Epson Scan v.3.5,
With Epson ReadyScan LED an easy-to-use photo and document editing software.
Technology, scanning starts
Colour Restoration Feature
instantly with no warm-up time
Restores original colours of old faded photos to make
required. As such it is very low
them look new again.
in power consumption. In
addition, it dissipates less heat Dust Removal Tools
and is mercury-free which makes Removes flaws such as dust and scratches from
it an environmentally friendly technology. defective photos.
Backlight Correction Features
Automatically analyses and makes necessary
Customisable One-touch Operation For adjustments to the brightness, sharpness and colour
Your Convenience
balance of each image.

Four one-touch buttons on the control panel are preset Text Enhancement Feature

with Copy, Start, Scan-to-Email and Scan-to-PDF Enhances sharpness of

functions. You may further customise these functions text when scanning text

through Epson Event Manager to suit your personal documents. Primary colours

preferences. This makes repetitive scanning tasks easier. of Red, Green and Blue
can also be separately
Scan to Email Copy enhanced or dropped from
a scanned document. Original Document

B&W Scan - B&W Scan - Text

Text Enhancement OFF Enhancement ON
Scan to PDF Start / Power Button
Excellent Image Quality Bundled Software for Easy Digitisation
of Documents
With a high resolution of 4800dpi and Matrix CCD,
be assured that images will be captured and preserved Newsoft MaxReader 4.5 Lt*
in their most intricate details. Furthermore, with 48 bit Easily convert scanned documents containing English and
colour depth and embedded ICC profile, original colour both simplified and traditional Chinese languages into
and details of every scanned image will be accurately editable text.
reproduced. Arcsoft MediaImpression 1
Easily manage and share your photos, music and videos.

High Compression PDF Saving Option

High compression PDF lets you save scanned documents

in their smallest size while retaining text readability at the
same time.

*MaxReader supports Windows operating system only.

Partners in Perfection

Epson Stylus Inkjet Printers offer unsurpassed quality and value for
every printout.
- Assured durability with Epson DURABriteTM Inks
- Amazing print quality with optimised 5760dpi
- Epson INKdividualTM Inks for maximum savings
SCANNER TYPE Flatbed color image scanner
Perfection TM

Main 4800dpi x Sub 9600dpi
Optical resolution as defined by ISO14473


REFLECTIVE 216mm x 297mm (A4+Letter)
PHOTOELECTRIC DEVICE Alternate 12 line colour CCD with On Chip Micro Lens 122,400 pixels
(10,200 x 4 lines x 3 colours)
Weight - Approx. 2.2kg SUB-SCANNING METHOD Fixed document and moving carriage
OUTPUT RESOLUTION# 50 to 6400, 9600, 12800dpi (50 to 6400dpi in 1dpi increment)
40.8mm #
With interpolation. Scanning area may be restricted if resolution setting is large.
COLOUR Internal 48 bit (281.5 trillion colours)
Output 48 bit (281.5 trillion colours)
24 bit (16.7 million colors)
16 bit (65,536 grayscale levels)
8 bit (256 grayscale levels)
280mm 1 bit Monochrome
SCANNING SPEED Speed Priority Best Mode
To use the USB port, consult the REFLECTIVE SCANNING Scanning Mode
documentation provided with your MONOCHROME^1 A4 600dpi 2.88msec/line 25 sec 30 sec
PC for further information about USB
24BIT COLOUR^2 A4 600dpi 3.52msec/line 29 sec 36 sec
connectivity. Please note that errors may
occur if non-standard cables or multiple A4 1200dpi 10.08 msec/line 102 sec 128 sec
hub connections are used. FUNCTIONS
Scanning Speed Data Patterns
Image Enhancement Function:
The thumbnail images below show the
scanning patterns used to determine Backlight Correction
scanning speed specifications. Colour Restoration
Dust Removal
Grain Reduction
Selectable Tone of Auto Exposure
Unsharp Mask with Noise Reduction
De-Screening with Document Type Optimizer
Tone Curve Adjustment with Histogram
EASY SCANNING 4 Easy Push Buttons linked to Epson Event Manager
Multiple Page Scan to PDF with Scanner Buttons
High Compression PDF
Text Enhancement
^1 ^2
Line Art Photo (Photo courtesy of Colour Enhance and Dropout Features
(Memo) ISO/JIS-SCID.Reprintedby Correct Document Skew
permission.) Stand-Alone Application and Scan to File Feature
Multi Purpose User Interface
System Configuration of Scanning Speed Multi Document Auto Detection
CPU: Pentium 4, 3.2GHz Multi Document Auto Cropping
RAM: 1GB Auto Skew Correction
OS: Windows XP Home Edition Auto Photo Orientation
Soft: Adobe Photoshop 7.0E Multi Marquee

Scanning speed test results vary SUPPORTED PLATFORMS

according to system configuration, USB1.1 & 2.O+ Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional /XP Home Edition /XP Professional /XP Professional x64 Edition /
dpi setting, and scan mode setting, Windows Vista®*
However, documents and photos Mac OS® X 10.3.9 or later (Universal version)**
other than those pictured above can
be substituted without significantly * USB2.0 Host Driver by Microsoft is required
affecting test results. ** iMac/iBook, Power Book/ Power Macintosh of USB2.0I/F standard equipped
Partner, EPSON has determined that this TEMPERATURE 10°C to 35°C (Operating)
product meets the International ENERGY -25°C to 60°C (Storage)
STAR programme for energy efficiency. HUMIDITY 10% to 80% without condensation (Operating)
10% to 80% without condensation (Storage)
VOLTAGE (AC100V model) AC100-120V 50-60Hz
(AC200V model) AC220-240V 50-60Hz
EPSON is the registered trademark of Ready Mode: 5.5W
SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION. All other Sleep Mode: 3.7W
product names and other company Power Off: 0.5W
names used herein are for identification
purpose only and may be the
trademarks or registered trademarks of
their respective owners, EPSON disclaims
any and all rights in those marks. Scan/
Print samples shown herewith are
simulations. Specifications are subject to
change without notice.