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Nouns and adjectives 1. CAT, CATS: SINGULAR AND PLURAL NOUNS. 1a. 1. three bananas 2. two newspaper 3.

four girls 4. two phones 5. three cameras 6. six spoons 7. four pencil 8. three birds 9. four chairs 10. three cups 1b. Write the plurals Address addresses Mountain mountains Lorry lorries Waitress Waitresses Secretary Secretaries Sandwich Sandwiches Child Children Match matches Flower flowers Vegetable vegetables Family families Dictionary dictionaries Eye eyes Bag bags Box boxes School schools Lunch lunches City cities Hotel hotels Watch watches Animal animals Fly flies Bus buses Man men Orange oranges Person people Church churches Egg eggs Apple apples

Day days Box boxes Glass glasses Dish dishes Beach beaches Dress dresses Foot foots 2. A, AN: INDEFINITE ARTICLE 2a . complete the sentences using a or an. 1. Its a New book. 2. Shes an English teacher. 3. Are you a student? 4. Britain is an island? 5. Theyre at a restaurant. 6. Hes a Waiter. 7. Its an ugly house. 8. Heres a ticket for the play. 9. Hes a good worker. 10. Its not an easy language. 3. THERE IS, THERE ARE. 3.a. Complete the sentences using theres, there are, is there or are there. 1. Theres a beach down here. 2. There are four girls and two boys in her family. 3. Is there a train to Manchester? 4. Theres a disco near the college. 5. Is there a good restaurant in this street? 6. There are two hospitals in town. 7. Are there a lot of children in the pool? 8. There are three families in that house. 9. Is there a television in the flat? 10. Theres a big grey cloud over there. 4. I KNOW HER: SUBJECT AND OBJECT PRONOUNS 4a . Circle the correct pronouns. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Can you help we/us with these bags? We/us usually see they/them at the weekend. How did you teach he/him to read? I/Me write to she/her once a month. He/Him loved she/her once a month Why did you ask they/them to come? I/Me don1t like they/them. I/Me dont think she/her understands I/me. Please dont wait for we/us.

9. Did they/Them tell she/her the news? 10. Would you like to come with I/me? 4b. Complete the sentences with me, you, her, him, it, us or them. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. I cant open this door. Could you open.for me, please? Those shoes are really nice. Id like to buy.. Did you see Jonathon Last night? No, I phoned. But he wasnt there. I cant do this homework. Can you help..? I asked .a question but for you didnt answer Were not ready. Please give. Some more time. She speaks very quickly. I cant understand.. Im sorry about your birtheday