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Affidavit/Declaration and Statement of Facts I, NAME, the undersigned, make this Affidavit/Declaration of Truth of my own free will, and

I hereby affirm, declare and swear, under my oath, that I am of legal age and of sound mind and hereby attest that the information contained in this Affidavit/Declaration is true and correct. This Affidavit/Declaration of Truth is lawful notification to you, and is hereby made and sent to you pursuant to the Federal Constitution, specifically, the Bill of Rights, in particular, Amendments I, IV, V, VI, VII, IX and X, and the Constitution of Michigan, in particular, Article 1, Declaration of Rights, and pursuant to your oath, and requires your written rebuttal to me, specific to each and every point of the subject matter stated herein, within 30 days, via your own sworn and notarized affidavit, using fact, law and evidence to support your rebuttal of the specific subject matter stated in this Affidavit/Declaration. You are hereby noticed that your failure to respond, as stipulated, and rebut, with particularity and specificity, anything with which you disagree in this Affidavit/Declaration, is your lawful, legal and binding agreement with and admission to the fact that everything in this Affidavit/Declaration is true, correct, legal, lawful, and fully binding upon you in any court in America, without your protest or objection, or that of those who represent you. In June of 2010, I received a frivolous filing letter from the Internal Revenue Service for my 2009 tax returns. The letter claimed that I owe the IRS over $224,000. I quickly responded via certified letter or the like to AGENT NAME, Internal Revenue Service Agent, in Pontiac, Michigan, that this was not true and that I disagreed. I asked to be provided with facts, law, and evidence for which they were basing this claim. The letter I received in response from AGENT NAME, stated that my statements and questions regarding the claim of the Internal Revenue Service were frivolous and would not warrant a response. In August of 2010, I sent another letter to this same AGENT NAME further requesting by fact and law the foundation for the claim and included my lawful position supporting my not having any obligation to the Internal Revenue Service including my being denied due process of law. I received a follow-up letter from AGENT NAME that stated that I owed the money, no lawful foundation was presented, and a date which I needed to pay by or a levy and garnishments would start. Garnishments and levy soon started approximately August of 2010 and every attempt to stop this from continuing despite the IRS being presented with the unlawfulness of the levy, through my phone calls and letters regarding the ongoing theft, and in complete violation of my unalienable and guaranteed Rights, has continued and been unanswered. All my written correspondence, including my correspondence demanding a response to my questions have never received any direct response. They have made this levy and have taken earning and savings from me without due process of law. The Internal Revenue service proceeded to take money from my on-line bank account and two of my branch banks. They have also been garnishing my wages from my employer. The IRS has unlawfully been levying my pay even after AGENT NAME received my letter

in Pontiac, Michigan on March 10, 2011, and the presumptive letters addressed and sent under notary presentment and certified mail specifically to AGENT NAME and his Supervisor, AGENTSUPERVISOR NAME on or about 4/28/2011. To date, I have received no response. Therefore, they both acquiesce to my claims that this action against me is unlawful and fraudulent among other charges against them. The levy, garnishments and stealing of funds from my bank accounts have made my life a complete mess and this has become a very stressful time. To date, the IRS has taken through garnishments approximately $14,300 since August of 2010. This is on average about $1,430 per month of issuance of the non-statutory company for my efforts to assist them. Additionally, they have taken $56,052.29 from my ING Direct account, another $2,718.29 from PNC Bank and another $800 from various other accounts and from small withdrawals from my accounts. All together they have stolen from my bank accounts over $66,500 and another $14,300 from my earned wages. Total theft in the amount of approximately $80,800 to date. Despite my requests, AGENT NAME and his supervisor, AGENTSUPERVISOR NAME have failed to provide certified copies of their current Oath of Office per U.S.C. Title 5 Chapter 33 SS 3331 which are required to be on file for public scrutiny and as well as any bonds to guarantee their faithful performance of their duties, pursuant to their oath, as the law requires. This entire levy has been unlawful and my guaranteed Constitutional Rights have been and continue to be violated under the watch of AGENT NAME of the Internal Revenue Service and his Supervisor, AGENTSUPERVISOR NAME, Affiant further sayeth naught. All Rights Reserved, By:________________________________________ NAME, Affiant, American Citizen