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Title: Concentration 2 Subject/Course: Arts Time: 50 Strand: Drama Grade: 6 Lesson Description: This lesson will begin with

a warm up exercise that focuses on the students remembering their order in the circle and the numbers that are changed into words. The purpose of the game will be explored as a class after. The second game that will be played will be called "Samurai" which will get the students to focus and concentrate on one anothers' actions. The purpose of the game will be discussed as a class. The next activity will focus on concentration, being sneeky and being clever. The name of the game is called "Pirate" that will test the students' ability to guard their treasure and the students ability to be stealthy. The purpose of the game will be discussed afterwards. The exercise called "Mirror & Emotional Mirror" will be played to focus on leadership, concentration, and developing their ability to project specific emotions nonverbally. The purpose of the game will be explored with the students after. For the final activity of the class the students will be guided through musical relaxation to calm the students down. Stage 1 Desired Results Fundamental(Essential/Basic) Concept/Skills : - Concentration -Quick thinking -Memory work Big/Ideas: Essential Question: What are some ways in which the students can learn to concentrate better in the dramatic arts? Ontario Curricular Overall Expectation:
B1. Creating and Presenting: apply the creative process (see pages 1922) to process drama and the development of drama works, using the elements and conventions of drama to communicate feelings, ideas, and multiple perspectives; B2. Reflecting, Responding, and Analysing: apply the critical analysis process (see pages 2328) to communicate feelings, ideas, and understandings in response to a variety of drama works and experiences;

Ontario Curricular Specific Expectation Background knowledge: The students have to be familiar with the rules of playing games, interacting with each other, and following instruction. Stage 2 Planning Learning Experience and instruction Part 1 Opening: ( 15-20 )min

Warm Up Fuzzy Ducky

Silly concentration game and great warm-up. All players in a circle. We will count numbers clockwise, except that: any number that is a multiple of 3, or contains a 3 (like 13) becomes Fuzzy any number that is a multiple of 7 or contains a 7 (like 17) becomes Ducky any number that is a multiple of 3 and 7 (like 21) or contains both 3 and 7 (like 73 and 37) becomes Fuzzy Ducky) Any player that ends up muttering Duzzy Fucky is put in front of the Firing Squad

*Discuss importance of activity as it pertains to theatre and to cooperation*

Samurai This is an excellent physical warm up. All players in a circle. One player is the Samurai - she starts by lifting her Katana (sword), making a Japanese- sounding grunt. She keeps her sword up in the air, and her 2 neighbors "slaughter" her, by swinging their swords into her sides, again grunting enthusiastically and in pseudo-japanese. When the neighbors retract their swords, the Samurai

lowers her sword; while doing this she makes eye contact with another player, when then becomes Samurai, and everything starts all over again. Start slowly, and then increase the tempo.

Part 2 Body: ( 20-25 )min: Pirate The object of this game is for the person in the centre of the circle who will be blindfolded to protect their treasure and the people in the surrounding circle will try to get the key to the treasure chest away from the pirate in the centre of the circle. Step 1: Get everyone in a large circle and pick someone to be the blindfolded pirate. Step 2: Give the pirate their set of keys that they have to guard. Step 3: The people that are part of the circle can try to get the keys by quietly coming to get them. If the pirate touches you then you're out of the game until the next round. The person that sucessfully gets the keys will be the pirate for the next round since they will now be guarding their treasure. Emotional Mirror
*First do the regular mirror game where students move into partners with one student being the leader and the other the follower. The leader begin moving and the follower follows the leaders movements as they're done. Players in pairs, facing each other. One starts talking in gibberish, with a specific emotion (angry, happy, in love, you name it). The other instantly copies the emotion of the first player, and speaks in his own gibberish. No need to try and copy the other players gibberish, and both players keep talking, no pauzing allowed. After about 10 seconds, the second player changes emotion, and the first one immediately follows her.

(Discuss purpose of game with the students) Part 3 Close: ( 5-10 )min: Musical Relaxation *Play a melodic song from my meditation CD or find one that is suitable for the students to listen to for relaxation. -Ask them to picture the musical melody and visualize the music *How did this exercise help?* Homework: Link to future lessons: *This lesson could link to many other cooperation lessons as well as other character building lessons. This lesson could be used to help prepare a class to work together better as well as teach them basic stress relief techniques.