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The DESCON Chemicals Pvt Ltd

18-KM Ferozpur Road Lahore
Through Mr Abdul Sohail Company Secretary

Date: 26th Feb’ 2010

Subject: Reply to the notice dated 15-2-2010

On behalf of Mr. Abdul Mateen

Respectfully submitted,

1. That Para 1 need no reply. The second part of Para 1 reply is submitted that the
answering employee was Msc Chemistry having knowledge and skill and with
strenuous efforts that ultimately benefited to the company in millions of rupees
and reputation of the products.

2. That the answering employee put his enthusiasm of knowledge and experience in
the best interest of the company which gave a lot of ideas due to the efforts of the
answering employee

3. That the confidentially agreement dated 6-9-2008 was signed and abide by the
answering employee fully in letter and spirit and for which during the tenure of 20
years service and thereafter no complaint during the entire period of service or
even after as arisen. The clause II was fully abide by answering employee and
thereafter acceptance of resignation and after getting clearance the answering
employee was released and company paid all the dues. Nothing was in possession
of the answering employee in the shape of any paper or document. The company
made an agreement for consultancy on 24-2-2009 till 23-2-2010. During the
tenure the answering ex-employee never breach any service in any class of
consultancy agreement. Hence no question of violation of clause 8 or clause 6
whatsoever exists. The notice which is repugnant by constitution and law of the
land no further restriction can be made upon any citizen which is repugnant to law
and basic clause of constitution.

4. That the notice is just to harass the answering ex-employee and put under pressure
for further agreement which is going to expire on 23-2-2010

5. That answering ex-employee has been tortured mentally and also as having good
name in the society for which the answering ex-employee reserved rights to claim
damages, compensations in the proper court of law. The copy of the resignation
along with the clearance certificate of dues and acceptance of resignation are
attached herewith. It is reiterated that the answering ex-employee in not in
possession of any document confidential of the company in any shape which are
liable to be returned during the entire period of service or even after the
consultancy agreement, which is going to be null and void on 23rd Feb’ 2010.


Abdual Mateen
212, Eden canal villas
Thokar Niaz Baig

Note: A copy of this reply has been retained for record and reference.