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Data Interpretation:

Based on the charts above that indicate the percentage of the respondents answering to the specific questions in the questionnaire, we can observe that the most serious factor that creates barrier to students from communicating with other students in different classes is the discrimination among outstanding and poor students. Poor students feel inferior to talk to the outstanding and feel afraid that the outstanding dont talk to them back. Besides, students are discouraged from enhancing their communication because they havent known clearly yet about the in-depth benefits of communication and what significance they can get back from this communication in the future. The third main reason for poor communication is because students are afraid of making mistakes in terms of grammar or vocabulary during their conversation, especially when talking in English. Last but not least, some students try not to communicate with others in different classes because they dont know how to start the conversation and dont have motivation to talk to new people they have never known before. The chart also suggests that students are very satisfied with their break times duration which gives me enough time to communicate with other students in different classes from them. However, the most concerning point is the motivation from lecturers. Majority of students mention that lecturers do not usually encourage students to communicate with others in different classes nor do they assign them to have speaking activities among classes they teach. Students also further respond that their lecturers used to assign them to have this kind of speaking activities, and this can help them keep in touch effectively with those in different classes from them. According to this, we can assume that motivation from lecturers is very important to enhance students communication. As long as lecturers play very active roles to motivate students to improve their communication, poor communication around the campus will be reduced day by day, but if not, poor communication will occur as students are facing nowadays. If we move further from individual factor and lecturer motivation to talk about schools events, we can see that most of the students in IFL in general are always willing to join and participate in any IFLs events such as fund raising, culture day, or clean up day, and all these programs can give them chance to meet and make friends with new people. However, the major problem is that students decide those events not because they want to get to know new people, but instead, they want to contribute to charity and have fun with their existing friends only. On the other hand, they also indicate from their own point of view that most of the

programs in those events are highly-effective to encourage students to be more sociable and willing to get to know new people even though their goals of participation are not about communication improvement, but even this, communication is still poor among IFLs students because the school do not view those events as tools or strategies to enhance communication and nor do they convey the concept of communication improvement in the programs to students. As students are not aware of that, they dont really value communication enhancing in schools events.

More importantly, we also get the information from students about the degree of effectiveness of workshops, seminars, and short training courses that are related to communication skills. Half of them suggest that they can apply what they have learned from the workshops and training courses to improve their communication effectively, but half suggest that they cannot apply effectively because they dont know how to apply as they just sit and listen during the lecture but they dont have time to practice, and the second main reason is that they think the content of the lecture is too narrow to apply to all situations. Also, this case is even worse as not many students participate themselves in those workshops or training courses as the school dont try hard enough to encourage students to join. In sum, poor communication among IFLs students result from the less motivation from school and the less effectiveness of study courses related to communication skills.