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A Are you s

%ifi Listen to Allie talking to the hotel
receptionist. Order the directions 1-5. It's the third street on the left. Go straight ahead, down Sutter Street. Go out of the hotel and turn left. Union Square will be right in front of you. Tnm 1f.fi- at .^tnrlcfrm. [ I

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a IttBl Cover the dialogue and listen. Where does Allie want to go? How is she going to get there?
Mark the route from Union Square on the map.

In01 /^

a good museum?

Well)s FMOMA is fantastic. SEMOMA?TKTSan Francisco

Can you recommend

Sorry? Where did you say? Where is it? How far is it from Union Square? Can I walk from there?

i tjSU^

e fd4rSArt7Wyi
On &*1 On Street. , Cs of blocks. Not far. It'sjust a 'Sure. It'll T^f/ <^ you ten minutes.

Can you show me on the map? Yes, llnion Square is here, and the museum is here. From Union Square you go down G^ary to the OO <> and turn right. That's Third Street. Go down ^rd and you'll see sfmoma on the (C>\ T@ What time does it open?

b Complete the YOU HEAR phrases. Listen

and check.

c t|.if Listen and repeat the YOU SAY t

phrases. Copy the rhythm.

Itcf ensatlf-^. ^^ c

Thanks very much. Have a.good day. I'm sure you 11 o f fVf"-- the museum!

d In pairs, roleplay the dialogue. A (book open) youre the receptionist, B (book
closed) youre Allie. Swap roles.

SOCIAL ENGLISH looking for Union bquare

i Hk_'fHl T ict^n iinH rirrlp a or b. a 1 AUie and the man., ^4iave met before. 2 Mark is... a meeting Allie later. b haven't met before. l>Ja a meeting. b a restaurant.

3 DelMonico'sis... (aji coffee bar. 4 Brad wants to... 5 Brad loves...

a go shopping with Aiiie. J>)take Allie to Union Square. a Allie's conversation. ^JUlie's pronunciation.

b Complete the USEFUL PHRASES,

Listen again and check.

B Don't I k A I don't t A I'm 1 you? so. here? of you. for (Union Square).

c $HjS& Listen and repeat

the phrases. How do you say

B What are you d

them in your language?

A That's really k_



Receptionist Good morning, ma'am. How

can I help you? Allie I want to go shopping. Where's the best place to go? Receptionist Well, all the big department
stores are around Union Square.

Allie Can you tell me how to get there?

Receptionist Yes, of course. Go out of the

hotel and turn lef. Go straight ahead, down t Sutter Street. Turn lef at Stockton - ifs the t third street on the lef . Union Square will be t right in font ofyou. You cant miss it. r


Allie Oh, where is it? Excuse me. Can you tell me the way to Union Square? Brad Hey - don't I know you? Allie I don't think so. Brad Allie, I'm Brad! Brad Martin fom the* r Los Angeles ofce. I'm Mark's fiend, i f r
remember? We met yesterday at the hotel. Allie Oh yes, that's right. Brad. I'm so sorry.

Brad No problem. What are you doing here? Allie I want to go shopping. I'm looking for
Union Square. But I'm lost.

Brad Where's Mark? Allie He's at the hotel - he had a meeting, Brad Listen, Allie. I'm going to take you for
a cup of coffee at Del Monico's - they have

I think

the best cpffee in San Francisco, and amazing cookies. And then I'll walk with
you to Union Square.

jSkf. e lass?

Allie That's really kind ofyou. Are you sure?

Brad Absolutely. It's my pleasure. Allie OK. Great. I'm awful with new cities.

I always get lost.

"Rrad Oh, I love your British accent...


Recording 6
a a: The P*1^ will see you,npw, Mr WilHams.
@' '>#' b: Oh ... e ... right ... HFum ... OK I'll, I'll be right um ... V

b a: I'm very sorry. All the tickets for the Mclay concert are


|u;tff y

( X7Ve7^


b: Oh no! I* @ , wanted to see that! ^^_^ c a: Didn't you inow? Tom and Barbara are going to + f&T married! J ^ 4<^/^ve b: Really? Tom and Barbara? I don't, . it! d a: So, if I get a ticket coming back tomorrow, will it cost the
same as a ticket ... .

b: Oh come on! There's only two minutes till my train \ aXj Q\

a: Hello. Well did you Win? b: Yes! We H?h 7-0! P^w 5

f a: I think you've made a ivnJT^K^... I'm not a shop assistant. I don't work here. b: Oh, I'm so sorry ... how7 <jv piA of me ... I'rrrreally sorry,

g a: Two years later, there was another important chafige in the c&^%?n~hn}r t Qnd this was ^agreed by the^ only af er ... t b: Oooohh ... thirt minutes till lunchtime ... y f^y !fv\ t u i

h a: What's the'wr^V? n f
b: It's nearly eight o'clock. I don't know why John hasn't phoned, f Jie's OK.